Meet Author & Podcast Host Of ‘The Reinvented Life’ Pamela M. David

TCAS 21| The Reinvented Life


Pamela Chanel Monasch David is a living testament to the power of reinvention. Her acclaimed book and inspirational podcast, “The Reinvented Life,” serve as beacons of hope, guiding countless individuals towards personal and professional growth.

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Meet Author & Podcast Host Of ‘The Reinvented Life’ Pamela M. David

Beautiful day, you beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I’m so grateful that you take the time to listen to me to learn and enjoy the camaraderie we’re creating on this platform. I‘m loving my Win Win Women platform. We’re livestreaming and now coming out as a podcast with Podetize. I am so excited to have jumped in and joined this journey. Here I am entering my seventh decade of life, and I’m not stopping. I‘m not quitting yet.

I have an incredible guest. We’re going to meet Pamela Chanel in a few moments but first, we are going to do the breathing exercise. It’s my centering. It’s my favorite thing to do before we get started because the world is a little frantic, and a little grounding is a good thing. You can do it multiple times a day. It’s a 22second mini-vacation. We’re going to breathe in calm for seven seconds. We’re going to hold for four seconds and breathe out gratitude for eleven seconds. Let’s breathe in seven seconds. Calm. Hold. Release. Breathe out gratitude. Thank you. It helps me. I hope it helps you. It probably does. We’re frantic. There’s so much going on. It feels frenetic out in our world. Take a few moments now, turn off that media, and get centered.

I‘m so grateful to reconnect with one of the people I met in California at the last big public event that we went to in 2020. I believe it was probably the end of February sometime in 2020. We went to Jake Valentine’s. We met there. We will talk about that. Pamela Chanel Monasch David has got a lot of names. I‘m going to ask her on here to see what we want to call her. We met in California in 2020. I was so inspired by her story. I don’t remember the details of the story. We will hear some of that now because I’m talking about overcomers. I know that’s part of her story in a big way. She has a podcast and a book called The Reinvented Life. That gives you a hint about what she’s all about. Should I call you Chanel or Pamela?


You live in California. It’s a little bit earlier out there. I‘m grateful for you to take the time to join me. Let’s get this show going. Tell me who you are in this world and talk about what you do too.


TCAS 21| The Reinvented Life


First of all, I want to thank you for what you are out there doing in the world. You bring such joy and hope. It is so wonderful to keep seeing you inspire more each day and watch what happened with your book and the light that you bring. It is such an honor to be a part of any or all of that. I appreciate you very much. Like you, I want to bring hope and light to people. My story is one of reinvention, not only for myself but what I’ve taken from that. I now formed an entire platform around that called The Reinvented Life.

Close to eight years ago, I sat with my doctor who had been my doctor for 16 to 17 years at that point. She told me quite frankly based on all the labs, everything I had taken, and the condition I was in that I had maybe at best a year to live. That’s where this part of my journey starts. I have an illustrious corporate career and an amazing family with three children. I call them children. They’re all adults. They’re all out there doing their wonderful things in the world.

This is entitled Win Win Women. As women, particularly, we tend to do for everyone else before ourselves. We’re putting everyone and everything else first. That’s where I was. With my career and raising family relationships at the time, volunteer organizations that I was part of, and part of all the things that my children were involved in, I got lost and abandoned myself.

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I pick up that part of the story because when I say, “Abandoned myself,” I first and foremost abandoned any connection with myself between my mind, my spirit, my soul, my emotions, and my physical body. In doing so, I reached the day that I talked about, which was all about possibly having a year to live. It had gotten that dire. I share that with people because I want to bring them hope that all is possible.

I was morbidly obese, 200 pounds overweight. I’m 5’1 on a good day. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sugars that were through the roof. It scared the doctor so much that she didn’t even need to do an exam. She had me come into her office and tell me that if I didn’t reclaim my life, I wasn’t going to have one. The process of reclaiming that and the state of overwhelm threw me in, “Where do I begin? Where do I start?”

What started very quickly early on in those days eight years ago was the realization of all the limiting beliefs that I was carrying with me. Besides all the extra weight, I was carrying enormous limiting beliefs. To this day, I don’t know where they came from. I had an idyllic childhood. I have the greatest supportive family anyone could ever want. I’m surrounded still by childhood friends, people I’ve spent my whole life with, and just beautiful people, but along the way, it happened.

Instead of worrying about where they came from, I had to immediately deal with them. One was I wasn’t athletic. I don’t know where that came from but I had never made it part of my world. Knowing that reclaiming my health had to involve many things, one of them was starting to move my body. I started discovering limiting beliefs about not carrying extra weight for the sake of it, but why was I carrying this extra weight? I realized that I wasn’t nourishing myself and hydrating myself in the way that I should.

These all may sound like simple things but they all added up to the most dangerous health condition one could find themselves in. I would say to anyone as a start, whether you want to do anything that serves you better in life, it was the shifting of those thoughts. Instead of, “I’m not this and that. I’m not athletic. I’m not eating the best foods. I’m not eating toxin-free and all of those things,” I flipped a switch.

With it, The Reinvented Life was born. I’ve termed it and coined it now personal justice. In my book, you will see it there as personal justice, which boils down to, “How do we treat ourselves in the most just way possible? How do we treat ourselves with the most grace? How do we treat ourselves with the most kindness? How do we do for ourselves first?” It was another limiting belief.

I had the “doing for yourself first” as something selfish. However, I came to find out that if I flipped that as well and realized as I became the strongest physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually, now you can show up for others, which is my mission in life. That is to inspire others, it has to start with your strongest self. It has to incorporate all of those aspects I talked about.



People who are tuning in to this, you can use me as an example. I had an illustrious career. I was a senior vice president. I worked my way up to a major corporation. I had the most incredible career ever. However, in all of that, it was my mind, work ethic, and tenacity showing up. It was not the love for myself showing up. That’s the basis for The Reinvented Life, everything I’ve created, and the stages I take people to. I do tremendous business coaching as an example, but when I coach someone on their business, inevitably, I also do life coaching.

They’re interrelated. You can’t do one without the other.

They’re related and reflective. One’s business is reflective of where one is. In the process of this reinvention, here’s what I learned physically, how I lost at this point 178 of those 200 pounds, and how I put myself first and learned to do that not at the expense of others.

Theres a little key right there in my mind. Did others encourage you? Was it like, “Who do you think you are?” You sound like you’re in such a supportive community. You may not have had some of that negative input, “You are being selfish,” instead of self-care. Selfish means care for self. Self-centered is another word that we interchange for that.

That’s a great question because I am in such a supportive community. People in my most intimate circles were very supportive and pleased to see me getting healthier. That was another limiting belief that I had to overcome, which is that everyone means well. What I’ve discovered is people generally, most of the time, do the best they can in what they’re equipped with then. To your point, it was staggering. The comments I was getting were staggering. The jealousy I was getting was staggering. The questions were staggering, “Who do you think you are?” That’s because people were used to seeing me in a certain way. The key was myself but never at the expense of others. It’s real learning. It becomes an integral part of The Reinvented Life. I’m glad you brought that up. I’m teaching people how to do that.

You have got to have them understand that their little snide comments are not ever going to be helpful. This is probably where you were. You didn’t love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Those of us who are servers say, “How can I make a difference? How can I serve?” You can’t serve from an empty cup. My analogy, which I love, is you pour your coffee. If anybody knows what saucers are anymore these days, you have a cup and a saucer. You pour your cup full until it’s overflowing into that saucer and serve from the saucer. That’s a sweet illustration of how we could manage that differently.

My next book coming out is called SplitSecond Transformation – Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices. You said that you flipped a switch. You had a splitsecond moment where you changed. People don’t think you can do that but you can change your life in a split second. You acknowledged that. Tell me about that split second because that’s a huge part of my world.

I love that you said that. It does not surprise me we’re on the same wavelength because it starts with value. I had to take a strong look and realize that I took my value for granted. I was raised in such a supportive and amazing environment to this day, but I took for granted the fact that we have to value ourselves. Everyone else around me valued me so much but I had abandoned that value. The split second is the foundation of The Reinvented Life, which was a decision to think of something differently and different than how I was looking at it. That is how you change it so quickly. You make a decision to have a new thought.

Deciding means cutting out any -cide word like genocide. All those -cide words are cutting out all other options. You made a decision to save your life. Saving your life was literal. You truly made a decision. There’s so much support out there. There’s so much knowledge, information, and tools to help you through that. What did you use? Where did you find your inspiration? Who did you follow at that time that might have guided you? Did you get a coach? Where were you at that time in that splitsecond transition?

Looking back at it, I was fortunate. I was with a functional medicine doctor who helped start to show me a balance between Western and Eastern medicine and alternative approaches to things. I had that but honestly, that split-second decision came from within. It came from my soul. It came from within and knowing that not only was it life-changing at the time for myself physically but I packaged the five stages that I developed for myself. People can use it in any single thing in their life. It started with a new thought. That new thought was, “Not to make light of it but this isn’t working.”

You’re like, “How did I get to this point?” It is not a decision. As a child, you didn’t go, “I want to be obese when I grow up.” Nobody makes that decision.

I abandoned myself. Another way to think of it is I disconnected my body from everything else in my life. Back then when it started, to answer your question subsequently, I’ve received some amazing coaching but I’ve been able to translate that and provide amazing coaching too. It’s a payback. At the time, when I made a decision, whatever that may be, I shifted it from what I had to lose. When you’re thinking about loss, what you want to get rid of, what’s a nuisance, and all of that, you’re stuck in it. I made that decision to personal justice, “How do I treat myself in a new, brighter, and kinder way?”

Stage one I’ve developed is that thought has correlative actions to it. I had to relearn everything. I had to relearn that I could move. I had to relearn that I need to hydrate continuously throughout the day. I had to relearn what I ate, the toxins that are in the food, and all of it. We can’t avoid it. It’s around us. It’s in the environment but I’m making a conscientious effort to do the things that rid that as best as possible. What was gut health? I didn’t know that our gut is the epicenter of our entire body because it is what sends the signal to the brain, and then our brain reacts accordingly.

It was all of these correlative actions to the thought of, “I have to treat myself in a new, brighter, and kinder way.” That’s the first stage for anyone in anything they want to do. They don’t have to deconstruct from where they are. They have a new thought that has correlative actions. Upon doing those, here’s the second stage I’ve developed. This is exactly what I did. I created new habits surrounding the new thought with those correlative actions. The outcome of that is the third stage, which is routines. Routines are a collection of habits.



Tom Ziglar is one of my mentors. He said a quote, “The fastest way to success is to replace old habits with new habits.” It seems trivial or almost minor to say it that way but its the truth.

It’s the absolute truth. I learned to stack them as well. By stacking habits, I mean adding good things to things that were already a routine. Getting up and brushing my teeth, for example, is a routine. I do it all of the time. It’s a habit but I added lemon water to that. I stacked them together. I start the day with lemon water. I’m starting with hydration. For one’s daily hygiene, you can stack some things that make it easier to remember.

You mentioned toothbrushing. 2023 is my 69th year. I‘ve finally created enough morning routine that I meditate every morning and things like that. With my nineteen-monthold granddaughter, we get in and do what I call Sonicare shuffles. I have a twoandahalfminute toothbrush. I‘m walking in place, balancing, lifting heels, or something. Can you imagine at nineteen months old learning that habit of movement? That’s five minutes a day that you are doing some movement that you would not be doing otherwise. I figured that out several years ago. Movement in place for two or two and a half minutes every time you brush your teeth is not much but it’s something.

It is much because it’s an example of what we’re talking about. You’re stacking a habit. Even heel lifts, calf races, or anything you can do while doing other things, you’ve added movement to your day.

Even trying to stand on one leg is a good one for those of us as we age. Balance is a big deal. What if we worked on that a little bit? It’s a place to start. I love this layering because you’re not changing everything. You’re adding one little thing that might make it simpler.

Those habits form routines. You start to form collections of mini routines. They take you into the fourth stage, which is a lifestyle. Your lifestyle is reflective all the way back to that first thought. In the case of the example I’m giving you, “How do I treat myself better physically?” You create a lifestyle, which is a collection of those routines. Inevitably, it takes you into the fifth stage. That fifth stage becomes embeddedness. It becomes part of who you are. Here is where most people get stuck.

Often we hear this saying, “I am who I am. That’s who I am.” I say that very tongue-in-cheek because it’s one of the most destructive things that people can say. In my book, I make light of it but I call it rubber cement. It’s something everyone can relate to. You can get cemented to how you are. To make any shifts from that, and this is what goes on in people’s minds, you feel that you’re almost going against yourself. Who wants to go against themselves? It’s like salmon swimming upstream against themselves.



What I encourage people to do is be more fluid. I describe it in my book. Be more like the water moving in the river or moving in a stream than the boulders or the rocks because if you’re the water, you can become more fluid. It’s a natural and beautiful analogy that people can think about. When there’s more fluidity in one’s life and to one’s life, it enables them to move smoother with the flow rather than stick.

I love that analogy because running water will wear down those boulders. You will become an overcomer that way in a big way. You mentioned the words, “I am.” Let me add to that because in my book, every time you say “I am it’s who you are. You say, “I am tired.” That’s who you are at that moment. If you continue saying that, that’s who you become.

What if you started shifting that word to, “I‘m refreshed. I‘m pumped.” People go, “I‘m lying to myself because I am tired.” You’re training yourself because the breadth of life or the “I am in you is the “I am of life coming through you. It’s the most powerful word you have. Who I am is who I say I am. Thats such a big message that we have not been taught.


TCAS 21| The Reinvented Life


We have not been taught it because if you are going to be anything, you want to emphasize the things that help you continue to grow. What I describe is growth for people. Right on the front of my book, I put, “Embracing change.” I can’t tell you how much I thought about it, “Do I want to put the word change right on the front of the book?” It’s the most fearful thing for people. Change is fearful.

I always say that somewhere along the line, we forget that growth is the most natural place we can be. I use this analogy. An infant becomes a toddler who becomes a young child and who eventually becomes a preteen and grows into a teen and then ultimately into an adult. It’s in that adulthood that we start recognizing that growth or those stages are natural.

When we get to that fifth stage, it’s about anything in life. What I’ve described physically could apply to one’s emotional state, career, relationship, or anything in one’s life when they make that one-second decision in that they want something to move forward in a way that they didn’t even envision for themselves at first. That decision has then correlative actions.

It’s easy to measure because people like to measure. People like evidence in their minds. It becomes much easier to measure if it is going in the direction you want it to go in by looking at those actions and saying, “Are they correlative to whatever this newness that one is looking at in their life?” If it’s not, they can massage it but it’s confronting it and the willingness. It’s all about the willingness to take something on. I have time after time of experience. I saw your hands do it.

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It’s a renewal. It’s a refreshment. What you’re saying about change is inevitable. There’s that quote, “Change is inevitable, and misery is optional.” I‘ve heard that. There’s no one second where something isn’t changing. Our cells are growing and changing. We can’t change anything that happened to the last second but only the next second. Change is constant. People who resist it so strongly are stuck in an old mindset of complaining, “I don’t want to change,” or whatever it is. That becomes a huge bad habit. It takes over your life as well. It reverts to habit and change.

It surely does. The basis of The Reinvented Life is coaching people, whether it be their business, their life, or a combination. What is it that has people not wanting to move or wanting to move but not knowing what to do? That’s the basis of what I do.


TCAS 21| The Reinvented Life


It’s fear. That fear keeps you stopped because you don’t know what to do. In this day and age, there are too many resources. We can’t get enough information. We have access to information. There’s so much. We don’t know which one to choose. It perpetuates staying stuck sometimes because there’s too much. We’re like, “I don’t know what to choose. I‘ll flip channels a little bit more.

When it gets down to it, I’ve added a lot of options that are out there. There are a lot of options out there. I’ve had my astrology chart read by an intuitive astrologer who was able to bring so many new tools and awareness to things that are there. I had a guest on The Reinvented Life Show. It was a profound hypnotist that is helping people go in, tap into, and get to the depth of their souls and what those souls mean. The closer you can find out who you are or who your real being is, we will now make it so that you can take more pride, and bring back to one of the initial things you said, which is so true, and see the value of your work.

We only experience what we’re able to consciously experience until we delve into other realms. That conscious access is about 5%. We’re operating on about 5% of who we are. That light and that magnificent being that people get so clouded by decisions they have made. Some have worked, some haven’t worked, and some have worked great. Over time, it’s chipping away at one’s value. For me, it was reclaiming physical health but it has spread over so many new areas. I get excited. It’s hard to contain myself when I know the potential that is out there for people.

TCAS 21| The Reinvented Life
The Reinvented Life: We only experience what we’re able to consciously experience until we delve into other realms.


I love this. You are so clear. This is the deal. You are so incredibly step-by-step clear. In the process, you’ve lived it. You’ve learned it. You loved it. You’ve done all these things. You have created a community. On Facebook, you’ve got The Reinvented Life. People are going to find you on Facebook at The Reinvented Life.

They’re always welcome. What I love is when people reach out to me via email at We have a presence on Instagram and LinkedIn. I make it so very easily accessible to people.

Your podcast is where and when?

It’s every Wednesday. It’s a livestream podcast. It’s broadcast on AMP2 Media. It’s on Facebook. It’s on all of the Facebook platforms. There are some riveting shows there that bring forward people that have reinvented their lives and also are in the process of coaching and mentoring some of them and teaching others how to do it. If people know it’s possible, it’s a lot easier for them to engage in the journey.

There’s no end to the journey. Don’t you feel giddy sometimes and excited about how much there is in life? The world is crazy out there but I’m outrageously optimistic. I‘ve said that for a lot of years before all this stuff started. I believe that because we choose to focus on what’s possible, hope, and love. When I made a conscious decision a few years ago to go, “Who I am is love,” and stepped out, it’s interesting that people sometimes don’t want to leave your presence. They’re drawn to you because you have the light and the love, and you don’t have judgment, negative energy, and lowenergy vibrations.

You have high vibrations, and people are so attracted to that. You get somebody coming in to fix your plumbing or something. They hang around a little longer than they need to be in the presence of somebody that loves them exactly who and where they are. They don’t have to do anything or be anything. The saying, “The harder people are to love, the more they need it,” is the truth.

They don’t love themselves enough, so they make themselves hard to love. We have that opportunity to send them love. There’s a saying in my little book, “It’s unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness but not unconditional boundaries.” I‘m not saying, “Don’t keep awareness of your boundaries,” but it doesn’t mean you still can’t love people and forgive them. It raises your vibration, which raises the vibration, which raises our vibration.

What you said is so important. When you remove this notion of judgment, it doesn’t mean that you have to like everything and everyone, but it empowers you to make a choice as to how you want to receive that. To answer one of your original questions, how did people take it when I was initially on this path? There was a lot of, “Who do you think you are?” I made a choice to know that is reflective of where they are.

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It has helped the clients and the people I work with when I bring up this notion about living outside of judgment because we truly don’t know what anyone has been through in life. There may be reasons why they feel that way. Much of the work I do is with clients that say, “I finally realize there may be something better out there for me. There may be a new way for me to look at something.” That’s when their freedom starts to happen. The first thing we work on is removing judgment because judgments are based on an idea that may very well be not even real. Is there any merit to it? Is there any credibility to it? Was there at the time, but it’s not relevant now? That’s where you can bring clarity to people. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Another chapter in my little Split-Second Transformation book is interesting. If you think one thing, and I think something else, I’m like, “That’s interesting. Tell me more.” It creates some discourse and conversations. It allows more evidence to come forth instead of, “I‘m right. You’re wrong.

There’s the notion that change is scary. It’s because oftentimes people stick with the known versus what they consider the unknown. They’re used to the routines at a place of work, at a job, at home, within a family or school, or whatever it may be. Instead of asking themselves the question, “It may have been this. What more is there in life?” We hear about people all the time that stay with things because they don’t necessarily even know what’s open out there for them.

If the notion that change is scary, it's because oftentimes people stick with the known versus what they consider the unknown. Click To Tweet

They stay very small. They’re small-minded. I was thinking about that. Smallminded people talk about gossip, other people, and weather instead of ideas. The bright people are looking at ideas and what’s possible. Speaking of therapy, hypnotherapy, and all that stuff, I saw a statistic that in traditional psychotherapy, it takes 600 sessions to have a 32% increase in something. Traditional therapy is always facing backward and talking about the past and what was wrong.

A normal and more intuitive therapy, coaching, and that sort of thing has a much higher success rate. Hypnotherapy was 93% with six sessions or something like that. It’s hypnotherapy and coaching therapy rather than traditional, “Lay on the couch and talk about your past.” You’re stuck in the past the whole time. How can you get out of that if you stay there? I thought that statistic was huge from 600 sessions to 6 sessions with the opposite amount of results.

To go back to what you were saying when you say small-mindedness, it ties into what you were saying about the therapeutic work at all. I don’t even know that it’s as much small-minded as it’s an inability or an unwillingness. It hasn’t come to the circumstance yet to make that elevation, open that door or that window, and see what else is there. Part of what you’re saying is so true. It’s because traditional therapeutic work deals with 5%, which we are conscious of. When you can get into other realms, it opens us up to such a vast amount of possibilities that we don’t know are there.

We’ve got so many blind spots. We don’t know what we don’t know. That is much more infinite than what we do know. This has been amazing. I love your clarity. Youre on point. They can find you at The Reinvented Life. Whats your last message? What’s next for you? This hour goes so fast.

To reach me directly, email me at That will get right to me, and I’ll get right back to anyone. I would love to have these conversations.

Say, “I saw you on Charla’s show.”

Yes. What’s next for me is very exciting. I work with producers out of Boca Raton, Florida and Delray on my show. They are expanding to multiple cities around the country and opening up production studios. We’re opening one up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m completely excited about that and to be involved with them and produce shows with them. They’re extraordinary people. That’s a big next step to ultimately creating a Reinvented Life center where people can deal with all the things, their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental transformation. We could do a whole show on mental health and what an epidemic that is and how much we all could be positive contributions to that. We want to be a place that is a refuge for positive living.

You said the San Francisco area. You‘ve been a fourth generation over there in the San Francisco area, which is always a beautiful place.

I’m fifth. I’m proud of that. My kids are sixth if you can believe it.

That says a lot about your history and continuity of presence. That’s very exciting. I have another conversation after this. I have thoughts. I want to know more about this studio thing idea you’ve got because I’ve got a studio idea myself. Maybe it’s a different type but we will see and have a conversation at some point. I am grateful for your time. I‘m grateful that you have shared so clearly your message. You’ve given an outline. If people can’t afford to do anything, they can listen to the outline and start listening, “Maybe I could change one habit or add one step to make my life better, simpler, and less chaotic.”

I gave up the attachment to drama a few years ago. I didn’t have it much anyway compared to some. I’m like, “I don’t have to live in drama. I don’t have to subscribe to it. Things happen. Do I have to engage in that? No.” It’s like a muscle. It takes practice. Some things are split second but it’s usually a decision that’s split second. It’s easy to lose sight in the real world. When I had a split second from bitterness to joy, it was permanent at that moment. It wasn’t constant. There were moments but for the most part, how many years later, who I am is joy. I had a splitsecond transformation from bitterness to joy. That became who I am.

I‘ve said it multiple times. The stories are all over the place. I‘ve got it in the book. It’s all a choice. Everything is a choice to decide and take a different step. I can’t change the last step. I can only change the next step. If I don’t like where I am, maybe I could take a step to the right instead of the left. It’s all a choice but we can’t change one thing in that direction, not one. It’s already happened.

Thank you, Chanel, for being my guest. Thank you for your contribution to humanity. I see that rising. What an overcomer story when all of a sudden, “How did I get this way? What am I going to do about it?” You didn’t say a lot of how. It’s like, “I am this way. Who I am is this way.” I deal with what’s so. What’s so is where you are right this second, and it’s all you got.

When you change what’s so to make a decision, you’ve laid it out in a beautiful outline. To anybody needing some support in that, I highly recommend Info@TheReinventedLife, finding Chanel there. We’re loving you so much. I‘m grateful for Jake Valentine having that event back there in 2020. Several of us are connected here now. We reconnected three years later. It’s fun. If you’re not having fun, you better change something.

Thank you very much. I‘m going to say as I always do toward the end of the show that I love everyone. I want you to understand that you are blessed. You are perfect exactly who and where you are right this minute. There’s nothing you can do to be loved more or less by God and many of us. Be blessed and remember to always choose joy.


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The majority of her professional career was spent with the Macy*s organization in the cosmetic and fragrance industry. Having reached a senior level management level, she subsequently transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship by opening a special events company.

Today she runs a global life and business consulting/coaching company. Pamela is author of The Reinvented Life book and is Co-Founder of KissEla Agency Business Advisors. She is also featured as a co-author in the book Cracking the Rich Code endorsed by Tony Robbins, Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington. She is the host of The Reinvented Life Show and podcast. She is a fifth-generation San Franciscan, and holds a BS in Speech and Auditory Sciences from University of California at Santa Barbara and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. She resides in Marin County, California.

I’m Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) on live TV, streaming and podcasts. As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, a retired award-winning flight attendant, Olympic Torch bearer, personal development junkie, Inspired Speaker, Published Author and Your Courageous Coach, I want to share my passion of living life full-out, saying YES to intriguing opportunities, and encouraging YOU to do the same. Let’s jump on a discovery call and get to know each other. Find all things Charla at

On The Charla Anderson Show, We discuss Mindset, How much Your WORDS matter, Princess to Queen energy, mantras, HOPE, Faith, Miracles, Overcoming, and much, much more, including learning from amazing guests.

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Collector & Connector of Fascinating People... & everyone is Fascinating!  Sharing Encouragement, Courage, Inspiration, Smiles & Hugs to Leave OUR World a Better Place.

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