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Carry-On Comfort Bag

July 9, 2022 ◊ By Charla Anderson

Carry-On Comfort Bag

by Charla Anderson

For traveling, I take a "Comfort Bag” in a malleable lightweight bag that can be stuffed into the last bit of space in your carry-on. The one constant in air travel is unexpected delays.

Imagine that you are in the center seat of 5 on a 10 hour flight, can't see the movie screen, your reading light is burned out, it is freezing, or too hot, everyone else is asleep, you are thirsty and you haven't been able to catch the flight attendants eye in the dark cabin...... your worst nightmare. Be prepared. Other than the inevitable trip to the lav, be prepared to stay there for hours. Create your nest.

My own small pillow.
A pashmina/large scarf for a blanket, doubles as a spare wrap for the trip.
Ear plugs.
Eye Mask.
Personal cup or bottle (empty thru security). Remember to fill it before boarding. You never know when there may be a long delay, even at the gate before you leave.
Portable phone battery charger (fully charged!)
Small Reading light.
A good Book.
Socks, or booties.
Paper and pen.
Lip balm.
*Small Lotion.
Cough drops or mints.
*Afrin or saline nose spray in case of blocked ears.
Tylenol, aspirin, etc in case of headache.
*Benadryl? In case you can't sleep?
Battery powered fan?
Small packets of Salt to put under your tongue in case of leg cramps.
Small packets of Pepper to add to Bloody Mary's. 😉

*Make sure that your small liquids are together in a quart sized bag.

Create your nest. Small comforts just in case…

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