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Charla AndersonYour COURAGEOUS Coach Visit My Website Let’s get acquainted.   Work With Me Start today with a complimentary discovery coaching session. Get my tiny book with a BIG message “Candy Bar Hugs~It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference!”  on Amazon Share My Linktree Facebook Twitter Linkedin WhatsApp Pinterest Email Copyright © 2022 Charla Anderson …

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Change Your Words ~ Change Your Life

Split-Second Transformation Change your words, Change your life. Words matter. You’ve heard it, but do you really believe it? Actually, you Create your life with your words. I’ll give you some simple tests to begin proving it to yourself. When you say the words, “I’m so tired” or “I’m beat” or “I’m exhausted”, which you …

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Carry-On Comfort Bag

TRAVEL PACKING TIPS by Charla Anderson For traveling, I take a “Comfort Bag” in a malleable lightweight bag that can be stuffed into the last bit of space in your carry-on. The one constant in air travel is unexpected delays. Imagine that you are in the center seat of 5 on a 10 hour flight, …

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Shoes? Socks? Undies?

1. Make-up 2. Alcohol 3. Perfume 4. Razor 5. Hairdryer 6. Brush 7. Comb 8. Magnifying Mirror 9. Moisture Creams 10. Toothbrush

IDEAS With Kids: Got Kids? Need Ideas?

I’m a mother. Of 3 incredible kids. Plus 3 step-kids for much of my child-rearing years. Now, 2+2+1 sets of GrandBlessings. I have the silver hair to prove it, and earned every last one of them!!!

IDEAS With Kids: Birthday Parties

It’s been decades since I hosted my own children’s birthday parties! Yet, with my privilege to now host my precious GrandBlessings occasionally, it brought to mind some of the truly inspired ideas that I used for planning parties. I’ll even attach photos of my recently discovered notes of one of my kids’ 4th & 5th …

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