The Power Of Healing Music With Theresa Griffith

TCAS Theresa Griffith | Healing Music


When someone appears back on the scene after a decade of hiatus and goes viral, is it for such a time as this? Theresa Griffith, maker of healing music, is back with a passion for healing and love with her unique gifts, especially to veterans.

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The Power Of Healing Music With Theresa Griffith

Good beautiful day you beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson show, collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I am so excited to be here. We have a very special guest, TressyTrek. Before we get started, we’re going to do my little 22-second breathing meditation. We’re going to breathe in calm for 7 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and then breathe out gratitude for 11 seconds. We’re going to take this little mini vacation or mini-meditation that we do at the beginning of every one of my shows. Here we go. Let’s breathe in those seven seconds of calm, hold, and then release. Thank you so very much for joining us here.

This is probably the most excited I’ve been about any of my shows. This is show number 44, which is hard to believe. We’re getting ready to start season two soon. Can you believe that? I can’t. I’m excited about all that. Not long ago, a friend of mine, Kyla, sent me this video of this lady pouring her heart out and talking about miracles. She was talking about healing and about all the things that I am already so excited about and love. She said, “Anybody with podcasts, I want to be on.” I’m like, “I need you. I want to know who you are.” Thank you so much for coming on. This is Theresa Griffith. You were famous. You were pretty much world-renowned for a lot of years, and then all of a sudden, you decided to step back and took what I call a hiatus. Was it 10 years or 12 years?

Fourteen years.

Your message has come back, and you have become viral. Unbelievable. It’s beautiful. Here we are in your home. There was divine stuff that has happened since that video came. It was a long one. I listened to it twice, and I started listening to anything else I could come upon. You’ve got these miracle stories of miracles, your passion to help prevent suicides, and all of those things. Have at it. Let’s hear from you. You do this beautifully every single week or multiple times a week. The healing soulful music that you play, sing, and create, what are the songs called, the individual songs that you create?

Prophetic songs. I go into the studio with no music and ask God to play through me. I have thirteen different flutes, and each one has a different healing function. It’s always an adventure where I can feel God’s breath blowing through me during the song. I was known all over the world in the late ‘90s for healing concerts. Most of my followers know me as a mama. I care about the people and I can feel their pain.


TCAS Theresa Griffith  | Healing Music


I created an event where I had a beautiful seat of honor at the front. I would tell everyone about the flutes. I would demonstrate them so they could hear how it sounded. I said, “Pick the one that makes your soul leap and your spirit come alive.” I would allow each person to sit in the seat of honor. I would play the flute of their choice, and then I would begin to sing the interpretation. Transformations took place in that chair. I went all over the world doing this.

Getting that first person in the chair was always scary for them so I would always pick a volunteer in advance and put that person in the chair. The transformation was so miraculous that people would jump up out of the audience, run behind the chair, and sit behind it all the way out the door all over the world. They were standing or sitting cross-legged all the way out the door. They would stay there for five hours.

I figured it out. I can only get six people done in an hour. That’s not very much. After five hours, my pianist’s hands are shaking and the guitarist is exhausted. I remember we were in Paris one time. The people had waited five and a half hours. The next person was in line, but I stopped because my pianist said, “I’m done. I can’t do another note. You’re on your own.” I realized I was abusing my own adrenal glands and I needed to be done too. She let out a wail of grief because she had waited that long and people had even pushed her out of line several times. It broke my heart.

I went all over the world doing these concerts, hurting myself and my musicians. I realized I had to change things up. I suffered a great deal traveling by myself with 270-pound suitcases all over the world. I was taken advantage of because your kindness is mistaken for weakness. I’ve got this big, enlarged heart that beats outside my chest. I’ve learned to guard my heart over the years, but I loved so deeply that people took advantage of me in a lot of different countries. It was so grueling because you never knew where they were going to put you.

I’ll tell you a story. I was so exhausted. By the time I hit Ireland, I told my promoter, “I have to rest. I have to get alone.” He said, “How about we send you to the monastery so you can be quiet? The grounds are beautiful.” They sent me there, and they put me on this floor that was also going to be housed by a teenage guy’s soccer team. There’s no door in the bathroom. I’m in my room. It is a square box with white walls, an uncomfortable bed, and great big spiders in the room. I got all of them but one. He was up in the corner. I went, “You will stay there. You will not move all night long.” I was like, “Dear God, I get myself into the predicaments here. I came here to rest. How am I supposed to go to the bathroom? There are all these boys up here.” The coffee was good for breakfast.

Irish coffee?

It was the best coffee. All of Europe has good coffee. You could be traveling on a train from Dublin all the way to the bottom of Ireland and they’re going to serve you the best coffee. I’m a coffee snob. Life on the road was so hard. People think it’s glamorous, but there is nothing glamorous about it. The wear and tear on your body was intense.

TCAS Theresa Griffith  | Healing Music
Healing Music: Life on road trips was hard. People may think it is glamorous, but it causes intense wear and tear on your body.


It was in 2005 that I crashed. I said, “I can’t do this anymore. I have to get off the road.” I was hidden away for fourteen years. It was not that I didn’t want to come out, but the doors shut as well and my CDs didn’t sell. When you’re not traveling, you’re not selling. MP3s came out as well as downloads. I thought, “I have fifteen titles of CDs. All those CDs are stored in a storage unit. I’m done. That’s my life. Now they’re rotting in this storage unit. I’ll probably give them to the vets.”

All of a sudden, somebody put me in somebody’s chat who has one of the largest platforms and I went viral overnight. All of a sudden, people started buying CDs again. I sold out of my top three titles, which are the most medicinal as well for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and all those things. I’ll explain to you why I did that kind of music, which is healing music, in a moment. I was like, “God, I’ve been wearing five hats for these fourteen years, trying to get everything done. I can’t even do this anymore. I’ve got to have help.” God sent me the most amazing personal assistant. We got organized. She got things in order. It’s really good.

She picked up and moved to Texas where you are. That’s amazing.

She was like, “I sold my house, packed my bags, and I’m heading down.” I’m like, “My gosh.”

It’s wild. I feel so much about the divineness of this for me to even find you. Shelly reached out, and I was like, “I know. We’re so aligned.” We had dinner and got to meet in person.

It was so much fun. We had a blast.

We’re in the Hill Country of Texas, which is beautiful. I’m so grateful this has played out as it has. You’ve invited me to do our show in your beautiful home. It’s so fun. This story, to me, in Korea was the prophetic stuff that you’ve done and the amazing words that you’ve downloaded. These are not your words. They’re downloaded. I’ve had some of that as well. How did that happen with the Korean president or Korean mayor?

He was the mayor of Seoul, South Korea. When I first started doing this seat of honor, I gave this word to this lady. It was so life-changing and so exciting. After I finished, God said to me, “Get ready because this is what you’re going to be doing full-time.” To roll it out for person after person like that. He said, “Here are the rules. This is how it works. You listen to me. When word comes, you say it. You keep speaking as long as it comes. Whatever comes to you, you trust it that it’s me and it will be me,” and it was. I’ve done it all over the world. People said, “She’s 100% accurate.”

I was seasoned by the time I got to Korea. The mayor wanted a song. I had finished a concert for some young people, about 5,000 teenagers. His bodyguard came and said, “The mayor would like a song, so we’re going to take you to a private room.” My assistant came with me. I thought, “I’m going to make this easy. I’ll take the Irish lap harp,” which you can put in his lap. I did that.

He sat and I put that in his lap. I knelt down and began to play and wait for God, and then it began to come. I didn’t know anything about him. I did not know who he was, what his history was, or anything. It turns out that before he became the mayor, he was the CEO of a construction company. He had no potential presidential credentials.

I was prophesying, “You’re going to become the president of South Korea. Other countries are going to want to come, the leaders, and ask of you. The wisdom that comes out of you will be like Solomon.” When I finished, he wanted a picture with me. He said, “I want to be your friend. I want you and your people to come to dinner with me tonight,” but we were already booked for a flight. I was like, “Why did I not cancel my flight? I should have gone.” He would’ve wanted me maybe to be an advisor in some capacity.

I never doubt what comes out of me. I never do. I walked out of there and it hit me, “You have prophesied that he’s going to become the president. What are you doing?” I was like, “Oh,” and my knees shook. I did the wrong thing. I asked the Koreans what they thought of him becoming the president and they laughed at me to scorn. They mocked me. I was like, “If I’ve ever been wrong, this might be the first,” but I decided I was going to believe the word that I gave him.

A year later, he became the president. I walked into the Korean restaurant near my house that I talked to and they mocked me too. I had my picture of young Myung-Bak. I walked in and showed him the picture after he became the president. They went, “You were right.” I also played for the Irish government. When they had a hiatus, I was there and I played for them. It was the National Governors Association. I’ve had a lot of dreams about world leaders. I believe the dream I had about France where I will be playing for the Presidential inauguration at some point because they told me what songs and everything. I believe that will happen in the future.

That’s an amazing story. When you trust your gift, you trust the word instead of second-guessing. To me, it makes such a big impact. I posted your song that you’ve changed the name on Rumble.


TCAS Theresa Griffith  | Healing Music


I wanted it to be Song for the Patriots. When I posted it, I told my followers, “Your destiny song is ready.” I sang it live before my followers and then we edited it in the studio to make it sound nice. I changed it not long ago, so it does say Song for the Patriots.

I posted. I was like, “Prepare for this show by listening to that song because it comes from the heart.” It was that. Had you written it already when you sang it or was it prophetic?

I did both. I prayed beforehand and I wrote some notes. It was a scan, not sentences or a song. That’s what I do during my private sessions with people. I’ll write notes and then adlib and let God take over. There are times when his passion comes through me and I can feel him say, “Let me add them.” You can feel his heart pounding hard with passion and love for his people, especially wanting them to know his intense approval, acceptance, and love. That’s what happened.

There are times when God’s passion comes through you, making you want to let others know about His intense approval, acceptance, and love. Share on X

That song fit thousands of people all at once. We were all chosen to be at this time in history for a reason. This is a time like no other in the history of the world. We have all gone through the same things. We have all suffered the same things corporately. It’s bizarre, but it has never happened like this in the world before like this, especially this long. People are tired. They’re broken and discouraged.

I realized a few years ago that it was time for me to come on the scene because this is the part that I play. I am the comforter mama, the encourager, and the one who comes alongside. I am a cheerleader for you to coach and let you know you can make it and that God is there for you. I feel that at this point and this exact time, He is carrying you over the finish line. You don’t have to try hard to make it over that last hurdle. He himself will.

I feel His love strongly. He knows what you’ve been going through. He feels every drop of your pain. Picture it. Picture Him carrying you over the finish line. He is saying to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You suffered. You cried a lot and maybe got angry,” which is good. That’s not bad. You want to deal with it. You don’t want to keep it. You’re still here. You’re still standing. He’s so proud of you. He knows what it costs you. It costs you everything to get to this point and he’s so proud of you. I want to deliver that message. I’m the messenger of love on behalf of the King.



I did it years ago, and then I went on that solid time of solitude. When I knew it was time for me, I could find no door. I could not get in. No one would listen to me. I wanted to say, “I know I’m supposed to stop the bleeding. I’m a spiritual nurse. I’m a spiritual medic,” but no one would open the door. All of a sudden, God goes, “I’ll take care of this,” so here I am. It makes me so happy that I can make a difference with the people.

If you go back to my beginning, I was trained for this day my entire life. From day one, I suffered. I almost died at six months. I almost died several other times. That’s a whole nother story, but it’s jam-packed full of pain. I don’t regret my past because I processed it. My past prepared me for my future. It’s not going to continue like that. It prepared me to do it because the way up is down. You have to put your roots down deep into the rock and then you can go higher. It won’t be a problem as far as ego or anything like that because you’ve been seasoned and purified by fire.

TCAS Theresa Griffith  | Healing Music
Healing Music: Do not regret your past because it prepares you for your future.


During that time that I suffered, I was so sick. I was in bed for five months at a time twice and no one helped me. I came up with a ministry called Somebody Cares because nobody cared, and that was true. My ex-husband lied about the whole thing and said that I was trying to get attention, so then no one would help me. I said, “God, I want to produce music that brings relief to people,” because I needed it. I couldn’t find music that was gentle enough to touch my fragile heart. I tried harp, but it had to be slow enough or it was too much for me. I was too weak.

The first available moment that I got well, I went into the studio and asked God to play through me. We had studied in advance, my pianist and I, about music therapy or music recorded at 60 beats per minute. What it does to the body is it lowers the heart rate, the blood pressure, and causes the brain to come into a theta state, which is the deepest state of peace. It’s also the most optimal position for the body to heal.

We’re honored here that she’s got so much passion. Let me suggest that perhaps there are entities that don’t really want this message out. I believe that there’s a great possibility that perhaps they want to stop this message. They want to stop Tressy’s message, which is her message of healing and of sending out the love and the message of hope and healing.

One of the things she does have, which is amazing, is this huge heart to prevent suicide. She’s got a website for that. It’s This whole show or this whole thing and everything I do is about hope. It is about sending out, “Let’s overcome.” We are overcomers. We are here for such a time as this. This is the time that we get to step up and step forward.

Make sure that you are learning, going back in, and listening to her healing music. Even with maybe high blood pressure or whatever, you can start listening. It starts lowering those things and you can feel it. There are so many of us that truly can feel the healing. I showed up here, and the day before, Shelly showed up. We’re all in this moment together. It’s beyond my comprehension that we could have such a giftedness to be in the same place. I believe with everything in me that there are entities that do not want this message out or her message out. is a way to find what she is offering. You also can email There’s also The resources that she has pulled into have helped so many people who were contemplating the end of life and were not handling it. The resources on that are beyond belief. It’s a whole lot of resources. We’re not going to let the entities or the evil ones take us down. We’re going to punch through no matter what. It’s the way it is. We’re punching through.

I rebuke these entities. I’m like, “I rebuke you. Stay away,” those dark forces that are trying to come in and stop your message. We’re not letting them. You told me I was robbed at gunpoint. I had a gun right here but I had no fear about it because you put your shield of protection. The enemy cannot win. They cannot enter. We’re putting this shield around you, Psalm 91 on God’s umbrella protection coming all around you. We can’t change that those things are coming on you. Don’t you feel like it might be an enemy attack?

My method is to ignore them.

Me too. If something starts coming, I’m like, “I don’t do that. I don’t mess with you guys. Go on.” I am outrageously optimistic that things are getting better. That’s because when I am, that allows more optimism or more things to come through that get better. Truly, it’s such a gift. Thank you.

I created 15 CDs, but the most medicinal, there are 6 of them. They’re for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and especially panic attacks. I had panic attacks. I even created one at 55 beats per minute. You can even play that all night long. People get over their panic attacks in less than five minutes. Their anxiety leaves in less than five minutes.

I’ve had people say that nothing helped them sleep until they got this music. I knew that the time had come for me to come on the scene and re-offer it again. The doors have been flinging open for that because the amount of suicides is off the charts, especially with the Military because of the job that they’ve had to do in these last couple of years. My heart breaks, especially for the young people.

I want to make a difference. I want to stop the suicides because every person is unique to the world and to history. They have never been seen on the face of the planet and never will be seen ever again. I want to say, “We can’t lose that person.” I had anxiety about it because I couldn’t accept the death of so many people. That anxiety ended up in my neck.

Every person is unique. There will never be another one like you in the history of the world. Share on X

I always do emotional release and emotional cleansing for myself. That’s my emotional maintenance. People don’t really know much about that kind of thing. They allow the pain of the past to stay in their cellular memory. That will affect your body. You have to deal with it. You can’t move on, forgive, and think that’s it. That’s not it.

Every time you have a trauma, a lie is embedded as a child. That lie is always against you because the child thinks that adults are right and they’re wrong. That lie is embedded in the cellular memory. It will cause you to walk with a warp until it’s removed. Eventually, it will cause physical issues. Every physical issue has an emotional root.



For myself, I’ve pulled dozens of lies. I will not put up with a physical issue. When I have something, I’m going after the lie. I’m going to pull it and I’m going to resolve this. I’ve gotten to the point where whatever physical issue I had, I could resolve it usually in 24 hours and then it was gone. These last few years, life has been so difficult for us all, myself included.

I had two issues that did not disappear overnight. I had a leg issue where I had fallen and I could not resolve that for two years. I finally got the right lie and pulled it overnight. That leg healed. It was like living in a dream world after having to pick up my leg, put it into the car, and take it out of the car. Having to be in the right position or have pain was suddenly completely gone. There was no sign of pain in the leg. I could do anything with the leg because I found the right lie, pulled it, and replaced it with the truth that set me free.

Can you give an example of a lie? This lie-pulling is a new concept. Although it’s an old concept, it’s a new wording for it. It’s brilliant. You’ve got a couple of sessions on your Rumble channel at least that talk about what to do to get prepared for it, and then what to do and how to pull some lies out of yourself. What is an example of one of those that you can pull up and out?

I’ll finish this story. I always get distracted and go off on a tangent. I’ll explain how I instantly freed up my neck. In this lie-pulling party that I had on Rumble, I took thousands of people through an emotional release live online. I gave them all the protocols to study to get their homework done beforehand so they would be ready to roll. I wanted it to be the most effective it could possibly be in a group setting, which is hard because it’s not individualized, and it was. People were like, “I had an issue and it’s gone.” They were so happy.

Here is an example, and this is maybe going too far into the teaching of it. You write down your three top negative emotions. When you get those three, you look at them and say, “Which one is the taproot that causes the other two?” You eliminate those two and go after the taproot. That taproot, you ask God to lead you back to the earliest childhood memory when you remember feeling like that. When you get there, you don’t rehearse the whole trauma scene. You go back there and look for Jesus in the room. The rest will unfold in the training on Rumble if you go and look at it.

I was getting a massage and I thought, “While she’s massaging me, I’m going after a lie.” I said, “Father, so I have a tight neck. Why is my neck tight?” He told me it was because I wanted to save the whole world. I said, “What’s the truth about it?” When you are going after your truth, you can’t say, “This is the corresponding scripture that goes with this.” It has to make your heart leap or it’s not the specific multivitamin for this situation.

TCAS Theresa Griffith  | Healing Music
Healing Music: When you are going after the truth, it has to make your heart leap. Otherwise, it is not the specific multivitamin for you.


I am not an easy fix. I am not going to settle unless I end up crying or laughing or I have an a-ha moment. If I get something that fits but it doesn’t do that, I set it aside and wait again. I listen, set it aside, and then go, “Oh my gosh.” It’s usually a riddle, and it might be humorous. It might be the line of a movie, but I know I got it.

I’m waiting and He says, “I understand your compassion because I put it there. I know that you want to save lives because so do I. What you have to understand is you cannot save the whole world.” That’s not the truth that sets me free yet. Everybody knows that here, but here, I had not grasped it. I knew it here. That’s still not the truth that sets me free.

He says, “This is what I want you to know. I created you with an assignment to save a very large group of people. Those people will be attracted to you. Those people will come to you and they will all be saved. The rest of them are my assignments. It’s a family affair with me. You cannot interfere in this family affair of mine. This is yours. You need to stay in your lane.” There was that peace and relief that I don’t have to work hard and hope that I don’t miss somebody who could’ve been saved. It’s like it’s a done deal then. He’s got it set up where those people will come and they will be saved.

Immediately, while she’s working on my neck, it releases and she goes, “I’ve never seen your neck like this ever.” It was like, “God, you’re so good.” The truth will set you free from the lie that you have believed, but you have got to go after it or you’ll always trip in the same place. Any situation you have in your life that is still tripping you, you could get rid of it. You have to find the truth that sets you free.


TCAS Theresa Griffith  | Healing Music


Some examples of these lies that I believe are, “I’m not good enough. Everybody is better than me.”

That’s one of the main ones.

They’re like, “I’m not good enough. I don’t know how.” All of these things are lies because we can do all the things that Jesus did and even more. That is what He said.

When you’re born, your destiny or DNA shows outside your body. The enemy can read your DNA blueprint. He sets out to make sure that the main reason you were created or the main thing that you’re supposed to do in life, He comes and does the exact opposite over and over again. He will pound down that lie on you to make sure that you cannot fulfill your highest destiny. Once you know that, you can take the lie and flip it upside down. It is the extreme opposite of what was told to you your whole life.

I do believe that every single one of us has at least one really hardcore lie.


They could be like, “I’m not good enough. I don’t know how. Who do I think I am? You’re not smart.” They are all of those things that were told to us as children by hurt people, which is not intentional most of the time, that we receive. I do believe every single person has at least one and probably multiple. You start realizing, “I’m created in the image. If Jesus said we can do what He did and even more, that’s a lot of stuff.” What if we receive that love? What if we can receive that we are loved? We are loved no matter where we are. Our circumstances are not us. We are loved regardless.

A lot of the inner healings that I had, I turned them into teaching. I’ve been rejected by my entire family. God gave me a message that is outside the box. I’ve never heard anybody else teach it about healing for family rejection. If that’s you, I’ve got that teaching on my website. You can get that. The other thing that would be very helpful to many people reading this is freedom from anxiety. There is a protocol for how to get rid of it forever. You use the music during that time period to help you get through it. You can get rid of it by pulling a lie. I teach people how to breathe. It’s a whole protocol that’s in that teaching. I want to make that available, those two teachings especially.

They’re on your website, which is? You go into Shop and then it will drop down to Therapeutic Services or Music. Those are the two spots you want to land in.

You have so many things to offer. I know you were selling out of CDs. There are many ways. When you step back into the limelight, so to speak, all of a sudden, you’re selling out of these things, but the miracles continue to come in to bless, lift you up, and put the word out and find people who are in line with your message. All of a sudden, we’re bringing the souls together that have been called to be here for such a time as this. That’s beautiful.

Shelly’s great because she’s the one beneath the wings that you’ve been needing all along. She doesn’t want any notoriety. She doesn’t want anything. That’s that humbleness. She’s got the gifts and talents to make your ride smooth. To have somebody that has your back and then moves in next door, and then have them in person, what a blessing that is.

Beyond that, she came as a package. She brought her parents with her, so I gained a family restoration of all things.

Family of choice, right?

They’re so amazing. They’re exactly what I need to heal my heart. Mama Sandy and Papa Tref, I love you so much. I am amazed at what God has done for me. I can’t wait to go fishing with my dad.

From Wisconsin, she packed up and moved to Texas. It’s the best place. Ask a Texan. What do you want to say? What do you want to leave this conversation with? How do you want to bless the world with your words?

I want to tell you that 2024 is going to be the best year of your entire life. The pain that we have endured will not continue. I can tell you that 100%. I’m on a task force for President Trump. I know what’s happening behind the scenes. I can promise you that everything will flip overnight very soon. What’s coming for you is beyond belief. It is a party. We are going to party for several years because you won’t be able to believe the wonderful programs that are going to roll out very shortly. I’m not trying to be Christianese and say it’s going to be a wonderful year. I know for a fact. I know the details.

TCAS Theresa Griffith  | Healing Music
Healing Music: 2024 will be the best year of your entire life. The pain we have endured will not continue.


It’s like Jubilee in the Bible. It’s biblical. We’re witnessing these times. It’s fun. Things have been hard for everybody. We’re going to press the easy button. Things will start opening up and be easy.

It’s restoration. You don’t have to worry about loss. There will be no loss in the new world, the new day, or the happy day as we call it. Everything that has been taken from you or you have lost will be restored. There is a program for everything you can imagine. No one will be left out.

This is a question perhaps. We can sense the intention of people in a way. If you have a powerfully good intention and you want to help people, bless the world, and, and make a difference, it will feel better. It will probably be more than people who have that mindset of, “How can I get more?” It’s that greedy mindset.

I am very concerned about the programming that we have had our whole lives. The mentality is serious in the world where you have this mentality of lack and victimization. It’s like, “I’m on a fixed income.” I never say that. I’m on social security, but I don’t lean on it. I lean on my provider, and that means that I am taken care of at all times.

I believe that whatever you believe will happen to you. According to your faith, be it unto you. That’s what it means. If you believe that you will be taken care of, you will be taken care of. He is a good Father, but if you grew up with a father who was stingy, withheld from you, and was abusive to you, you’re going to transfer how you feel about daddy onto God. You’re going to not trust Him. You’re going to believe He does not want to bless you. You have to pull those lies so that you can see clearly His heart.



There is no lack in our world. There’s a distribution issue. That’s the way I say it. I’m not skinny. I’m provided for. I’ve been provided for. If you can take a breath, you’ve been provided for one way or the other, no matter if you’re in the gutter or if you’re in the palace. It doesn’t matter. If you can take a breath at this moment, that gives you the opportunity to be grateful and take another step. Gratitude is key too. There is no lag.

If you know the verse, He says, “I have given to you all things that pertain to life and godliness,” but we always skip the life part. He already did it. He already said yes. He didn’t say no. He said yes. That way, you could go forward once you know He has already said yes to you. He then said, “I always provide a way of escape,” so you go looking for it. You, in expectancy, believe it’s coming to you even if it drops out of heaven like money on the sidewalk. I thank you for forgotten money, lost money, stolen money, or surprise money. I go through the whole thing and then I forget about it.

There’s the key. Release it. Supernatural debt cancellation is another word that I like. I believe in better finances. If you can breathe, you’ve been provided for every step of the way. If you have that lack mentality, it might be what is keeping you in lack. There is no lack, just unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries. We’ve got to have our boundaries. That’s a big deal too. We’re at the end of the hour. It has gone so fast.

Thank you so much. It’s been so awesome to be in your home and in your presence. The sisterhood I believe we created here has been so much fun and long-term. We’re all in this together. We’re thriving. We’re over the surviving mode. It’s time to thrive. It’s time to lift and love people. I have another little saying, “You can’t change the world, but you can change your world which changes the world.”

Take care of your neighbors. Take care of the people around you. Take care of your home, family, your environment, your community, and your local elections, which is something that I feel like we let slide for a long time. Maybe we want to get back to being involved in taking care of our communities in that regard as well. Do you have any last words?

It’s one sentence. The only way you could disappoint God is by dreaming too small.

That one gave me chills. Thank you so much for joining. This will come out all over the world. This has been such a pleasure and such an enlightenment. You’ve got a gift and you’re sharing it. Thank you for really being out there for such a time as this.

I love my Trek tribe.

It’s TressyTrek. We’ve got this amazing group of pit folks. Thank you so much. I always want to say to choose joy.


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