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Value for January: GRATITUDE

Saying of the Month:  GRATITUDE is the KEY to Abundance. Give Thanks for every single thing. EVERYTHING! When my Children ...
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Value for November: GENEROSITY

As November unfolds its autumnal charm, let's delve into our value for the month - GENEROSITY. An attribute that goes ...
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Change Your Words ~ Change Your Life

Split-Second Transformation Change your words, Change your life. Words matter. You've heard it, but do you really believe it? Actually, ...
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Value for April: INTEGRITY

This is an excerpt from my book, Split-Second Transformation ~ Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, chapter ...
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Value for July: DISCIPLINE

Ever wonder how some people seem to live more peaceful, settled and simpler lives, while others of us are scattered, ...
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IDEAS With Kids: Birthday Parties

It's been decades since I hosted my own children's birthday parties! Yet, with my privilege to now host my precious ...
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IDEAS With Kids: Visiting Grandkids

Recently, two of my GrandBlessings, almost 8 & 10 years old, stayed with me for a week for the first ...
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Value for August: RESPONSIBILITY

Sayings of the Month, Value for Aug: RESPONSIBILITY Value for the Month of August: RESPONSIBILITY Saying: Make the World a ...
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Value for June: FORGIVENESS

Saying:  Gift yourself with Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, NOT unconditional boundaries. Do you roll your eyes when you hear the ...
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Value for March: SIMPLICITY & ORDER

Saying: It's easier to keep up than to catch up. Clutter makes EVERYTHING more stressful & difficult. Everything! This ONE ...
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IDEAS With Kids: Got Kids? Need Ideas?

I'm a mother. Of 3 incredible kids. Plus 3 step-kids for much of my child-rearing years. Now, 2+2+1 sets of ...
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Value for October: ATTITUDE

Raise your hand if you think that ATTITUDE is a game changer in living a satisfied life. Who do you ...
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Value for December: JOY

Saying: Choose JOY. It is always a Choice. Everything is Choice. Embracing December As we bid farewell to November and ...
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Shoes? Socks? Undies? Vintage Travel Packing Checklist

Travel Packing List is from my good friend, the wife of an airline pilot, now in their late 80's.  We ...
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Value for February: LOVE

Saying of the Month:  LOVE with Unconditional Love, as God Loves You, without judgment, with Grace (& the harder they ...
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How the ‘VALUES’ Sayings of the Month Started!

Values When my Children were young, I began offering a 'Saying of the Month' to begin instilling some of my ...
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Carry-On Comfort Bag

PACKING TIPS & COMFORT BAG TRICKS. When traveling, I take along a "Comfort Bag" in a malleable lightweight bag that ...
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Value for May: RESPECT

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Don't you just hear Aretha Franklin belting out that old song when you see that word? I'm including a ...
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Value for September: CHARACTER

Saying: WHO I AM is more important than what I have. Especially when no one is watching. Character: The Essence ...
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