Value for December: JOY

Saying: Choose JOY. It is always a Choice. Everything is Choice. Embracing December As we bid farewell to November and warmly welcome the vibrant month of December, it’s time to shed light on our guiding value for this month – “JOY”. Our chosen saying, “Choose JOY. It is always a choice. Everything is a choice”, […]

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Value for November: GENEROSITY

As November unfolds its autumnal charm, let’s delve into our value for the month – GENEROSITY. An attribute that goes beyond the surface, touching lives and hearts not only in our immediate vicinity but also extending graciously into the world. This month’s saying, “Be Generous. Give Generously. You cannot out-give God. And Receive Humbly”, is

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Value for October: ATTITUDE

Raise your hand if you think that ATTITUDE is a game changer in living a satisfied life. Who do you say that you are? Do you think that your attitude is dependent on the things around you going your way? Are you upbeat and happy only when life is smooth sailing? When you are in

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Value for September: CHARACTER

Saying: WHO I AM is more important than what I have. Especially when no one is watching. Character: The Essence of Who We Are Welcome to September, a month dedicated to exploring and celebrating the value of character. In a world that often emphasizes external achievements and material possessions, it’s crucial to remember that “WHO

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Value for August: RESPONSIBILITY

Sayings of the Month, Value for Aug: RESPONSIBILITY Value for the Month of August: RESPONSIBILITY Saying: Make the World a better place! Leave things better than you found them. Title: The Power of Responsibility: Making the World a Better Place As human beings, we have a responsibility to ourselves, to others, and to the world

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Value for July: DISCIPLINE

Ever wonder how some people seem to live more peaceful, settled and simpler lives, while others of us are scattered, disorganized and have chaotic surroundings? Could it be that we just haven’t developed the habits and disciplines that lend to a calmer existence? Are we too busy to slow down, catch up and learn new

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Value for June: FORGIVENESS

Saying:  Gift yourself with Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, NOT unconditional boundaries. Do you roll your eyes when you hear the word ‘forgiveness’? Is it just a cliché to you? Is it possible that you have calloused yourself to the idea that everyone can be forgiven? Because otherwise, the stifled pain in your gut will never

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Value for May: RESPECT

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Don’t you just hear Aretha Franklin belting out that old song when you see that word? I’m including a link in case you need a dose of Soul Music from the Queen of Soul. On a more serious note, this Value is highly important, similar to last month’s emphasis on Integrity. It is

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Value for April: INTEGRITY

This is an excerpt from my book, Split-Second Transformation ~ Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, chapter 20, Integrity-Honor Your Word. The best definition for Integrity is ‘Honor Your Word’. Always. What does that mean? Once upon a time, a man’s word was taken as seriously as any written contract, and was

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