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Value for March: SIMPLICITY & ORDER

By Charla Anderson

Value for March: SIMPLICITY & ORDER

Saying: It’s easier to keep up than to catch up. Clutter makes EVERYTHING more stressful & difficult. Everything!

This ONE discipline!  What would your life look like if there was a place for everything, and everything in its place? Never a rushed search for keys or homework or a missing shoe…?

Imagine walking into your home (your Castle; your Nest; your place of respite) with every surface clear, countertops cleaned, sink empty, bed made, and even the car in the organized garage?!?!? For most of us, that seems like an impossible dream. It’s almost funny to think of how many books on organization I’ve purchased over the years, and lost. But I’m not laughing!

Learning that CLUTTER is one of the highest stressors, and makes EVERYTHING more difficult, doesn’t actually make it easier… just adds to the guilt or shame. However, the seed got planted, and I am committed to living a more serene life, with less stuff in my way.  I hope you will join me.

A couple of laws to face head on:

  1. If a surface is clear, it becomes a magnet. Immediately!
  2. Living with others increases the challenge exponentially.
  3. Amazon is NOT your friend in this process.

My often-said (in my head mostly) saying is, “it’s easier to keep up than to catch up.”  Here are a couple of examples of small disciplines that are potentially life-changing for a less stressed home life:

  1. What if you wiped & brushed the bathroom down every day after toothbrushing?  A handy rag or the backside of your undies (well???).  Only takes a minute or so and you would rarely have to do a deep clean, admittedly one of the grossest jobs, right?
  2. What if the kitchen sink was clean every morning because you made a habit of always emptying it before leaving the kitchen after dinner or before bedtime?  Even if the counters are piled up (just don’t!), an empty sink is a refreshing sight, and reduces the overwhelm of where to start.
  3. What if every drip or spill was wiped up right then?  Nasty countertops and sticky floors… ugh!
  4. Your made bed is so much more inviting than a rumpled one, and can make a huge difference to your peace.  Treasure your space.
  5. What about that closet?  Not enough room to hang everything?  A challenge for sure, but consider one more thought…


There is NO LIMIT to the amount of ‘essential’ things to accumulate, marketed to us 24/7.  You do realize that more stuff does not make us happier, don’t you?  Impulse buying is rampant in epidemic proportions.  Just Say NO, at least for now… really consider exactly where it will go, and the finances involved.  I promise it will be on sale again in a few weeks.  Unless you have wisely planned for it, saved for it, and the price is right…  Another discipline for another time.

My Grand-Toddler's Playpen-before
My Grand-Toddler's Playpen-before

NOTE for small children:
How can we expect our children to learn to be focused and organized and enjoy less chaos if they have SO many things cluttered around them? I’m practicing with my precious grand-toddler to have her play area starting out fresh with a book or two, a stacking toy, a puzzle, etc, and trading them out when she tires of them. It’s fascinating to watch her with more concentration. Imagine how much more settled and peaceful their life (and yours) can be. We all know they love the boxes and paper more than the toys anyway, right?

Cleaning out stuff: If you don’t LOVE it, USE it, NEED it, consider blessing others with it. If it doesn’t fit, or you seem to never ‘choose’ it, pass it on. If accumulating stuff is a bad habit, and/or a financial burden, consider this exercise: ONLY buy absolute essentials for a week, or a month… Literally. How much money will you save? Sanity?

As with most things in life, “The smallest of disciplines, practiced every day, start an incredible process that can change our lives forever.” (Jim Rohn)

What small disciplines/habits help you with clutter? What is your biggest challenge? One of mine is books. And paperwork. And Important papers systematized.  Comment if you have some ideas to share.

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