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Value for December: JOY

By Charla Anderson

Value for December: JOY

Saying: Choose JOY. It is always a Choice. Everything is Choice.

Embracing December

As we bid farewell to November and warmly welcome the vibrant month of December, it's time to shed light on our guiding value for this month - "JOY". Our chosen saying, "Choose JOY. It is always a choice. Everything is a choice", is a potent reminder that it is within our power to pursue joy in all its forms, no matter what circumstances we face.

The Essence of Joy

There's something beautifully profound about joy. It is not merely a fleeting emotion, swaying with external factors. True joy comes from within, evolving from our perception, mindset, and, ultimately, our choices. As we gather around warm fires with loved ones, decorating our homes with glittering lights or leaning into the quiet solitude of winter, let our hearts echo with laughter and joy, let us "Choose JOY."

Your Choice, Your Power

Most importantly, remember, happiness may depend on happenings, but joy is inherently linked to our inner world. While situations may be out of our hands, how we react, perceive, and move forward is entirely within our control. Remember, "It is always a choice. Everything is a choice." This aphorism invites us to exercise our power to choose joy, even amidst trials and tribulations, cultivating our tranquility while nurturing our perspective.


Joy as a Constant Companion

Make joy your constant companion, your default state. Instead of seeking it externally, find it within yourself through little acts of love, kindness, and generosity. Enjoy the snow-dusted rooftops, savour the crisp winter air, relish hot cocoa by the fireplace, or simply marvel at the beauty of life around you. Anchor yourself in these joyful moments so that they will illuminate the darker realms of life.

Joy in Business, Joy within You!

Moreover, why not carry the essence of joy into your professional life too? If you're an entrepreneur, consider fostering a work environment where positivity, enthusiasm, and joy predominate. Make it a point to spread happiness through your services or products. Use tools like SocialAI for engaging with your audience on social media platforms. Creating joyful experiences for your customers will in return foster joy within you.

As we navigate the charm of December, let joy be our necessary accessory, our daily act, and our noble pursuit. Let's make it a choice, not an aspiration. That’s the real beauty of joy — it lies in our hands, ripe for the picking.

Enjoy December!

P.S. My challenge for you this month is to write down one small joy each day. By the end of December, you'll have thirty-one reminders of what makes life truly worth living. Choose JOY because everything is a choice!


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