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Let’s get reacquainted. A few years, a few more silver hairs, and a few hundred more life lessons to share and learn from since I last had a media platform. Let’s take-off and fly thru this journey of life together. FUN! #WinWinWomen

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Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) on live TV, streaming and podcasts. As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, a retired award-winning flight attendant, Olympic Torch bearer, personal development junkie, Inspired Speaker, Published Author and Your Courageous Coach, I want to share my passion of living life full-out, saying YES to intriguing opportunities, and encouraging YOU to do the same. Let's jump on a discovery call and get to know each other. Find all things Charla at

On The Charla Anderson Show, We discuss Mindset, How much Your WORDS matter, Princess to Queen energy, mantras, HOPE, Faith, Miracles, Overcoming, and much, much more, including learning from amazing guests.

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The Charla Anderson Show DEBUT: From Princess To Queen Energy

I’m so grateful and honored to have you join me as we start this new journey, The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People, and EVERYONE is Fascinating, including you. Welcome. We’re on this journey together through the sweet spot of life. It is March 1st of 2023. Who knew? I feel like I have so much to share, wisdom, joy, and fun to offer as we go through this weekly journey we’re going to be offering for quite some time now.

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I joined a weekly show, global and has a mission to touch every single woman on the face of the Earth. That’s a big mission. They’ve already started. We’ve got International Women’s Day next week in India. Paula Fellingham, the founder, and many of the ladies will be in India presenting Win Win Women to the women of the world. I’m very excited to be a part of it. It was an unexpected journey because when intriguing opportunities present themselves and you say yes, things show up. It showed up for me in my life in January very unexpectedly.

Here we are to walk through this together. I am very excited about my offerings to you, and I’m going to do something first. I’m going to ask a favor. If you’ll indulge me and I want you to join me, I’m going to ask that we take a deep breath to get centered. Let’s take a deep breath. It’s going to be 7 seconds in, 4 seconds hold, 11 seconds out. 7 seconds in breathing in calm, hold for 4, and then breathe out gratitude. We can do this. Let’s do this together. Get grounded and get centered. We’re going to breathe in seven, breathing in calm, hold, and breathe out gratitude. Thank you.

It’s time we all got a little more centered and grounded. I feel better, don’t you? Let’s work together and do that little quick exercise as a mini meditation. You can do it anytime and anywhere. I have a lot of elements of that particular meditation or breathing exercise we’ll be going through in my show throughout the next coming weeks. I’m sure we’ll be doing it often. We’re going to have some fun.

The Crown Of Wisdom

Here I am entering my seventh decade of life. Who would’ve thought? I was a flight attendant for 34 years. I carried the Olympic torch for Delta Airlines so I was an award-winning flight attendant. I have been on the radio and TV. If something happened, I don’t know and I find that very intriguing. I’ll tell you a story about that. Back in the ‘60s, I was in seventh grade. Between seventh and eighth grade, I got addicted to soap operas. There was General Hospital, I’m sure Jessie is still out there somewhere. Dark Shadows and I’m not sure what the other one was. Regardless, I got so addicted to these dramas that I did not think I could go back to school in eighth grade. I was mortified and crazed. I didn’t know how to manage that but I had to.

Something about me in those years, 13 and 14 years old, I had decided I would never be addicted to anything. I even gave up gum because I liked gum. I chose not to be addicted to anything. I believe that was such an incredible gift to me for my lifetime to have minimized and eliminated the drama that comes with this mind-control machine. I think I call it that. There’s not much positive that comes with that. Over these decades where I’ve watched so little TV, I find it now ironic to be in this TV medium again. Who would’ve thought?

That’s a little story I’m excited to share because I remembered that a few months ago. I was like, “I don’t watch TV. I never have. What’s the deal? It had to do with those silly soap operas that are energy suckers and time-waster dramas.” I gave up my attachment to drama. That’s another thing. At the end of 2013, I had a couple of times when some mentors gave me the word, “You don’t have to strive so much.” I didn’t know what that meant then.

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Also at that time, I chose to give up the attachment to drama. I don’t attach myself to it very often, not 100%, of course, but when you don’t have drama, watch media, and see the news, you can walk in a little bit more peaceful life. When you give up striving and living in the moment as much as possible, there’s some grace and peace in that. I would love for you to walk this with me and let me help you understand this journey. We’re going to do this together. There is so much to learn. You don’t get to the seventh decade of life. I earned every single one of these silver hairs the hard way, so I did it.

Another little indulgence. I want to tell you another story. A few years ago now, I was given a word and I listened. Sometimes you get these words and pay attention. It was time for me to give up princess energy. What’s that mean? When I thought about it, the princess energy that I’ve carried most of my life is, “I don’t know how. I need help. I need more information. I want somebody to do it with me or for me.” What it boils down to is selling yourself short. She said to give up the princess energy and enter into the queen energy.

I have my little crown here. I’m going to put it on just for a moment. It sits on my desk to remind me that I do have everything I need to be all I’m called to be. I do have it inside of me. I do have a poise. One of my words this year is regal. I want to walk in that confidence of regal and step into what’s meant for me to be. Thank you for indulging me in my silliness. That’s important to me to be real and have some fun. That’s my queen and crown story.



Being authentic is a huge piece to me. There’s a piece of that. All these groups of silver hairs I’ve earned and worked for all these years, I’m happy to have gained the crown of wisdom. I am who I am, bold faith, no fear. Who I am is happy, happy, happy. I’ve got so many mantras. “Be prepared, not scared.” Thank you is my biggest mantra. We’ve already done the thank you. I wake up with thank you in my mind. I get in my car with thank you in my mind. Gratitude is the ultimate key to all of our happiness. Being in gratitude is huge, but I want you to understand something. Who I am is bold faith, no fear. Who I am is thank you.

Your Words Create Your Life

The key here is whatever you say after the words “I am” is who you are. That is sobering because we are often saying, “I’m so tired. I’m so sick. I’m so whatever.” It’s not exactly what we want. We’re not speaking about what we want and what we desire. We’re speaking about what we don’t want. Your thoughts create your words and your words create your life. Every word matters. What you say after the words “I am” is literally who you are in that moment.

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When you repeat it, it’s who you become. Let’s give an example. “I’m so tired.” Is saying it making you less tired? Is it perhaps continuing to keep you in that tiredness? This is a tiny, simple, and easy example. What if you shifted that one word? I’m energized. I’m pumped. I’m ecstatic. Do you become less tired? It feels that way, maybe or maybe not. Is it a lie? Are you telling yourself a lie or is it your truth? It’s because who you are in that moment is who you say you are. I find that extraordinarily important. Most people don’t realize that all their words matter. The negative things that they think and that come out of their mouth is who they are at that moment, and that’s who they become.

TCAS 1 | The Charla Anderson Show
The Charla Anderson Show: Your words create your life, so every word matters.


My job, my life, and my whole world is trying to speak what you want, not what you don’t want. Speak life, not death. I have another thought. What if our humanity took that C-word out of our vocabulary or that dis-ease? Quit talking about it. Quit claiming it. It doesn’t mean you don’t do what’s necessary to take care of it, but we quit claiming it. We quit claiming our diseases and speak in health. We speak, “You shall be free of every disease.” That’s in the Bible. You can be free from all these things when your body has got an incredible immune system. I believe if we would focus on what we want and our health, some of that would diminish in our humanity, our lives, and our world. Something to think about, I can’t see how it would hurt. It gives us a more positive mental attitude.



Infinite Love

I don’t know where the show is headed. This is the debut show. It’s a big learning curve. I’m not a tech genius. It’s not a lot of tech, but there is some. As we move forward, we’ll have guests. I may put out a survey. Do you guys want guests or do you want me to just talk? We’ll have a conversation. This is interactive. Win Win Women has created this interactive global platform. Win Win Women is already on streaming services like Amazon, Apple, and Roku. My show will be as well. I’m excited about that because I want positivity out in the world. That’s my message. I want infinite love out in the world because that’s another who I am. One of my mantras is who I am is infinite love.


TCAS 1 | The Charla Anderson Show


Here we are trying to determine what our content and my format are going to be. I needed to get started. I stick my toe in and figure it out as we go. I am hoping it’s working. I don’t even know. I’ve turned off do not disturb. If there is something not working, you can tell me. I’m playing here and expecting it to be on. I’ve got this evolving show. I do believe it’s going to evolve. I don’t like virtual backgrounds very much. I don’t think most people do. I’m looking around for options around that.

My evolving website is We can find a lot of things there. It is evolving as we speak. I do have a little banner across the homepage that has access to some of the affiliate things that I love. I guarantee you, there’s nothing I would ever say or promote for $1 million or any amount of money. I’m not money motivated if I didn’t love it and use it. That being said, take that as you will.

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My hope here is to share some of the wisdom I’ve garnered over the years. I have a blog now on my website that I started. When my kids were little, I had sayings of the month. Now, I’m doing a blog on that and it’s to generate values. I took the twelve values I wanted, and every month, I would stick sticky notes around. It was certainly before the internet. I’ll have sticky notes of my value of the month. One of them was, “Who I am is more important than what I have.”

Outrageously Optimistic

I now have a blog around that, so you can find out on my website as well. I think it’d be hard for us to find anything negative in my life because another mantra perhaps is who I am is outrageously optimistic. Our world seems in chaos, but I believe the core of humanity is good and that we are shifting into a better and higher quality world, quality of life, and quality of humanity. I’m outrageously optimistic about our world. I’m outrageously optimistic that you take care of yourself, your family, and your community, and that’s the best we can do. Love each other through these unsteady times. Take care of our communities. That’s where we start.

TCAS 1 | The Charla Anderson Show
The Charla Anderson Show: You can't change the world, but you can change your world, which changes the world.


I have a saying, “You can’t change the world, but you can change your world, which changes the world.” I don’t think I mentioned my books yet. I’m really excited about something here. As you know or you may not know, I have a tiny book with a big message that I self-produced a few years ago. It’s out. You may not be able to see it but it’s Candy Bar Hugs. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. It’s a tiny book with a big message. In Audible, it’s 25 minutes, so it’s a tiny book. I’ve re-engaged with Michael Butler of Beyond Publishing. He is revising that book and he is going to have it out in the hard back this spring of 2023. It’s probably a little gift book.

Split Second Transformation

I’ve finally completed my Split-Second Transformation ~ Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices As you change your words, change your life, 31 daily practices, I’m guessing that that’s going to be a lot of what my show here is going to be about. We may go through those 31 daily practices. That book will be out this spring of 2023 as well. I’m just completing that.

My third book, I’ll probably complete it this month in March 2023. It is called Outrageously Courageous ~ BOLD FAITH, NO fear! Step Towards the Gun! (because I did!). I literally stepped towards a gun, being robbed at gunpoint, and said, “You need love,” and they ran. That’s why I’m so adamant about speaking what you want, not what you don’t want. Somehow the reason I was able to do that is who I had said I am for many years is "Bold Faith, NO fear!". Who I am is bold faith, no fear. I get tested. I stepped towards a gun with no fear because who I say I am. They couldn’t attack me or enter my field. They did steal some stuff. However, who you say you are is who you are. When push comes to shove, it’s who you are in that moment. Be careful who you tell yourself that you are.

Those three books will be coming out in the next few months of 2023. I’m so thrilled about that. Beyond Publishing is amazing. You’ll be hearing more about that. Here I am entering my seventh decade of life. Now I have a global TV show weekly. I have three books coming out. I’ve been way behind the scenes for the last several years. I’m not doing very much publicly. I have a fifteen-month-old grandbaby that is the light of my life. She lives here. There’s never nothing to do. We’re always busy, but this is the year I’m changing. I’m becoming the person I’ve been called to be for a long time. I’ve been in the princess energy instead of the queen energy.

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My whole show and my bottom line message about everything is I used to call it unconditional love. I’ve been reminded lately that if there’s unconditional, then there was conditions. Love is love. If God is love, he can’t be not love. It’s infinite love, which is still redundant, but that has been my core message for everything I’ve done for many years. I’m here now for such a time as this.

Reclaiming Our Values

Another core message is mindset. We’re going to shift our mindset. I have a lot of resources and information about all that. Of course, when you have a book called Split-Second Transformation ~ Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices because I did that too. I had a split-second of transformation from bitterness to joy. We’ll talk about all that. My values are huge. We’ve got to remember that our values matter and we got to reclaim them. I am reminded. We talked about TV earlier.

Two of my grandkids were here and they were in one 30-minute period of time. They were talking and playing a game. They were watching a show and talking about little liars, somebody burning, and killing somebody. I wasn’t paying attention but I overheard. I said, “You’ve been talking about lying, killing, and burning up. How is that adding value to your life?” I’m trying to get them to understand. Garbage in, garbage out. We got a lot of garbage coming at us.

They said, “It’s just a game.” I was like, “It’s programming literally.” At least counteract that or balance that with something good, positive, grounding, walking barefoot. Put some moments away from that constant barrage of negative that we all get. I’m asking us to minimize noise and GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out. There are a lot of little components to this mindset thing.

As I’m winding down the show, I want to share something. We have an opportunity. One of the best things about and this program is no advertising. Don’t you love it? I am thrilled about that. We are allowed to mention things that are important to us, maybe even having sponsorships, but that’s different because no sponsor would come to me if I didn’t agree with them or if I didn’t use the product.

I’m going to say that because, if you have a voice inside of you that you want out there, I believe it’s the best platform for women. Their mission is amazing. There’s an affiliate to that. Go on my website, look at the banner at the bottom, and click on that. If you want more information, is my website. Speaking of my website, I have a mentor that has helped me build that website. It’s mine. I’m so thrilled that I know how to take care of my own website now. In this Academy, the teacher is phenomenal. I’m so blessed for that. I also have an affiliate for the website thing. Same place on that banner on my website homepage.



One other thing, I’m energetic. I’ll be 70 in 2023. For thirteen years, I’ve been taking a product called Zeal for Life from a company called Zurvita. It’s a Texas-based company. I love that it’s made in Texas. I’m not trying to sell anybody anything. If you need more energy, focus, and nutrition, it’s only super foods. I love it. It’s changed my life. In fact, the first year, my hair got 2 or 3 times as thick and it got darker. My hair got darker in the back from the Zeal. Who knows? I just like to throw things out that I like. I’ll do that over the course of these programs because I’m allowed and I won’t do advertising, which is great.

Here we are towards the end of my time. By the way, I think I mentioned, but this show, we’ll have a conversation moving forward. I’ll probably be able to have live conversations. We’ll have 30 minutes of talking and content, and then live conversations, questions, answers, and community. Building our community of people that have a mindset or have questions about how to change their mindset. It’s awesome. I have a coaching program as well. If you want, reach out at

I’m thrilled and honored to have you here with me. I’m open to receiving your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and kind criticisms. I relish that. I cherish that. I would love to hear from you. I mean that. I am looking forward to our time together each week on the show. I’m looking forward to getting this show out and seeing how it is and how it ends up. I always end with, may you be blessed and please always choose joy.


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