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Holistic life guide Karina Cury authored “Awakening: A Journey from Medication to Meditation”, her personal story of finding peace and healing using mindset and holistic modalities rather than unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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Medication To Meditation With Karina Cury

Good beautiful day, beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I’ve got an amazing guest, and I can’t wait to introduce you to Karina Cury. Before that, we’re going to do a little mini vacation and a little meditation to get ourselves settled and centered. If you have something like a rock, a crystal, or something you can hold and be centering and take 22 seconds. We’re going to breathe in seven seconds of calm. We’re going to hold for four seconds, and we’re going to breathe out gratitude. We’ll all feel better right after that.

Let’s breathe in for seven, hold, and release. Thank you. Release. Thank you. Here we are. This is Christmas week. It’s hard for me to believe that. I’m not ready. I had a big book launch and a 70th birthday a couple of weeks ago. It put me off kilter and here we are. It’s unbelievable for me. That is close to 2024. We’re winding down 2023. We’re gearing up for 2024. Who knows? I feel like it’s the best year ever. It’s going to be even better than 2023, which is good.

I’m excited to be here, and I’m excited to have Karina Cury here. She is a book author whom I met through Beyond Publishing with Michael Butler. She’s got an amazing book called Awakening: A Guide from Medication to Meditation, which has healed her in many ways. Our messages and mindsets are similar. Karina, all the things you do, I’ve pulled the word multifaceted from the air, and I wanted to introduce you and let you introduce yourself. You’re not from this country. There are many things that I want to know about you that you have to offer. Who are you in this world? We’ll talk about what you do.

First of all, I am the universe in action. I don’t like to put on these identities that we put on ourselves, like mother, author, and all these things. I am this divine soul living a human experience. I’m a particle of God here like you. I’m you, and you are me, Charla. We’re all one. That’s what we are. That mentality taught me how to have compassion towards other humans because we’re all here. We all have a history and our journey. We’re all trying to do the best we can.

I wear a lot of hats. I’m a mother of two college children. I came from Brazil when I was eighteen years old. I wanted to be a horse trainer. I’m crazy about horses. That dream did not pin out. The universe had other plans for me, but I did become a mother who changed my life. Anybody who is a mother understands that feeling of creating another life. It’s the most amazing journey.


The Charla Anderson Show | Karina Cury | Meditation


I went through a divorce, and that had sent me down a deep, dark place. It’s due to all the limited beliefs I had from childhood and my hurt inner child. I had causing issues. I had all kinds of problems because I didn’t know what I knew now. I was not facing those traumas. I was not healing. My friends were all worried about me because I was not right. They were like, “You have to do something about this. You can’t live like this.” I was barely surviving.

A friend of mine was married to a doctor who knew a psychiatrist. I went. I’m not saying doctors are not good. I’m not seeing that at all. I am sure there are lots of doctors out there who are actual healers, but that’s what medicine is moving away from. A lot of doctors forget that their main job is to heal people, not mask the issues. That’s what medication does. For ten years, I was in this cocktail of medication because they get you in one medication. That medication has side effects. You take that full dose of antidepressants or SSR, and you can’t sleep. They put you on another antidepressant that makes you sleep at night. You’re taking the highest dose of that. You are having gut issues because all the medication messes up with your gut biome. You’re taking gut medication, and it goes on. By the time I was done, I was taking five different medications.

I met a holistic life coach. My mom passed away, and she was my rock. She guides me through a holistic lifestyle and spiritual awakening. I had to learn to stop using crutches because all of those are crutches. We don’t want to feel the pain. We use crutches to heal. You have to look those issues in the face and find a way to release them. That’s why I call it a journey from meditation to meditation. I did that through holistic living meditation and mindfulness.

Learn to stop using emotional crutches. You don’t want to feel the pain. You have to look at issues in the face and find a way to release them. Share on X

I read about a book, and I went to a spiritual retreat. I had this download that I needed to share my story to empower people who are going through the same because we all know a lot of people who go through things in life. Looking from the outside since I’ve been through, I feel like I have the solution. People are on their own journey, and they have to find the solution when they’re ready. I thought, “I’ll write a book and put it out there. People were ready. They’ll find the message, and hopefully, it’ll empower them.”

I started writing. It took about a year. English is my second language. Writing was never my forte, but it was also an empowering release of limiting beliefs because, due to these childhood issues I had, I used to think that I was not smart. For me to be able to write that book and feel like, “Yes, I am smart, I can write a book,” was empowering in many ways. That’s why I’m hoping that the book finds people who need to hear the message and helps them know that there are many ways out of this.

An action often is taking a step. I listened to Jordan Peterson, who’s remarkable. He said something about the more that you focus on yourself, the more misery you have. That’s loosely not how he said it, but if we focus outward, we can begin to heal and quit focusing on what’s wrong and start focusing on what’s right, what’s good, and how we can make a difference in the next person. It shifts a whole lot of things. You said something about limiting beliefs. You’re twenty-something, and you’re a flight attendant.

I’ve been flying for many years.

I flew for years. It’s an incredible career. Those people were my mission field. I love them. That’s back in the day when we served meals. I love that career. It was amazing for me. A few years ago, I was in a meeting or a class. At lunch, the leader came to the meeting and said, “I’ve heard you say at least five times, ‘I was just a flight attendant.’” He said, “Don’t ever say that again.” I was like, “We think I didn’t have a degree. I was a flight attendant.”

I started changing that word because I was an award-winning flight attendant who carried the Olympic torch for Delta Airlines. I was an international coordinator and could get you out of a plane in 90 seconds or less. I was raising three kids, commuting, and working max hours. I’m a mission trip mom. Because I was a flight attendant, I could do anything. It was such a wake-up call for me. When you said you didn’t feel smart, you didn’t feel smart. You didn’t have English as your first language, which means you’re smart because English is a hard language to learn. Spanish is much easier, and you speak Portuguese, which is in Brazil.

Can I ask you this? You were eighteen years old. You picked up and left your home country. You ended up in Texas because of your love of horses. This came to me because when I moved to Chicago as my first base, they all thought I had horses and oil wells in my yard. I thought they were all mafia. We had the perceptions we had from the movies. How did you do that? What was a quick little synopsis of how you made the decision to land in Texas from a beautiful country that has lots of horses, Brazil?

It’s because of the mentality of women in Brazil that it was hard to find a job, and that was easy to have here in the United States as an apprentice working for a horse trainer. The horse training business in Brazil is only for the elite people and for the ones that have a lot of money because they’re expensive. They have the second-largest number of quarter horses. Brazil has the second, first being the United States. They’re big in horses, but it’s for a few.

They don’t hire women. When I was growing up, that mentality was a male mentality. It still continues here in the United States. I went to watch the National Cutting Horse Association finals in Fort Worth. I took a girl that had never been before. There were no women in this group because it was the professionals. There are only 2 or 3 women who make it. It’s a male mentality.

In the United States, there were opportunities for women to be apprentices to start from the bottom. English is a second language in Brazil. I had an English teacher. He used to live in the United States because his dad was American and his mom was Brazilian. He said, “I’ll help you.” We order a bunch of magazines from the National Cutting Horse Association. We went through all of the trainer’s lists and started calling. I said, “I know I already have.” I started calling all the trainers and said, “I’m from Brazil. I want to be an apprentice. I would work for free for all these things.” One guy said yes.

I remember coming, but he didn’t know what I would’ve looked like because it was before phones and computers. It was ’95. He didn’t know what I looked like. His pictures in the magazine are with hats. The girl that works for him picked me up at the airport. My name in Portuguese is Karin, and she’s saying Karina. I’m like, “She’s calling me. I’m not sure, but I never heard myself being called Karina.” It was funny. I think about it now, Charla.

When you were younger, your ego hadn’t taken over so much yet. The ego brings that fear into our lives. It always makes us overthink everything that we’re about to do because it wants to keep you safe. Back then, I was young and fresh. I was like, “Whatever. I’m not listening to my ego.” You don’t listen to anybody when you’re eighteen. I went.



A lot of things that I wrote in my book had happened at the time. My dad went to jail. He was incarcerated at the time. I was short of eighteen. I was able to convince my mom to emancipate me so I could buy a ticket. I saved the money. My family didn’t know what to think. They were like, “She’ll be back. She’s going to go over there, and she’ll be back right away.” I wanted to prove them wrong.

It was hard. I remember crying myself to sleep every night and thinking, “What am I doing here?” I’m not going back because I’m going to prove to them that I can do this. It’s the perseverance of the youth that I feel like my era had. It was different back then. I have a teen kid now. Would I let her move across the country to go? I would be like, “No.”

She would do it if she was driven to do it. You would like, “Are you kidding?” That’s how you ended up in the Fort Worth area because this is the Cutting Horse I used to know. I know people who are involved in that as well. At what point did you become a flight attendant? Was that after you were here?

I was working for this man in Grandview, Texas. I don’t know if you know where that is. I’m on my way to Waco. I met this girl, Vicky. She used to come to ride horses. She took me under her wings. She used to be a flight attendant for American. I thought her life was great because she would come to ride horses for three days. She would give me some money to look after her horse because she paid to have him aborted there but no training. She said, “Would you keep an eye on my horse?”

We became friends. She would tell me about her career. She was like, “I’m going for a two-day trip.” I’d be like, “What does that mean?” She would explain the schedule and all this stuff. I thought it was. Intriguing. Several things happened, and the worst thing is it didn’t pan out. I was like, “What am I going to do now? I had no money. Am I going back to Brazil and let my family go? What am I going to do?”

Vicky, at the time, had got married and had built her own training facility. She was training her own horses as a non-professional. She hired me to come work at her husband’s ranch. It was part-time because she didn’t have that many horses. I was working part-time, but it was not enough to pay the bills. I said, “Vicky, I got to find something to make money. I’m not making it.” She goes, “Did you think about being a flight attendant?” I said, “Yes, but I don’t know if I’m qualified. I have no degree. I didn’t finish college.” She’s like, “You’re outgoing. You speak another language. Why don’t you apply and see?”

That’s the time American had opened several routes to Brazil. Brazil was booming. The economy was great here. They had all these flights from Orlando and several flights from Miami. They’re hiring a lot of Portuguese speakers. I applied. They called me in two weeks and they wanted me to start training right away. That’s how it happened. I kept thinking, “I’ll do this for a couple of years and go back to college.” The job is that you have many days off. You meet many wonderful people, and you get to help people, which I’m good at, and I love to help. I end up staying. Many years later, I’m here, and I feel like it is my time to serve at a higher level with the flight attendants. I applied to run for the President of the National Office of the Union because I hope to make a difference.

I feel like that takes a strong person to go against the grain of the union and the company. Delta didn’t have a union. I felt like we worked for each other instead of us against them. The ship rises when the tide rises. We all could make it better. I feel like the unions have a place and have had a place in many cases. Some of them have gotten a little too big for their britches. They don’t particularly have the best interest of the workers unless you’re one of the ones on the inside and know the ropes around some of that.

That’s my goal. I want to bring the company and the union on the same page. If the company realizes that by doing good by the flight attendants, you are going to have longevity, and we’re going to be able to have happy workers. Richard Branson says, “Treat your employees like they matter, and they will.” I want the flight attendants to feel heard, seen, and respected because they don’t feel like that anymore. The company feels like they have to create the vision. That’s what the union’s telling us. I don’t believe that. I believe the company is looking at the bottom line. If we bring them to understand that by taking care of those, it’ll be much better for them.

The Charla Anderson Show | Karina Cury | Meditation
Meditation: When a company starts to look at the bottom line and finds common ground with a union, everything will be much better for both parties.


My sister turned 80. She never had a lawsuit in her real estate business, which was huge, and that’s unheard of in a way because she always would go, “How can we find a way through this? Build a bridge and get over it.” It is finding a win instead of this adversarial us against them. We all win. If the company is doing well, we win. If we do everything in our power to make a difference, you’re taking on a huge undertaking and bucking the system.

That is tricky. Good for you. I wish you the best of success because it’s time for change. I feel like this competition era is over. We’re in a collaboration era. You help me, and I help you. There are 8 billion people in this world. We’re not going to run out of people to serve. Let’s take care of each other and find a way to love the person right in front of you, which is my message. What if the main purpose of our lives is to make a difference in the person right here at the checkout line?

I’m a believer in the start of this journey. I worked for a long time with the company. I’ve been awarded the Champions Award and the Chairman’s Award, which is the equivalent of flight attendant of the year with American. It’s because I care for human beings. People ask me, “Do you ever have passengers go crazy on your flight?” I’m like, “No, I don’t.” Do you know why? It’s because I look people in the eye, and I smile. I send that energy to them like, “I’m here for you.”

Like I said to you, I’m you. I’m a mirror. You’re looking in the mirror. Everything you feel about people is a perception of who you are. If you feel like people are here to get you, it’s because you are out there to get them. Look inward and see what you can do to change that. Where’s that coming from? Let’s heal the part of you because that’s not how it is anymore. We are all in this together. We’re all particles of God. We’re all here for the same reason. It’s to go through life and journey to have this experience in the human body. Our divine soul is having the experience of the whole human body. Why try to compete? Why not go through and try to serve?



I know the things I used to do. You’d get some grumpy old guy who wouldn’t want to do whatever he is going to do. I was like, “I have a seventeen-year-old at home. I came to work to get away from people like you. Sit down and shut up.” It’s a little bit of humor and inappropriate. They’ll laugh at themselves and or look.

This is something I observed. I was a commuter. I walked and watched a lot of flight attendants. I worked with the many. There are two types of service people. One is how can I make a difference? The empathizer. The other one is the enforcer. The only power I have over my life is over you. You can watch the line. If you’re in the line at the ticket counter, you’re like, “Not that one, please.” You can feel their energy. They’ve got this little arrogant, and they don’t love themselves enough to love other people. That’s what I call bullies. People don’t love themselves enough to make a difference to the next person without some reward or payment.


The Charla Anderson Show | Karina Cury | Meditation


I noticed. I don’t know that I’ve ever put that out publicly, but the encourager and the empathizer are the two types of service people. I would watch some flight attendant come along and go, “Put your seatbelt on. Put your seat up.” I was like, “Why do we have to be rude and ugly? These are human beings. Every one of us is trying to get through life as best as we can.” There were few incidents that escalated any further than that. I feel like that because you have that mission there. These people are human beings. We’re all in this little metal tube being shaken around and up in the sky. We’re going to be together for a few minutes. Take care of each other.

I feel the same way. I joke with people. They have little things going on, and they go, “I can’t believe American did this.” I said, “I know. I understand.” I let them know and validate their feelings because I do understand. That’s not right. I said, “I want you to understand that is not me. I didn’t do that to you. I personally didn’t come to work to make your life horrible. I came here to make it better. Let’s talk. You don’t have to raise your voice.”

It’s because people are upset with something that happens. Their flight got canceled and delayed. They took them out of business and put them in coach. I get all that in the grand scheme of things, that heated the moment. Most of the time, people calm down. They’ll apologize later on, “I’m sorry to talk to you like that.” I have lost a couple of times with people myself. I don’t anymore because I feel horrible when I snap. They’re going at you. When people come in, they’re upset. I start taking depression. I start thinking, “No, it’s not me. I was upset.” You must have compassion, and it works. I talk to myself a lot to bring myself down.

Don’t take things personally. It’s not about you. This is a huge piece. It’s who you are. It’s all leading here now to where your whole message is taking your life into your own hands. We’ve got everything inside of us to be all we’re called and led to be. Every single solitary thing is inside of us already. Your coaching and your book help guide people towards that inner knowing and being at peace. You can be at peace wherever you are. In utter chaos and war zones, you can have complete peace because where we are is all we have.

The moment we are now is all we have. I tell my clients, “Anxiety comes from the worries about the future. The future doesn’t belong to you.” Tomorrow, we can all be dead, unfortunately or fortunately. I don’t know. The world could end. Why are you worried about something? You have no idea it’s going to happen. Most likely, you’ll be here, and everything is going to be hunky-dory. Let’s think about now because now is a gift. Now is the day. It is all you have. Let’s make the best of it.

The Charla Anderson Show | Karina Cury | Meditation
Meditation: Anxiety comes from worries about the future.


I know it sounds cliché, but it is. The analogy I use with my clients is that when you’re riding a horse, you hold the horse’s life. You are in control of your life. Do you have the reins? Are you letting that horse run out of control? Hold the reins. When you hold the rein of the horse, you’re telling him, “I got you.” You are letting him know that you’re not pulling on it hard. You’re giving him enough contact that you’re letting him know, “I got you. I’m your leader.” You are the lead to be in the pilot seat. You have to be in the pilot seat and not in the passenger seat of your life.

With everything in life, emotions and children, your kids are looking up to you. Everything that you’re presenting to them is what they think is right because you are the person who gave them life, supported them, and gave them everything. Be the example that people need to see in you, even if you cannot do more than that, be the union president or do all these things.

Know that everybody is doing all they know to do at that moment. I’ll have another saying, “The harder people are to love, the more they need it.” They don’t love themselves enough to know how or to feel the confidence to keep a level.

Ninety percent of people don’t love themselves, don’t know self-love, and don’t know how to love themselves. That’s why coaching is such a thing because people need guidance for even simple things. Sometimes, things will be right in front of you. I’ve been working with my coach for several years. Things would be right in front of me, and she would be like, “See right there.”

Sometimes, you need that guidance like we need the guidance from our parents. We need the support of our spouses and friends. We need someone to talk about our issues. Guidance is important. Get guidance from the right people and understand that there’s always a better way to go about life. Self-love and self-awareness are what people are missing in the world because when you’re aware of yourself, you’re aware of other people.

Self-love and self-awareness are what people are missing in the world. When you are aware of yourself, you are aware of other people. Share on X

Recognizing that it’s not all about us. The Four Agreements is the book I recommend the most, more than anything. Be impeccable with your word. Imagine that if everybody did that. Don’t take things personally is such a huge message because it’s not about you. The third one is don’t make assumptions. We are always assuming that they cut us out on purpose.

I started saying. They need to go to the bathroom more than we did. Make it and send blessings. May you be blessed. “A master is the one who blesses,” says Matthew. The Four Agreements is always to do your best. How can you go wrong with those four agreements? The book is called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Ruiz.

I read that book a couple of times. I love the book. I recommended it to my client because it’s an awesome book. It’s such an easy book to read and fast. Have you ever heard of A Course of Miracles?

I did, and The Power of Now.

They all say the same thing. They all have these contents because it’s what’s been around for thousands of years. The knowledge is what I always tell people. I’m not teaching you anything new. I’m sharing with you the knowledge that I acquired.

Helping you remember who you are is the big piece of all this. You have a good quote you like, “The spark begins from within.” We’ve already got it. We’ve already talked about it, but that’s a good snippet. Everything starts from within. We want to find out how people find you. is my website. You can book a free call to see if you are thinking about anything in life. I feel like we all need guidance. If you’re going through relationship issues, work issues, and purpose issues, and you don’t know your purpose, mission, and kids, and if you need guidance with anything, I’m not going to teach you anything new. I’m going to guide you to find that knowledge within you because you carry that. Sometimes, we need a little guidance to see what’s right in front of us.

It’s a 30-minute free call. We can discuss if it’s a good fit for us to work together. When I see my clients progressing, it’s a high for me. I love it. You get to the point of your life. There’s a book called The Second Mountain, but the first mountain of your life is if you’re worried about making money and raising kids. You get to the second mountain of your life where you realize, “Raising kids was great, but making money was great. What am I going to do with them? Which mountain am I going to climb?”

You realize serving humankind is what it’s all about. You’re serving others and yourself because we’re all one. By serving you, I’m serving myself. I’m creating a better world for all of us. When you have children, you do want to leave a legacy of kindness and love because you want your children to have that. You don’t want them to go through the hardships you had to go through. You want them to have a better world. It makes you feel like you understand the creator of life. You understand why we’re here.


The Charla Anderson Show | Karina Cury | Meditation


The bottom line is to make a difference and serve. If you’re a flight attendant and you’re in the service industry, you’re servers. How I can make a difference for you is my ongoing thought. I’m not, “What’s in it for me?” I don’t even have that. Zig Ziglar even said, “Everybody’s got the sign. What’s in it for me?” I don’t seem to have that. How can I make a difference for you? In a way, you have to take care of yourself. I feel like I’ve learned to balance a lot of that. We’ve talked about flight attendants, Brazil, and moving to Texas. I’m grateful that you’re close by. We’re both in the Fort Worth area.

We need to do that at lunch. We can keep talking about it.

I saw that you’re going on hunting trips. I asked you about that before the show. If you see this beautiful Karina Cury on the show or any picture of her, she is stunning. She’s a beautiful model. She rides these horses dressed in fox-hunting outfits. What’s that called that?

The original sport is called fox-hunting. It was originated in England. I can’t remember if it was in the British Commonwealth. They would chase the fox away because there were pests on the chickens. They would chase them with the hounds. Everybody knows this about me. I’m an animal activist. I would not hunt anything. I’m an animal lover. We go on these hunts where we chase the scent of a coyote. The hounds get the scent. They chase them. They go through trees, fences, ravines, and rivers. The horse is chasing these animals nine miles an hour wide open and jumping fences. If you see it, you’re like, “Those people are crazy.” It’s so much fun.

I love my horse, and she loves it. It’s hilarious. They get over there, and they go, “The hounds.” We had some fun. You dress in formal attire, which is riding britches, riding boots, and a wool jacket because you only do it when it’s cold because it’s hard on the hounds. The hounds can’t do it when it’s hot. You only do it in the winter. It’s cold. Our protective gears are hats and gloves. Everybody is in the same color. We are dressed alike and have the same style of saddles. We go for it. It’s fun.

You have to keep your horse. I ride a lot to keep her fit because you can’t ask them to run like that if you’re not keeping up with their aerobics. You have to ride a lot. It’s all about keeping up with your horse’s fitness and going for it. It’s super fun. It’s mostly women. It is such a great connection to make with these women who share the love of horses.

You’re talking about nature. You’re out in the elements. If somebody wants something to learn more about that, where do you go?

The hunts that I am part of are great. Susan Gentry’s dad started it several years ago. It’s a big one in this area. It’s in Celeste, Texas. Go to or look for Susan Gentry or Cloudline Hounds and look for them. We love newcomers. We love people. We have horses for lease. It is amazing. You would love it. If you love it and you want to go and try it, but you don’t have the clothes, reach out to me. I have plenty of extras. I love to show you around. It’s fun. It’s for all levels. If you’re a beginner writer, there are levels. You don’t have to do all the jumps. You can go a little slower. There are all kinds of levels of riding, and we love newcomers.

Multifaceted is the word I started out with you. There are many pieces. Is there something that you want the world to know? Do you want to know, or something that people don’t know about you that you would like the world to know? What is your most pressing call to action or message?

I want people to see me as this horse rider, flight attendant, mother, and all this multifaceted. They think, “She has her life together. She’s perfect.” I want you to know that I have days where I feel like, “What am I doing?” We all have those days, and it’s okay. I don’t want to discourage anybody, but I put work into it. It starts daily with words of affirmation, gratitude to the universe, and meditation. It’s not something that you achieve out of nothing. Stay away from crutches.

If you’re drinking alcohol, taking medication, or doing drugs because you want numb feelings, that’s not the way to go there. There are other ways. I know because I’ve been there, and that’s not the way to go. The universe, creator, source, or whatever you want to call it, wants the best for you and wants it to be happy. It is your birthright to be abundant, happy, and joyful. The universe wants all that for you. Put the action in.

We talk about action. The universe is not going to give you something if you are not taking action. You have to do your part, and it will do his. You can pray all day long to God, or whatever you want to pray to, but if you’re not doing your part, it’s not going to happen because that is the law of the universe. Put your part in and start working at it. I promise your life will get better.



There are a lot of people like me who are out there to help. I do a lot of pro bono work. Don’t let the exchange of the money stop you. There are people who want to help. There are people who can help you. Look for it because there is a life full of joy for you. It is your birthright. You came here for that. You are a divine soul. That’s what you’re here for.

I love that. It is true. I went through that moment in time. When I got on some Zoloft decades ago, I went to a psychiatrist. He’s like, “I don’t think you’re insane or have mental issues. You are not being fulfilled in your purpose.” I took it briefly. I’m like, “Why am I taking this stuff? It makes me feel weird.” I told you before the show. I don’t think I have zero prescriptions. I don’t do it. I don’t believe in getting sick. I rarely do. I don’t have time to think about getting sick. It’s not arrogance. It’s authority. Jesus said to do what he did and even more. That’s a lot.

I have enjoyed our time together, Karina. I love you and what you’re doing, called and strength of character. It’s evidence of the confidence that you have and knowing that life is not perfect around us. I’m surrounded by chaos most of the time. People would not think that about me. People would go, “She got it together.” I’m like, “They don’t know.” You and I are similar as far as reaching out. If somebody has something that you feel like you need to shift in your mindset, it’s all mindset. You’re good at it, and I’m good at it. We will work with you. We will work together and figure it out. Korina.Life is her website.

This is the most wonderful time of year. We’re here at the end of 2023. If you don’t know where you’re headed in 2024, let’s get started on getting a new wave of energy and belief that you are perfect exactly who and where you are because it’s all you have right now. You might as well love it. I always thank you so much for being with me. I always love to end with that. You’re loved. If God is love, he can’t be loved. You are loved regardless. It’s time to receive it. It’s time to understand that’s the truth and receive it. Thank you so much, Karina. As I always do, always choose joy.


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