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Value for February: LOVE

By Charla Anderson

Value for February: LOVE

Saying of the Month:  LOVE with Unconditional Love, as God Loves You, without judgment, with Grace (& the harder they are to Love, the more they need it!).

This is an excerpt from my book Candy Bar Hugs~It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference!, chapter 2-H, The Harder They Are to Love, the More They Need It.

Have you ever experienced someone that is just plain hard to be with? Hard to please? Hard to communicate with? Is a contrarian or has ‘Oppositional Defiance Disorder’, no matter what you say, they take the opposite stance? Is always defensive? Hard to like, much less LOVE?

Love them anyway!

Love and Forgiveness only require YOUR giving, not their deserving. Love as God Loves: Without Judgement. Without Strings. Without Conditions. UNCONDITIONALLY. God loves the Soul and Spirit of every human being he has created. If we were them, we would be doing exactly what they are doing, right? We cannot know the truth of why they are as they are. What if we just send Love, compassion, and empathy to everyone, regardless of who they are and what they do? What a wonderful world this would be! BONUS: the complete FREEDOM and PEACE we gain when we release all judgements. HINT: Begins with Gratitude. In everything give thanks! TRICKY PART: You must Love and Forgive YOURSELF*.

Unconditional LOVE. Unconditional Forgiveness. NOT Unconditional Boundaries!

I would never say to stay in destructive, abusive or demeaning situations, at all! NO, this is about standing in your POWER to not take anything personally, because it’s not about you. What someone else does has almost nothing to do with you, and comes only from where they have come from. The book I’ve recommended most is The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. This challenging perspective is clearly explained, and well worth the quick read.

*I offer an exercise about the ‘Forgiveness Response’ that will help you. It's very brief, very simple, and very effective.


Comment or reach out if Forgiveness is challenging for you, or with your story of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and standing strong in your boundaries.

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