Overcoming Near Death Experiences With Patti Grace

TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences


Hear the incredible journey of Patti Grace, an overcomer who defied near-death experiences and embraced the power of positivity. Patti reveals how words have shaped her life and become tools for empowering others. 

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Overcoming Near Death Experiences With Patti Grace

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All the shows will be up on Podetize as we move forward. I’m excited about that. I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to have my guest, Patti Grace. We’re going to introduce her in a moment. She’s a good friend and an extraordinary human being for all of us to embrace. I’m looking forward to this time with her.

At the beginning of my show, I always wanted to do a little mini-vacation, a little breathing exercise. for 22 seconds. We’re going to breathe, calm, hold for four seconds, and breathe out gratitude. It is such a grounding and beautiful little tiny speck out of your day to keep you calm and centered and get us grounded. Will you join me on this little journey of a 22-second mini-vacation? Take in calm for seven seconds. Here we go. Hold and release. Thank you.

That’s my gift to you. I feel like if we would do that more often, we’d have a few moments in our day when we’re engaged and hit by many things all the time. We’re very seldom quiet and sometimes we need to be still so we can know and receive. That’s not a long one but it is a good one for good practice for you. In this episode, Patti Grace is gracing us with her presence. I’ve known you now since 2014 or 2015, I believe, somewhere back in there. We ran across each other and we’ve been intertwined ever since.

When I’m talking about people that have overcome, overcomers, this is where I’ve been led to start the whole program with my show. She’s one. She’s got a lot of overcoming and I’m excited. She’s going to tell you, her testimony. She’s got much going for her now. We’re both in that senior age bracket and it’s amazing how many of us are crossing these big numbers. We’re not stopping. We’re moving. We’re going for it. There is no stopping us. Patti Grace, it’s not a stage name. What is it when it’s a book?


TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences


A branding.

Patti Grace’s a beautiful branding and we’re going to learn about you. I would like for you, first of all, to tell us who you are in this world, then a bit about your testimony and what you do.

I’m delighted to be with you. I’m excited because you and I always enjoy each other. We bring excitement and enthusiasm together, doubly. I would like to share with other people what God is doing with my life. I’ve written one book and it’s out. I have another one in the middle. It’ll be out in the fall. I speak to different people and write for the Paris Paper in Kentucky. It’s called the Bourbon County Citizens Newspaper.

It’s been in business for over 200 years. I’m impressed with that, with so many of them folding up. They’ve given me an opportunity to be able to write whatever I want and the freedom that I never had before. It’s been challenging and exciting because I know that I’m reaching people because I’m getting feedback. I think of myself as a seed planter. I like people to think and make decisions that are beneficial for them rather than wandering through life. There are plans for us in this life. We can enjoy life much more when we do some planting with it.

It’s richer life when we’re not rebounding all the time and when we have a little bit of a direction or a strong direction.

We’re an actor and not a reactor. I always try to think it through and be an actor instead of you go with the flow with certain things but certain things you have to be prepared for. I’ll start with my testimony. I’d like for you to know. I’ve had some other things I’ve had overcome but this has been the biggest one. This one nearly took me out.

We are an actor and not a reactor. Always try to think everything through. Be an actor go with the flow, but only with certain things you are prepared for. Share on X

On the last day of July 2019, I collapsed on the floor and couldn’t stand up. I yelled for my husband. He came in and tried to stand me up, but he couldn’t. He called 911 and they came. Took me to the hospital. I went to two hospitals and then a rehab before I remember anything. As they were putting me on the gurney, I heard a still, small voice that said, “As clearly as anything, I did not cause this. I want you to give Me the glory.”

I asked Jim later, “Did you hear that?” He didn’t. I couldn’t talk to the emergency people to see if they ever heard it. It was a still, small voice. I’ve been taking that and trying to give God the glory for everything that I’ve done after that. I woke up about four weeks later in rehab. I was told that I interacted with people while I was out.

I wasn’t in a coma. Apparently, I was interacting. It was strange because I don’t remember it but they told me I acted normally. Apparently, the brain took over. I don’t know. Anyway, I came home, and almost everybody that I’ve seen had an aneurysm that broke and bled on the brain. That’s a real tough one to get over. God was faithful. I don’t remember any of the pain during the recovery during those four weeks.

Julie, my daughter, said, “Mom, you had much pain.” I said, “How do you know?” She said, “It was all over your face and you were asking them for something to stop the pain.” I know all those things are very real and everything, but God was faithful. I rehabbed and I go to the YMCA three times a week. I did my rehab there. I started with all that and I was in the process of writing my first book. I was able to prove it, get it finished, and get it out. Approximately, 10 or 12 months after that, I got it out. I got it out in 2021.

It’s a full-size book.

It’s a standard book.

Say the name of it.

It’s Our Fellowship with His Holy Spirit and God gave me that name. I was writing a book and I said, “Lord, what am I going to call it?” As clear as anything, it was almost like He was laughing. I could hear an interaction because I spent a lot of time in His presence, getting quiet and listening. He’d already given me this title. I used it for a bible study in Texas when I was there. A friend and I did. I thought that’s what it was.

TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences
Our Fellowship With His Holy Spirit: Developing Intimacy With God by Patti Grace

I started laughing too because he had already given it to me before. I thought that was interesting. My second book after this came out. For the second book that I’m working on, I have 52 articles that are written. I’m in the process of doing a weekly devotional. You can take one subject, like brief or I have them all listed here, choices, words, and everything. Spend a little bit more time on it. Meditate on it. Chew a little and it helps you get more in-depth of what it means. I feel like those things have helped a lot of people with different issues that they’ve had. I get feedback from the newspaper all the time about that.

It’s a compilation of all the articles that you’ve been writing. You’re just putting them into a book form and that will be like a devotional book, which is going to be amazing. You’re working with Michael Butler of Beyond Publishing and with me. Who knows where it goes? Everything is a process but you’re taking things that you already know benefit people because you got feedback. That’s huge. You know that that is a benefit. I forgot what it’s called.

It’s called Inspiration and Encouragement from In Sync. In Sync is my byline for my newspaper. The Lord gave me that too. It was interesting because I said, “What can I call this, Lord, when I had the opportunity to write?” In Sync came and I know what In Sync means but I went and looked it up and everything. It was suitable for that. It was because it wasn’t my idea. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed that. It’s been fun. From that, I’ve done a little reporting for the newspaper, which has been fun and different. At my age, having all those opportunities to do different things is exciting. God’s not through with me yet. If you’re still living, God’s not through with you, either.

If you can take a breath, you are still here for a purpose and a purpose. You need to find that purpose. I’ll be 70 and you’re pushing 80 something, right?

I’ll be 83.

You look fabulous and you are fabulous. It’s a choice. Attitude is a choice years ago when you almost died to come out hitting the road running. This is huge.

I’ve always been busy but I mean now. I wrote an article about overcoming that I want to mention. If anybody would enjoy hearing or having an email of any of the articles that I’ve written, I was going to suggest. Overcoming is one of them. It tells you what the Bible says an overcomer is. I’d love to share that with you. If you want to do that, send me an email and I’ll send it to you.

There’s another one that I use a lot, Grief. When you lose anything, grief is something that helps you work through it because you don’t say, “Get over it.” That’s not how it works. When a person leaves an animal, it’s very important too. Those are two that I send out a lot when people want to have a little bit more of an insight to help them a leg up thing.

When you lose anything, grief is something that helps you work through it. Share on X

I’ll say it here. You can send her an email and we’ll give you that email address but for fun and a way, I created a little website landing page. People can go to PattiGrace.now.site. See all those testimonies, first of all, and fill in the little email thing. She’ll get you an email and respond if you want to take a look at that. It’s a way to get in touch with Patti and see where it leaves because it’s important.

This is your life. It’s your testimony about overcoming this aneurysm and punching through and getting a book completed. Those are things that have been in the last years and we’re women. We’ve overcome a lot over the years and that’s part of it. We raised children. I’m going to ask, do you feel like you completed that part? We were talking and we wanted to get that out.

I was going to mention a couple of things with that. I had this on the last day of July 2019. The next spring, I stepped on my own shoe and had a terrible fall on concrete. I had to have a hip replacement. I got over the other thing and I had that. A few months later, I had to do cataract surgery, then I had to do both eyes, then the YAG thing that you do at a little after-thing with it.

It went from one thing to another and I said, “I’m not going to let this get to me,” and I kept pursuing it. God has been good. I’m thankful that I have the excitement and the desire. He’s planned a desire for me to talk to as many people as I can about the Lord because I want to spread the good news. I wanted to mention three reasons why I wrote the first book. It goes along with my whole ministry. The first one was I had a dream a few years ago.

In the dream, the Lord said, “Some things I asked you to do may not make much sense to you. I just want your obedience.” That one comes back a whole lot, as you can imagine. The second reason was everybody needs encouragement. You’re extremely good about spreading the positive. I know that inspiration and encouragement are very important. The third reason is if you’re going to die, you want somebody to remember you. Before Jesus left the earth, he said, “Go into all the world and spread the gospel, the good news. Tell people the good news, things that they can do.”



I feel a real encouragement to do that. That’s part of the reason why I wrote the book. The book has more in-depth things about how you can get God’s presence and how you can be closer to him, find more about yourself and more about him. You’ll find out the interesting thing if you ask for the overcoming description of what that means in the scripture. You’ll be real interested in what it means. Send me an email and I’ll send you a copy of it.

It’s amazing. When we talk about overcomers, ultimately, it’s to offer hope to people. Nobody gets through life without something to overcome. You have a choice, whether you’re going to let it take you down or let it push you out and make you stronger. That’s one of the things with overcoming. Everybody has a story but a reason to talk about them is in order to give folks hope, no matter what. I’ve had amazing overcomer stories already. A friend of mine had an aneurysm. This was probably months ago and she’s coming right along. Those are huge things to overcome. They’re physical and it hurts. It’s perseverance and all of those.

I told everyone afterward. I said, “I felt your prayers.” I felt like I had many prayers and I truly felt them. They gave me hope and encouragement. I kept continuing along because I know all of us have challenges but we have to work toward overcoming those challenges. We have to encourage each other to come over. That’s another reason. Having a story and a testimony helps you tell people, “You can get through this. It sounds awful but there’s hope.” I love the thing you put at the bottom of my website, that is, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” That’s where joy comes from. It is the joy of the Lord. We can laugh and be happy but true joy comes from the Lord. I love that you put that on there.

Joy is an inside job. I feel like that and we can talk about life now. I feel like the vast majority of, at least, the younger folks and, I’m not certain, elders as well, entertainment has become the biggest value in our lives. What can we watch? What can we play? What can we eat? The entertainment industry is off the charts. It’s all gaming. It’s all those things.

I believe that it’s fun, sometimes. Maybe not even always that much fun but people are entertained but they’re not having a lot of fun. They’re entertained. They’re finding joy in their hearts. It’s the joy that you can have. Part of that comes from how you serve others. You’re a server extraordinaire. How we make a difference in other people’s lives is when we take the focus off of ourselves.

We can start experiencing that joy by witnessing the people. A lot of people don’t seem very happy if you’re walking in those stores or whatever. I’m not out there that much but it seems to me that they’re zombie almost. Perhaps, a lot of medications are going on in a lot of people nowadays. How can we do something about that? That’s what I believe you’re doing. You’re choosing to express solutions in a way.

There are choices that we make. One of my articles is Choices and we are a product of our choices. That’s why it’s important to know that you’re making a choice and think about what it’s going to do instead of running off in all directions. I have an article on words that’s valuable because words are like bullets. You can’t take them back.

I look to see who said that because I like that. Words are containers. They contain things. It’s very important to know that you choose your words rightly and wisely because you can’t take them back. The words have power because we were told that Jesus was the Word and that he came in the flesh. The Word became flesh and it was Jesus. Word is important because the power is in the words.



We have a guest and I love this lady, Shawnte. She said true. I don’t normally look at the chat during the time but I saw something pop up. I’m like, yes. “We live by the word,” is what she says. Our message is similar because in this book Split-Second Transformation – Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, every word matters. I say that somehow comes out almost to every single show because every word matters.

I have one on balance because you have to balance everything. We have to understand as believers that we’re walking through a fallen world and we walk through it. We don’t have to be part of it. We pull ourselves away and try to live a better way. We live in it but we don’t have to take everything that it gives us and roll over and play dead. We have power from our creator that does that. I feel like it gives people some options to think about if they haven’t thought about them or expand their thinking anyway.

We have to understand as believers that we're walking through a fallen world. We don't have to be part of it. We can pull ourselves away and try to live a better way. Share on X

I call it unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries. When you put that Psalms:91, God’s umbrella protection shield around you as you walk through your days. By the way, I always want to say this. We’re talking a lot about God. We’re not talking about religion. We’re talking about relationships, fellowship, and love. Unconditional love as God loves us. When we can protect ourselves, we can walk through it but I put this like a shield around me.

A hedge of protection.

It’s like your energy or aura. Some people call it that but whatever you have, if you walk in that protection, no weapon can hurt you.

No weapon formed against you can prosper. I love when you’re talking about unconditional love. John 3:16 says that God loves the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever ever believed in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. That love is unconditional love from the father. What you’re talking about is important. That’s what all of us need more of.

When I’m working through my articles, I try to help people know they can change themselves. We have the opportunity to do this by learning the truth and it sets us free. It’s a journey. When we give our lives to Jesus and ask him to come into our hearts, then He is willing to change. He shows us the things lovingly that we need to change so that we can have a better way of coping with the world. I could never have come where I’ve come without the strength of a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s good for people to know they have options. I’m not saying you got to believe like I believe. I take the Bible and everything I put out has to agree with the Bible. That’s why I feel that it’s important to be mindful of what you say to influence people. I have scriptures constantly in my book from the Bible and also in my articles. I have been given the freedom to do that by the lady that owns the paper and I praise God for that.

Always be mindful of what you say to influence people. Share on X

I’m learning that worshiping, praising, and being thankful draws you close to the presence of the Lord. The presence of the Lord is what I want. It’s wonderful that people can know that they have options. They don’t have to stumble through, make choices, and do things that are right. I wonder sometimes if they realize that we have a book in heaven that tells when God created us, He made a book that He wanted our will to be like.

The more we closer we get to Him, then the more we can know what that perfect will is and we can become part of it, which is truly better than anything we could think of. I’m learning about that as well. The Books in Heaven and that’s in my first book. It’s been helpful to people. They’ve told me anyway. I’m excited about all the things every day. None of us have arrived. Every day, we get new things. No matter how much you’ve learned, there’s always something new. He’s helpful in the study that when you study Him, you always learn something new. You get reinforced with the truth and learn.

If God is love, he can’t be not love. We’ve been taught about this judgment God that he’s mean and everything you do wrong. No. He loves you. He wants you to do better. Shawnte says, “The Word never changes. It is true all the time in every situation.” I love that. It’s constant. We have the opportunity to love people. Another piece I say to it, the harder people are to love, the more they need it because people are hard to love.

Sometimes they are.

God loves them regardless. This is what I’m pretty sure of. Perhaps they haven’t been taught to love themselves enough to be able to love others.

That’s certainly a factor.

There’s a lot of that right now in our world. Even the bully factor, they’re starving for their own love to be loved.

When Jesus was being tricked, they asked him what was the most important of the Ten Commandments. He said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and your neighbors yourself.” That covers it all. Many people don’t care about themselves, as you said. If we cared more about other people and cared about ourselves, it’s a balance. We have to know what works and we can find that out when you start studying and getting God’s presence. You can learn what he wants us to do. It’s a much better way than what we could plan.

His ways are a little higher than ours. This conversation has been going on a lot where if we got a plan, we’re going to get stuck on the result that we believe is what we want. We often miss so much better things that may come along because we have the vision, this idea, and something that we start working towards and take the next step towards. If we’re attached to that outcome, then perhaps these other beautiful outcomes that we still would be much greater, possibly, if we keep on that path and go, “We end up over here rather than on that one outcome.” I had a friend that was results-oriented and I was like, “I’m attached to the efforts, not the results.” If you do an effort every day, the results show up.

It’s like dieting. A little bit different each time, which is tough. I’d like to share with you what the Bible says that is an overcomer.

I’d love to hear the definition.

It says, “An overcomer is a follower of Jesus who successfully resists the power and temptations of the world system. An overcomer is not sinless but holds fast to faith in Christ until the end. The Bible tells us you are from God. Little children, I have overcome.” He has overcome and that way, it lets us become an overcomer. We plug in with him and have him as our savior, then we get what he’s got, and we grow in it.


TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences


The other thing I wanted to say is he not only tells us how to be an overcomer now. He tells us we can be an overcomer in the future. In Revelation, he tells us, “Whoever overcomes will be clothed in white garments. I, Jesus, will not erase his name from the Book of Life because that’s where everybody’s name’s in there unless they decide not to be an overcomer. I will confess his name before my father and before his angels.” If you want to read more about this, you can look at Revelation. It’s part of my article. Feel free to ask me for it, and I’ll mail it to you in detail. It’s one article that was in the newspaper. If you want it, I’d love for you to have it.

Now one of the verses that you talk about is, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” As for Romans 8:28, “All things work together for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

I love Romans 10:9 because it tells you how you can accept Jesus as your personal savior. Romans 8:28 is good for all sorts of things. If you want to know how to be a believer, go to Romans 10:9.

“All things work together for the good.” That doesn’t mean some things. It means all things. This is something that I believe a lot of people lose sight of. In the moment of circumstance, that isn’t good when you have an aneurysm.

Here’s what I think that means. God tells us in the scripture that we’re supposed to thank Him and everything. That means we don’t have to thank Him for what happened but we can thank Him that He’s there working with us on it. He can take all the different things and help them turn out to be good because He has a plan for us. He knows what He wants us to do.

TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences
Near Death Experiences: God tells us in the Scripture that we’re supposed to thank Him. This means we don’t have to thank Him for what happened but for the fact that He is there working with us on it.


If we trust Him, thank Him not for the circumstance but for being there with us, never leaving us nor forsaking us, that’s what’s beautiful. He’s with us 24/7. You can say, “Lord,” and He is there. The Holy Spirit’s with you 24/7. He promises He’ll never leave or forsake you. He’s always available. He’s closer than a friend. He’s closer than a brother and He is our friend.

It’s wonderful when you realize you can have that fellowship and relationship with the Lord because when Jesus was on Earth, He was limited in where he could go physically. When he ascended and overcame death, He sent the Holy Spirit which meant we can be part of His Spirit. We can invite Him in. When that happens, He’s always there for us. He’s the paraclete. He’s the comforter. The one who gives. A teacher who gives us wisdom and helps us know what to do in certain things.

That’s the extra goody all the time. I feel excited to share with people. Here’s something that could open up to you that you could have that you’ve never had before or you could have it more in-depth. That’s why I’m excited about people knowing that they have choices. You don’t have to believe but if you want to have a future with our Creator, then it tells you how. It also lets you come and enjoy part of heaven while you’re here.

That’s a powerful piece here. I believe that I was raised in a very fundamental, less than relationship-building space and religion because when you ask, you believe, and you receive, there are no conditions on that. You can be in a gutter and in the worst place on the face that you can imagine. When you can say thank you and gratitude, I know you’ve got articles on that because gratitude is the key to the piece that passes. If the only prayer you ever say is, “Thank you,” it is enough.

It draws Him near. The last one that I was working on before I started to talk with you is prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. He told me that that’s the portal to get to Him when we praise, worship, and thank him. It’s the way that we go right to the heart of God because He’s not egotistical. He just knows that’s what works for us. We can get in His presence faster that way. That’s why. I was sitting at the doctor’s office with Jim, my husband, and I was asking God about that. While I was sitting there, He explained to me why that is important because it’s like a portal. It’s like opening a door that gets there.

It’s a fast track but gratitude is truly the key. In real scientific studies where they put brains, test the brains, and read the readings and all that, gratitude is the highest state you can get to.

It lights it up in all the pictures.

It’s scientifically proven, not just spiritually proven. One of my favorite verses is John 14:12 because Jesus said, “You can do what I did and even more.” I was never taught that as a religious. Religion, the word itself, has been misconstrued. It’s a manmade god in a box with rules and regulations. We’ve used it in many different ways but the bottom line is it kept a lot of people from God because if you don’t do this and this, you’re going to hell.

It’s all fundamental, like whipping. You’re going to get a whipping if you don’t do all those things but we want to do those things. We want to do the right things. We want to do that but if we haven’t, that doesn’t mean we don’t have access. Jesus didn’t spend time with those religious people. He spent time with the tax collectors and the prostitutes.

The Pharisees called them sinners. He spent time with them but everybody’s a sinner. That’s the whole thing that we have to realize and we need a savior. When we have a savior, then we know where we’re going to be eternally. I did an article on heaven and hell. I know you read that one. We have a choice where we go. It’s not just right now but you can know the Lord even on earth. It lifts you up and you know more about it. You could have a better quality of life if that was that the only thing, but it isn’t. We have promises for the future and we have prophecies in the Old Testament and the New Testament to tell us what’s going to happen. That’s how we know that the Bible‘s true. We can have what it tells us we can have. We have to spend time with it to have it.

TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences
Near Death Experiences: Everybody is a sinner and we need a savior. And when we have a savior, we know where we’re going to be eternally.


I believe that God has given us every opportunity because He created us and He didn’t want us to go out of his sight. He wanted us to be with him. I love the scripture that says that He walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. I love that. He wanted us to be returned to Him. When there was rebellion, bad choices, and sin in the garden, He had a plan to bring us back to Him. He showed us exactly the plan, and how to do that, and it says, “Every knee will bow and every tongue confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Everybody’s going to do that. Everybody needs to know what the game’s all about. It’s not a game but you know what I mean. I always said if I knew the rules, I could play the game. It’s not about rules. It’s about what has been created for us, what we can have, and how much better our lives can be when we know all the things we can have. We know whose strength helps us get there and what our future’s going to be.

I’m excited about my future because I know that God has much planned for me or I’d be gone at this point but after that, I still have a future. I’m excited about that, too, and letting people know to think about what you want to do with your life. It is a gift. I feel like a prospector that I’ve been prospecting for gold. I’m finding gold and God’s taking the draws out of me to refine me, to help me be more the way He wants me to be.

All the things that we have like unforgiveness, anger, and all those things that are negative mess up the line between the Lord and us. We have to work with ourselves to get rid of a lot of things that we can do. He helps us do that we can be more. I put 2 or 3 scriptures together and that’s something that I say almost daily, “Lord, I submit myself to you. I must plea in the name of Jesus for greater is He that’s in us than He that’s in the world. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

That’s one of the things that helps me become an overcomer because I put different scriptures together and words are powerful. I use those and it strengthens me to know that’s part of His Word. That is a promise to me. There are all kinds of promises there we can grab ahold of and enjoy because He’s put them there for us to elevate us and to bring us closer to Him and each other. We have to care about each other, as you said.

We can do what Jesus did and even more. That’s probably the most powerful and under-taught scriptures because if He can heal, we can heal, and all of those other things he was doing. I believe that that’s where when we start stepping more into gratitude, when we start stepping into the peace that passes understanding, and we can see where the hurt and pain are, we can send in our energy, our love, and our healing through God through us. God needs people with skin on. He has to have people with skin on. He can do it but He uses us. He uses people.


TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences


He needs us. I was reading about how God needs us. If he didn’t need us, He wouldn’t have created us. One of my other prayers pretty much daily is, “Lord, help me be mindful of the needs of others.” When God gives us a lot of things, not just objects, a lot of qualities, or a lot of opportunities, it helps when you’re mindful of the needs of others then He can use you for that and lift that person up. They’re a little better than after they’ve known you, which is nice because God can do that.

It seems to me there’s a lot in our world that’s gotten offended by everything. That is not of God. He let people be in the spirit of offense. I believe it has become an epidemic in a way. Everybody’s ready to be offended instead of grace. There’s no grace involved in that. “You hurt my feelings. It’s all your fault.” If you want to know the truth, nobody can hurt your feelings without your permission. Nobody can make you angry without your permission. Nobody can upset you without your permission. It’s all choice.

I had a friend that told me, “I will not take bad feelings from somebody. When you look at them, don’t think that it’s them. Look at them and know that that’s not what you have to accept. You leave it out here.” We were talking about the hedge of protection. When people say things to you, words are like bullets. If they’re hard and awful, it’s difficult to get your shield up real quick and not stop that. We don’t have to take everything everybody says inside. Leave it here. I try to weigh it. What’s something I need to learn? I want to learn from it. It’s allowed for my benefit. I can learn from it but I don’t have to take it in as gospel just because.

You don’t have to receive it. What people say is much more about who they are than about who you are.

They’re looking in the mirror, talking to themselves.

A little book that I found back in the New Age section a decade ago is called The Four Agreements. It’s about not taking things personally, not making assumptions, and doing the right thing to be impeccable with your word. It opened my eyes to the concept that what everybody else is saying or doing that you think they’re doing to you, they’re doing it because of who they are, not who you are.

TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Don Miguel Ruiz

That’s hard to separate. Back to the scripture you were talking about, we do greater things than Jesus. Jesus never did what we’re doing now. Look at the people you’re touching. Look at the lives that you’re touching. He was limited to time and space when He was here. There are lots more things that we can do but so often, the human in us goes the other way and uses them for other things like you were talking about.

What a wonderful thing. I’m sure that God allowed us to have the internet and all the different things that do communication for good. As human beings do when they’ve got an adversary that’s perverting everything, then it’s turned to other things than what it’s meant to do. We can turn it around and turn it for good, just like you’re doing.

Who I am is outrageously optimistic and you’ve known that about me ever since you’ve known me. I’m outrageously optimistic that what we are seeing is manifesting some of the worst of humanity. However, I believe if everything in me that we’ve already turned the corner to a better world and a higher way of life, a better way of life than we have. It doesn’t feel like it now. I feel like we’re going through the mess. Maybe the world ends in 2 weeks or 2 months and I could sit in the corner going, “The world’s going to end,” or I could go out and love.

They said that forever, haven’t they?

They have but every day, I could love somebody else. Let’s give them hope, lift them up, and not be. I will have spent that portion of my life feeling a lot happier than somebody living in fear. I’ll say this. I’m going to add this too because there’s only love and fear. If you are walking in fear, if you have fear, it is not of God. You fear God but you love people. If you have fear, it’s not of God.

When the pendulum is swinging and you are feeling scared or fearful or whatever, you might stop and go, “I’m going to put my shield of protection around me. I’m going to go in the bold faith. Who I am is bold faith and no fear.” You’ve heard me say it forever. My other book is Outrageously Courageous~BOLD FAITH, NO fear: Step Towards the Gun! because I did.

The only thing I’d like to add with the fear thing. There are two kinds of fear and the word is not probably translated the way it should be in the Old Testament. The fear of God is awe. Fearing Him like you would a parent. Knowing the love but knowing that you’re supposed to consider. You don’t do that quite. It’s not quite a good example but the perfect love casts out fear of the fear you’re talking about. The fear meaning the respect the awe of God is a different one. I have an article on that because that’s true. God wants us to see Him in awe. The better word is the awe of the Lord rather than the fear.

I love that.

Perfect love casts out fear and that’s the fear you’re talking about. That fear is debilitating. We do not need that fear because anything I think that I’m trying to learn because there are some things that I haven’t learned yet that I’m still working on. I feel like that when we’re able to give cast our cares on the Lord as He says, then that way, we learn from Him and we can get rid of them the right way. We can work through them and get rid of them. I’m not trying to correct you. I’m just saying there’s a little bit more meaning to that. I feel like it’s important for people to know because perfect love does cast out fear and that’s fear you are talking about.



I do think it’s important that we talk about God in the way of awe and respect for who He is and what He’s done for us. That was something I wanted to add because I did do an article on that too. I researched that quite a bit before I got in there. I spent a lot of time on my articles. I did three on healing and I still wasn’t through with that. There are many different facets of every different subject that I’ve tried to give pretty much the whole picture that I can with it. You know what I’m talking about with the fear thing, don’t you?

I love the distinction because when we had a fear of God in the Old Testament and He was just, “Ugh.” I love that it’s the awe. He’s the parent. He’s the one you respect and you want to please but, in the world, whatever you say after the words I am is who you are at that moment. That’s the breadth of life that I am coming in through you. I am. When you say, “I’m tired,” it’s who you are. It becomes who you are. What if we shifted our words? I say this a lot, “Change your words. Change your life.” Shift from, “I’m tired,” to,I’m energized.”

It’s important for us to know where our breath comes from. Who gives you that breath every single second that you’re breathing?

It's so important for us to know where our breath comes from and who gives us every single second of breathing. Share on X

The breath of life and I am every single breath. If you can take a breath, you still have the option to change your life. If you’re in the gutter and the worst place on the face of the earth, your mind can change. You can’t change the last step. You can’t change one thing that’s ever happened. You can only change the next one.

I thought that was very descriptive. You can’t saw sawdust.

It’s a running theme through everything. I have your words, your breath and gratitude, and these things. We’re interconnected in our messages in such a strong way and it’s a message that needs to speak out here.

Thank you for this freedom to be able to do this.

We’re continuing our conversations anyway but anybody that wants to find you, it’s PattiGrace.now.site and you can communicate with her.

I’ll be glad to share my articles. You can order the book.

The book is on there. The last book and the next one, when it’s out, will be on there as well. You’re a Kentucky girl. I’m the Texas girl and the internet’s incredible that we can continue.

We’ve had a good visit and thank you much for this opportunity and for getting to know you even better.

This is one of my dreams, somehow to get out there and get the word. My message is your message. My message is unconditional love. Love people exactly who and where they are and love them through these unsteady times. The harder they are to love, the more they need it often. It is that time and every week, we’re on at 1:00 Central Time on the Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU. We look forward to hearing from you every episode and start watching for these. The show will be posted on Vimeo but soon, it will be out on YouTube as well. I always end because it’s important and it’s what my name means. I always say thank you very much. You be blessed and always choose joy.

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