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Two-time Amazon best-selling author Debbie Adams writes to encourage others in their faith walk with her faith books, “Divine Promises: Trusting God’s Faithfulness” & “Unlocking the Code to Bliss: A Southern Belle’s Secret”.

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Writing Faith Books With Debbie Adams

I’m so grateful that you will join us. I have a fun guest with whom we are going to have a good conversation about faith primarily because who I am is bold faith. She’s writing books about those things. She is Debbie Adams and I’ll introduce her to you right after we do our introductory little mini vacation, a little 22-second breathing exercise just to get centered, grounded, and breathe in the breath of life.

If you’ll join me, we’re going to breathe in calm for 7 seconds, we’re going to hold for 4 seconds, and we’re going to breathe out gratitude for 11 seconds. Quick and easy, but let’s try it. Ready? Set. Breathe in. Calm for seven. Hold, release. Thank you. It just helps me get grounded. We are always on our techie devices and the next thing you know, we’ve not touched a piece of real material, a tree, a grass, or anything for a while. It’s a good idea to take those moments several times a day, sometimes to get centered.

I’m excited to introduce to you Debbie Adams, a fellow author with Beyond Publishing. We met through Michael Butler and she’s a number one bestselling author. It’s fun getting to know other authors and sharing all that. Debbie, tell us who you are in this world, and then we’ll talk about what you do and where you are from.`

I am from Middle Tennessee and I live about 30 minutes from Nashville. Everybody has heard of Nashville, the country music place to go. I grew up on a farm, had horses and cows, and played in the barn loft as a child. That’s where I would take a book and go read, or a lot of times, I would have my paper with me and I would write little short stories that would pop in my head. That is probably where God was starting my journey of becoming an author. My dad used to take me to the local library every Saturday. My dad was an avid reader and he still is. I got my love for reading from him, I do believe. Now, I have a love for riding.

I’ve always loved to help people in any way that I could. If somebody needs groceries, or a ride to the doctor or whatever, if I hear about it, if I’m able, I will help. Even as a small child, I would try to help my friends and stuff. That’s what led me to write faith books. I believe God has placed on my heart to write faith books to help others in whatever they’re going through in their journey of life.


The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books


We’re very similar. I’m a server. I’ve served as a flight attendant for all those years. It’s, “How can I make a difference?” One of my little books is Candy Bar Hugs: It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference. We have that in common. It’s like, “What do you need? How can I help?” That’s a commonality. It seems like mothers tend to have that too, like, “How can I make a difference?” In Middle Tennessee, I’ve got a sister and a son who live West of Nashville as well. Tennessee is such a beautiful state, too. I love it. You were raised on a farm. Was it chickens, cows, goats, and horses or was it corn and cotton or all of the above?

It is pretty much all of the above. Mom and Dad had the vegetable garden, where she cooked her Southern meals from all the stuff we grew in the garden. We also had cows and horses and I rode the horses. I still love horses to this day. We had chickens and goats. I hate goats to this day because I got chased by goats as a child.

Those baby goats are so cute.

They are cute, but they traumatized me as a child, chasing me while I was trying to ride my bike or whatever. They are cute, but I won’t have anything to do with them now.

You published a book. I love the subtitle of your first book. A Southern Belle’s Secret sounds pretty fun. It’s about living a life of bliss. There are a lot of people in our world right now who could use some hope and bliss. They could use some of those things you’re talking about and may or may not have so much as a mindset. What I teach is mindset. How you think and what you speak is so important. How did you come up with that title, A Southern Belle’s Secret?


The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books


It’s Unlocking the Code to Bliss: A Southern Belle’s Secret. With this being my first book, I had gone to a retreat in California with one of my friends now, but back then, she was just an acquaintance. She was giving some of her Facebook followers a retreat on how to write a book. I went to that, it was three days. She taught that in your first book, nobody knows you, nobody has ever heard of you. You need to get a title that will make them look and think again like, “I need to grab that book.” That’s how the Unlocking the Code to Bliss came about.

The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books
Unlocking The Code To Bliss : A Southern Belle’s Secret

Since I’m from Tennessee, some people joke around about my accent. I have a Southern accent. I wanted to put a little bit of the Southern Belle theme in there. It’s about having a healthy lifestyle in God’s way. I give a lot of information on how God created our bodies, from our brains to everything in our bodies. I talk about intermittent fasting and stuff like that, and it’s a lot of information. I wanted to put some fun stuff in there too, as well. Not just a book filled with information, because to me, that will be boring. I didn’t want to write a boring book.

It might be maybe two chapters where I talk about the Southern Belles, like my favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O’Hara. I can talk like her. I talk a lot about that, how they dress, what they eat. Just something a little different to attract somebody to want to read my book. While they’re getting all of the fun stuff about what a Southern Belle is and how they act, they’ll also get the other stuff that I talk about, like going outside and getting the sunshine and how it can give you energy and help you to get through your day if you’re having a hard time. I still do that. I will go outside. I work a full-time job, so on breaks, I’ll go outside if it’s nice weather and I’ll walk around in our backyard because we have two acres and I have plenty of space to walk around. The sun, just getting Vitamin C, helps more than people realize.

The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books
Faith Books: Going out for a walk and getting exposed in the sun helps the body more than people realize.


That’s what I was talking about in the very beginning about this meditation thing. We don’t get in nature very much. We’re inundated with all these electronics, machines, and lights. More people need to turn off their devices for a few minutes and go walk barefoot if you can. Just let the earth feed you. This is a created living earth, so we can feel that. That’s very brilliant. You talk about all types of things and how to get your bliss by focusing on how we were created.

You focus on how God created us. I put things in there. I’m sure everybody’s heard the term having a clean gut. I talk about how your gut is related to other things. I’ll give you some of the chapters that are in there. I first start with defining what healthy is and why we should be healthy. Back when I wrote this book, it was post-COVID. A lot of people were at home and didn’t go out very often. I’m sure most people like me had put on a few pounds. I decided that I needed to get rid of those few pounds. That’s how I came up with a healthy lifestyle and wanted to let people know how to get a healthy one.

People might look at their stuff and like, “I don’t want to go on a diet,” but my book’s not a diet book. It talks about how you can get a healthy lifestyle and also get rid of the few pounds that you want to get rid of. I talk about fruits and vegetables in your gut and intermittent fasting. I put the Southern Belle in there in the middle. I ended with taking care of myself and self-care.



Many people think that is selfish, but selfishness means taking care of oneself. It’s not self-centeredness. It’s not that yucky side of things. Self-care is taking care of oneself. You cannot serve from an empty cup. My analogy is that you’ve got a cup and a saucer. There are a lot of people who don’t know what saucers are anymore. Remember, in the day, if you would keep that cup full and serve from the saucer, let the overflow go into the saucer, and serve from the saucer, I believe that is an analogy of keeping yourself cared for. It’s tremendous. It’s huge to recognize that. I used to feel like, “If I’m doing it for me, then it’s selfish,” but it’s not. It’s absolutely important.

We have to take care of ourselves.

We want to take care of others as well. It’s not selfish. I loved that when I finally realized that it’s not selfish to take care of me and to consciously do that sometimes. Your next book is Divine Promises: Trusting God’s Faithfulness. Both of your books are about your faith. You’re a strong believer. I was raised very strongly in the church as well. Faith is huge to me because my third book, which is not out yet, is going to be called Outrageously Courageous-Bold Faith, No Fear: Step Towards the Gun. What you say after the words I am is who you are in that moment, who you become if you say them long enough.

The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books
Divine Promises

My second book, Split-Second Transformation-Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, is small. It’s powerful because you have to watch what you say. As I had said for many years, who I am is bold faith and no fear, which I don’t know why I started saying, but I did. When I had a gun at my head right here, I stepped towards that gun and said, “You need love.” They ran.

The bigger story behind that is I didn’t have fear at that moment. I was shaken. They stole stuff, but I stepped towards them and they ran but without fear. I do believe it’s because I had been speaking life over myself, who I am as bold faith, no fear. Yours is trusting with faithfulness. When we are faithful, we receive. Everything’s reciprocal. Tell me a little more about that book because it’s lovely.

It is my life story. Before I wrote that book, God told me that I have a testimony and I need to share it with the world, which I do. I had cancer a long time ago, so I’m thankful to God that I am cancer-free. I thank him every day for keeping me healthy. Anybody who has ever been hit with cancer knows you are thankful for every day that you’re able to wake up and do a normal day. That’s what started the book. He gave me the title Divine Promises, and we as humans will promise each other, “I will come to help you to do this,” or, “I’ll be there for you.” As humans, sometimes we can’t do that. Things might come up and it’s like, “I can’t come to help you today,” or whatever.

With God, God is divine and he will always be there. He will never leave us. He will never forsake us. That’s one of my favorite promises in the Bible. That’s what started that book on top of my testimony. I talk about the promise of healing and my cancer. I talk about the promise of protection. There was a time many years ago when I was home alone with my dogs and the cat. My husband at that time had taken the car to get the oil changed or something. I knew there was bad weather, but I didn’t know that a tornado was coming. I heard a tornado was coming. I got all of my animals in our big walk-in closet. I got my radio, cell phone, and all the necessities.

I started praying, and then all of a sudden, I heard something that sounded like a train. I’d never been through a tornado, but I had heard it sounded like a train. I’m thinking, “Is this a tornado?” I started singing that song, “God keep me safe until the storm passes by,” or something like that. Within a couple of minutes, I didn’t hear anything. It got all quiet. That night or later that afternoon, when my husband came home, we were outside talking to her neighbor, and he said that he was outside on his patio. He said, “I saw the tornado sitting on top of your house and after a couple of minutes, it just moved on and went down the road.”

That hit me because I realized how close and how much God promised that he would protect us, and he did. It was like God’s hand moved the tornado. Still now, when there’s bad weather and they say a tornado is coming, I might get nervous if it’s one getting close, but then I remember God promises protection. He’s protected me before. I have a lot of different stories in that book, and those are just two of the main ones.

The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books
Faith Books: When there is bad weather, we get nervous. But always remember that God promises protection.


There was a span of two years that I was always in a valley. It seemed like I was in a valley. There was always something happening or going on. People see me now and I’m all smiles and that’s the way I have always been. During those two years, it was like I had to find a reason to smile, even though I knew God was with me. I could feel his presence and I knew was with me, but so much experiences that were going on in situations during those two years. After a point, you get to thinking, “What’s going to happen next?” After the two years were over, he did take care of me through all of that. Now, looking back, I was like, “Why did I get down for a little bit?” It seemed like so much happening all at the same time.

It’s human nature.

As humans, things start happening and we are like, “I’m done.”

The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books
Faith Books: When things start happening, humans are quick to react and surrender.


I want to talk to you about what you’re saying about the tornado. God’s promises are what we’re talking about. His promises, not the tornado. We focus on the promises and every single time, it works. Years ago, I found a book called Psalm 91, God’s Umbrella of Protection, by a lady from Texas named Peggy Joyce Ruth. Psalm 91 is every protection promise of God is in one chapter. Sirens go off for tornadoes or something, anything, I’ll start playing that over and over on the Bible app, Psalm 91. “Thank you for your shield protection. Thank you for my home, my car, my children, and my family, no matter where they are. Thank you for the protection around my neighborhood and my town. Thank you.”

Everything is gratitude, by the way. Everything begins with gratitude and it should. You hear about the tornadoes and a hurricane came through and wiped out. You will see pictures every so often. One house was standing on the beach out of miles of destruction, and not a picture frame was moved. Come to find out that the owners of that were not there, but they were praying Psalms 91 over it, and then not even a picture frame was touched.

They had another house, the same thing. In two of their houses, there was devastation everywhere, but their houses still stood firm because they stood in the faithfulness of God’s promises. There are so many stories like that, and I love them all the time. I feel like I’m in favor. Thank you for your shield protection. When I’m driving, “Thank you for your shield protection.”

When we can stand in that, walk in that confidence that we are protected, all’s well because it is. Where we are is all we have right this second. Even if our circumstances are not very good, if we can stand in them, this is where I have, so I might as well love it enough to know I can take another step. If I don’t like where I am, I can take a different next step, but I can’t change the last step. That’s a common theme in my stories. I’m always talking like that.

You’ve survived cancer and those depression moments, but it seems to me that you’ve probably had a fairly good life overall. You were raised on the farm, crawling up in the barn and curling up with your books. That’s such a fun cliché, I guess, of sitting up in the barn reading your books. I think it’s fun to think about that. What’s next? What’s your biggest message if you want to leave something for hope for someone else?

My biggest message is that in this life, everybody has some journey they’re going through, and that’s what I call it in my book, A Journey of Life. Whatever you’re going through, don’t ever think that anything is impossible. Some people might think, “This is my fate. I just have to deal with it.” To that, I would say no. It’s like you’re talking about, “Keep taking a step forward.” My motto has always been to say yes and not no. Say yes, and take a step forward. That’s been my motto. Just keep taking a step forward, but as you are taking that step forward, call out to God, and whether people believe in God or not, he is there for everyone.



Call out to him for strength. Ask for him to give you that inner strength because what’s inside of you will come out on the outside. Maybe you need to improve what’s inside before it will come out better on the outside. My main message would be, first off, to believe in God if you don’t believe in God, because we know one day this Earth is going to end, and people have to make a choice. They’re either going into heaven or to hell. That would be my first message.

My second message would be to believe in God and trust in God. Trust that his promises are true. I talk about it all through the book that he will never leave us nor forsake us no matter what we’re going through whether it’s death. I’ve gone through plenty of that with different family members. Whether it’s death or losing a job, like my cancer, finances, whatever you’re going through, God is there. God is waiting for us to call out to him and ask for his help. He will help. He’s there immediately. It’s not like, “I had to call him, and he didn’t answer the phone.”

Whatever you are going through, God is waiting for you to call out to Him and ask for His help. Click To Tweet

He happens to live inside of us. He’s close. He knows every single solitary thing about us. When I talk like this, I’m not talking about religion because religion sometimes has God in a box, little rules and regulations, but God doesn’t have a box. If God is love, he can’t be loved. That is something I wasn’t raised with. I feel like he loves you no matter what. If you’re a murderer or if you’re a saint, there’s no not love. When you learn that there’s nothing you can do to be loved, more or less by God, nothing, if it’s love, that’s it. There’s no other option for him.

His compassion and pouring out are over the top. Since he lives inside of us, when we call out, that’s intimate. It’s trusting. I was taught the wrong way to pray, too. A lot of times, I was taught like, “Please.” I don’t think Jesus ever begged God, “Please help me heal this person.” All he did was say, “Thank you.” Thank you is enough. “Get up and walk. Thank you. Eat the fish.” We have gotten so bogged down in the rules and regulations, we forgot about the relationship. “Thank you for the healing.” Thank you instead of please.

God’s like, “I already told you you’re healed. Receive it and move on, and quit claiming it.” There’s so many, “I’m so sick. I’ve got this disease. This is what my little change of words changes your life.” What if we said, “I’ve been diagnosed with something, but I’m not claiming it. I’ve just been diagnosed with it. I got to deal with these things.” That way, it’s a different way of looking at it. You’re taking action and feeling more in control. So many people claim their diseases. I’m like, “Cancel. Speak what you want, not what you don’t want.”

You brought that up being about gratitude. Many people nowadays, whether they go to church or not, are not very thankful. As I talked about at the beginning, every morning when I wake up, I thank God for another day because I’ve had friends who had cancer and they’re no longer here, but God healed them differently. We need to learn to be thankful for not only the big things but the little things.

The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books
Faith Books: We need to learn to be thankful not only for the big things but for the little things as well.


In everything, give thanks. It doesn’t mean most things. It means everything. Even in a bad situation, those that we’ve lost, the way I love to think about someone we’ve lost is they’re dancing with angels. They know everything. They’ve got all the knowledge. It’s hard on the rest of us for them to be gone, but they’re fine. They’re better than fine. Gratitude is key. Forgiveness is also required to have freedom, peace and bliss. I love the word bliss. Forgiveness is there, too. We’ve done gratitude, forgiveness, bliss, Southern Belle. We’ve done a lot already. Tell me what’s next.

I’m working on book number three. I’ve already given Michael a title. I’m not going to say what the title is because I’m going to keep everybody in suspense for now.

Is it a life story again?

It’s not any stories, but it’s going to be another faith book, and it’s going to be more on how we relate to God and how we relate to different things. You were talking about gratitude. I will probably have a little bit of gratitude in there. A positive attitude versus a negative attitude. Why should we have a positive attitude when things are going bad? It’s things like that. I believe God has called me to write faith books. I don’t know what’s going to be after book number three, but whatever it is, it’s going to be whatever God wants me to write.

You’re taking the next step. You’re taking this step, so that opens up the path to the next step. You said say yes, not no. My biggest saying is when intriguing opportunities present themselves, and you say yes, things show up. You’re going to get so many more blessings if you’re in some emotion. If you’re going a way that’s not working for you, then you pivot. We can change and do something different. As long as you’re in motion, if you’re sitting on the couch as a slug, waiting on the blessings, you’re missing out. You are missing out on the joy of loving people and being out there. We’re going to wrap it up. Any last words? What else do you want to share? It’s so fun to have a conversation about bold faith.


The Charla Anderson Show | Debbie Adams | Faith Books


I would like to give a message to any one of your audience members. Go buy my books, both of them or my recent one, Divine Promises. Whatever you’re going through in life, I feel like it will be an inspiration to you to keep going and maybe motivate you, if you don’t know God, to go to a local church and find someone and seek God out and find out who exactly God is.

Whatever you are going through in life, take it as an inspiration. Find someone to motivate you, go to a local church, and seek who exactly God is. Click To Tweet

I did have one of my friends who lives in Florida who got my book. I didn’t know she had been going through a certain situation, and she told me that she picked up my book and started reading it. She only read maybe fifteen pages and she said that helped her with what she was going through in her situation. That made me feel good. That made me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. Even though I know God is the one who is leading me, and he’s the one who is giving me the words that need to be written in the books, it makes a person feel good to know that I am touching. If I’ve touched at least one person, it’s worth it. I’m hoping I will touch more.



You do. Even the attitude gives you also confidence, “Now I’m a published author. I’m a bestselling author.” It gives you a different confidence now that you’re not just going through the motions of life. You’re engaging in helping others find a pass. It’s a beautiful story when people pick it up. I’ve had some of those similar stories with my little books. It’s changed one life, I know. DebbieAdamsBooks.now.site. You can find her books on there, a little bit about her.

Just reach out. You can put in your email, and she’ll reach out to you. We’re looking forward to continuing to build on all this. I’m not stopping. There’s no stopping me. There’s next person that needs to be lifted in these unsteady times we’re in. We’re taking some action. When you say yes and give thanks and everything, give thanks. If you can take a breath of life, then in that split second, you are okay. You may not be in great circumstances, but if you can take a breath, then you’re alive.

You can start visualizing what you want, speak what you want, and moving towards what you want. If you need support with any of that, Debbie and I both would be happy to touch base with you. You get in touch with us and see if we can make a difference for you. DebbieAdamsBooks.now.site and two beautiful books. A beautiful soul, a beautiful spirit, and a happy face. Thank you so much for joining me, Debbie. You’ve been a delight and who knows what’s next. We’re just going to keep on trucking.

Thank you for having me on your show. I’ve enjoyed it.

By the way, you’re a podcast queen now. You’ve been on a whole bunch of podcasts. Good for you. I’m very excited about that. I listened to 1 or 2 of them already, but I’ll listen to those. That’s very cool. The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! This is the last show of 2023. It is unbelievable how fast this year has gone. I look forward to seeing you next time. I just want you to always remember to choose joy.


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I’ve always had a desire to help others and I write faith books in order to help others in this journey of life. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I love the ocean, football, and farm animals, and I have a tuxedo cat that keeps my husband and myself entertained with her vocal personality.

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