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Shoes? Socks? Undies? Vintage Travel Packing Checklist

By Charla Anderson

Shoes? Socks? Undies? Vintage Travel Packing Checklist

Travel Packing List is from my good friend, the wife of an airline pilot, now in their late 80's.  We roomed together in Israel in 2010.  Other than putting it in alphabetic order, this is her original list she shared with me, with more modern things like cell phones added over the years.  I'm including it for old-times sake, because it has some nostalgic items, no longer relevant to today's needs.  And also some things that we may not have considered to pack, that will make for a better prepared trip.  They traveled extensively, around the world, by air, land & sea, and have so many tales to tell.

Vintage Packing List

What things have you not ever heard of or not for years?  Any good reminders for your travel?

What is on your travel checklist that may help others?

My Comfort Bag blog has some good tips too.

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