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Value for January: GRATITUDE

By Charla Anderson

Value for January: GRATITUDE

Saying of the Month:  GRATITUDE is the KEY to Abundance. Give Thanks for every single thing. EVERYTHING!

When my Children were young, I began offering a ‘Saying of the Month’ to instill some of my Values into their Souls. Long before there were memes, I would put index cards and sticky notes with the monthly saying around the house, and we would repeat it throughout the day, in the car, and whenever we were together, for the entire month.

In my forthcoming book, “Split-Second Transformation ~ Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices”, three of the chapters are focused on Gratitude. It is that important!

What if there is just ONE simple secret to accessing Happiness? Yes. It’s Gratitude, the key to unlocking abundant Blessings. In EVERYTHING give thanks! What if you trained yourself to have “Thank You” as your constant mantra?

What if your first groggy thoughts were “Thank You, thank you, thank you…” every morning. Thank you that I woke up on this side of the dirt, breathing free oxygen! Thank you that my pencil landed on the chair instead of the floor. Thank you that I got a bit of exercise when it fell to the floor. YES, even in the tiny things, be Grateful!

Snoopy Grateful meme

Thank you for redeeming my time. Thank you for Your shield of protection. Thank you for the parking space or green light. Or even, thank you for the red light, which may have prevented a bigger inconvenience further down the road.

When your circumstances are harsh, remember to take a deep breath, breathing in gratitude, breathing out stress. Repeat. Repeat again. Really, where you are right this second is the only place you have to take the next step from, so choose to whisper (or shout) THANK YOU!

You are Loved exactly who and where you are right now. Receive it. Believe it.


What are You most grateful for?  Have you kept a Gratitude Journal?  Do you think it is possible to live your life with Thankfulness for everything?  Please comment your thoughts.

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