Resilience And Authenticity With Kelly Lord

The Charla Anderson Show | Kelly Lord | Resilience


Kelly Lord’s unique book is a compelling masterpiece combining her story, resilience, and music. Original songs complement each section as you lose yourself in her journey told with wit, sorrow, pain, grit, and optimism.

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Resilience And Authenticity With Kelly Lord

I’m grateful and thankful that you would join me. We want to love people and raise the vibration of our whole world. I’ve got an incredible guest, Kelly Lord. I’m going to introduce her soon. I always do my little mini vacation, 22 seconds of breathing. We’re going to breathe in calm for seven seconds. We’re going to hold for 4 seconds and breathe out gratitude for 11 seconds. We get grounded and centered and ready to start. Here we go. Let’s breathe in some calm. Here we go.

Hold. Release. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Let’s be still and know sometimes, be still and receive energies. Turn off your machines for a second and enjoy the gift of free oxygen, breathing free oxygen on this side of the dirt in Texas, too. I’m so grateful, Kelly, that you would join me. There was a last-minute cancellation. You jumped right in and I’m so incredibly grateful. I had you on this show before and it was a new show back then. We’re in season two, going strong. Now, things are a little bit different. One of the best things that happened is that your book, What You Are About To Hear Is Real, got published.

I’m telling you, I get chills when I think about it when I talk about Kelly because her book is her story, but it’s the most unique, probably the first of its kind in the world to where it actually has the original songs along with her story. It’s amazing. Kelly Lord, I want you to introduce yourself a little bit. Who are you in this world? We’ll then talk about your book and what you do.

First of all, Charla, how exciting to be here again. I’m excited and so much has happened. My book, What You Are About To Hear Is Real, has finally come to fruition, which is so exciting. As you said, what makes it so unique is each section of the book has an original song written and recorded by me, but it’s embedded in the book. You’re reading and all of a sudden you come along this page that says, “Play this song now.”

It has four different QR codes that you can go to. That’s what’s so exciting and it works because it was all in my head. I had these inspirations. Suddenly, Father gave me these inspirations and I thought, “Okay.” It’s been my life’s work and my life story, and I’m so excited. A) That it’s happened, and B) I’m getting the reviews and the response from people that I was hoping for.


The Charla Anderson Show | Kelly Lord | Resilience


The beginning is difficult to read because it happened to a kid. What’s so fun is that as they go through the story and I don’t talk about specifics because I don’t ever want to do spoiler alerts, because as you go along, one of my favorite reviews said, “I cried and then I laughed and sometimes at the same time.” They come away inspired, which is the purpose. My purpose is to let people know you can go through hard things and not only be okay, but absolutely thrive. Most importantly, we are not our wounds. Wounds can heal. We all have our wounds, we all get hurt, but we don’t have to be them. We can rise above them and still be vibrant, happy, loving and kind.

It’s not who we are. Who we are is not wounds. Who we are is powerful beyond measure. Who we are is God in us who is just. Who we are is the divine creation.

Absolutely. In fact, one of my poems at the end of the book says, “Where you’ve been, what you’ve done has helped you be who you’ve become.” Right or wrong, good or bad. It’s your life. It’s what you’ve had. He will help you to stand in your light. He will help you to make your choices. Stand in your footprints, they were made for you. Stand in your footprints and see what you can do, because we all have different stories, Charla. We all have different trials and tribulations and struggles that we’ve gone through, and so many people have risen above them. I chose to put mine in a book.

I feel it’s divinely inspired, literally because no one else had ever done the work to do what that is. I’m telling you, as I am reading, I still have more to go, but I’m so compelled by your story. You’ve got the wit, you’ve got the optimism to overcome. I typically go to YouTube and listen to the song the about that section or that season of your life. Your voice is off the charts beautiful. I’m guessing you won’t be the only one that does that. This is a special gift to the world of music, books and authors that have original songs. I’m taken by that.

There are so many times when I’m reading your stories and then I listen to your song and then it’s like I’m in another world. It takes me a while to come back to reality because you’re on a journey through your life that is hard to conceive of. Look at you. We are all overcomers. We all have stories and some of us a little more than others. That would be you.

It’s interesting because as we go through our life, sometimes we don’t see God’s hand in it. I wonder, “Why?” As I look back, because this is a 15, 20-year project. This didn’t happen overnight. As the whole thing has come together, I’m so much more in awe of God than I ever was because I’m like, “You’re good,” because He literally guided me every step along the way, even to the parts where they’re called teasers at the beginning of each section. It’s in italics. If you’re reading it or listening to the audio book, it has a little music underneath it with a little chime letting you know it’s done. They’re little teasers that makes you dip out, ready to put the book down. You read the next teaser and you’re like, “Okay.”

I think we can see the big picture of God’s plan for us. My dad used to say my favorite saying. You’ve always heard the saying, “When one door closes, another door opens.” What they failed to tell you is there might be a long hallway in between there. They left that out. In that hallway, that’s where we have faith. That’s where we say, “God, I’ll do everything that I’m supposed to do and the doors will open.” It’s like meeting you. What a gift. You and all the ladies who came to my book launch, some of you drove an hour and a half, two hours each way. It was fantastic to be around so many amazing people.

That’s what God’s doing. He’s putting people in my world who are honest, authentic and joyful, even though most of them have gone through, as all of us have gone through stuff. God gave me the gift to write and to sing about it. Hopefully, my whole goal with this book is to let people know you’re not alone. I’ve been given the gift to be able to put it into words.



One person told me they had listened to the audiobook. Even though it’s the exact same book, it’s a different experience from the audiobook and the book itself. He said, “I feel like I’m in the room with you and sometimes I don’t like it because sometimes, it’s hard stuff.” Other times, like I say, just when you think it’s too much, something funny will happen. That’s why you’ll laugh and cry in the same sentence. You’re like, “Really, Kelly?” I’m like, “Yeah.”

I believe so many comedians, so to speak, come out of horrific circumstances and pain and find a way to laugh through it. You have been instrumental in that as well. I can’t tell you how many times chills come over me while you’re talking, because I know who you are. I know that you have this gift that’s beyond measure and that you’re sharing it in a such a great and unique way.

Let me give you my review. Let me try to parentheses here and say this is a review for What You Are About To Hear Is Real. Kelly Lorde has created something that is extraordinary, that’s never been done before, to combine live original songs through her journey of her story. When I’m reading those chapters and sections, I end up feeling all the emotions. It’s so compelling to feel what you felt and hear your song and hear your words. Resilience is who I call you. I think your resilience is your name and music is your game. I guarantee you this book is a game changer in the world. Thank you, Kelly, for sharing it so much.

Thank you so much for your words. It’s heartfelt and received.

Parents And Team

I’ve been wanting to do a review anyway, so there we go. You’ve written poems. You’ve written this book. You’ve done the deep, hard work editing all of those things that make it hard. You have a little a daily life, too. You’ve found people that are on your side that have come alongside you. First of all, your parents.

God, bless my parents and my stepdad. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do this. God bless my mama, for my mom to have the courage to let me put this out to the world because it’s real. When you talked about comedians, comedy is truth that people don’t usually talk about. That’s why we laugh, and we say, “I can’t believe they said that.” If you look at comedy, it is truth. That’s why the book’s called What You Are About to Hear is Real. That’s why sometimes it can be uncomfortable.

The Charla Anderson Show | Kelly Lord | Resilience
What You Are about to Hear Is Real

However, I tell you, if you get through the first three sections, which are difficult because it happened to a kid, usually in the four sections where you get hooked and all of a sudden, you’re like, “Okay.” You see that I’m fine. Not only am I fine, I’m happy. I’m whole and I’m ready to give back to the world. I love you, mom. Thank you.

Someone has helped you with your recordings and all those things. Do you want to acknowledge some of those amazing human beings that have been there step by step with you and sharing their world with you, your work with them?

Absolutely. Steven Nelson is my co-writer on all my music. He’s huge in the world. He works with Matt and Savannah. He works with Gentry. He goes all over the world touring and things. He’s actually a prodigy. He has photographic hearing. He never has to play anything twice. Not only does he hear music, it’s insane. He sees it. He has been one of my greatest friends. We met in an airport when he was 20 and I was 40 in an airport and we got together and he is my spirit brother. Without him, this wouldn’t have been.

Doing the audiobook, it was Rio Bradshaw. The opposition I received the three months before publishing this book was unbelievable. So many people who have loved me whole. That’s what I say. I don’t want to do any spoiler alerts, but sometimes we’re strong, sometimes we’re not. You see all that in the book. Sometimes you’re going, “Kelly, what are you doing?” I’m honest. It’s my perspective of what I lived. Everybody else might have a different perspective because that’s what happens. I might hold a quarter up. You see the heads, I see tails because that is my experience. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it just means I’m seeing a tail. You’re seeing a head.

That’s a great analogy of perspective. That’s good.

I’m excited to get this out into the world and help inspire people not to give up. That’s the whole purpose. Nobody posts on Facebook curled up in a ball, crying. I want people to know they’re not alone. Somebody posted something on a review, and it said, “It’s nice to know that there’s a hand of friendship,” which is a line in one of my songs, which I’ll actually sing a little later. Here’s my friend hand of Friendship reaching out to you the same way you’ve reached out to me too. That’s the whole thing because sometimes, if we feel alone, it’s a lot. Knowing that someone else has gone through something makes all the difference in the world.

One of the first person other than my family who had read the book said, “You understand. “ if you’ve gone through tumultuous family stuff, you keep the secret. Most people don’t know because you’re taught. My whole reason for publishing the book, which took a lot of courage, I’ll be honest with you, was so people know we can let go of the shame. Holding in the shame and the secrets is what keeps us sick. That’s the truth. My mom said, “I don’t have anything else left to hide. Thanks, Kelly.” I go, “I know mama.” However, there’s a freedom in that. My other another person said, “Dirty laundry belongs in the hamper.” They’re from the East Coast. I told my mom that for Mother’s Day, I was getting her some clothesline clips because my dirty laundry was out there. I’ll make them gold. I’ll paint them gold.

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Recognizing Reality

You can do a little artwork on those clothes pins. That’s funny. Dirty laundry belongs in the hamper. I believe that has probably been one of the permeating issues with people in our world. I say bullies are victims, too. I say hurt people, hurt people. As acknowledgement of what’s going on is the only way, recognizing that it’s your truth.

We’re taught from a very young age. A child comes up to me and she goes, “You’re fat.” The mother goes, “No.” The truth is, I think a better way to say, “Yes, sweetie, she is fat, but it’s not polite to say so. It will make her feel bad. Two different energies. One is not saying you’re wrong, which teaches us not to listen to our instincts. The other is saying, “Yes, you are right, sweetie but we don’t do that because it hurts people.” The child can go, “Oh.”

Still honor ourselves and what we know. You have love and family and everything mixed together. It’s not an easy thing. It’s so complicated. I love my family more than anything. I probably love my family more now than I ever have because I have such a better understanding that we’re all doing the best we can with our knowledge.

In my tiny little book, I wrote this to my kids years ago, Candy Bar Hugs: It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference. I call it a forgiveness release, but it’s like I did what I did. I didn’t do what I didn’t do. I did all that I knew to do with what I knew at the time, just like you did and are doing in your life right now. I love you. We’re only doing all we know to do. We can’t do anything different yesterday or last second or last week or last generation. We can only do something next second.

That’s a common theme in my show or my talking. We can’t change anything that has already happened. Not one thing from the beginning of time. Let there be light. Nothing can change until the next second, not the last second. If you do mess up, which we do, apologize, say, “I messed up,” and make a new agreement, move forward. I think that that is a healing way of dealing with things, recognizing no matter how badly you wish it hadn’t happened or something would change. It isn’t going to that way. That’s the rearview mirror. You’ve got to look forward.

Being Real

Especially because of how much we beat ourselves up, which does no good. All it does is sap us from the moment, which is a perfect segue into I wrote a new poem. I was going to write it as a song, but it’s actually what’s going to be in my tour. I’m starting to work my show for the tour, which isn’t there yet, but the book wasn’t here last year either. Who knows what’s going to happen next year? This is perfect. It’s called I’m here.

“I’m not who I was, where I’ve been or what I’ve done. I’m not what they said, what they did or what they’ve done. I’m right here and I’m right now and I’m free to choose my best. Let it go say goodbye and leave all the rest. I’ve wasted too much time. I’ve given too much good to worry anymore about the things they said I should. I’m free now. I can let go now. Let go of that past. It’s very easy and can happen fast. I listen to my heart and be very still. If I listen closely, it will tell me what it will. When I know it, I will know. I will feel it in my soul. I want to live it, want to be it. It will be my one true goal.”

“To sing, to shout and dance around, to laugh and cry at what I’ve found. It’s me. I’m here and I like what I see. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I know who I can be. I see it clearly. Here I am. I’m looking me in my face. No longer will I run around lost in this crazy rat race, searching here and there, searching high and low, worrying and wondering which way should I go? I see my path. It’s clearly lit. It’s calling out my name. It’s time to put away that path. Let go of all that blame. For I feel strong and worthy now of all God’s got to give. The only thing I must do is love, laugh and live.”



You called me. I was one of the first to hear that. It’s so real. It’s everybody’s truth. Let’s be who we be and be real.

Forgive ourselves and forgive others. Let go of the blame, whether there were blaming others. One thing I do love about the book is there’s no blame on anyone. There’s no blame on what was done to me. There’s no blame on what I did to myself. There’s no blame. It is the experience I had. I tell my mom all the time, and I say, ‘Mom, I wouldn’t change the past for anything. It’s made me who I am.” I don’t want to live it again. I won’t because I’ve learned the lessons that go with it. Those people that hurt me would never be in my world now because I have boundaries that would not allow myself to deny what my feelings are telling me. I’m looking in my face.

The Charla Anderson Show | Kelly Lord | Resilience
Resilience: Set boundaries in your life so that you will not attract or keep people that hurt your feelings.


Victim Mentality

You’re so happy and joyous. We’ve all read stories of overcomers. Some of the most horrific things, prisoners of war, all of this stuff. They come out and yet we are witnessing a season in our world of victim mentality that we’re getting offended and we’re victims of everything. It breaks my heart about that because I feel like we should be past that. As humans, we should be collaborative of humankind.

I think one of my purposes and I do believe one of your purposes is to help teach because I celebrate my birthday every year. I’m 29 every year again and again, but not. It’s very interesting of how I love being the age I am. You hear this sometimes because of all the wisdom that I have gained through my life. What I’m learning is to meet people where they are. If my book, my life, my singing can help people see a little bit of themselves and they can learn from my mistakes and maybe not step in that quicksand or if they’re in the quicksand to recognize it and go, “Uh-oh,” that rings true to me. I’ve done what I’m supposed to do. As we go forward, it, you’ll see that. You haven’t read the end yet, so I’m going to be quiet. You’ll have to bring me on again after you’ve read the whole book.

I’m watching the end. You’re here. This is the beginning of this. No, I haven’t read it yet. Although, I did peek at the epilogue.

You’ll still be surprised. There’s still more to come.

I will not stop saying probably one of the most compelling stories or books I’ve ever put in my hand in my life. I used to be such an avid reader. My life is so busy it seems like right now. Do you want to talk about Terilee and the BRI Talks a bit? We have a mutual friend that we both met. She has impacted both of our lives so incredibly greatly. She came over to my house to my event that I had for Win Win Women.

Meeting Each Other

Let’s back up. Before we talk about BRI, let’s talk about you, Charla. I did not know you very and you had an event at your home, which had about 30 women?


It felt like 30 because they were such powerhouses. You had an event with about 30 women. I came over, then I brought my dog and I had my wagon. Everybody was like, “Who’s this weirdo with her wagon and her dog?” I tell you, it was one of the most spiritual events I’ve ever had with that many women in one group. The spirit was so strong and the love and support that everybody was bringing to each other and most of us didn’t know each other. It was profound, in an amazing way. That’s kudos to you because you truly do bring love and joy to everyone around you. You actually made little booklets for each individual person. I had a picture of my book. It wasn’t published yet. Let’s preface that. That’s how I met Terilee. Back to you in the studio, Charla.

I tell you, that event was a magical day. It was an International Women’s Day event from Win Win Women. I had a small gathering. They were doing some big ones globally and all over the place. Mine didn’t end up being global. My sister had died. A lot of things had happened. I had angels show up and make a difference in my home and my life. The people that showed up that many of them I had met the week before with the Girl Cave, Krista and Lauren Fisher, amazing groups of women and people, not just women, but people that are so heart-centered and wanting to find ways to raise the tide, raise all of us

Also serve others with love, light and laughter.

It was so much fun. I used to do events. I used to have be the host of lots of stuff and I was a flight attendant, so I was a hostess, but this one was special and different and I’m so grateful that Elian, one of my other show hosts, and Ashley was here. Some of the other show hosts from Win Win Women were here. Elian brought Terilee. Terilee had moved up to Arlington, Texas. She’s a preacher’s wife and they’ve been in Singapore and they’ve started missions, whatever. They’ve done all over the place. She jumped in. I met her at that house that I went to. She’s also involved now. She’s got a podcast with one of my old friends.

She’s doing a lot. She has this vision to now create something called Let’s Talk BRI. BRI is Bold, Real and Impactful. It’s going to be a marriage of Toastmasters, TED Talks and speaker training. Her vision is grand. She’s done it in less than a month and a half. We were on a call and it was spirit filled. When I say spirit filled or the Holy Spirit, it’s not religion. It’s love.

Being Authentic

It’s God, love, support, being authentic and real. We were talking earlier, Charla and I, about how overused the word authentic is, but it was lovely. I call it dessert. It felt yummy. Every person I spoke with was real, which is the whole purpose of my book What You Are About To Hear Is Real. Now, Heavenly Father’s bringing people who are real around me. It fills my heart. It fills my soul. I always know when I’m in the right path, I’m in the right group. I’m moving along. I think more and more like-minded people, regardless of what religion you are or no religion, are about coming together, being ourselves, and sharing. Sharing our gifts, knowledge, laughter, tears and everything.

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Unconditional love has been my message for forever. Just love people. God loves you no matter what. You can’t be loved more or less by God than you are. God is love. He can’t be not love. I think that’s a message a lot of us never got growing up and we never felt lovable because we weren’t good enough or whatever that is. God is love. He can’t be not love. He loves you exactly who and where you are right this second. If you’re in the gutter or if you’re in prison or if you’re in in the castle, it doesn’t matter because He created you in His image.

When we can start claiming that and recognizing that we are okay, we’re pretty perfect the way we are and receive that, we got world-changing vibes going on then. When you can receive that, there’s nothing you can do to be loved more less.

It’s feeling safe, Charla, and love makes people feel safe. When we feel safe, all of a sudden, we’re able to blossom because we’re not in self-protective mode. Does it mean that we’re not going to get hurt? No. That happens. Life happens. No one’s perfect. None of us are perfect. I might hurt you, but I would never intentionally hurt you. If I’ve hurt you, I’m so sorry. I will not do that again energy. That’s actually one of the reasons of my book. Some people say, “I went through a lot, but what you went through was.” It gives them permission. It’s okay. Let go of all of shame, the blame, the fear, the secrets, let it go.

The Charla Anderson Show | Kelly Lord | Resilience
Resilience: Love makes people feel safe. It allows us to blossom and escape a self-protective mode. It brings us to people who are doing their best.


You can start right here in this moment. I call it stepping left. My dad used to say, “If you put one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, you pee all over today.” It’s a little crass, but it’s okay. It’s the truth because how often are we in the past or in the future, worrying, wondering? When you do your breathing at the beginning of the show, right here and now, what a beautiful moment. I’m not there yet but if I live every moment where I’m here, not worrying, what a difference.

We’re learning. It is a journey. I’ve said it many times. Authenticity’s the new sexy. I believe that it’s like here, our wisdom, like you said about your age. I’m 70 and earned every single one of these silver things the hard way.

You look fabulous too, darling.

I am fabulous because it’s a choice. That’s how I answer it all the time. Fabulous is a choice. When you’re focused on what’s wrong, you get more of what’s wrong, upset draws upset. I don’t even see the bad stuff out there very much. I don’t see it because I’m not open to it. I don’t attract it with my mindset. I think it’s interesting. I want to go back and say, for Terilee Harrison if you want speaker training and a community of amazing beautiful souls.

Hers is a faith-based community, but she’s meshing and she’s meshing so many of the other modalities out there into one place and she’s got amazing credentials. This is wasn’t intended to be a Terilee Harrison commercial, but it is because she’s spoken into both of our lives in a huge way, the community and building something that’s beyond special. She deserves some kudos to that, don’t you think?

I forgot to say, if anybody wants to buy my book, go to, it’ll bring you right to the page. I have soft copy, hard copy, black and white, color and audiobook.

Musical Performance

Absolutely. It’s on Amazon and I’m sure it’s in another markets like Barnes and Noble and others as well. Thank you for remembering that. You also have a song you want to sing.

I do.

I want you to sing. We have guests. Ask questions or have comments whatever. This is the idea with Win Win Women, Paula Fellingham has this global vision of having access to conversations about anything you want to talk about in the world, people. The second part of the show is often we have conversations. Who is that?

Shawnte’s in the house. For those of you who don’t know, Shawnte has her own TV show, too, and she’s fantastic. She’s fabulous. Mama, you met Shawnte.

We have several people in the house. We’re going to hear Kelly’s song. It don’t know that the music itself is going to be as great as it should be.

Great as we go a little run through. It was in and out, but I’m still going to do it anyway. Shawnte, you came out on the perfect time. This is Shante’s favorite song. It’s called Remember Who You Are. “You are a light, you are a guide. You helped to walk all on people’s eyes. When you’re and down, I’ll see you low. It seems there’s so far left to go. Just remember who you are. You are amazing by far. You’re not alone on this journey, finding hope. When you need a helping hand, some laughter or a smile. Take a look and you will see that we’ve been here all the while.”

“So remember who you are. You are amazing, by far. You’re not alone on this journey, finding hope. For that’s the way our friendship works. It is a two-way street. Sometimes you need, sometimes you give. In the middle, we will meet. So here’s my hand of friendship reaching out to you. The same way to me, you’ve reached your hand out, too. So remember who you are. You are amazing, by far. You’re not alone on this journey, finding hope.”

It gives me chills and little tears. It’s beautiful. We’ll try to get your real version of that because it’s so powerful and beautiful. Thank you. What do you think? There’s my Alan, who is in The Change book. You see that I am in the next book of the Change. Alan has been featured. I’d love to hear your comments.

Participants Portion

I am blown away by you two. Seriously. I’ve watched clips of your show before, Charla. I’ve never had the opportunity to be here. I’ll tell you what, in the spirit, Kelly, of your fabulous spirit. I’m going to make sure I come to this show more often. The energy with it being here, watching the two of you communicate, is so powerful. I think maybe it’s because every single thing you said, I could relate to and feel in my spirit. I’m honored to be here to listen to it.

You’re going to be my guest and thank you for those. We do feel spirit-filled so often. Kelly and I are like magnets with that, and Shawnte is too. You’re going to be my guest. I’m looking forward to that so much. When we met with The Change book with Les Brown on the cover, the creativity and validation of the community of authors contributed. Now I’m in book 21, they’re going for 22. It’s a beautiful community of spirit-led, so to speak. Great people that have stories to tell. Jim Lutz and Jim Brit and then with Les Brown on the cover, the credibility factor is huge. Have you found that?

It’s amazing. I would like to share, Kelly, when you read your poem, it reminded me of E.E. Cummings’ poem, Little Effie’s Head. Google it. It’s all over the web. I first heard it being read by Wayne Dyer in one of his audio workshops. The way you word it, it flowed so much more beautifully. I’m putting your poem above the E.E. Cummings’ one.

Thank you, Alan. The truth is, it came straight from God. I tell people that. People go, “No, you write.” I said, “No, that poem.” I won’t tell you that it only took seven minutes to write because it literally comes through me. I’m a conduit. The book is the same way. The book is first draft, no rewrites, nothing. No outline, nothing. It literally comes from God. One thing I love to say is prepare, pray, then get out of the way and let God work through you. That’s what I think all of us are coming together and doing. Shawnte, I know that. Mama, I know that. Prepare is don’t sit here and go, “Okay, God.” No, we’ve got to prepare, then pray. Everybody says, “Do you ever get nervous?” I said, “Never.” They said, “Really?” I said, “No, because I’ll do the best I can. God and Heavenly Father will make up the difference.”

I call it lay it at his feet, so you do, “Thank you.” It’s all gratitude. If we would pray in gratitude rather than, “Please,” begging, it’s much more effective. Thank you that it’s already done. Lay it at His feet. Go about your business and it’s already done. Thank you, Alan.

I do want to say thank you for such a beautiful compliment. It means the world to me. Thank you. I got to tell you, I knew the minute it came through, I thought, “This one’s powerful.” I wrote it right away because I knew it was going to be on the show.

Other thoughts I had, Charla and Kelly, especially that part where you were talking about just be, because that’s a powerful part of who I am. You were talking about being teacher. That’s also a powerful part. Short little notes I wrote. The great I am, when you were talking about just be from the Old Testament when Moses asked God, “Who shall I say sent me?” The state of being. I write about in my other book, A Travel Guide to Leadership and then self-actualization and Self-Transcendence from Abraham Maslow. That’s what you stirred up, Kelly, for me.

Feel free to give us a little bit about who you are since you’re joining us and what you are offering in the world.

Very similar journeys. The official stuff that I do in terms of my consulting business is leadership development and coaching. Change agent. Speaker. Where I resonate so profoundly is that my life mission and my central core value all centers around love and that love is centered around the idea that God is love. You were hitting all of the core stuff inside of Alan Mikolaj. I’m glad that I was able to be here with you.

We are so glad you were here, too, as well, Alan. Thank you, Alan.

It’s so true. I feel like we’re being a magnetized, drawn together with similar, like-minded people, the old school of management from the top down. Tom Ziglar and the and the Ziglar Corporation have this leadership about loving people and your employees. We met Stacy Wright, who has HeartProfit, and she has this whole business model. She’s running manufacturing plants that people are in line to go to work for because she treats them. It offers mental health, daycare, and all the other things, as well as a way to treat people with humanity, kindness, and compassion. We met her at my house.

If we can understand that, we can be powerful in who we are. I keep saying I’m being surrounded by powerhouses and what makes them powerful and powerhouses is the love with which they are living their life. It doesn’t mean they’re not creating amazing things in the world. They are. That old adage that you have to be harsh and ruthless in order to succeed is what we’re talking about, Charla. That doesn’t need to be to me. I want to emulate people who are kind and loving and successful in whatever they choose to be. Those are the people that I want to be around. Every person I meet, if they’re yucky, I say to myself, “Do I have that characteristic?” If I do, I say, “I want to let go of that one. I don’t like how that feels.”



When I meet powerhouse people who are at the top of their whatever it is they do and are kind and loving and treat each person as though they are the best, I say to myself again, “Do I have that characteristic? Not like that.” I know what I need to work on. What happens when we do that? There’s no more envy or making people wrong or right, good or bad. It’s saying, “This behavior I don’t care for.” It doesn’t mean the person’s bad. It means I don’t like how that feels.

Same way as, “I like how that feels. Do I make people feel that way?” Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. That’s the journey. Not blaming ourselves and beating ourselves up. Every moment I say, you can step left at any moment. Any moment, step left, start again. If we can do that every moment of every day, who we’ll be climbing those stairs or the ladder of life, whatever you’re climbing.

Getting out of the way. That’s the one of the key things I think you said, because we overthink things. We’re busy. We got to take action. That’s the key. You can’t sit on the couch and wait for it to come.

Also, giving ourselves the grace that we give others. It’s how often do we forgive. It’s okay and yet we beat ourselves out.

Does anybody else want to jump in and have some comments?

Char and I can talk forever.

Kelly is hitting it. I love me some Kelly. I’m saying you preached a whole sermon. Let the church say amen. Let’s go on to the house.

Fried Chicken and potato salad.

The main thing is giving ourself the same grace that we give to others. We extend it to everybody, but we draw it from ourselves because for whatever reason, we have placed more on our shoulders than even God has placed on us. It’s that part right there.

He’s lifting it for us. He lifts it off our shoulders. We don’t have to carry it, but we do, because we think we got to perform. We don’t. We do need to be in action.

Another thing, Kelly, that I enjoyed was what you were saying because it’s so true is being able to see ourselves in the characteristics of people when we meet them. One of the things that I try to focus on is looking past the person, looking into the spirit, and connecting with people on that level. On the level that not man sees or that man has created, but the person that God sees, He has created. I always try to ask God, “Let me see them the way that you see them as opposed to what it is that they’re doing or who the world sees.” It’s like when Ananias came to see Paul. He recognized Saul, but God, God was like, “No, I’m sending you to Paul, to who I created, not who the world created.”

I think when we can connect with people or see people like that, it transcends the way that we handle one another and the things that we can do together. I enjoyed what you were saying about that on your song. I got to go because you know I can talk. I love hearing you sing, girl. I love your music. I love your transparency. I love how you are so willing to be vulnerable and open and allow us into the not-so-pretty places and give to the world from that place, because that’s the truest place. It makes connecting with your music. You are like, “I’m right there with it,” because you cut yourself open and you’re not afraid to show your scars.

We all have scars. We all have them and they make us who we are. God tells me all the time, “Don’t be afraid to show your scars.” Everybody has them. Some are more visible than others. I appreciate every time you step into a room, every time I’m in your space, and every time I hear you sing; you are not afraid to show your scars, the ugly from the scars, and the beauty that came from them. I love it and I love you. I love you both.

I love you, too. That’s what the song Remember Who You Are is about because we come down here as pure babies, and then life happens. Sometimes we morph into someone we’re not because life happens and we go this way. The whole purpose of this song is remember who you are, not who you’ve been. Not who you’ve become, but who you truly are. When we go back to that space, which is usually love and fun and joyous, if we remember who we are, who God made us to be, each one of us is amazing by far.

If we remember who we are and how God made us to be, we can become truly amazing. Share on X

Closing Words

It’s like the end here and so is how we can find more about you. You’re on Facebook, you’re on all kinds of places, but the getting your book through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, What You Are About To Hear Is Real, is the real deal. It’s beyond powerful. I have a feeling Alan is going to get that book. Are you going to get the book? We’ll probably talk about it on our show.

I bought it. Literally, seconds before, I’m like over there typing it in. I found you, Kelly. It’s on the way.

Can I say, “Mama Lord, how are you?”

We both met Kelly’s at mom at the book launch and she’s delightful. She is. It would be a whole another episode, actually, to talk about her.

I want to say this, Charla. My mom has unconditional love for everyone.

I felt it.

She’s an amazing example that way.

We’ve had an amazing time. Thank you so much for reading. I’m here every week, The Change book is coming out. I’ve got books all over the place, too, and workshop about Boundaries and Legacy. I’ve got a workshop on Thursday and Saturday that I’m still creating. Blessings to everyone. I’m going to go reiterate one more time that you’re perfect, exactly who and where you are. There’s nothing you can do to be loved more or less by God and just receive that. I would also say, by Kelly or me or Shawnte or your mom or Alan, you, you are perfect. The harder people are to love, the more they need it. That’s a caveat to that, but that means they need it. Unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries. We need to throw that in there. Blessings to everyone. Remember to always choose joy. I’m so grateful for you.

Thank you. Charla.


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