Sharing Miracle Stories With Julie Hedenborg

TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories


Julie Hedenborg’s life was spared in 2015 and is now redirected in a way she never expected. She is here to explain how her podcast shares miracle stories and testimonies with over three million listeners!

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Sharing Miracle Stories With Julie Hedenborg

Good beautiful day, beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson host of the Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially you. I’m so grateful that you would take the time to check us out. I’m excited to share my amazing guest, Julie Hedenborg who is all about miracles. They are everywhere.

I’m a clearing for miracles too but first, we are going to do our little breathing, getting centered and grounded, our little 22-second mini-vacation where we are going to breathe in some calm for 7 seconds. We are going to hold for 4 seconds, breathe out gratitude for 11 seconds, and take that in and feel the breath of life. Every breath matters and it’s the breath of life in you. Let’s breathe in our calm for 7 seconds. Here we go. Hold, release, and gratitude. Thank you. All of us could learn if we learned to do that a little bit more often. We’d be better off. Don’t you think? Get some breath of life. Every breath is of God. That’s my belief and every breath is a miracle.

Here I have Ms. Julie Hedenborg from North Carolina. She has a five-year podcast called Everyday Miracles. She has been collecting and receiving guests and their stories about all the miracles, and I have had quite a few as well on my show. We met at the Spark Media Christian Podcasters Conference. I handpicked Julie. We felt such a connection. I felt such a connection to her and her stories, miracles, demeanor, calmness, and sense of grounding. She is precious, and so I asked specifically that she be here the day before my 70th birthday. This is my grandbaby’s second birthday and she got this. It took a long time to get here, but it didn’t feel very long. Julie, tell me about yourself. Let’s learn about who you are in this world, a bit about what you are doing, and have some fun conversations. Thank you for joining me so much.

Thank you for having me. It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are such a ray of sunshine to every person that you meet, and I’m glad that we got to connect at that conference. I did decorate my little corner in honor of your birthday. Happy birthday, and I’m honored to be able to be here with you. To answer your question, a little bit about me, I am a Kentucky girl originally. I do live in the Carolinas now but the biggest thing that I would say is I love Jesus.

I did experience something miraculous in 2015. I could have died. I found myself in an ambulance with two arteries to my brain that were dissected. God spared my life and he redirected me. I used to be a nurse anesthetist and I did anesthesia for many years. Suddenly, my life changed in a moment and my faith has grown throughout the journey.


TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories


God redirected me from what I thought was what my calling was as a nurse, which I loved to now being a podcaster, which I never saw coming. He has led me to different people who have all different kinds of miracle testimonies and I have been able to share them. As I said, it will be five years of the podcast. What I thought might be something small or helpful to anybody, even one person to give someone hope, has grown because of him. I don’t know my latest numbers, but I know that we had to do our stats before we went to the conference. I looked. As you said in the thumbnail, it has over three million views on YouTube, which not everyone likes. Full disclosure. Most people do.

It’s a wild card sometimes online, but God has used it in ways that I would have never imagined. There are people in different countries who are watching it through game consoles and countries where Christians are persecuted. They are listening to these things. I’m so humbled at how God has been able to work through me as a vessel.

One of the messages that I want to share is that if God can work through me, he can work through anyone. I want to share that right off the bat, but it’s been an amazing journey. I’m so grateful to be alive. There was a part that was difficult where I had to grieve the loss of my career and there were some growing pains between the two different pieces. I don’t want to gloss over that, but God waited until I was ready, and then he called me to do this. I’m excited and I got to go to the conference and meet so many other fellow podcasters. God is doing something right now through people like me who have no idea how they got here. I never saw it coming, but I have loved it and he has blessed me along the way. It’s been amazing.

TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories
Miracle Stories: God redirected me from what I thought was what my calling was as a nurse, which I loved to now being a podcaster, which I never saw coming.


You have written a book you didn’t want to write.

It was a book I did not want to write. It’s funny. A couple of years into the podcast, I had some people prophesy like, “I think there’s a book,” which may not be out of the realm of reasonable thought with the growing list of testimonies. In my mind, it was like, “My goodness.” A couple of people told me that at once, and then a publishing company reached out to me. At that time, I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel it was a go.

The first book I thought was going to be a compilation of miracles which is coming. That’s another announcement. I haven’t made it yet, but I was in my husband’s office one day and we had this nightmare Christmas. It’s funny and it’s almost Christmas. This was a nightmare photo shoot. It was three months after I had my injury in the ambulance when they told me. When I left the hospital, they said, “You could still have a stroke. You are not out of the woods.”

I had an aneurysm too. I didn’t even mention that, but they said, “It probably won’t rupture.” This is in that timeframe, I feel like a walking time bomb. We are having this photo made and that had been a couple of years prior. Lars, my husband, had that propped in his office. I wasn’t asking to hear from God. I was walking in to bring him lunch. As I was walking out, I heard clearly, “That is the cover of your first book.” I was like, “No. It’s supposed to be miracles.” I was like, “Lord, what are you trying to show me here?” I prayed. I had printed the picture and I prayed over it.

I felt like he was showing me what I have been growing through the podcast and learning who he is and who I am in him. What I felt the message was is that we need to remember who we are in Christ the promises that he has for us, and the hope and the plans for our lives. Slowly, I did write a book and it’s the five pitfalls that the enemy tries to use to sabotage us as women.

I haven’t marketed it hugely, but the people who have read it have been touched. It’s very vulnerable. I had to share the things that I struggled with on social media, going to see my therapist, comparison, isolation, fear, and all these things, and neglectful self-care. There are funny pieces to it, but there are some helpful and heartwarming pieces too, and affirmations, statistics, scriptures, and prayers and it’s an easy read for busy moms. That’s what he led me to do.

What’s it called? What’s the name?

I’m not a great marketer. It’s called Picture Perfect. Yes, I’m a nurse. We didn’t learn marketing in nursing school.

TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories
Picture Perfect: One Mom’s Journey from Striving to Finding Her Identity in Christ


When you hold that up right by your face, people can see your son is trying to be like, “It’s going to be fine,” and your daughter is having a meltdown. We have all been there. We have all had those moments. Even now with my baby that’s two that live with me. Especially when it’s important for everything to be picture-perfect. That’s amazing. I want to get the book. You haven’t marketed it like I have never marketed Candy Bar Hugs. Although this 2023, we went bestseller. It’s a fifth-anniversary edition of Candy Bar Hugs. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. It’s a tiny book with a big message. It has touched people’s lives as well because it’s a pay-it-forward type of book.

I’m called to give it. I give it away when I’m led to do that. I call it a business card book, but it’s my little testimony right there to bless people. I will mention it here because this is what’s happening. A Split-Second Transformation: Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, and this is launching out on Amazon. You can get the eBook for free. It’s a little gimmicky to do the Amazon bestseller, but it’s still fun to say, “I’m a bestseller.”

I’m having a book launch party and 70th birthday party on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 Downtown Fort Worth. I love anybody local who can come. It’s a train station. It’s a historical building. It’s so much fun. Probably most people will listen on replay. That will be past that moment. Take a look. Every word matters. Split-second transformation. Change your words and your life. It’s 31 little reminders that every word matters. Speak what you want, not what you don’t want.

That goes to “Do not fear for I am with you.” I have said for many years that who I am is bold faith and no fear. I don’t remember why I started saying that, but it caused me. When I was robbed at gunpoint and had a gun right here at my head, I was able to step towards the gun and say, “You need love,” and they ran, but I had no fear because who I say I am is bold faith, no fear.

Every word matters and I believe we are very flippant with our words. We speak death instead of life over ourselves. That book will come out. Lots of fun things going on and I want to bring it back to your book. How are we going to get your message out there? I know you are going to compile a miracle book too because how could you not?

The book is on Amazon. Listening to the podcast episodes and the testimonies that have been sent to me that God has directed me to different people. I interviewed a man who was dead for 1 hour and 45 minutes. They have medical records. He had a whole experience. That’s free and you can listen to that on the podcast, and it’s on all different types of locations.

I’d love for you to buy the book, but I give away most of mine too. The book is great for moms. It’s great for busy moms and I pray that it speaks to people and brings them to find a breakthrough in Jesus. The podcast itself is an easy way to get some inspiration and hope because I feel like that’s what people need right now.

There is heaviness. There’s so much going on right now. Yes, God is still on the throne. Our prayers are being heard and there’s hope in whatever you are facing. I promise you, I have a testimony for pretty much because God has written all of these, and he’s led me to these people. There’s a testimony for almost anything you could be facing, and it keeps growing. There are people like yourself who are on fire to inspire other people. That’s one thing that I want to offer that’s free that you can listen to right now.



90 Minutes in Heaven, I’m sure you are familiar with that. I heard him speak and he didn’t want to live. It hurt.

Don Piper.

When I have said, “I’m a clearing for miracles,” and I was like, “I will receive that.” These days, I’m like, “Just another miracle.” When you are open to receiving and you have a curiosity and a wonder of what’s going on in the world, I do believe there’s a spiritual battle going on, but we know that God has already won. That is not even a question.

There are a lot of unsteady times when we are trying to help people recognize that they have power in their words. They have got power in their spirit. Speak what you want, not what you don’t want. I do believe angels are everywhere. Thank you for 10,000 angels surrounding my baby, this 2-year-old in my family and my home.

When I was robbed at gunpoint, I saw the angels. I had no fear. I was shaken. That’s another story, but when you don’t have fear when you can be in those situations without fear, isn’t that incredible? Who you say you are and the words “I am” is probably my most powerful message. When you say I am, that’s the breadth of life in you coming right in you. That’s God in you.

Just another miracle. I talked to a young man who had gotten out of prison. We talked about this and every word matters. A dear friend sent me this whole thing about Yahweh, and when it’s the breath of life. If you take the vowels out, it’s like we are speaking every breath, whether you are a believer or an atheist or on your deathbed or what. If you can take a breath of life, you are okay in that split second. What do you think of that?


TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories


It’s true what you are saying. The Bible shares that too. The power of life and death is in the tongue, and we are speaking things over ourselves. This is something I have learned a lot about and I have had to catch myself. It is true and you will reap what you are saying. I love how God was preparing you to say that over yourself for that moment. He knew that was coming and I’m blown away that you were able to come out of that. At least you admit you are shaking. I don’t know how they pull a gun to my head.

The power of life and death is in the tongue, and we are speaking things over ourselves. Click To Tweet

I had this Yeti and it’s got a big old dent in it. This was in 2017 when I had this. It fell on the ground. I was at a convention and I had two bags. My brand new computer, MacBook, makeup, cowboy boots, and favorite clothes. They were gone. Give me your purse and give me your keys. My friend had given her backpack and she was like, “She’s going to be a chalk mark. She watched me stand towards them.” I don’t know, but I felt the angels and I felt who I say I am. We listen. I listen to people and I cringe. I go, “Cancel.” I’m canceling it for them when they say, “I’m so sick. This job is killing me. Who I am is I’m tired.”

That’s the easiest example. We are not going to get less tired by speaking it. If you are tired and you can go to bed, that’s great. If you are tired and you are just like, “I’m tired. I knew that.” Stop. “I’m refreshed, I’m energized, and I’m pumped.” Your words can change in a split second. Your life can change for better or for worse in a split second, which you certainly experienced too, and I have too. Every word matters and I’m not here to talk about me, and here I am blabbing about me and my story. Who I am is bold faith and no fear.

Who you are is do not fear. You have got that quote right behind you because he’s always in us if we are breathing if we have a breath of life. I’m not talking about religion here. A lot of people think, “You are talking about God, Jesus, and religion,” and I’m like, “No. I’m talking about relationships.” A lot of people have been burned by religion where they were taught manmade rules that don’t serve everyone or many people. He doesn’t have a box. We don’t have to put him in a little box because he’s bigger than we can even begin to ask or imagine, and that relationship is all he wants. You don’t have to even be a good person. God loves you anyway. You never know where this is going and so here we are.

This is the scripture. I didn’t have any scripture printed out in my home shortly before my injury. I looked at it later. I looked at the day. I had snapshotted that scripture, not this exact look. I had printed it out and it was the day before my injury when I got hurt. He sent that to me and it was funny because it was black and white. It’s a pretty font, but I hadn’t printed out a scripture before because I wasn’t religious. I didn’t have the relationship that I knew was possible with him.

When I was in that ambulance and I heard them talking, I realized that I might die. I closed my eyes. I started to panic. In my mind right there, I didn’t try to think of it that right there was that scripture that I had been looking at every day on my desk. For some reason, I was drawn to it and I didn’t know why. He sent that to me at that moment in the back of an ambulance. It gave me so much peace. It’s like my forever special verse. It applies to all.

Was it a car wreck?

It’s controversial but I had my neck adjusted manually twisted for a back condition, and that is my opinion. I can’t prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt, but it happened after that. Sadly, because I loved the practitioner who was trying to help me, but it is a known risk and it was bilateral, which is common with that type of injury. It was related to that.

You are kind. I’m not litigious. I don’t want to go to ruin somebody’s life but it is interesting. I’m sure there’s been a lot of agony around all of that for all parties.

He felt terrible. It was a rough year. I called him when I got out of intensive care. I said, “I don’t know how to tell you this. I’m not litigious. I know this was an accident, but I do believe this is what caused it.” Initially, he wouldn’t talk to me or see me and that was hard. I was angry for about a year. I didn’t know how to get past that. I had this righteous anger and it cost me my joy and my peace, and I had to learn forgiveness. Long and short, I forgave him. It took me a long time almost a year. I’m not proud to say that, but I forgave him.

The day that I texted my friend, I said, “My life is not about curing the world of neck adjustments. It’s about what God has done in my life and he’s spared me.” What the goodness of him, that’s what I need to focus on. Within five minutes of sending that text to her, I was face-to-face with him at a gas station. That’s the only time I have seen him. At first, I didn’t know if I was going to punch him in the throat or hug him. I was emotional. I felt like I had forgiven him and I said the right things. I was like, “I’m going to move forward.”

It was a moment I will never forget. I prayed hard because it was like, “Lord, help me right now. I don’t know what to do.” There was that one voice like, “You have come so far and this is going to set you back. What are you doing?” I prayed to the Holy Spirit. I said, “Lead me right now. Please, give me the words.” I had a conversation and I did what it says to do in scripture. We spoke. He seemed happy to see me. He was shocked. I said, “Do you have a moment? I’d love to talk to you.” I told him, “I can’t express what the last year has been like for me, but I want you to know I was hurt when you didn’t call me back and you didn’t let me come in. I wanted to show you my records. I wanted you to us all to learn from it, and maybe it would help someone else not have that injury.”

I said, “I know you are a good guy, but it hurt me that you didn’t do that. I know you would have never wanted this to happen, but I wanted to say I forgive you.” I meant it when I said it. I was trying not to cry. He was in shock. Two days later, I ended up going to the office and I have not had any more treatments, but we talked about it.

It was amazing. On the way out, it was so neat. I got to see God’s hand because he’s like, “Do you know what’s so crazy? I can’t believe we ran into each other. I had no plan to stop for gas. The light wasn’t red. I had three-quarters of the tank of gas in my car. I have no idea why I stopped at that gas station.” I’m like, “I know.” He’s like, “I wish we could have met a long time ago and had this conversation.”

I shook my head and said, “I know that God was teaching me something this year, and it was exactly the way it was supposed to be. He orchestrated that meeting.” It was so therapeutic, and I know I’m called to forgive whether I run into him and get that closure or not, but I feel like it was God’s grace allowing me to have that closure that was such a gift. I’m grateful for that.



We call it supernatural but I believe it’s natural. It’s God doing his thing. In this little book, I say unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and not unconditional boundaries. You sometimes want to protect yourself. The harder the people, the harder the love they need. What a gift that I can’t even imagine that moment.

I believe God is working at warp speed or faster. Maybe when we were growing up, I felt like you spoke it. You are manifesting fast right now. I believe it speaks to what you want because it just shows up sometimes. I call gratitude is the key. Forgiveness is the opening. Gratitude and forgiveness. Love God, love yourself, and love other people. It starts with gratitude and it requires forgiveness. That’s a major piece to our sanity and our demeanor.

Anytime I find myself in a negative space, I start writing down things I’m grateful for like clean water. There are people that don’t have that right now. I have shelter. I have a car. It shifts everything.


TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories


I do believe gratitude is the highest emotion they talk about. They do brain scans and testing. People who are in gratitude, their brain scans are so much different, better, and brighter than people who are in that complaining mode, and they do. That complaining becomes a little rut in your brain and you can’t break out of it without a lot of intentional shifts to the gratitude side.

We know people that we prefer to keep our distance from because they don’t live in that. I’m thankful if I drop my pencil, I’m like, “It landed on the chair. Thank you.” It dropped to the floor, I’m like, “I needed some exercise. Thank you.” In everything give thanks. That story, I am blown away. I’m sure that it’s a life changer for everybody, him and everyone else. I’m guessing that he can’t understand it or believe it because it’s not understandable.

The lesson for me that year, I look back on that and I had little kids. I’m staying in that unforgiveness. It robbed me of my peace and my joy. I was like a dog with a bone. I was keeping myself in this prison so I learned a lot. It’s hard to forgive. It’s not in our name. We are not wired. The enemy knew that was something a hot point for me because I am very much by the rules. I used to help write policy in the hospital.

That was my first job. I was on that committee, but there’s a way that you treat people. I know even as a nurse, when I had anything that would happen, I was right out there with the family explaining what happened and what we were going to do. I felt that I wanted people to know I cared and then to be treated that way. It was something I’m not proud to say it took me a year, but hopefully, now I have learned from that and I move forward and I realize that this is something I have to let go for.

I could have been paralyzed. I could have died. I had this miracle that I was able to eat food and that I could walk. There are people that have one of these. I had both in an aneurysm. Not only am I living, I’m walking, and I don’t have all the permanent nerve damage. There are so many things that could have happened, and yet here I was in this weird anger. How I should be dancing in the street I had this guilt and shame. It just layered on. Bring it to God and focus. Don’t let the enemy keep you in that space. It’s not worth it.

TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories
Miracle Stories: Bring your problems to God and focus. Don’t let the enemy keep you in that space. It’s not worth it.


The part of the lesson is a little bit, he probably had no idea what to say. Instead of facing it and figuring that out, the longer the time goes, it doesn’t get any easier. If there’s a situation that you or any of us are in, we don’t say anything. Maybe somebody has a loss and we don’t say anything because we don’t know what to say.

Sometimes reaching out and going, “I have no idea what to say. I want you to know I hurt for you or whatever the words might be and have the receive the grace that it will be as it should be.” Once you have that, it’s not up to you anymore. It’s how they receive it. It’s up to you to offer it and then it’s up to them to receive it. You don’t have to be attached to that.

I know for myself that the longer I wait to say something, it’s something. This is a truth. There’s a law of diminishing intent. I talk about it in Split-Second Transformation. You get an idea. I need to write that thank you note or I need to call. If you don’t do that within a few hours, usually 24. By 72 hours, it’s gone. You probably will never do it. It’s a natural law of diminishing intent. He probably lived to that, “I should do something. I don’t know what to do.” I bet you that the grace that you offered him is amazing.

I got a lot of grace for the behavior I was exhibiting, so that’s the least I could do. It was a learning experience. I hope that someone who may be harboring that or maybe holding that heaviness or that unforgiveness, I hope that will encourage them to bring it to the feet of Jesus and let it go.

Lay it at his feet. Let him take care of the burdens. That’s what he offered. I will take your burdens. Why do we want to hold on to them? We are human and we don’t have that training. We could, but I didn’t receive that training in my religious upbringing. We have opportunities to give grace and that’s what it is. We have got grace and mercy. When we can offer that to someone else, it makes a big difference. For people looking for you, how are they finding you? How can we get this message out more?

I have a website. I am on YouTube and Spotify. I’m on about every podcast platform.

Are they looking for Julie Hedenborg?

Everyday Miracles Podcast. There is one that’s Everyday Miracles and it’s a medium. It’s a man. That’s not me. Mine is the Everyday Miracles podcast. It’s a very feminine thumbnail. Sunset, pinkish, and it’s Julie Hedenborg.

How old are your kids now?

They are 13 and 16. My son just got his driver’s license.

I’m not in North Carolina, thank God.

He has worked so hard. You have to have 60 hours, then he had over 200. He put in the work and he’s a great driver. He’s going to do well.

That’s another place where we got to thank you for the shield of protection. Thank you for the angels of protection. Psalms 91. I always have that around me. At that moment when I was robbed at gunpoint too, I was like, “Psalm 91.” Every protection promise of God is in one chapter. I will be driving going, “Thank you for your shield of protection. Thank you for Psalms 91 protection. Thank you for putting the Psalms 91 protection around my house.” There are tornado sirens and I’m like, “No, thank you.” Just gratitude. Gratitude is the key and Jesus didn’t beg God to heal. Jesus didn’t go, “Please heal this person.” No. He said thank you. He gave us the authority to do what He did and even more.

It’s just, “Thank you for the shield of protection. Thank you for the promises. Thank you for the angels that are surrounding me and watching every step.” That’s the way I walk. It made a huge impact when I realized that I have the capacity to do what Jesus did and even more. Thank you is the word. He didn’t beg. “Please.” No. Can you imagine Jesus going, “Please?” Has the authority to do what God gave him and us the authority to do. It’s been great. This is great. Your Everyday Miracles Podcast is everywhere. There’s a lot of them. Do you want to end this time? Do you have one favorite story or new story or what you talked about that man that had been dead for an hour and a half or so?

There are too many to list. People, you need to know that whatever you are facing, God is bigger and there is hope for you. I want people to hear that and receive that and know that God hears your prayers and your life can be changed in an instant. I encourage you to check out the testimonies. There’s everything.

TCAS 38 | Miracle Stories
Miracle Stories: Whatever you are facing, God is bigger. There is hope for you.


Touch the hem. I had a friend of mine who had a split-second moment. She touched the hem of the garment. She was immediately in a different space. Her anxiety was gone. It doesn’t have to be long drawn out and even healing. We can touch the hem of the garment and be healed and all of those things. When you believe it, you receive it a lot easier. People have this, “That’s whatever.” Sorry. You probably won’t receive that many miracles if you don’t believe in them.

I understand how people can feel disappointed or discouraged when they are praying and they have not seen it happen for a long time, but I encourage you to keep believing, keep praying, and keep trusting.

Keep praying. The deal is praying in gratitude rather than begging, “Please.” I do believe that we have been sold the wrong way of praying in my upbringing. It’s like, “Thank you.” Get up and walk. Thank you. Eat the fish. I believe that this begging God’s going when you said the same thing yesterday. Don’t you have any faith? Where’s your faith? It’s just a food for thought on that.

There’s an effective way to pray and that’s biblical. Even the disciples asked Jesus, “Teach us how to pray.” Jesus himself battled Satan with scripture. It is written. Instead of saying, “God, please,” begging, “God, thank you that I’m healed by your stripes. Thank you that no weapon formed against me will prosper in the name of Jesus.” When you start shifting your prayers that way, put your name in the scriptures. I have seen breakthroughs with my children, and I had to pray for a couple of months. I have learned how to pray more effectively. That matters. That’s a great point that you bring up. I agree with that.



Begging doesn’t give place for faith. It’s ineffective and I believe that. Thank you for the healing and lay it at his feet. “Thank you.” I can see myself asking, believing, and receiving. When you can see yourself as that healed person or that miracle has happened, and you live as if it is already done, I have witnessed it too many times, and I know you have too. Any last words? I’m so grateful for your time with me. This is great.

Happy birthday and congratulations on your book. I’m happy that we get to have this time. I hope that something I said encourages or inspires and uplifts. Guys hope is Jesus and he’s real. Thank you for your time and I hope your birthday party is amazing.

There’s a lot to look around when you are trying to plan those things. Book launching and birthday parties and a lot to do. Thank you for your encouragement on that for sure. Thank you for joining me. We are entering this last month of the year, November 30th, 2023. We have one more month. It was only three more weeks to Christmas.

The time is going so quickly. When we can learn to capture those miracles, those moments, and remember, because when I say, “Just another miracle.” I put a post and I’m like, “I wish I could remember all the miracles that have happened and connections and things that have happened in the last month.” I was like, “I should have been writing them down.” There are so many.

If you can breathe, you have a miracle going. There we go. Thank you for joining me and Everyday Miracles Podcast out there anywhere. Find Julie Hedenborg. I love this type of story so much. Thank you for your obedience to do what you were called to do. You taking that step. I usually say, “You are perfect to my audience. You are perfect exactly who and where you are. There’s nothing you can do to be loved more or less by God. He loves you. We love you. You are exactly who and where you are right now.” My name is a derivative of joy in Greek. I will end my shows with always choose joy.


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TCAS 38 | Miracle StoriesNearly died 2015…but was left “disabled” per the drs, grieved my career, went through a rough year, then God called me 2018 to something I never saw coming and I launched a podcast to share miracles.

In short…my desperate ambulance prayer was answered (July 3, 2015). My life was spared in 2015 and redirected in a way I would have never expected. In 2018, after some healing and growth (drs say I am “disabled for being a anesthesia provider” but God calls me “redirected”, I launched a podcast to share miracles and testimonies. God has answered my prayer by sending it to over 3 million people around the world! All the glory is HIS!

July 3, 2015 was a day that changed everything. Julie found herself inside of an ambulance with a life threatening injury (bilateral vertebral artery dissections and a pseudoaneurysm), asking those soul searching, end of life questions. Did she live a life that glorified God? Did she use her God given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others? She was blessed with an undeserved miracle and a second chance. A spiritually transformative experience became the catalyst for a new calling.

Julie Hedenborg is the Creator and Host of the Everyday Miracles Podcast and is passionate about sharing powerful testimonies that glorify God and inspire hope and faith. She has witnessed some miraculous things in her personal life, and in her nursing career of over 20 years, and loves to share that Jesus is very real, and still performing miracles.

Professionally, Julie loved serving as a Nurse. She worked two years in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, then pursued her Master of Science Degree and enjoyed a 16 year career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. In 2009, she was recognized by the Mecklenburg Times as a Healthcare Hero.She is also an author and her book, Picture Perfect, is a message about finding identity in Christ and helping readers to find breakthroughs. Everyday Miracles Podcast recently won Most Binge Worthy Podcast by Spark Media.

I’m Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) on live TV, streaming, and podcasts. As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, a retired award-winning flight attendant, Olympic Torch bearer, personal development junkie, Inspired Speaker, Published Author and Your Courageous Coach, I want to share my passion of living life full-out, saying YES to intriguing opportunities, and encouraging YOU to do the same. Let’s jump on a discovery call and get to know each other. Find all things Charla at

On The Charla Anderson Show, We discuss Mindset, How much Your WORDS matter, Princess to Queen energy, mantras, HOPE, Faith, Miracles, Overcoming, and much, much more, including learning from amazing guests.

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