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Value for April: INTEGRITY

By Charla Anderson

Value for April: INTEGRITY

This is an excerpt from my book, Split-Second Transformation ~ Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, chapter 20, Integrity-Honor Your Word.

The best definition for Integrity is ‘Honor Your Word’. Always. What does that mean? Once upon a time, a man’s word was taken as seriously as any written contract, and was sealed with a handshake. His character was on the line, and you could count on him honoring his word, no matter what.

Handshake photo April

Other definitions include: trustworthy, honest, kind, high moral principles, doing what’s right even when no one is watching.

It seems that is rarely the case anymore. It seems that mistrust, distrust and skepticism rule now more often than not. It seems such a pity.

Integrity is actually the highest value of all, because if one can’t be trusted to honor his word, the trickle-down diminishes any credibility in all other areas of his life.

What does that mean in regards to split-second transformation? Can it mean that you say what you mean and mean what you say? That you don’t make promises you won’t keep? That you under promise and over deliver? That you always tell the truth? Well, it does if you are a person of Integrity.

AND, when we mess up, because we will, we apologize, and make a new agreement. In one split-second, learn to recognize when your WORD goes awry, and return to your integrity immediately by owning up and asking for forgiveness, and then honoring your new word. When we ‘follow through on everything we say and everything we do’, how much better will we sleep at night?

Sorry April

Beware… sadly, the media often glorifies and perpetuates lying and rudeness. Being brutally honest is not the same as being honest. Being rude, harsh, demeaning, or highly critical in the name of honesty is most often just plain mean. Take the high road. Always.

Mean what you say, or don’t say it, in every split-second.


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