Miraculous Pregnancy Story With Leisa Crocq

TCAS 24 | Pregnancy Story


We were in the 5th class of Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers, in the first 100 to earn that prestigious credential. We discovered just how extraordinary that small group was. So many miracles! Leisa Crocq’s pregnancy story is no exception.

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Miraculous Pregnancy Story With Leisa Crocq

This is Charla Anderson, collector, and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU. We’re on Win Win Women Network and Podetize. Our podcasts are coming out on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and all these amazing streaming services. We’re going to stream them as well. As you know, on my shows, I always do a little welcoming breathing exercise. We’ve got an incredible guest, a friend that I cannot wait to catch up with.

She is Leisa Crocq. We’re going to do our little mini vacation before we get started on that. We’re going to breathe in for seven seconds. We’re going to hold for four seconds. We’re going to breathe out for eleven seconds. We’re going to breathe in, calm, hold, and breathe out gratitude for eleven. Join me on my little mini-meditation here. Here we go. Breathe in, hold, and release. Thank you.

Remember, we’re always busy and stressed. If you ever want to take that 22 seconds and calm down a little bit, it is a great way to do it anytime, day or night, or in your car if you leave your eyes open. Here we are, and we’re moving along with this show that started in March 2023, and I’m excited. We keep plugging along and getting some incredible guests. Now is no exception. I’m happy and excited to introduce you to Leisa Crocq.

We met in 2014. We were in the first 100 Ziglar Legacy Certified trainings. We were the last of five classes in 2014. We’re still in the first 100 to earn that credential. That’s my proudest credential ever. We have some stories to tell about that. Leisa lives in Canada. Bring it, Leisa. Tell me all about you. Who are you in this world?

Up here in Canada, things are good. We’re having a good summer. My family and I got back from a fabulous opportunity for a month-long vacation in Europe. I got to meet some extended family. That was fantastic. What a great experience for my husband and I and our son. It is a mind-blowing experience for him.


TCAS 24 | Pregnancy Story


In my day-to-day world, I’m a wife and a mother. I am an Inside Sales Lead at a company that sells valves in the oil and gas industry, the mining industry, and pulp and paper. I lead a group of seven people here in Canada and help out with people in some of our other offices. That’s my day-to-day world and what I do between 7:00 and 4:00. Other than that, we love to camp and spend time in the mountains. We have beautiful mountains up here in Alberta, Canada. We like to camp there and spend time with friends.

I know you to be a compassionate and passionate seeker. For whatever reason, we were called to be in that small Ziglar Legacy Certified training class. There were twenty of us. It was a small class. They called it the High Five Class because it was the number five. They changed the name because, throughout the week, we discovered that there were many, 5 at least out of 20, that had at some point in their life died either as a child, an infant, or as an accident but had been pronounced dead. We’re in our class together. They survived. We started calling that class the Miracle Five because the miracle kept showing up. It was mind-blowing when we pulled it all together. Towards the end of that week, how many people had been through all that?

Even a smaller version of a miracle and not quite as deep as that, but everybody had a story of great overcoming, persevering, and being where they were in that class at that time to share that story. Many, besides the five, had that deeper story. There were more.

We all have stories, and some seem to be more shocking. How did they do that? My goal for this whole show is to share and offer hope and encouragement that wherever you are now, it’s not the end. It’s the beginning. Let’s love each other through the timeframe we’re in and this message we’re presenting and share and offer hope. I want you because, months after our class, you got pregnant. You were excited, and we’re all excited for you and your wedding story.

My story starts a little bit sooner than that with the waiting of life. We all go into adulthood with these big dreams, plans, and ideas. Life doesn’t always work out according to those. It doesn’t mean you failed. It means you’re on a different path, timeline, and journey. Everything is always unique to you. Don’t judge yourself based on somebody else’s timeline and progress. I didn’t meet my husband until I was 39 years old. That’s a big change. That’s not the norm. Everybody I knew from high school was getting married in their twenties and having their kids in their late 20s or early 30s. Here I was at 39, just having met him. That was part of that story. We got married.

Life doesn’t always work out according to your plans. But it doesn’t mean that you fail. It just means you are on a different path and timeline. Share on X

You met him in 2014.

We got married in March of 2014. We had our class in November of 2014. The day I found out I was accepted to the class, a couple of days before that, I found out I was pregnant, which for us was a miracle because we had been trying. I know it takes time sometimes, but I was 41 at the time. We didn’t know. We did the fertility tests and things to find out and said, “It could be tricky.”

We made it. We were able to do it. We were overjoyed. During my week in Dallas at the training for Ziglar, I was starting to experience nausea. It was a bit of a rough week. I was tired. Some days, I was hungry, but I couldn’t eat because I needed to lay down and rest. I took it all in stride because I was happy to be having that joy.

We were due in June 2014. Prior to that, I had gone in for one of my irregular checkups. My doctor seemed to be a little bit concerned about my blood pressure. I didn’t say more than ask some of the basic questions, “How have you been feeling? Do you have headaches? Do you have this? Do you have that?” I hadn’t been having any of those kinds of symptoms. She watched things a little bit closer, but nothing was critical or anything at that point.

Fast forward to Sunday, June 7th, 2014, at 4:00 in the morning, I’m not feeling good. I’m pacing and thinking, “I’ve got some indigestion.” It’s common. You hear everybody who’s pregnant talk about indigestion or the baby’s pushing on this. Some of these discomforts, you chalk up to being normal pregnancy things. It turns out it wasn’t.

I paced for about an hour and a half. I had to throw up. That’s what prompted my husband to wake up. He called the hospital labor delivery. We’d gone done the prenatal classes. He was a good husband. He had the number in his phone ready to go. He put the phone number and called them. They said, “Come on in. We’ll check things out. If nothing else, we give you the good medicine to get rid of the indigestion and send you home.” We quickly packed a bag in case.

I was due to go in for a C-section on Wednesday. This is Sunday. As the time progressed between getting in the car and getting to the hospital, my pain level shot through the roof, and I was not feeling well. We got to the hospital. They call a porter to take you up to labor and delivery right away. I had to throw up again. Thankfully, there was a garbage can near the elevator.

Long story short, I had to have an emergency C-section that morning. I had something called HELLP syndrome. It is preeclampsia but worse. It’s an unresolved preeclampsia that goes to the next level. Normally, delivering the baby should help resolve all of that. For me, it didn’t resolve. My son was born. Because of the HELLP syndrome, I had low platelets. I couldn’t have an epidural. They had to knock me out with anesthesia because there was a concern for bleeding with the low platelets because your blood doesn’t clot when you’re low on platelets.

I had to be knocked out. I wasn’t awake for the birth of my son. I wasn’t there in between all the medications. I didn’t feel there for quite a while. I remember holding him for the first time, but I don’t remember the experience of, “I’m a new mom. I have my son. I have all of that.” It was not there. Everything was okay for a little bit. By about 7:00 that night, things had turned. I don’t have any recollection of it except for being moved and ending up in the ICU.

Your son was okay.

He was okay.

It was you that wasn’t okay. This is when we started hearing our little class. You’re a little champion there. That word spread quickly. I’m sure there were prayers all over the world fast because it got dire for you, if I’m not mistaken. Your husband figured he was going to be a single dad.

He was worried. Sunday night, I went for a CT scan and a CAT scan. There was some internal bleeding that they were going to send me down Monday morning to try to fix, hopefully through an angio. On Monday morning, I woke up hearing the doctors. The porter had come to take me down for this test and said, “She needs to go here.” I heard the doctor say, “If we don’t get her pressure up, she won’t need angio. Get the rapid infuser, push fluids, and get more blood.” That was how I woke up Monday morning. I was that close.

I was protected because the thought that went through my head was I sounded like a hospital TV show. These are things you hear on TV shows. You think, “Is this real?” It was real, and I was living it, but I was protected. I wasn’t panicked at that moment. I panicked a little bit later because I had some major pain that happened when they transferred me from the bed to the other bed for the angio. That made me panic more than hearing those words because it hurt bad. I was like, “How can I be in this much pain?”

They were able to fix everything. However, the amount of fluids they gave me was something equal to 20 liters of fluid rapidly. I was huge and filled with fluid. My arms were twice the size. My mom and my husband came in later that morning. I saw the look on their faces when they walked into the room because they were shocked at what I looked like.

Was that to help flush the stuff out?

That was to bring my pressure up. I had gone from high blood pressure to no pressure. I had to have blood transfusions. At the end of it all, I had a total of 13 units of blood plus platelets to try to get everything working. Each of the letters in HELLP syndrome stands for something. H stands for Hemolysis, which is the breakdown of your red blood cells. EL stands for Elevated Liver Enzymes. I was a little bit yellow and jaundiced. My liver wasn’t functioning quite right. LP stands for Low Platelets, which is what makes your blood clot. All of those things happen. It’s like a perfect storm of things going on in your body.

Is there a cause?

It’s a high blood pressure thing. They don’t know what causes preeclampsia either. They still don’t know after all this time. It’s one of those things. It was a bit crazy.

You survived through faith. We’re both faith family and people. When you say protection, I’m always putting a shield of protection around my granddaughter, family, car, and house. I stand in Psalms 91, God’s umbrella of protection. It has every protection and promise in one chapter. Thank you for the shield of protection. It’s all gratitude. When we found out that you were past that point of no return and in high risk, you still had a long road to go.

I went into the ICU on Sunday night. Wednesday night, I was transferred out. They would’ve kept me there one more night. There was a more emergent patient that needed the bed. I was transferred out, but I was still put somewhere where I could be more closely monitored than going to the standard postpartum ward. I went home Monday afternoon. I was in the hospital a total of eight days after he was born.

Was the baby staying at the hospital so you could be there with him?

He was, thankfully. That’s one of the great things about our healthcare system here in Canada. I didn’t have to pay for any of this. We didn’t go bankrupt in the process of eight days in the hospital, including the ICU. They did put Noah, our son, into the NICU only because nobody had to worry about him. My husband could be with me. He was cared for, and nobody had to worry.

TCAS 24 | Pregnancy Story
Pregnancy Story: You will not go bankrupt even after eight days in the hospital in Canada because of their amazing healthcare system.


It didn’t affect him at all at that point in his life.

It took a few days for us to name him because I wasn’t there. I was medicated and tired. My body was recovering. I didn’t have the comprehension. Thursday morning, when I got transferred to the postpartum ward to finish my recovery, it was the day that we picked him up from the NICU. He came with me. He was going to be staying with me in the postpartum ward. That was our moment. That was my mom moment that I got to share with him.

I still remember that moment, the joy, and almost a little bit of the heartache we had missed five days. At the same time, I’m looking at him and going, “You are my son. I can see it. I can see you. I’ve always known you.” I felt like he looked at me and said, “There’s my mom.” It’s beautiful. The tears were pouring.



I’m sure it wasn’t you. Let’s go back a second here to the Ziglar. Why were we so drawn to go to Ziglar? I met Zig Ziglar when I first started going to their Monday morning devotionals several years before that. It is in 2008 or 2007. I got to meet Zig several times. Some of us are drawn like a magnet to that legacy and message. When Tom, Julie, and Cindy decided to try to create this legacy mindset, it was a lot. Financially, for me, it was a lot. It was a lot of time. I count it as one of my best times and experiences. What drew you to the Ziglar Legacy?

It’s hard to put my finger on it. Sometimes, I trust the things that are put in front of me because I believe in the divine providence of God. I know that when things are there, I can grab onto that and resonate with who I am and who I believe God made me to be. I saw the ad for it. It was on Facebook. I had heard of Zig Ziglar before, but I wasn’t searching stuff out.

Trust the things put in front of you and believe in God’s divine providence. Share on X

It came up. I’m trying to think about who I want to be when I grow up. I’m always wanting to evolve, grow, and learn. I do love to learn and to dig in. I saw the ad for it and read more about it. I knew this was something I needed to do for me. I didn’t end up being able to take it as far as I would’ve liked at this point in my life because when my son was born, things got delayed. The recovery and the healing and life happened. My husband was laid off from his job.

That was before your baby was born. You stack all this stuff up in one little life and one year. You get married, you come to Ziglar, you’re pregnant, your husband’s laid off, and you have all this. It’s amazing we can survive and come out in a better way on the other side.


TCAS 24 | Pregnancy Story


It had been our plan that I would stay home after our baby was born. I would get to be the stay-at-home mom that I had always dreamed of being. With his layoff and not being able to find that next career position that would return him to the level he was at before, I had to come back to work. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. We have to be ready to roll. Occasionally, even our vacation didn’t go completely according to plan.

I had thought about the Ziglar stuff. This could be the thing I would do part-time for me and supplement my income. That didn’t end up happening. I still believe there was a purpose and a reason, whether it’s the people I’ve met, the stuff I’ve learned, or the things I hold onto. I still play the CDs in my car. I believe one day, it will come back around. When you contacted me, I felt like this was part of the start of something coming back around. Having this conversation was invigorating for me. I was like, “This is great.”


TCAS 24 | Pregnancy Story


When I’m looking out at people I personally know who have done incredible overcoming, there will be other Miracle Five people on this. I’ve sent it out to a couple of them. I would love to continue this conversation because we’re all overcomers. Some stories are impactful to resonate with certain people.

The way you were saying what you were saying is I have a saying, and it’s like, “When intriguing opportunities present themselves, and you say yes, things show up like a magnet draws things to you.” We have the opportunity to have an open mind to these intriguing opportunities. Opportunities are unlimited. You could never address all of them. If they’re intriguing to you, they land somewhere, and you say yes, it opens more doors. If you step towards it, it steps towards you. All of a sudden, here we are.

In 2017, that did. Mike Rodriguez, who you would also know through Ziglar, had that publishing company. I got invited at that time to be part of one of his co-author projects. I wrote this story for part of that. At that time, it was the healing I needed. It was writing that story out, thinking through how I felt about different pieces of it, and getting to the place where I could accept part of when it had happened.

Through all of this, doctors recommended we didn’t have another child. That was devastating to me. I wanted another child, but I wasn’t young. I was an older mom, as it was. The risks were high that this would happen again with possible worse outcomes. Maybe the baby or I didn’t make it because it can hit at different times of pregnancy. It can have different consequences. It could be worse. We decided that the risk, on the one hand, was worth it. It wasn’t worth it for my son to grow up without me. We made that hard choice. It took a long time.



He’s got a great life to go around Europe for a whole month. You have a favorite quote, and I wanted to address that. I thought it was a cute story behind it. I’m going to get towards that and see where we are. I’ve got it if you don’t remember.

It won’t be awful forever. I was working on this project here at work that I shouldn’t have been doing. Based on my position, I wouldn’t normally do that work, but I was busy in August. It is the vacation season. We were short-staffed. I ended up working on this project. It was a big one and complex. We didn’t have anybody else we could pass it to. I ended up stuck with this project. I remember talking with one of our technical sales reps who managed this customer. He said, “It won’t be awful forever.” I was like, “I’m writing that down. I like that. That’s encouraging.” I wrote it on a yellow sticky note and stuck it to my monitor. It’s still there.

The things that stick do stick. This time goes fast. Zig always said, “Have you written your book yet?” I’m grateful to know you did participate and get your story out. I’m guessing you have more books inside of you.

I enjoyed writing that. The process was a lot easier than I expected. When you know you’re only writing one chapter, it’s not overwhelming.

I wrote my first book in 2017. It came out in hardback and went bestseller a few weeks ago. It’s been out a while. I’m revamping and getting these other two books to be pushed out soon. What is your message? What is your final thing? You can tell it goes fast. What do you want people to hear from you? What is your bottom line? What’s your core message that is important to share?

Through Zig and some of these experiences, we all have such great potential within us. We get caught up in some of the details of comparing our timelines to others. Don’t do that. You can google the list of people who started accomplishing things later in life. You look at them, and you think, “They must have always been successful.” Oprah is one of them.

Zig quotes this one all the time, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” It doesn’t matter when. Plans don’t always go the way you want. Life doesn’t always go that way. You can roll with it and you can come out. Sometimes, it’s always better on the other side than what you had originally planned. Push through, seek the good, and you’ll find it. If you are a good finder, you find good. If you look for bad, you find bad all the time. That’s easy.



You get what you think about. You get what you speak. You get what you focus on. When we focus on what we don’t want, what do we get more of? I’m telling you that’s one of my common themes in all of my shows, my books, and everything I’m trying to do. It’s speak what you want, not what you don’t want. Speak health. Don’t claim things you don’t want. This is an example. You get diagnosed with something. You say, “I have.” You are claiming it. You could say, “I’ve been diagnosed with.” You detach yourself from it. You do what you have to do. I’m not saying avoid it, but you don’t have to claim it as you.

It doesn’t have to define you.

Whatever you say after I am is who you are. Listen to those words. It’s critical. Many people are focused on what they don’t want, and that’s what they get.

I heard that one time. Simon Sinek said, “The brain can’t comprehend the negative.” If I said to you, “Don’t think of an elephant,” you thought of the elephant. Apply that in other areas. Be positive and think about the things on vision boards. That’s why people do vision boards all the time. It’s about working towards what you want and not worrying about the rest.

TCAS 24 | Pregnancy Story
Pregnancy Story: Do your vision boards. It will help you work towards the things you want and not worry about the rest.


A key that a lot of us don’t get is this is like, “I want that car, house, or person.” My training is what happens if you say, “I want that house or better?” You release it, put it out, let it go, and do the next step toward it. It doesn’t mean you sit down on the couch and wait. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work that way. Some of us thought, “After that movie, I thought it did. I want that. I’ll sit here and wait for it.” It takes action or movement on our part. This has been fun. I’m extremely happy to have reconnected with you after all this time. I hope it kickstarts something for you. How do people find you? I’m guessing Facebook. You don’t even have a site so much. I can help you with that if you want to.

I’m on Facebook. That’s a great way to connect with me if you want to know more. I’m here. I love to help.

You’re genuine. Authentic is the new sexy. Nobody wants a fake person anymore. You can feel uncommon. This has been great. We’re going to call it an end. If we have live people visiting often, some days, we have somebody in the gallery that we can open up and have a conversation with. What I wanted to say is you are perfect who and where you are. You can’t do one thing to be loved more or be loved less by God or by me. You are perfect. When we can receive that, we are blessed. I try to remember this because part of my name means joy. I want to offer you dear audience. Leisa, thank you so much for being here. Always choose joy.


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About Leisa Crocq

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