Two Rules Of An Honorable Society

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Charla flies solo today as she discusses what society could look like if everyone honors each other as other human beings just trying to do their best with what they have with respect, honesty, and dignity.

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Two Rules Of An Honorable Society

Good beautiful day, beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of the show, collector and connector of fascinating people and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I’ve got a big exciting announcement. I’m very excited to share with you but before we get started, as always, even if this is all you read on any of my shows, let’s find that 22 second mini vacation, that little time to center.

We’re going to breathe in calm for seven seconds. Hold for four seconds. Breathe out gratitude for eleven seconds. We’re going to feel so calm and beautiful after that. Breathe in your calm for seven seconds. Here we go. Hold. Release. Thank you. The only prayer you ever say is thank you. It is enough. Thank you for joining me.

This is my solo day. I’ve chosen season two to have once a month, the 4th Wednesday of every month, just Charla’s chat. Me solo talking about things that I love, that are in my heart, I’ve observed, and things that I hope will give you hope. Who knows all these things? In my announcement, I’m very excited. The cover of the fourth book, The Change Book Series with Les Brown. I got the cover, the mock-up or prototype. Whatever you want to call it. Ready to get that chapter out, get that book out with nineteen other authors.

Jim Loots and Jim Britt, I believe, created the compilation book concept a lot of years ago. I’ve been invited to be included in book number 21. I cannot tell you how honored I am. That’s Les Brown on the cover. Anyway, thank you for indulging me in this announcement. It will be sometime in the summer, we’ll have the actual physical book. Looking so forward to sharing a piece of my life in a chapter in the book and fun cover. The Change is about self-empowerment. The authors will be sharing about that.

Two Rules

Anyway, so we got that. The title of my episode, I said, “Let’s have two rules, be kind and do no harm.” If everybody did that, what would happen? If everybody was kind to everyone and had the mindset to do no harm. What do you think might happen to our world? Wouldn’t it be a blessing that we began to step out of this sense of entitlement or this sense of everybody is out to get me? Everyone is against me. We assume the worst instead of assume the best.

My lifestyle, I always assume the best. Do I ever get taken advantage of? Yes, and guess what? It’s on them. Not on me. It doesn’t happen often. I’ll say it that way because I don’t attract those people. I surround myself. I walk in this peace, joy, love, and light that attracts the same. As we all know, you get what you think about, but do you pay attention to that in a big way? I think a lot of us don’t.

When we’re so flippant with our words, our reactions, and responses, instead of listening and feeling into what might serve us better, which then would serve the world better. That selfishness has got to be offended about everything, that silliness. It’s the absurdity of that has gotten so out of hand and nobody seems to be happier because of it, do they? I’m right and you’re wrong mentality.

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Part of one of the chapters in my split-second transformation book, it doesn’t take much to make a difference and that’s Candy Bar Hugs book. All of my little books run in the same vein of positivity and optimism and service to others doing the right thing because it’s the right thing no matter what. Wherever you are. That’s called integrity, honoring your word, and doing those things that honor each other. We’re all human beings trying to get through this life, the best we know how.

Some of us have forgotten the core values. The core values that I know I was raised with. You treat each other the golden rule. You treat others the way you would like to be treated. When you do that, they’re receiving of it as on them, not on you. You get to choose how you receive. You get to choose how you speak, and respect for others. I have some favorite sayings and you’ve heard them all probably if you read because unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries. When you have those values, you don’t have to receive the negativity. You can let it bounce off.

It reflects back to them. You don’t have to receive it. I told my grandkids, “Put an eggshell around you. Put yourself in a Ziploc bag that nothing can harm you. Nobody can hurt your feelings or make you angry without your permission.” Why do you want to give people permission to do that? Take it all personally. Stop it.

The Four Agreements, the book I recommend the most and have over the years is don’t take things personally. Don’t make assumptions and be impeccable with your word and always do your best. Could we have a better world if each of us did that and assumed the best? Assumed always with gratitude. Assuming that all where we are is all we have. That’s it. We don’t have anywhere else to be except where we are right now.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Two Rules
Two Rules: Do not make assumptions and be impeccable with your words. Always do your best.


If you do not like where you are, you can’t change it going backwards. You can only change it going forward. The next step in a circumstance or a situation that you do not like and you are not happy in. If you can begin to consider, it’s not the best place. I’m in the gutter or I’m cleaning toilets. I don’t love this, but what if you did? What if you changed to go where I am is all I have. I might as well love it. That was the thing when my show.

Love where you are because it’s all you got. When you can do that. I can help you through that sometimes. If you need help trying to figure out how to change your mindset, that’s what I do. I’m good at it. Helping you with your words and your mindset. You begin living without all the angst. I do believe that the big black box on the wall that is called programming for a reason want us to be divided, angry, mad, unsatisfied, and dissatisfied with where we are or you need wear this deodorant or that shirt or whatever it is.

Why? Why do we have to get programmed? Marketing is massive and they’re very good at it. I get off on tangents, but years ago. I was a Mary Kay consultant. I was taught that if somebody compliments you on your eye makeup, then you might want to tone it down because you want people to see you and not your makeup. Carleen, this friend of mine, posted, “They’ve taught us that it’s better to look like something else.” A caricature is what it looks like when you have every ten pounds of eyelashes and your lips out.

I’m sorry, it’s not authentic. There’s nothing wrong. I’m not judging. It’s not judgment, but it’s not authentic when we’ve been marketed that those things are more important than who we are. Consider that being real and being authentic is the new sexy. I say that all the time. I love it. Being quirky is a new sexy. Following these trends come from marketing companies. I’m telling you, It’s the truth. You think it’s the real thing, but why? Can we ever question it? Think about it.



Taking The High Road

Two rules, be kind and do no harm. My mama said, “Take the high road.” I added, “When it’s hard, take the high road. Do the right thing. Quit taking things personally.” The Four Agreements, I wish I had my copy of my book because I’ve recommended it so many times. It’s so simple. A little book that will help us all begin to realize that what other people do and say has so little to do with us. It’s a reflection of themselves, their own lives.

Think about that when you assume somebody is cutting you off in traffic, you assume that somebody is saying things ugly about you. What if you let it roll off your shoulder? By the way, The Four Agreements is by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s an amazing small book. It’s been out for many years. Take a look at it. Another author that I fell in love with, it’s only in the last couple of years that I ran across Michael Singer. I have three of his books, but here’s two of them. Living Untethered is his autobiography and The Untethered Soul.

His point is crazy. Do you consider, we’re here for the split second of time in reality. I feel like I’m going to be here at least 120 years, but that in the broad scheme of let there be light to infinity as billions of people have come and gone and had this one little split second in time that they stayed. We’re not only that. We’re in this massive amount of universes and we’re this little tiny speck in the ocean where one drop in the oceans of people that have come and gone. We think we’re all that?

If something isn’t going our way. Laugh. Learn to laugh and laugh at yourself. It’s true. It helps. The best medicine. If you can honor yourself by giving up being right, giving up some of the influences that we are so involved with and do no harm. Those two rules I ran across a long time ago. I don’t know where, but if that’s what we did, do no harm.

If every piece of your spirit was, “How can I make a difference? How can I be of service to others? How can I leave the world a better place? How can I make a difference for the next person that comes behind that has to clean up my mess?” I’ll say it a lot. If you’re leaving a mess for someone else to clean up, shame on you. No other human being should have to clean up your mess. There’s some people that have the jobs of cleaning up and wiping up, but you don’t have to leave a mess for someone else to clean up in your own home, your car, your daily lives or at the restaurant, or on airplanes.

I was a flight attendant at many years. People leave messes when the flight attendants literally walk down the aisle with crash bags or carts multiple times. Why don’t you pick up after yourself or wipe up after yourself? I often probably come across like school marm or something and I’m certainly dressed like school marm. I’m like this little yellow shirt with this little brooch on my pants. I know. I don’t ever wear yellow but I do now.

I want you to hear that your peace is more important and your self-respect, self-confidence, and self-empowerment. When you start walking in, how can I make a difference instead of, how can I get something for free or how can I get something for nothing? Who can I take advantage of? If your main drive is money, then perhaps you might want to look at that.

If your main driver is money or making more money. We all need it, but if that’s your goal rather than serving. How you sell is problem-solving. If you can sell a solution to a problem and not create more. I’ve had a few salesmen. As I said in the beginning, I get taken advantage of a case and I fall in love with these people because they’re good and have good personalities or good salesmen then find out later that I didn’t need an exclusion in my pest in my home. I didn’t have rat trails up in the attic at all, but I was sold at.

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It breaks my heart for that person because he gets paycheck and it took me three and a half years of struggle to pay for that. That’s an example. I got an HVAC system and perhaps, I got taken advantage of. I don’t know. I know that it’s a good system. I’m pleased with that, but I love the people that come in. They’re amazing human beings that I have led into my life. It’s on them if they’ve taken advantage. I might have to pay for it.

Core Values

I’m not talking about don’t get taken advantage of. Not unconditional boundaries. You be smart and be discerning. Please be discerning. That’s a core value that we were talking about. Core values here a little bit on is what I’m getting to. Be kind and do no harm in your core values of be doing the right thing and integrity. When you start to wonder, if you would take a few moments and look at your core values. Do you know what they are?

One way to know that is what we I used to call look at your calendar and your checkbook. People don’t have checkbooks anymore but how you spend your time and how you spend your money. I believe there’s a generation whose highest value is not doing the best. How can I make a difference in the world? It’s how can I be entertained? I’ve noticed it. I witness it a lot. I do it occasionally.

You click on something and, all of a sudden, an hour later, you’re on these threads of videos that. How much time are we not giving to our partners? How much time are we not giving to making the world a better place? How much time are we not learning? I am such a information junkie. I’m a personal development junkie. I absorb so much of the positive, the good books and the things to read. Did you touch a book lately?

There’s more books being written now than ever before. People are buying books. We thought internet was going to squelch that, but I don’t like to read a lot on the scrolling pages. I love turning the pages. The core value is what perhaps we want to change or share with those around us. Rise above it. Rise above. Take the high road. Don’t escalate your situations, perhaps. It’s okay to have a disagreement. It’s okay to agree to disagree.

We don’t have to change anybody’s mind. You will never change someone’s mind by force. I guarantee you. They might say they changed, but if you forced it, their core belief hasn’t changed. That goes back to my thought about religion. You’re going out and forcing people to change their beliefs with wars or whatever it is.

Nobody’s going to change their core belief. Not with force, but they will with love. I want what they have. I want to have that peace that passes understanding that they seem to be walking with. How can we do that? That is by calming down. We don’t have to get an upset. Upset draws upset. I tell you, when you get upset, you’ve noticed. You’re running late, you’re upset. You hit the curb. Your car don’t start. Upset draws upset. Love draws love. Hate draws more things to hate.



When you use your mindset you have an opportunity to truly change your mind. You can stop in any given moment in your a tirade or and let it go. May you be blessed because your upset isn’t making a difference in their world. It’s making a difference in your world in here. That’s the truth. When you have the time to be quiet, be still, and know.


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Two Rules


Do you do that? Do you turn off the noise for a few minutes a day and be still and know? Get that morning before you turn on your devices that you get grounded, centered, and a take a deep breath. Touch the trees or the concrete. Something that is natural so that you can start removing some of the electronic energy that’s always attacking us basically. It’s surrounding us.

I have some tips and techniques. I have some things that I can walk you through to consider that you don’t have to be unhappy. Wouldn’t that be fun? You don’t have to be unhappy. You can be full of joy in the worst of circumstances. There’s tons of examples of that. The books of incredible people that had horrible circumstances, but they didn’t live in it in their mind. They lived elsewhere.

It came to mind, you know, you probably heard this story about there’s two bricklayers and they’re building and working. One of them is grinding and complaining, hard work, can’t wait to get off. His mindset is, “I’m doing hard work.” The other gentleman is whistling and he’s doing as much work. He’s that, but in his mind, he’s building a home. He’s building a castle or something grand for the world to see. He’s a craftsman.

What if we took our job? We’re a cook, a chef, or a bathroom cleaner in a bar. That’s gross. If you took it as blessing the next person that’s going to use it or the person that’s going to eat it. You take it, and your whole attitude is about how can I bless? You start shifting. You start feeling more happiness and feel more joy.

Can you do that? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world to live in if we did no harm? If we were kind and I say this a lot, a lot of people don’t do that because they don’t love themselves enough to love others. Learning how to forgive ourselves, love ourselves, be kind and safe-caring to ourselves so that we have capacity to love someone else. That’s the deal. I’m going to keep my weekly solo shows a little bit shorter than probably the ones with my guests because I love my guests.



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I forgot to tell you, I’ve got my blog sponsors. This is something that I haven’t been talking about much, but I do want sponsors. I would never have a sponsor with somebody or something that I don’t love, use, and what I would call a raving fan of. No, thank you. I would love to talk to someone who’d like to sponsor my show as it’s evolving and getting a little bit more interest out there. Who wants to be a sponsor? Who do you know that would be a good fit for my show that I can say, “Look at this, there’s Zervita back here, Zeal, Zerj and Zondora.” Here is my Zeal Shake, my original 2011 shaker container for Zeal for life. It’s superfoods. It’s Zervita, the risen life.

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Why do you want to? What are all the things I love? Many things. I’ll come up with some more. Here we are, The Change Book Series, don’t you want to be on the cover with Les Brown? Why not? Let’s write a chapter and get you in that. This is my show, the Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! Let’s connect. Let’s have fun. Let’s find some and win-win.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Two Rules
The Change Book Series

How can we make a difference in the world? How can we walk in unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness and complete peace? How can we do that? I can tell you. I can help you. You can find a 30-minute conversation count link on my website. As we speak, Course Platform Academy in George and his team, Kim. We’re ramping up my website and a few other things.

I’m getting all boundaries. I’m going to be hosting a workshop about boundaries. There’s so many things that are going on. When you’re 70 years old and you’re going to live at least 120 and it’s not stopping. Learn to love yourself enough to slow down, get out of the rat race, and turn off the programming machine for a little while. Be still, listen to the birds or nature. It’s beautiful out here.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Two Rules
Two Rules: Learn to love yourself enough to slow down, get out of the rat race, and turn off the programming machine for a little while. Be still and reconnect with nature.


It’s a beautiful world. I’m outrageously optimistic. Outrageously positive that our world is literally getting better, happier, and healthier in spite of this last-ditch effort by some dark entities I don’t know that seems to want to keep us in chaos, divided, and upset. I say no. I see the good in people. I see the good in things. I get a lot more of that. It’s cool.

Anyway, the show is wrapping up. Be kind, do no harm, be at peace, and be happy. I don’t think I mentioned that happiness and joy has nothing to do with your circumstances. Consider that. It’s a big deal. I’m signing off and as I always do every episode, I want you to always choose joy because joy is a choice. Blessings.


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