The Path To Self-Discovery With Kathryn Brown

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With resilience & courage, Kathryn Brown embraced plant-based holistic nutrition, unwavering faith, & service to others on her path to self-discovery. Read her story of perseverance in ‘The Change’ Book Series with Les Brown.

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The Path To Self-Discovery With Kathryn Brown

Good beautiful day, you beautiful, beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, the host of The Charla Anderson Show, Collector and Connector of Fascinating People, and Everyone is Fascinating, Especially YOU. I’m so grateful you joined us in this episode. I’ve got an amazing and beautiful guest, Kathryn Brown. Before we start with this show, I always have a little mini vacation, a little time that we get centered and grounded by taking slow deep breaths for seven seconds.

Breathing in calm, holding it for four seconds, and then breathing out gratitude. That’s eleven seconds. It’s a 22-second mini vacation here. If you don’t mind joining me, let’s get her going. Seven seconds of calm, hold, and release. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. In our very fast-paced world, it probably is a good idea to take a few moments to breathe in gratitude, breathe in calm, and breathe in the breath of life. Just breathe it in and walk on grass barefoot or something every so often. This technology is taking us everywhere. I like to often try to take a deep breath, listen, be still, and know those kinds of things.

In this episode, Kathryn Brown from Canada, BC is going to share a bunch of her newfound wisdom and foundation of faith that I think she’s jumped into. We met because there’s a book series called The Change book series with Les Brown. It’s so exciting because Les Brown endorses it and is on the cover with the pictures. It might be coming out later in 2023. Yours is coming out. It’s book number twenty. Kathryn, tell us about who you are in this world and then we’ll talk a little bit about what you do.


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kathryn Brown | Self-Discover


Thank you so much, Charla, for having me here, and welcome to all our guests. Again, my name is Kathryn Brown. I’m from Vancouver, British Columbia and I’m grateful to be here. I am new to the entrepreneurial world and it’s been such a blessing. I was led here by circumstances. I’m led into the entrepreneurial world. I’m excited to be part of this environment and be of change in the world because I myself feel that entrepreneurs are the game changers of the world. They’re shifting the way the world is showing up.

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There are so many now and I feel like we never before have quite so many opportunities. I have a saying that when intriguing opportunities present themselves and you say yes, things show up. When you say yes to intriguing opportunities, they show up. Things continue. As long as you’re taking an action step, things start falling into place to do the next thing. I was corporate too. I understand that. I was a flight attendant. I had no idea this networking world existed for 34 years and it’s an amazing world of people wanting to make a difference. That’s what I feel like most of us are doing.

Yes, I absolutely agree. I was in the corporate world for over 30 years and it served its purpose for what I needed to do in life at that time but I ended up in the Federal Government of Canada. For thirteen years of my twenty-year career, I was being bullied, harassed, and discriminated against. It was not a good time for me and it led me to where I am now and why I chose to step out and share my testimony. It’s because my life is a testimony to how God has been moving my whole life, even though I didn’t choose to follow Christ until 2020.

Looking Back

Who doesn’t have stories? We all have something. Every one of us thinks that we’re not enough, basically. Something happens when we’re little and we think we’re not enough. I am pretty sure that you were telling me that you were adopted as a child and then didn’t feel worthy or of the truth.

Yes. The story I made up about being adopted was that I wasn’t lovable and that everyone abandoned me. Also, because I wanted to prove myself right because that’s what we do with our traumas. We want to prove them right because this is who we identify with. I was trying to prove my story right. I’m not lovable. Everyone leaves me. Everyone abandons me by the choices I make in life. Also, the relationships that showed up in my relationships showed up in how I treated myself. All my relationships were not loving. They were very abusive.

Also, I wasn’t very loving to myself by choosing those relationships. I believed that I was loving others, but was I loving others if I wasn’t loving myself? I had a very distorted reality of what love was. Also, throughout my life, I turned to drugs and alcohol. I was a party girl. I wasn’t treating my body well. I wasn’t treating myself well. I had a notion that I wasn’t loving myself, but I was always searching for it because I was trying to prove that story right, it was showing up everywhere.

You get what you think about and what you project. Many years ago, I was listening to somebody who had got the adoption story. I stopped and went, “Someone who’s adopted is the most wanted child ever. They chose to take you on and take you.” It’s an amazing thing how many feel abandoned by their birth parents when they’ve got people who took them in and by choice.

There are a lot of kids. We choose them once they’re there, but it’s not necessarily a conscious choice to have children sometimes. I’m not even saying it but I believe that those adopted parents typically are choosing you. However, with them, it’s like, “I was abandoned,” and all that. We make up all those stories. It sounds like you might’ve been to Landmark Education. Are you familiar with that?

I’m familiar with that. I went through a different leadership program.

Landmark does have the language that you’re using. It’s like we make up stories and we set out to prove them. I’m stupid so for the rest of my life I keep proving that I’m stupid. It was just an F. It was a story we made up about it.

I love what you were saying about where you are chosen and something that came up for me when you were talking about that. I see that now with my family and I have gratitude towards that but now that you said that, something came up and it’s my birth mother. In 2020, I found out that I was conceived in rape. The story of my birth father happened to be a lie. The paperwork I had about him was a lie.

At that time, I was 48 years old so for 48 years I believed the story and then it became the untruth. When I found out what happened, I just found out about what happened during that time with my birth mother. People were telling her to abort me. People forced her to give me up so now I understand where the disconnect is because energetically, all these things were in me without me even knowing. I did a lot of healing around that when I found out about being conceived through rape. I did a lot of healing during that time and it led me to another spot in my life.

I felt like I lost an identity during that time because of the world and I wasn’t walking in Christ at that time. I felt like I lost a big identity. Also, my work of many years pushed me out onto employment insurance and they didn’t need to do that. I had worked ever since I was sixteen and now I’m 48 and I’m not working all of a sudden. I’m collecting EI. I didn’t know how to handle that because I’ve always worked.

I felt like I lost another identity and it led me down this dark path. It led me to wanting to end my life and God came in that moment. I cried out to God at that moment. I was on my knees and I wasn’t raised in a house with God. I fell to my knees and I said, “God if this is my life, I don’t want it. If you don’t take it, I will.” In the same breath, I said, “If it is my life, please take over because I have no idea what I’m doing.” In that moment of surrender, it’s like I heard Him say, “Finally, she’s come to me. Finally, she’s choosing me.” Ever since that moment, my whole life has shifted. It’s phenomenal.



As my book title, Split-Second Transformation Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices. You changed a word, you changed your life in that one split second. I went from bitterness to joy in a split second. We can change. We don’t have to go through decades of therapy or trauma to make a shift. It is possible to change quickly. I want to go back to your birth mother. I’m guessing that all those years, the stories you told and made up about, “She didn’t want me,” or whatever it was, I’m assuming you have a little more grace towards her than you gave.

In my tiny book Candy Bar Hugs: It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference, I have a little dedication to my kids and it’s like, “I did what I did. I didn’t do what I didn’t do. I did all that I knew to do with what I knew at the time just like you did and are doing in your life right now. I love you.” I call it a forgiveness release but people only do all they know to do with where they are and what they have. When you can step back and offer grace and forgiveness to her, you all win. Everyone wins.

That’s something that with my relationship with God, He’s shown me grace and forgiveness because of the things that I’ve done up until that point. I had thought I’d done a lot of forgiveness work through my healing journey, but this was another level. I was forgiving people. I was crying every day. The Holy Spirit is working so much inside of my heart and my mind that I forgive people in moments now. In seconds that something happens, I’m like, “Let’s bring in that forgiveness.” Yes, the forgiveness from my birth mother and knowing what she had gone through must have been painful for her.

Now, you have some compassion that she only did all she knew to do when in situations where she didn’t have the strength of character or the resources to do what she might have done otherwise. Probably the most loving thing she did was to give you up in a way.

Yes, and she gave me life. She could have gone the other route and aborted me. That in itself is like, “Wow.” I’m going to be completely vulnerable here. I did that when I was growing up and now, to be on the other side of it it could have been me and I did that. Also, not knowing what I did at that time pains me because I didn’t have the resources. I didn’t believe I had support. Also, because I was in abusive relationships and the things that were happening, the path of my life was very destructive and was led by the enemy. I was very much living my life on the enemy’s playground up until I was saved.

Biological Mother

Another saying, I have is “Unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries.” Often, we think if we forgive then we let people in, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the case. We forgive so that we are free. It has nothing to do with them. Boundaries are incredibly important in our world. I’m working towards a workshop around that. We’ll see how that plays out. Do you have a relationship now with your mom?

I found my birth mother in 2015. There was a registry in Ontario and my name was on it. I was like, “This is wild.” I called it and they said okay. They asked me a few questions and then they gave me a phone number to her. I was like, “I’m just supposed to call this woman? What?”

Was she looking for you?

Yeah. She was looking for me and I did find her. I was put off. I wasn’t walking in Christ at this time either. I was still much in my story, my victim, and things like that. At this time when I contacted her, it was all about her. She never asked about me. It was all about how she was sick and on dialysis. In my head, I thought that this woman wanted my kidney. That’s what it felt like to me. I was like, “This woman doesn’t want to know anything about me.” She didn’t ask if I was good, if I had a good life, if I was married, or had kids. There was nothing about me.

I was put off. I said, “Thank you. I will be back in touch with you. I need some time to process.” She kept calling me and leaving messages saying, “Hi. It’s your mom,” and that put me off a little bit more. I called her one day and I said her name, “This is you and I’m Kathryn. I would appreciate you referring to me as Kathryn and not your daughter and you, not my mom because I have a mom.” She didn’t like that but she ended up getting sick. She died before I met her but I met all the birth family on her side after she passed.

We’re all humans here. We’re trying to get through the best we can and the dynamics in families and everybody’s coming from hurt, for the most part. We think we’ve been hurt or we have been hurt and do not know exactly how to process that. I believe that hurt people hurt people. We talk about bullies, but bullies are victims too. This is where it comes back to. People don’t love themselves enough to love others. I heard you say that somewhere and I know that you understand that.

We don’t love ourselves enough to have grace with others or to offer compassion to others. We’re always thinking that there’s an agenda or someone’s out to get us. I believe that victim mentality is very prevalent right now and it’s not serving our humanity at all to just love yourself. Learn to love yourself enough because God loves you because you’re perfect exactly who and where you are. If you’re in a gutter and the castle, God loves you no matter where you are. If he is loved, you can’t be loved. There’s nothing that you have done or can do to take that love away. Not one thing that is so bad that you can’t have forgiveness or grace and turn that back into self-love.


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kathryn Brown | Self-Discover


Also, it’s true. God shows us how we get to be loved and how we get to love others because of how he loves us. It’s so simple, but we tend to get stuck in what other people have done to us. The healing journey starts when we surrender and know that we are not our pasts and that we can take what happened to us and our pain is our purpose and we can show others that there’s something on the other side of that pain.



If you can name one person who hasn’t had pain, problems, or issues, go for it. The book would be one sentence long if you can find somebody. Nobody hasn’t had to overcome. We’re all overcomers and you’ve chosen a path of receiving from the love that in that one split-second moment that you had. Often, it’s an on-your-knees-calling last-ditch effort for people and it sounds like that was your case too, right?

Absolutely. I was crying almost every day. Most people would’ve been happy to not have to work and get money coming in, but I was so lost because I’m so used to working. At that moment, I thought about my life and how I haven’t amounted to anything. I’m not married yet, but that’s okay. I’m okay with that. I wasn’t married. I don’t have kids and all these things and how I wasn’t contributing to the world. I was like, “I’m a waste of space. I’m a waste of air.”

That’s why I got to that point and I was crying so much. I fell to my knees in the doorway of my bedroom. I just cried out. I’m like, “God, please if like take my life,” because I was seeing it all. I was like, “If you don’t take it, I will,” and if it is my life, “Please take over.” When I surrendered, He took over so powerfully and I had heard God my whole life. I heard him, but I wasn’t listening.


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kathryn Brown | Self-Discover


In every relationship, there was always that voice that said, “Don’t do it,” and I’d be like, “I’m going to do it because I see the good in everyone.” It was also because I was hurting. I was proving my story but I’ve heard God my whole life. Now, that I’m listening, he’s leading powerfully. Even now he’s led me, he led me to a superfood company. All the things he’s leading me to, there’s a whole path.

New Self

Because I know you’re now a superfood healer. You have been doing workshops and seminars all in the last few years or so. When you’re in the corporate world, you don’t recognize this other world of entrepreneurs. You stepped into it in a big way. You’ve gotten involved with the superfood nutrition. Scriptures, superfoods, and service are your thing. How are you meshing all of those and what are you doing out there in the world with it now?

God led me to the superfoods because if I got to a point where mentally my mind wasn’t in a good place, I needed to nurture my body. He led me to a superfood company where I started taking in the superfoods and it supported me in clearing out my body on a cellular level. Not only was I removing toxins in my body, but emotional toxins came out at that time because our cells held onto emotions.

As I was cleansing my body, I was doing an emotional detox and a physical detox, which was amazing. Also, in that same month, I remember hearing God say, “You need a coach.” I’m like, “How am I going to afford a coach? I’m not even working right now,” because I was unemployment insurance. I was led to my friend’s Take Action challenge where I went live for the first time in her Facebook group.

I hated the sound of my voice. I didn’t like being on camera. I used to take pictures from the side and hide myself. I wear black all the time. I went live in her group and I won $2,000. She offered a leadership program so I jumped into a leadership program. I ended up in alpha classes and I started doing all this. He kept leading me. During my leadership program, I got baptized in the ocean here. I’d say eight months after I was saved, I was baptized in the ocean here in Vancouver and it was the hottest day Vancouver has ever seen in its history. I’m telling you it was baptism by fire.

My whole family came except for one niece. They were there supporting me. Even though they’re atheists, they were all there. We had a celebration on the beach. When I got home, me and my niece stayed a little longer. One of my oldest nieces swam in the ocean a little bit and then I dropped her off and then I got home. When I got home I sat on my couch and I stood up and it felt like my legs were going to crumble beneath me. It felt like something was pushing down on me.

I was like, “What is happening right now?” I heard God say, “I want you to feel what you’ve been carrying all these years.” I live alone. I looked around my place and I was like, “What,” because it was like me and you talking right now. He’s like, “I want you to feel what you’ve been carrying all these years one last time.” He pushed me down and then lifted me up like I was in the palms of his hands. I was like, “Whoa.”

That gives me those God-bumps, right?

Yes. It was the most bea

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kathryn Brown | Self-Discover
Self-Discover: God has me. He’s been leading me to do all things I asked him every day.


utiful moment of my life. All my burdens were taken and I knew that God had me and he’s been leading me to do all the things. I surrender every day to him and I ask him, “What do you want me to do now? I want you in everything. I want you in all my conversations. I want you in every interaction and every decision. Please help me. I need your help every moment.”


He led me to the superfood where I was taking them in myself. I did the leadership program where I went on to staff two, then I got hot. During that year, I went on a stress leave from my job and they messed up my paperwork. I had gone through my savings so I didn’t have income. I staffed in the leadership program and during that time, I didn’t have an income coming in. I lost the income because they messed up my paperwork for my employment insurance to kick in.

I didn’t have income coming in and I was still standing for other people through their transformations. In the New Year of 2022, I meant to go on the disability insurance that they provide for being on stress leave and they messed up that paperwork. I ended up on welfare. I’m 50 years old and I’m on welfare and I’m like, “God, what is happening right now?” I went into a, “Why is this happening to me,” moment and it was another level of surrender. It was like God wanted me to trust him fully. When I did that, the leadership program offered me a mentorship.

I was now mentoring in the classroom to the trainings. At first, when I was in the training myself, I was like, “Me? I can’t do these kinds of things,” and here I am now. I mentored in the trainings. I’m now in The Change book with all of you wonderful people and Les Brown. I’m out in the world and I’m sharing that your past isn’t who you are. It’s not your identity. When you do heal, I love that you’ve touched on hurt people hurt people. When we heal, heal people, heal people.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kathryn Brown | Self-Discover
Self-Discover: the past isn’t who you are. It is not your identity. When you heal, you heal other people.


I’m out in the world and I started to take back your health. I do nutrition through superfoods and hydration. Also, I do leadership mindset because it’s all connected. How we take back our health is everything. It’s what we eat, it’s what we listen to, and it’s what we think about or think about things in ourselves. It’s the things we put on our bodies. It’s the clothing. It’s everything.

It is all interrelated, yes. That’s how you created Take Back Your Health. Is that a branding that you’ve got, a course that you’re creating, or something like that?

Yes, it is something that I am creating.

Change Book Series

Let’s get to The Change book series. I’ve got several guests coming up that are in this book series with Les Brown on the cover. This is a remarkable gift to have been invited into that. I got a random text message and I’m like, “Me? Why me? Who am I?” I have been incredibly impressed with Jim Lutes and his high-level marketing training and Jim Britt. These well-known superstars I believe have the heart to bring those of us with heart-centered businesses out and up. How did it happen to you? Your chapter is finished. Mine is going to be out. How did that happen?

Someone reached out to me and I was like, “Me? What? Why me?” I had always thought about writing a book about my testimony. I just didn’t know how to go about it and here we go. God provided. That’s how it’s working for me. God provided that and I got connected with the Jims and they’re amazing. Also, I agree that they have amazing marketing and that’s the thing. I haven’t received my book yet. I’m in the midst of creating all the backend to it but I’m excited to get it out there.

It’s a way that I can get my testimony about how God’s moved in my life and also, a way to support other people that are maybe in the same kinds of past. God brings us to these things. A lot of people when we think about our victim story, it’s the victor story. This is our triumph. This is how God brought us through and now we get to share that. It’s so beautiful when I look back at it and now, it’s in a book. Now, I can glorify God in a book and also, provide solutions to other people on their journeys.

By the way, we’ll throw it out there. We are looking for other heart-centered entrepreneurs or coaches or whoever wants to expand their influence primarily. When you’re on the cover of a book with Les Brown, it doesn’t get better than that and then having The Change book series marketing behind it. I’m excited about when all that comes to fruition.

For anybody that’s reading this, please reach out. If you know Kathryn Brown, reach out to her. They reward us for bringing other authors on so reach out to whoever you know and let’s get you in the book too. How do people find you, Kathryn? You’ve got a Linktree. I’m sure that’s the one you want most out there.

On my Linktree at the bottom are all my connections to my social media platforms and then there are links to different things throughout the Linktree. You can find me at AliveInTheWord333.

You’ve got quite a few links on there for different things that you’re doing like Nutrition Smart, mentoring and coaching, and the book. There are so many things that we’re working our way. Coming out of a career of 30-something years, you don’t know where to start so it’s wonderful that I think Jim Lutes and Jim Britt have created The Change book series with Facebook group and it seems to be such a beautiful cohesion. Also, everybody wants to help everyone and celebrate with each other. That’s where I met you. I will have at least 3 or 4 other book authors who will be guests in the next episodes. You got to be the first one.

That’s so amazing. It’s such an honor. Thank you so much.

Relationship With God

It’s a fun group and I believe it’ll be pivotal. When yours is out, it’ll be pivotal for you and I believe it’ll be pivotal for me as well. I’ve got a couple of other books, but they don’t have Les Brown in them. They do have Tom Ziglar. I’ve got the Ziglars in there but that’s a great connection as well. I’m a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. You had a quote. What is your favorite quote about?

I don’t know if it’s a quote. I heard it from a song, but it’s also something so powerful, especially in my life for what I’ve been through. I say, “The same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in me.” When I think about that, when I’m going through life, we’re always going to have something that comes up in life. I call it the enemy. If it comes and tries to attack my mind and take me off course, I’ll remember that.

I’ll be like, “The same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in me. Who am I to think that I’m not good enough or that I’m not worthy enough or that I can’t do something?” Every moment that I have or where I do have those thoughts, I say that. I also ask God to come in and be like, “God, you know what’s going on in my mind right now. Please help me.”



Also, it’s in gratitude. I believe there’s a key. If you weren’t raised in a church, I was, but I wasn’t taught. We were taught to beg pretty much, “Please.” All you have to say is thank you that it’s already here. It’s already on its way. You talked about raising from the dead. It’s John 14:12. My show is not about religion at all. It’s about relationships. Religion has God in a box and I don’t believe that He has one. John 14:12 says, “You can do what Jesus did, and even more.” In my fundamental religion, I was not taught that I could do what Jesus did and even more. That means a lot of things. He did some amazing things. We can do those as well.

There’s a quote somewhere that if the only prayer you ever say is thank you, it is enough. That’s it. If you just say thank you, and if you can take a breath, you are okay. In this moment, if you can breathe, you are alive and you have been provided for up to this split second. If you can take a breath, you are still provided for in the next second. When we can start realizing that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a deep breath. Breathe in the breath of life. The I am is the name of God when we breathe in. What you say after I am is who you are. Be cautious with your words, breathe in the breath of lif, and let it set and just be.

Also, love yourself enough to find help if you need help. Love yourself so that you can begin loving others unconditionally. I add to that. The harder people are to love, the more they need it. There’s that. It doesn’t mean you have to embrace everything, but if you can send unconditional love and blessings, may you be blessed. There may be people out there, and I do this a lot. May you be blessed. It’s not working with us right now, but I just bless you anyway instead of anger, revenge, or those kinds of things.

I pray in those moments. I pray for those people. I walk on the street and I see people and I just pray.

May you be blessed and may you find peace and comfort. Also, love yourself enough to find and feel the love that I’m sending. You can send the love and the light that you walk in. People are very attracted to that. People want to just hang in your presence sometimes when you’re just allowing the love and the peace that passes understanding and joy to exude from you. People are very attracted to that, even if they don’t know it and don’t know why.

I have people come up to me all the time when I’m walking down the street. I pray for people. I pray life over people and blessings like you’re saying. I pray for peace, love, joy, and hope. I pray for those things for them. It’s such a beautiful place to be when we don’t need to control it all.

It’s because we can’t. The harder we hold on, the worse it tends to be. Also, we’re focused on what we don’t want. We’re focused on this stuff that we don’t want instead of releasing it. Relax, release, and let it go. Just be and receive the gratitude. If you walk in gratitude, that’s the highest level you can be.

It’s all about the lenses we put on for the day. We’re going to see the world in whatever lens we put on. Put on the lens of love, joy, and hope. That’s what you’ll see the world in. I want to touch back on the whole relationship. I believe that because I wasn’t raised in a house with God. Going back to the control thing. Religion is manmade and controlled and God is relationship and choice.

Life is all about the lenses we put on for the day. We see the world depending on whatever lens we wear. Click To Tweet

The definition that I got a few many years ago now is religion is the return to bondage. “I got to do this, to be loved by God,” that’s religion. It’s because you don’t have to do anything to be loved by God. You are loved no matter what. Love is the key and gratitude is how you get there.

He just wants us to choose Him. That’s it.

It’s all a choice. Everything is a choice. Every word is a choice. Every action is a choice. If you can breathe right now, you can’t change last. You can’t change one thing about that yucky past. You can’t change the last word or last sentence. You can only change the next one. Where you are is where you have to start your next better life. That’s it.

It seems so simple when you speak it right but in daily walking it is a little different. You’ve practiced that muscle so much now that you recognize, you take a deep breath, you say a prayer, and you can bless others. Also, the weight of the world, I love that you got to experience those burdens that you were caring about and thinking that you had to do it all. What a great blessing.

It’s so freeing. Waking up and spending time in a relationship with God. Also, asking what He wants me to do and praying over however I’m praying. I’m praying over people, the world, and things like that. I ask him to be in my day. I’m sending that intention to God. He’s the best boss and therapist I’ve ever had. He’s everything. Living in this space is literally night and day. I wake up with joy in my heart. I would talk myself out of my sleep or the day before. I’d be in my sleep sleeping and I would talk myself out of my day. “You don’t have anything to do. You’re not important.”

This was the enemy in my head attacking me. Once I was saved and baptized, all of that went away. I used to have spirits on me when I was sleeping and all kinds of stuff. I’ve experienced it all. That’s why I know that God has been with me my whole life too because of the places I’ve been, what I’ve been through, and what I’ve done, people used to say, “I can’t believe you’re not dead. I can’t believe you haven’t died yet.”

I’d be like, “I know. It’s awesome,” but I had no idea. I was thinking about what God’s done in my life and I know that he’s been in my life my whole life. I was like, “You’ve been protecting me my whole life. Since the day I was conceived, you were protecting me,” because the enemy wanted to take me out since the day I was conceived by wanting to abort me. When I see everything, it’s like, “Wow.”

It’s night and day like you said. The freedom and just be because you’re enough. You can just be, enjoy, and bless the people in front of you. Take care of those in front of you. If your mindset starts going, “What’s in it for me?” You might look at how can I make a difference. Every single thing I do, how can I leave it better?” My mama said leave the world a better place. I want to find a way to make it better for the next person and don’t have a whole lot of what’s in it for me and my world.

I love this. We’re similar in our mindsets. It’s beautiful that in less than four years or at least three years, you’ve gone from all of that to freedom and it is freedom. It’s like, “I don’t have to do it all. I don’t have to do any of it.” That doesn’t mean you don’t do things right. You can’t sit on the couch and expect things to get that much better. You must take action and a step towards something in order to receive the blessings. That’s a little key as well.

Closing Words

Kathryn, it’s been a wonderful time with you. I love where you are and what you’re doing. I know we’re going to be in some of these groups together with the masterminds with the Jims, Jim Lutes, and Jim Britt. They are very special people. Also, the book. I can’t wait to see yours. I was trying to find the cover of your book. I didn’t find it. It’ll be out though soon.

The Change is the name of the book and it has twenty authors in each compilation. If I’m not mistaken, they were the originators of the compilation book. I believe they’re following their hearts to help not just big famous people to get out there but to help a lot of us smaller people with big hearts to get out there.

It’s because it’s our testimonies. It has what we’ve been through and what we’ve healed from, which is going to support others on their journeys. Also, seeing that they’re not alone and that it’s okay to talk about these things. I grew up in the ’70s and we were told not to talk about things. We don’t want people to look a certain way. The world is shifting out of that and this is a platform that’s supporting that, which I think is beautiful. I’m grateful to Jim Britt and Jim Lutes.

Also, the whole Facebook group and authors. They have twenty books so far. It’s 21 now as of this time. I’m going to close it out a little bit here. Are there any last words? Do you have a Holy Spirit-drawn wisdom you want to throw out here?

I would like to say to anyone who is maybe struggling with something to know that you’re not alone and that there are people out there who are praying for you, rooting for you, and thinking about you. If you are in a place where maybe you’re struggling, reach out to someone you trust. For me, it was God. I didn’t even realize that he was the one, but I reached out to him and he’s been leading me powerfully ever since. However that looks for you, I encourage you to reach out and know that you’re not alone and that there is hope.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kathryn Brown | Self-Discover
Self-Discover: If you are struggling, reach out to someone. You are not alone and there is always hope.


You said someone you trust. I’m assuming that there are people who don’t trust very many people if they’re in that situation. There are a lot of resources. Reach out to either one of us. You can find us. We want you to be whole, happy, and full of joy so you can live life fully.

Live the life you were born to.

Quit playing small.

We’re here for such a time as this.

That was what my show was called. It’s The Charla Awakened Show for such a time as this at one point. Thank you so much, Kathryn. I appreciate you joining me, and we will absolutely be in touch. For the rest of you guys, next episode, I’m Charla Solo. I do my show once a month now with just me. Next time, it’ll be Charla’s Chat. I love that you join us whenever you can. I want to encourage you to remember to always choose joy.


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