The Power Of Holistic Self-Care With Debra Graugnard

The Charla Anderson Show | Debra-Graugnard | Holistic Self-Care


Explore healing and harmony with intuitive spiritual healer Debra Graugnard as she shares insights on holistic self-care, spiritual healing, and living in harmony with nature for a more sustainable and peaceful world.

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The Power Of Holistic Self-Care With Debra Graugnard

Good beautiful day, beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of the Charla Anderson show, collector and connector of fascinating people and everyone is fascinating especially YOU! I’m excited that you will join us. This is a weekly show, then we get out with the Win-Win Women, then we go out on Podetize. They put it out on shows and Roku streaming. I don’t even know how to do all that.

However, I have an extremely fun and exciting guest and I will introduce you in just a moment. As we always do at the beginning of my show, we’re going to have a 22-second mini vacation. We’re going to have a little mini vacation where we breathe in calm for seven seconds. We’re going to hold for four seconds. We’re going to breathe out gratitude for eleven seconds. That’s going to just help us all center. It’s a little exercise we probably ought to get used to doing more than once a day. Multiple times a day perhaps. Here we are, Let’s breathe in seven seconds of calm and gratitude. Are you ready? Here we go. Hold. Release. Thank you.

Thank you so much for joining us and centering here in the show. I’ve got a very special lady that’s in my Senior Tubers group. Some of us are a little senior and we get to engage in some of these more fun groups than I ever did growing up. At least Senior Tubers is a blast and I met Debra there. She is an intuitive healer. Unbelievable things that this lady has been through in her life. I’m going to let her tell you a lot more about that. She’s the founder of this community for conscious living, and you’ve got a podcast too, right, Debra? Self-care for the Soul. Very cool. Thank you for joining me and I would love for you to tell us who you are in this world, then we’ll talk about what you do.

Thank you for having me here and everybody for showing up and for reading. What do I do? Who am I in this world? Is that what you ask?

Who are you in this world?


The Charla Anderson Show | Debra-Graugnard | Holistic Self-Care


That’s such a question that we all ask ourselves. It’s an ongoing exploration, but at this moment I would answer that as someone who is passionate about answering that question and helping others to answer that question, who are we in this world? When we take away, I believe that we come into this world as pure beings of light. These pure beings who know why we’re here, what we’re doing here and what our earth journey is about.

I could tell you some stories about that as well. Life happens and we get all this stuff pasted on. One of my missions has been for myself and for others to help us to clear all those layers of stuff that we paste over who we are. That help us to survive and get through this life journey and best we can and to uncover that and strengthen the inner light, the core being of who we are. That is what shows up in the world when we are interacting, in relationships, serving our purpose and living that life fulfillment and on show having fun. Showing up as our true authentic selves rather than hiding from and protecting ourselves with all of the layers of self-protection and preservation that we’ve taken on through our life journey.

It was just another mastermind I believe it was. They’re talking about people not being able to lose weight once for years. Once they figure out the reason or what that core reason behind it is for self-protection or self-preservation. I think at 4 years old or 5 years old or 6 years old or 7 years old, we get this, “I’m never going to be hurt like that again. I’ve never going to be disrespected like that again.” That’s who we become. We start building these layers and we forget that we made it up. We made up the story around it.

Held At Gunpoint

I do have a friend that’s very happy and I believe it has to do with childhood trauma that she’s subconsciously probably, but wants protection from. I wanted to start with something here because you live in the Houston area. I was born and raised in Houston. We have a lot of common interest or commonalities. You’re in the Houston area, the South of Houston, right? I live in the Fort Worth area. I love Fort Worth and even though Houston’s my hometown, I love Texas. We’re in a good state. One of the other things that I believe we both have in common, we both had the barrel of a gun touching our skin or our body. I was robbed at gunpoint and you were in a bank robbery.

You could still feel the spot.

It’s a big deal. I don’t think most people have experienced that.

I hope not.

I hope not, too. Who I was at the time, what I say, “Who you say you are is who you are.” I had been saying, “I’m bold faith. No fear.” I had no fear in that moment. I’m not sure that was your case, but I had no fear. Step towards it again and say, “You need love.” That would be one of my books. The next book is probably because the story is I stepped towards again and said you need love and they ran. Not having fear is the story so amazing. You work in a bank, just a snippet of that story I’m sure it could be its own book, too.

I was working in a bank.

You were in college, right? You were young.

I was about to graduate from college. It was close to graduation and I was working in the bank. I walked right past the guy, nodded, and said hello. As soon as I got right in front of him, he dealt the gun and cocked it. It was like a saw-off shotgun thing he had and cocked it in my back. I heard that sound and it’s a sound you’ll never forget if you’ve heard it a little too close.

My prayer in that moment was that nobody played hero because the security put his hand on his gun. He looked at him and he said, “Don’t even think about it.” To finish the story, we all got down and he took the money and got away. A week later, he robbed a credit union in Colorado. Some people may know that story.

He even had our bag with him when he did it. At that time, there was a media helicopter in the area. He went into the credit union and somebody hit the button. There was a media helicopter in the area that followed him. Got the whole thing on video. He was taken hostage. He killed a police officer. He did all kinds of stuff in that one because it didn’t go as he planned.

It escalated.

He was killed at the end of that whole chase and the whole thing was on video. They ended up making a movie out of it. It turned out he was an escaped convict and he had just escaped from prison. Our Texas Rangers were waiting for us to identify him. We were able to identify him in the photo lineup. As soon as they were, the Rangers were right there ready to roll because they had done the same thing before and that’s why he was in prison. I was able to see his whole rap sheet. He had done quite a bit before that.

He might not have had a happy childhood.

He might not have. You never know where they’ve come from.

Everybody is hurt and everybody has a story. Some are harder and harsher than others, but the point is we both had that experience and had different reactions to it. I love that you said, “No heroes here,” because I was a flight attendant for many years. When we were going through that hijacking phase there for a little while, but long before the 9-11 times. Everybody’s trying to get out of the country.

It’s like, don’t be a hero. Comply. Do what they want. Do what they ask. They were not typically early on violent. They just were trying to bleed. It seemed like a good idea to take an airplane and have people. In that instance, you’re stuck in a tube in the middle of the air. I never could figure that one out. Anyway, that’s a whole other story.

That’s a big story.

Divine Encounter

That’s a commonality that I found that we had when I was browsing through your incredible lineup of work and the story of your life, which you had a divine encounter, I believe I read. I wrote a book about split seconds transformation. I believe you had a split-second transformation.

I sure did.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices is my book. The moment when that happens, when something happens and you shift. I went from bitterness to joy in that moment. I know you didn’t say much about it in the article I read about because you were at a business meeting conference and IBM. You were in a corporation.

I wasn’t even looking for it in the moment. That’s how crazy it was. It just happened. It’s interesting because I had been through, after that bank robbery, as I said, it was just before college. I thought everything was okay. He got away. Everything was happy. About a month later, I started getting sick. I ended up with what was diagnosed as ulcerative colitis, but it was spasms in my back and in my colon. It became ulcerated.

That shows you how energy can penetrate and impact our physical bodies and our health. When I went to a doctor, the doctor said, “You just have to live with it. It happens around your age. People just get it. You can take steroids. You can never eat fiber again. No raw fruits or vegetables. No wheat breads or anything like that.” Even though at that time, I was a college kid, partying all the time and eating the two-for-one specials.

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I wasn’t paying attention to my health and my diet but I knew that that was not a good lifelong recipe, what they were suggesting there. I also knew that I still had that gun in my back and I had to get it out. Part of me had that knowing of, “This isn’t right. I have to do something about it.” I started reading about things and started changing my diet.

I cleanse my body and intestines. I did a juice fast and everything healed, which was amazing. Physically, because I’d had hypoglycemia, fibrocystic disease, and ulcerative colitis. It took a little while to get to the point of figuring it out and I did take the steroids for a little while, but I was like, “This feels so wrong.”

Once I got everything on track, then it healed everything, fibrocystic disease, hypoglycemia, and ulcerative colitis. That was amazing. Also, what I didn’t expect was it gave me incredible mental clarity and alertness, then going on about life. Eventually, I did have this total out-of-the-blue spiritual epiphany. What I recognized in that was that I had my heart so guarded and shielded that I didn’t allow myself to feel.

One of the things that that opened up for me is I could feel again. It was an incredible experience. The whole epiphany experience was, I was with another person who was also at that corporate meeting that I hadn’t met before. He had flown in from another state just for that meeting. There was something there past life because when the two of us talk, all of a sudden, it may sound far-fetched. We were there for five days. It happened multiple times a day for the whole five days.

The Charla Anderson Show | Debra-Graugnard | Holistic Self-Care
Holistic Self-Care: I guarded and shielded my heart and didn’t allow myself to feel. One of the things that really opened up for me was that I could feel again.


When we would connect and start talking, we would be sucked out of our bodies. We just went on this whole journey. We would be in other bodies, other times time, and other space. We were experiencing the same thing at the same time. At one point, we were sitting at a table then, all of a sudden, we were on the floor in a desert. I was a Native American man. He was an elderly White man and we were talking. We were friends and we knew all these things about each other.

We knew and yet, at the same time, we still knew we were still sitting at that table. Another time we went and he was a man and I was a woman. I had three children. I was so tired. I could see the house we lived in. This happened over and over again for five whole days. What was the amazing part is the in-between like when we went from here to here. It was like being sucked through a sieve. That’s the only way I know how to explain it.

It was like becoming particulate matter. You got sucked out of this body. Your particles floating through the cosmos and you land over in this body. In that space of the in-between, I had such an incredible experience of everything is love. Love is all there is. All of the things that I thought were so important weren’t important. All I experienced and felt was love. Pure existential love.

I came away from there with a knowledge and an awareness. Also, some visual and auditory senses of how our energies still live in our bodies, how the subtle energies communicate with each other, how unhealed parts of ourselves still hold these pieces and how to unravel them, let them heal, and release them so that you can be your authentic self as I was talking about in the beginning. I came away from there with recognizing that what happens in this world, what we think we control is teeny tiny much compared to what’s happening in the unseen realms that’s directing the show.



That’s an incredible story because it’s almost dimensions. I’ve heard that time isn’t this way. It’s this way. It’s layered. I’ve heard many stories about people being in a different dimension at some point. Was this gentleman that you were with, was he a person of interest or was he somebody could date or was he just a colleague? Had he ever experienced anything like that before either?

Not like that. It changed his life, too. We talked maybe twice after that week. He was engaged to be married and he didn’t want to cause any ripples in that. There was nothing like the traction or flirtatious or sexual. That wasn’t the vibe at all.

Isn’t that interesting?

It was that existential. We came together. We experienced things beyond this realm or beyond the norm of what we were used to experiencing at that time. Everything is here. Everywhere all at once, but it’s all here. We had a new experience. We talked a couple of times after that. He said, “I’m getting married. I don’t want my fiancé to be jealous.” I was living with someone at that time and he was certainly jealous because of like, “You had that experience with someone other than me?” I’m like, “I get it, but I didn’t go seeking it. I didn’t have any control over it. I was shocked when it happened.”

Unlocked Superpower

It is something that it’s hard to explain. What an incredible gift, if you can take it as a gift. Some people might be terrified or fearful, but you chose. It’s an awakening of our divine purpose here on earth. Making unconditional love is my core message. I love people and the harder they are to love them, the more they need it. That’s fascinating because it’s a split second moment in time that shifted your world and your incorporate IBM notes. Big time corporate for many years. It’s hard to mesh those two worlds after you’ve experienced things like that.

The funny thing is I could do it now, but at the time, because everything got blown so wide open. I’ll tell you, there was one time I was in a meeting and we’re talking about brainstorming about technical things. All I could see is the energy moving like, “This guy got an idea.” I could see it come in. It’s like, “It just came in.” He got an idea and, all of a sudden, it shot from his third eye over to another guy’s third eye. It went into him and he’s like, “I got it.”

I was watching this occurrence. I couldn’t participate in the conversation because I was so enthralled with just watching the energy move around the room. I was like, “I have no idea what the topic of conversation was,” but it was cool watching it. I got like that for a while. Eventually, I had this knowing that I was going on to different things and I did.

I ended up meeting a spiritual teacher. I went to live in a spiritual community, study there, and work there. That changed my course. I ended up doing one of those, “I’m leaving corporate.” I gave away everything I owned. I sold my car and my house and went to there. I was there for quite some time. My teacher, I studied with him for many years. He passed away in 2015 and I feel like I still continue to have that connection, still studying.

That’s no surprise if you’ve experienced all that. It seems like you’ve had more than an empathic experience. You’ve had a real divine experience where you were chosen or you were saved in that gun battle thing or the bank robbery for such a time as this where you can speak out of help people heal because you’re an intuitive healer. You can sense and see things that others can’t.

The thing that I thought you were talking about being able to heal so strongly, your physical ailments. I have one of my dear friends that had less than a 1% chance of being alive the next morning after or to split. I wouldn’t let them. I said, “Speak what you want. Not what you don’t want to rest of us.” I wouldn’t let them. I said, “Who created the doctor?”

 I was on this thing. The next, I saw his heartbeat on an ultrasound. I was the only one in the room. I said, “If God can create it, he can heal it.” We have immune systems that are beyond anything that’s out there. The pharmaceutical industry is an oil-based industry. They wouldn’t even let you teach in medical universities. One thing that was holistic. That’s still the case. It’s not the people that go into the industry wanting to make a difference, heal, and help. It’s those that are funding those institutions. I’m sure we could get off on all that a little bit.

You’re going a bit tangent on that.

Spiritual Healing

You’ve been a spiritual healer. You’ve learned. You’re a teacher. You teach this to others and you had your own. Do you have a physical space or is it online?

It’s all online now. I don’t have a physical space. I did it one time then I moved and reduced the physical and went more online but I still had a little bit. My father is 101 years old and he’ll be 102. When his wife passed away and he was living alone. He had some health challenges, I said, “I could not stand the thought of him being alone. If something happened or if he got in trouble. I just couldn’t.” It came in me of he will not be alone. That was when I went 100% online and now I live with him in his home. It’s where I can be with him. It’s the work from wherever job now.

What I’ve noticed, you are offering some amazing stuff. You’ve got I think Sunday morning weekly meditations and healing circles. What’s that like? Have you had any stories where people were healed?

On that one, maybe because of my experience with the not feeling then feeling. I like to help people to connect with their hearts because emotions are something that we are born with. We are conditioned to shut them down. Every week, I have a different topic. It’s an opportunity to expand the heart, open the heart, soften the heart, be with the heart, and listen for what are our emotions telling us about what we need and what’s true for us.

When we shut that off, we end up living from the outside world and trying to say, “This will make me feel better. If I have only this person will change or if this happens, then I can have what I need in this life.” We stop listening to the inside that says, “Why did that hurt? What is that telling me about what doesn’t resonate with what I feel in my heart, with what I know inside of myself? What it is that I do need?”

It’s a healing meditation. I call it the meditation and healing circle. A number of people that come on, I think similar to your show. I’ll have the meditation and healing circle where I’ll do the part that’s the healing. That’s going to go on the show. I turn off the recording and people who are present live can ask questions, get support, and share their experiences. People do have some beautiful healing experiences during those weekly sessions.

What’s the name of your show again?

Self-care for the soul.

If somebody can look it up and speak your last name.

My last name is Graugnard.

I was like, “I bet it’s Gronard,” because I was trying to figure that. You have a quote that you shared with me and it’s, “Heal your heart, live sustainably and foster peace.” I believe the goal, our goal here is to love each other enough that we do no harm. We love each other and foster peace. We could get rid of a lot of rules and regulations if we learned to do those things, to do no harm and to be kind.

We’re always in various stages because we have been so conditioned. We’re all conditioned by our family, our cultures, our own beliefs, or television. We all have cultural programming.

Cultural bias and massive programming.

Very well put. I would agree with that. We’re always in various stages of awakening. There’s always more here. I believe as long as we’re in body, there’s always more opportunity for peeling away the layers and awakening to more of like, “I didn’t even realize that I was doing something habitual there that might not be in the best interest for the planet, for the planetary health, and the sustainability of our planet.

We’re at a place now and I think this is one of the things that came together for me. It’s like if we are living in harmony with ourselves, we are also living in harmony with nature. As human beings tend to separate ourselves from nature and there is one of the Sufi, Sheikhs, who I love his teachings, Muhyiddin ibn al Arabi. He says, “We are not on the Earth. We are on the Earth.”

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We can’t separate. As long as our spirits are integrated into these physical bodies and we’re having this earth journey experience. We can’t separate ourselves from nature and that’s what humanity has done for the most part on the collective level. It’s to separate ourselves from nature and to somehow think that we can dominate and control nature but we are nature.

If we’re going to dominate and control nature to the point where, I’m sorry, God does it best. If we’re going to try to do it differently, we’re taking something out of harmony. We’re taking it out of its own natural laws of nature. We’re trying to distort that. We’re causing a negative ripple in the flow of energy on the planet. We are not only harming all of the species of the planet, planet itself and the environment. We are harming ourselves because we’re not separate.



That is what I mean by with so much conditioning. We can continue to peel away layers and say, “Here’s another way where I can come into greater harmony with the planet, all of the species, the elements, air and the water. Everything.” When I do bring more health and harmony to myself and increase the likelihood of sustainability of our planet. That fosters peace because a lot of what our wars are fought about is all the things where we are trying to distort and control nature. We’re taking and owning lands and claiming territories. We’re depriving this group of clean water and this group. We want their resources and everything else.

Those are the things that we fight about. If we recognize, there are some ways. I have to be honest with you, my life is so immersed in a certain way of being that I don’t know how to do without that particular resource, and I recognize that we’re fighting wars about it but what can I do? Be at peace with myself and as much as possible to be in love with the planet.

One of my quotes in my little book, Candy Bar Hugs: It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference is, “Unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries.” Another one is, “You can’t change the world, but you can change your world which changes the world.” It’s just the truth. Pick up a piece of trash, do something, and be kind to the next person.

My mind is always, how can I leave it better for the next person? My mama said, “Leave things better than you found them.” That’s just my mindset. I can’t not do that and I witness very closely. Not many people seem to have that at least on a personal level, trying to silly things. It’s not silly, but taking your cart back. Wiping the sink off around the next person’s purse doesn’t get wet or phone. Doing small things changes everything.

Candy Bar Hugs is about offering a candy bar to the checkout people instead of the big bucks people behind me then saying, “Would you mind if I give you a hug?” This was in 2017 when I wrote this book. It was about stuff that had been going on since 2013 or 2014. It’s a long-term story. A tiny book, big message. Love the person right in front of you and you don’t have to worry about what your purpose is. Your purpose is how you treat the person in front of you. That’s in that tiny little book.

That brings an incredible amount of fulfillment and joy. That’s a beautiful part of who you are.

Finding A Spiritual Healer

I believe an agenda that wants us divided and fighting so that we can’t focus on what the rest of the world needs. We can’t focus on helping our neighbor because we’re angry with them because they offended us. The programming that we get from the black box on the wall is real. I’ll go back to one other thing that I had thought about and that is when you finally found your spiritual guide, spiritual leader, or spiritual teacher. Do you want to tell that story, how you walked in the room? I bet it’s feels right here. That story.

When I had that initial experience with the gentleman at a business conference, after that I started seeking. That was when I started to seek and want to find out how can I learn more about this. I wanted it to do more with it. I couldn’t find it not quite right. I had this one where it was a bad experience and unpleasant experience. I went home, got on my knees, which was out of character for me, and started praying. I was saying out loud, “I need a teacher. I need someone to come and take me by the hand.” I looked up and I went, “What?”

It’s like, “Who said that?”

I know like, “Okay.” He showed up in spirit and started teaching me in that moment. I could hear, sense, and feel. had a knowing. I was being taught about healing. I was being taught about how to heal, how forgiveness, and all of these things and how forgiveness could unravel so many things and release it from your own self-torment. That’s what our lack of forgiveness does. It’s more of a self-torment and how it could shift things.

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There’s so many things that I was taught. I was even given prayers to say. One day about a year later, I went to where I ended up going to study with him. I went there and walked into the room. was in the front of the room sitting on the floor. It had people around him. When I walked in, instantly my heart cracked open. It melted and spilled onto the floor. I stood there looking at him. He saw me and motioned for me to come to the front of the room and I did. He put his hands on my head. He said some prayers and my feet didn’t touch the ground for two weeks and that was the beginning of that.

The part that I was going to lead you to is where you thought that he was going to see the bad in you because you weren’t doing everything you wanted to do. Can I say the quote or do you want to say it? I’ve got to hear it. It said, “There’s a deep longing for God. He was trying to ask you.”

He asked me. In his accent, he said, “What is in your heart?” I said, “Oh no.” He sees the bad things. That’s what we think, “He sees my bad part.” He says, “No, beloved. A deep longing for God.” That’s when he put his hands on my head and said those prayers. That was true.

Meditative Practices

It’s masterful. I’m a Zig Ziglar legacy certified trainer and I did a little two minutes talk. I always said, “I know who you are.” We’re all looking for that god-shaped hole in our heart. I believe that’s probably the bottom line. We haven’t learned to love ourselves enough to love other people or to understand that we’re so connected. This is a beautiful conversation. People need to find you. I don’t know if you want to spill it, the

You can find a lot of your teachings there and how to get to the meditations. A lot of things are free on there. I’m sure that you’ve got some programs that maybe or not, teachings. You became a master. Have you ever heard of Matt Conn? I heard him one time. He said, “A master is one who blesses.” I was like, “That makes me a master. Maybe bless me.” Bottom line, isn’t that it? When you can just be, with be, be still and know and turn the noise off for a minute or an hour. We’re so distracted that we can’t hear that. We can’t hear ourselves. We can’t hear in our voices. You’re guiding people in these meditations.

It’s healing the heart. It is letting the mind witness the heart, let go of the outer conditioning, but witness the heart and serve that rather than all of the outside stuff. It’s that and also incorporate embodiment practices so that we can be the change we wish to see in the world when the certified teacher in two different forms of embodiment practices. When we can just be in touch with the depths of our hearts, the depths and the deep yearning. I love the way you put that, the heart shaped hole.


The Charla Anderson Show | Debra-Graugnard | Holistic Self-Care


I did then I change it to God shaped hole.

The deep yearning in our hearts. The deep yearning to return to that ultimate reality and ultimate truth. When we can allow ourselves to be drawn in to that yearning and to let that guide us. Let the mind to be in service to that guidance, which guides you to the depths of the truth in your own being then bring that into an embodiment so that it’s in your cells. It’s who you are and you’re grounded in your hips. You’re grounded to the earth and you be that.

That is that beautiful experience of love. It is where you can just be. You’re being the change. You’re being the stability, the security and the kindness. All of that and the compassion and the love. You’re just an extension of that. God willing. I believe as long as we’re in physical bodies, we’re never going to be percent perfect. We never claim that. We’re all still evolving and our world is evolving.

That gives us higher places to go as our entire world is shifting and our collective consciousness is evolving. Even though there’s all this crazy stuff going on in the world, we can see that. We can say, “I’m going there. I’m going to be a part of what opens that door and paves that way and strengthens that presence of that consciousness on this planet, eventually that will be the place we live from.”



I am outrageously optimistic. This is a whole lot of my teaching. Whatever you say after I am is who you are. If you say, “I am sick.” You are or you will be shortly. If you say, “I am tired.” You’re not going to get less tired by saying it, Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices. You might say, “I’m energized. I’m pumped. I’m refreshed.” Change your wording because every word matters. This is the deal. People dismiss it. Every word matters. If you learn to be still and know, listen.

If you learn to listen to your gut, your soul, or your heart instead of your ego reign. You will never be wrong. You’ll never be wrong because things I say all the time is, “Everything is always working out for me.” Even if it doesn’t look like it or feel like it. In that moment, if you say that, it draws more, “Things are working out for me,” to you. This is a fun conversation. I am attracting so many healers. I have an intuition coach.


The Charla Anderson Show | Debra-Graugnard | Holistic Self-Care


She teaches how to tap into your intuition for business entrepreneurs. It feels like there’s a lot of this raising the vibration. If you just listen to your spirit, the Holy Spirit in you, you will never go wrong. If you do, you’ll correct quickly because you’ll know very quickly. I’m very faith-driven, but not religious-driven. Religion is the definition returned to bondage and I didn’t know that.

Closing Words And Free Gifts

I was raised fundamentally. I didn’t want to do the wrong thing for my denomination but that’s not what God would say. God doesn’t have a box. He loves everybody. If God is love, he can’t be not love. If he is love, he can’t be not love. That’s my story. Stick into it. Debra, we’re going to wind it up and tell people again how to find you.

The best thing to do is go to You’ll see a little thing to click on there that says join the community. What that does is it signs you up so that you can receive reminders of our Sunday Meditation and Healing Circle. You’ll also receive the replays. There’s no charge for that. It’s free. These are powerful healings. It’s like getting free healing every week.

I’ve got on my blog like 250 at least, probably more than that, of past healings that you can look through and choose from. They’re also on the Self-Care for the Sole show. They’re on my YouTube channel, which is the Community for Conscious Living YouTube Channel. Join us live because that is when you get a chance. I’m always tuned into the energy of who’s present. I think you get a little extra, maybe personalized attention there. You have an opportunity to ask questions afterward or get support.

Start there and you’ll also be notified. There’s one thing we didn’t get around to talking about and that’s a book that I’m working on that’s called Food, Weight, and Feminine Power. I’ll make a quick mention of that because it is looking at all of my issues manifested as digestive issues and bodily issues with all of the trauma that I had experienced.

It’s like this whole circular spaghetti bowl of how our traumas, our conditioning, our eating habits, and patterns all work together to wreak havoc in our bodies and with our psyche about how we feel about our bodies and our ability to feel safe in our skin, that book is about and if you can relate to any part of that at all, you’ll want to be notified when that comes out. That will put you on my email list. I usually send two emails a week. One’s a reminder and one’s a replay. I don’t overdo it and I’d love to have you join live.

Winding down, any final word or final gifts you want to share?

When you do sign up to be a part of my mailing list, you do receive two free gifts. One is a one-sheet. That’s a reminder of who and what we are and what this world is about. The other is a fifteen-minute downloadable guided meditation to help you realize that in the core of your being, you are pure fine light, unconditional love, and eternal compassion. Eternal meaning it spans beyond this time and space realm. That is who you are at the core of your being. That’s what is there, that yearning, the deep inside of you that’s calling you to come home.

The Charla Anderson Show | Debra-Graugnard | Holistic Self-Care
Holistic Self-Care: In the core of your being, you are pure light, unconditional love, and eternal compassion.


Your heart is home. I’m pointing to my heart if you’re on the show. You’re coming home to that shape.

It’s literally where the heart is.

There are so many more things I would love to delve into, but we’re not going to do that. We’re going to have to try another day, but it’s been hugely beneficial, very enlightening and a lovely conversation. I’m excited. I know you’re in Montana at a retreat center for a few weeks and that’s cool. You’re cold, maybe. Thank you for joining me, your wisdom, your gifts, and your reception to the words you were given or the word or the wake-up call you were given perhaps. I don’t think as a little girl you woke up going, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a healer or a spiritual guide.” It probably didn’t work that way.

That wasn’t on the list.

What a gift it has become for so many people, so thank you for sharing, being here, your light, and your love.

Thank you so much, Charla, for all that you have shared. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful.

We’re having fun, aren’t we? If you’re not having fun, it’s not worth doing. Come on now. Have a great week and I’ll see you in the next episode. Remember to always choose joy.


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