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Value for June: FORGIVENESS

By Charla Anderson

Value for June: FORGIVENESS

Saying:  Gift yourself with Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, NOT unconditional boundaries.

Do you roll your eyes when you hear the word ‘forgiveness’? Is it just a cliché to you? Is it possible that you have calloused yourself to the idea that everyone can be forgiven? Because otherwise, the stifled pain in your gut will never give you the true freedom to live in complete peace. What does that even mean?

Taken from a chapter in my book, Split-Second Transformation~Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, the question arises, “is it possible to literally forgive in one split-second?” The answer is YES! Is it easy? That is totally up to YOU. YOU CHOOSE!

Do a gut check. Who comes to mind when the word ‘forgiveness’ comes up? A REAL gut check. Are you carrying the heaviness of unforgiveness, revenge, bitterness, fury, vindictiveness, even hatred? Is something that happened long ago that you relive every time you hear that name years later still affecting your peace?

Forgiveness Broken Chain

NOT to dismiss the pain of the event (events) but, as an example, 30 years later, you still get upset about your parent’s divorce. The breakup. The firing. The missed touchdown. They died. YES, it hurt you. But, if you get upset, remain upset for ages, tell the story over and over (in your mind and to anyone who will listen), wouldn’t that constitute the choice to stay upset, therefore stay a victim? Why would you want to continue to let something that happened, that you cannot change, continue to upset you? Ponder that deeply.

Maybe you have gotten so used to the victim mentality that it has become ‘who you are!’ HINT: Nobody else wants to hear it. REALLY!

Forgiveness meme

I’m SURE this isn’t you, but I know people (and I bet you do too) that wear that victimhood as a badge of honor, to stay so deeply attached to their story of their past hurt, that it has become their identity, and they literally choose not to let it go. It is so deeply ingrained as who they are, they can’t even see it.

What if they (we) asked the question about forgiving in order to be FREE? (We are barely scratching the surface of this topic here)

Do you need or want help with releasing the unforgiveness inside of you? You notice that the saying includes ‘NOT UNCONDITIONAL BOUNDARIES’, right? In no way would I endorse staying in unhealthy or unsafe relationships. In my book, Candy Bar Hugs~It Doesn’t Take Much to Make a Difference, I included my ‘Forgiveness Release’. I wrote this to my children, and it seems to be a deeper universal truth than it first appears to be. “I did what I did. I didn’t do what I didn’t do. I did All that I knew to do with what I knew at the time. Just like you did and are doing in your life right now. I Love You!”

KEY: everyone only does what they know to do, from where they come from, at any given moment (and it's rarely about you).

Reach out if you feel so deeply attached to your drama, and are sick and tired of it. Let’s talk. My goodness… give it up. Forgiveness is the key! Besides Gratitude. LIVE FREE, BE FREE!

And hear this: NOBODY wants to hear about your sad past. Stop It! LIVE YOUR REAL LIFE! It Is Beautiful! BREATHE! If you struggle with forgiveness, please reach out. You are worth it!


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