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Value for July: DISCIPLINE

By Charla Anderson

Value for July: DISCIPLINE

Ever wonder how some people seem to live more peaceful, settled and simpler lives, while others of us are scattered, disorganized and have chaotic surroundings? Could it be that we just haven’t developed the habits and disciplines that lend to a calmer existence? Are we too busy to slow down, catch up and learn new tricks? Are we too lazy to care? Are we having to react all the time, rather than plan and be proactive in creating our lives? Are there lessons we can learn from those with wisdom and discernment, that have shared their truths? 'Of Course'… (a Jim Rohn favorite saying).

Do you dream of order in your life like I do, with a place for everything, and everything in its place? In reality, I should have begun decades ago, culling and tossing at least a few of those first child ‘art’ projects and my paystubs from my first jobs. Why didn’t I create systems and guidelines before it got out of hand? Procrastination, and not wanting to make decisions at the time, is at least for me, part of the problem. At this point, it is daunting, to say the least.

Then there are all those things that somebody somewhere can use, and I must find the 'right' person, boxes...  Oh so much overwhelm!

Where to start?
Where to start?

Consider this, from a chapter in my forthcoming book, Split-Second Transformation~ Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder that we can start using some tools NOW, because it’s all we have.

"Small disciplines, repeated over time, can transform your life. Small ‘good’ habits that literally only take a few moments, can perpetuate a more peaceful environment, and even better health. The same with small ‘bad’ habits. For example, the choice to eat an apple every day or a candy bar every day results in quite different outcomes down the road, that aren’t necessarily evident immediately, but incrementally show up a few pounds later (Jim Rohn).

Apple or Candy Bar?  Small Disciplines.
Apple or Candy Bar? Small Disciplines.

Undone tasks that suck energy from my life are an attic and garage full of memorabilia & stuff that need to be gone through. Not to mention way too many unnecessary computer files, photos and duplicates! And paperwork! It’s overwhelming! So we procrastinate, because there is ALWAYS something in front of us to do, and all those things require looking backwards, not towards the future. Oh how I wish I had made disciplined choices each day, rather than succumb to indecisiveness and procrastination, leading to piles of stuff.

Those unfinished tasks are always lurking in the background of our lives, even in our subconscious, stealing away our joy. We know that if we don’t discipline ourselves to tackle those unpleasant areas, that someone will ultimately have to do it…. And most likely much of your history will be lost.

Ohhhh YES!  Organized drawers1
Ohhhh YES! Organized drawers1

Conversely, exercising small positive habits over time, by taking action NOW (adulting!), can bit by bit help us wake up each day to a smoother, more organized, and peaceful life. Taking one box or drawer at a time to begin the cleansing, perhaps once a week, you may by year-end have a nicer castle to enjoy. Another reminder to use major discernment and discipline as to what you let enter your space. Be ruthless!

Discipline yourself to not bring anything into your precious space unless you LOVE it or NEED it (& actually use it)."


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