LeAnn Lyon On The Secrets Of Easier Living

TCAS 26 | Easier Living


Passionately committed to gently impressing deep knowledge and wisdom, new ideas and proven paths, to serve and help every soul to find their highest potential and unlock easier living, LeAnn Lyon speaks her truth in quiet, clear, and direct dialog.

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LeAnn Lyon On The Secrets Of Easier Living

Good beautiful day, you beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU. We’re on Win Win Women Network. I’ve got an incredible another host from Win Win Women TV shows, podcasts, Roku, and all these streaming services. Here it is, August 30th, 2023. I don’t know how that happened, but here we are. I’m going to introduce you to my guest, LeAnn Lyon in just a moment. I cannot wait for you to get to know who she is and the powerhouse messages that she’s got.

First, we do a little mini vacation or a little meditation that takes 22 seconds. I encourage you to do it often during the day. What we’re going to do is breathe in for 7 seconds, calm, hold for 4 seconds, and then breathe out gratitude. Just a little centering helps me. I hope it helps you. Ready, set, here we go. Breathing in calm, hold, release, thank you.

Here we are ready to roll with episode number 26 with The Charla Anderson Show. It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve met so many amazing people, not the least of which is my guest LeAnn Lyon. She’s on the executive team with Win Win Women. She’s the one who encouraged me and sold me on the idea of having my own show. I believe it’s getting ready to explode around the world. We’re going to do a lot of big things and big events in the next few months. I’m looking forward to all of that.

I got to meet LeAnn personally in Utah at a retreat with only about a dozen of us. It was one of those amazing times. We ended up calling it a magical weekend. Things kept being so synergistic, so beautiful, and so supportive of each other. LeAnn is here as my guest. LeAnn, let’s talk about who you are in this world, and then we’ll talk a little bit about what you do. Here you go. It’s all yours.

Thank you, Charla. First of all, it’s an honor to be here. I do appreciate it. It’s fun to be out. As you mentioned, I have my show with Win Win Women. I started after you, which is fun because we talked in January and you said, “This is my year. I’m going to learn new things. I’m going to do new things.” We agreed that this was a good fit for you. You got in and you started. You went forward. Somewhere in between meeting you and you launching is when I realized I was also going to start a show. It took a little bit more time. It took a little bit more to put things together and put other things to bed, so to speak, so that I had the time to do this.


TCAS 26 | Easier Living


I am an executive member of the executive team of Win Win Women. I have my own company which is called Joy Minder under my LLC. I am launching a new company next week or so, God willing. It is called Joy Mind Marketing, which is a company that helps businesses that are on the Now Site. I’m still putting together some of the details, the programs, and who we help. Now Site is an amazing platform. It’s an all-in-one. Everything you need to do to market your business can be done from one place. You have experienced how easy it is. I love doing that. I have a background as a teacher.

Here’s a fun little story. I was on GoDaddy this morning for a little bit of help. I’d recommend going to GoDaddy if you’re going to get URLs. They have amazing customer support. The guy I’m talking to said, “I’m from Minnesota.” He was like, “I used to live up in this area.” I’m like, “Did you happen to go to this middle school? I was a teacher there.” He didn’t, but it was so fun that you could be talking to anyone anywhere and have those types of connections, which you are brilliant at.

The world is so small. It’s almost miraculous how day in and day out, you mention something and it shows up. If I think of something and the ad shows up on Facebook, I don’t know how it knows that I thought about it.

Actually, I may or may not have gone into my iPhone and searched settings for microphone. I realized I had 30 different apps that were using my microphone, including Facebook. If you wonder how they know, that’s how they know. They are listening. You’ve given them permission to listen.

Even to our thoughts, and I’m not kidding about that. I will think about something I need to do. This is my way of saying that God is working at a warped speed. If you think it, you better want it because your thoughts matter. Your thoughts become things, and that becomes who you are. Who you say you are is who you are. Be careful what you say. That’s my message always. Every word matters and being aware that that’s the case. Even scientifically, they’re talking about the Schumann Resonance was 7 or 8 or 15 back in the day. Now, it’s in the 80s and 100s. An hour is still an hour, but it moves fast. I think we can all relate to that.

I saw an article, I think it was in the New York Times. I did not read the article, but they were in the New York Times, which is a fairly major publication posturing that there is a sixth sense of telepathy. It’s real and they are beginning to be able to prove that to a degree. That was an interesting read. I’m also a realtor. I was helping an amazing family get into a million-dollar home. There’s God all over this transaction, trust me. Including the fact that I’m working with them because there were moments when I was like, “I don’t think I’m the right fit for this,” but I had a clear “Stay. Stick with it” in my heart, so I did.

As I was driving home, I was like, “I wish I had somebody to talk to about what we just experienced.” I’d been talking to these people all day. My husband was at work. My mom and sister weren’t exactly the right fit for whom I wanted to talk to. Bing on my phone, a friend popped up, “How are you doing?” I’m like, “Siri, reply to the message. Call me.” She called. As you’re saying, I was thinking and she was the exact right person to do this. Are you ready for the rest of the story?

Yeah. Tell me more.

She called and I said, “I have just been through the most crazy situation.” I described it and she said, “First of all, how about we shift the word crazy to divine?” Do I want more crazy or do I want more divine because our words matter? Here’s the kicker. The story I shared with her about this amazing family getting into this amazing home was the third time she’d heard that story. Not with this particular family, but with other people in other situations, getting into homes that they couldn’t even imagine or that they couldn’t even afford. Three times in three days. All of it was going right through this one woman.

Then she called you.

She said, “I had it in mind to follow up on our conversation we were having a couple of weeks ago, but just as I started texting you, I felt in my soul not to say what I was going to say.” That’s why she said, “I’m just checking in. How are you?”

I believe that when you say it’s in the New York Times, that indicates that the things that I’ve known for a long time in my spirit are becoming a little more mainstream. When they have it in a publication like that, many of us have lived it for decades.

I’ve been called crazy.

In high school, they said, “You’re weird.” I was going, “Thank you. I like weird.”

I love it when it does come around and get into the mainstream. It’s everything. I was selling supplements in 2001. We had our own company. They were our brand. People were like, “Why do we need supplements? Supplements are stupid.” Now, find a house that doesn’t have some supplements in it.

If you’re waiting on food to give you the nourishment, you’re just not working because of the quality of our food. I heard not too long ago an apple had so many nutrients. Now, it’s about an eighth of that. The nutrients in the 1950s with an apple are now 8 or 10 apples to get the same nutrients. We can’t do that either.

No. It’s all over the place. By all means, know what your food is. Eat whole foods. Don’t eat processed foods. Reduce your sugar and salt. I’m aware of that. That’s what I’m working on right now. I’m working through a Tony Robbins 10-Day The Body You Deserve program. Now, it’s 1 hour and 17 minutes of audio along with things that I have to do. It’s amazing.


TCAS 26 | Easier Living


That’s a motivation. We know what to do. Most of us pretty much know what to eat. We know how to eat better. We know all that, but by taking action on that, you have the accountability by making that step. Good for you.

Yes. I’m in my mid-50s. Now, he started talking about binging. You think, “I don’t binge,” then he defined binging. I’m like, “I totally binge.” He talks about the fact that most of us do eat emotionally. That’s something that I had never owned up to before. I’d never owned up to the fact that I eat emotionally. Even to the fact that I brought my mood-altering substance with me to the show. It’s coffee. We do these things. Why do we drink coffee in the morning? It’s because it’s morning.

A lot of it is a habit. I love coffee. I’m not going to give up coffee. Honestly, I’ll just put this out there because of my observation over the decades when my mom was cooking with oleo margarine instead of butter because of the calories. A decade before that, nobody knew. There wasn’t any talk about calories. Everybody ate bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, and gravy. Nobody was fat because they were eating real food.

There’s nothing wrong with the lard and the butter. It helps your brain, especially young men need more of to keep their masculinity high. I observed over the years that things that were natural like sunshine, salt, coffee, eggs, and things that are in our world started getting demonized so that they could maybe sell us something else down the road. Just a food for thought on that.

Yeah, 100%. My mother was now in charge of feeding the children. She would go to the grocery store and there was regular tomato sauce and there was low-fat tomato sauce. Really? The low-fat tomato sauce to make it taste good was super high in sugar and salt. Not that you can see this, but this is my wrist. I took off my Fitbit. We have a boat and I spend as much time on the boat as I can. Do I wear sunscreen? Only if I’m going to be out for the whole day. At some point, there’s a little bit of getting too much. I don’t like to get burned. We do understand that burning is a bad idea, but for the most part, I stay covered on my boat. The sunshine that I’m getting is a reflection of the water and my body can take it.

I had a conversation with my son about this exact thing. He’s a marine up in Washington DC, and I got to see him a couple of weeks ago. It made common sense. Billions of people have gone through living on this earth without sunscreen and all these extra products, and they survive and they’re fine. My son was like, “We need D. I won’t even put it on if I’m going to be out all day and I get burned. I know our skin and our bodies. If God can create it, he can heal it. The skin on our bodies is designed for sunshine.”

I think that I’m a rarity because I would always be out by the pool and I never wore sunscreen because I know that there are studies that show those chemicals that they put in that stuff are much worse for you.” I’m not going to be dumb, and I don’t want to feel sunburned the next day. If I’m going to be out all day long, I would put something on, and I’m sure there are plenty of natural things. The deal is why are we substituting fake things, fake fat, fake salt, and fake sugar? I think artificial sweeteners are the worst of all. Why are we substituting all of that? They’re cheaper, generally speaking, than organic and all that right now.

We can go down the conspiracy theory you wrote on there as well if you create a need. Let me finish up a little bit with what Tony Robbins was saying about it too. It’s not that coffee is bad. There’s no bad food. We can say that there are whole foods and processed foods. I might put processed food into the lower category of energy food. We can do higher energy food or lower energy food. Let’s do more high-energy and higher water-content foods. That makes a lot of sense. However, Tony Robbins shared the story, so I’m sharing his. Somebody came home with a box of cookies, and they were no-sugar cookies. They tasted good. He had one and he’s like, “That was so good.”

He went back later in the day to have another and the box was gone. Tony Robbins has a cook. He asked his cook, “Go get a couple more boxes of those cookies.” The cook came back and later in the day, Tony was like, “I’m going to try one of those cookies.” Both boxes are gone. Now, he didn’t just want a cookie. He needed a cookie. His cravings, his urging, his binging, and his desire to binge on cookies were getting high. It goes up. Why? Because of scarcity.

He tells another story about scarcity. The more we think that if we don’t have it now, we’re never going to get it, that’s emotional eating because it’s generally not true. You can think of all sorts of exceptions to this or whatever else. Finally, he told his chef, “Go get 20 boxes of cookies.” He did. He brought it back and there were 20 boxes of cookies. Tony Robbins himself went and grabbed one box and ate 2/3 of it himself. By the end of the day, three boxes of cookies were gone. Now, you stick your tongue out, but you create this desire and all this kind of thing.

The more we think that we don’t have something now, the more we will never get it. Click To Tweet

The next day, he’s like, “I want some of those cookies.” He had a couple. On the third day, he had one, and then he didn’t have them anymore at all. Why? It’s because when he opened the cupboard, there were plenty there. The scarcity was gone. By the time he had the one, he was like, “They’re not that great.” The thing is we can create all of this in our heads. I’m thinking right now of a restaurant in Minneapolis. It’s so good. These Italian homemade pasta, ink pasta, and gnocchi. They have this gnocchi there that’s unbelievable. It’s so good.

I remember eating there one time. This was a time when I was trying to be conscious of my food intake and all that. I took the first bite and I was like floating off into heaven. It was so good, then the second bite and the third bite. I was eating it slowly and enjoying it. I got about halfway through and I realized I was just eating. Was it any less tasty? No, but I had already gotten used to it. At that point, I needed to think, “Do I need any more? Am I feeding now my emotions, my habits, or my body?”

Also, your childhood clean-your-plate things. There are a lot of things that go into all that, for sure.

I started working on a book. That may or may not be part of my first chapter.

I want to talk to you about that, but before we move to that, one of my words had completion, regal, and savor. I’ve forgotten that one until now. Savoring, I read this lady’s most treasured moments or one of her most blessed moments is a beautiful piece of rich chocolate cake that she savors. I would encourage people, if you’re going to eat the cookie or the pasta, to enjoy every bite. If you’re going, “I shouldn’t be doing this,” your body is going to hold onto it instead of releasing it. If you’re going to eat it anyway, enjoy every single morsel and receive it as a blessing, a gift, and a nourishment to yourself.

I think that’s the training we could do for our kids, instead of just running by and grabbing something. I was a flight attendant all those years. We served food back in the day. There were often leftover ice cream sundaes. I was like, “I’m going to just say no.” If 15 or 30 minutes later, I still want it, then I would go and scoop out a little whatever. It’s a mindset around food that we’ve lost the idea even of savoring our food. It’s all shoving it down as fast as you can while we’re doing something else.


TCAS 26 | Easier Living


There are all the great techniques. I talked to my husband about this. I was like, “You know what? We’ve lived in this house for a year and we’ve eaten at our table a dozen times because we’re both home. We both worked all day. We’re watching TV. “Let’s just eat in front of the TV,” which by the way is about 3 feet from our table. We could sit at our table and watch TV, but we don’t. We sit on the couches in a relaxed position. We watch TV mindlessly eating, instead of having a conversation with each other or instead of putting our fork down between bites. It’s just eat on rote. I wonder why I’m not where I wanted to be at this point in the boating season. It’s these habits. Just eat, pause, drink some water, have a conversation, and put your fork down between bites. All these are great habits.

After my last baby, I used to have weight restrictions back then. I’m going to get back to my weight restriction, which is ridiculous if you start to think about it now how low they were. I was never in trouble reaching it. I was always small, but I came up with some thoughts around that. One of them is savoring. One of them is saying no and then making a decision. One of them was most of the time, we go, “If I eat this, am I going to regret it? Yeah, but so what?” I changed that to “If it’s tomorrow, will I have cared if I ate this?” I project it to tomorrow, “Will I have cared if I had whatever it is today?

In the big scheme of things, there are so few meals that are so memorable that I would find worth having. I had a lot of little tricks that made a big difference for me. Just saying no was probably the easiest one, and intentionally choosing later. I had no idea we were going to have this conversation about food because it’s such an important topic. We can find ways, but I do believe intentionality around food is probably the biggest key.

I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting. When I practice it, I feel my best. I have more energy. By the way, I have fewer decisions I have to make because I chose to stop eating at this point. I’m going to let my body rest. I’m going to let my body digest. I’m going to let my insulin slow down and level off, and all the things that intermittent fasting can do. I have an app that I use called Fastic. It reminds me that 4 hours later, this is happening, or 11, 14, 16 hours later, this is what’s going on in your body, and it’s positive.

When I choose to re-engage with food, then I’m much more intentional. What am I going to break my fast with? It’s breakfast so it’s sometimes eggs usually after a little bit of fiber, a little bit of fruit, or a little bit of something. There are all sorts of theories on what you eat, when, and all the different things. Just that pause and decision, “I’m going to do this or I’m not going to do this.” I think it helps. I’m going on a two-hour business networking cruise on the Mississippi River. It’s on the St. Croix River, which is a river between Minnesota and Wisconsin. I know there will be food and drink there. My husband and I typically don’t have any alcohol during the week.

There’s that. I know there’s going to be food there, but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be nothing there that I’ve never had before or couldn’t have again tomorrow. If there is, perhaps I’ll make the decision to have a little bit. It’s realizing that it’s a choice. Will that make a difference in where I want to go with my health, my body, and my life in the next couple of years? Will that piece of cheese help or not? At the same time, you need to eat. Our bodies depend on food.

Fat and protein are necessary, as we said a little earlier. It’s so interesting how many diets die with a cross at the end. Many diets are not designed to help us better. It might be a kickstarter. You’re Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Win Win Women, and Joy Minder. How many hats do you wear?

I’ve gotten it down to where I say two. Although I have been trained by Tony Robbins. Although I am certified with John Maxwell. Although I keep my black belt handy because it reminds me of what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished, and what I can do. None of those things are my jobs. None of them are my career. They’re all part of who I am, but I wouldn’t call them hats if that makes sense. My two hats are that I help and support Win Win Women, and I have my company with Joy Minder.

Lots of things come from that. Ultimately, the marketing, you’re a master and a miracle worker around marketing. You’re an expert in Now Site. Now Site is an AI-driven program that I had an amazing experience with. For anybody out there who wants the gift of having someone who knows the ropes when you’re learning something new, LeAnn has live office hours where you can call her, text her, or whatever in specific timeframes. You are setting it up for a big success for most of us who get overwhelmed or can’t quite figure out, “Why can’t I make that color picker work?”

I’ve witnessed your change. You’ve decided after I did to become a show host. You were already in Win Win Women, but here you are, a show host and choosing to open up a different version of your marketing business and make it more for you rather than free for all. You are helping a lot of people and not getting much yourself is what I understand. You’ve come a whole long way around all that.

I’m going to touch on something I haven’t admitted to very much. I was probably experiencing a bit of a trauma response for the past four years to the closing of a business. It was an unwanted closing. It was very sudden. It was very painful. Like many people going through any kind of loss, and I’ve been through a few, there’s a trauma response and that’s natural. It would be weird if we didn’t experience it to some degree.

My typical response to trauma is to pick myself up and keep going. There’s nothing innately terrible about that, but it also doesn’t allow for a lot of healing. It took me four months to get back to, “I can do this. I feel confident. This is my time to do this.” Meanwhile, thankfully, God blessed me and many other people that I was able to support other businesses and do other things during that time. I became the expert that I am because I was willing to get out there and help people honestly almost for free. The time has come to move past that. I’m thrilled to help. I love helping people. As I mentioned, trained as a teacher. Please put me in front of somebody who wants to learn something and I am just so happy.



Also, you’re so good. Some teachers are just teachers. You have a gift. You can make complicated things simple and easy. You’re calm and peaceful. It’s so well-received. You’re techy. You sold your first software when you were eleven years old. Was that it?

I did. I’m in my mid-50s. In the 70s, personal computers started coming out and they started appearing in classrooms. I started playing on computers in classrooms in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. About sixth or seventh grade, my father came home with a Commodore 64, 64 megabytes of power. Now, our iPhones have eight times that much easily, if not more. On that computer, I used something called BASIC programming. I wrote up a very small program that my mother’s boss bought from me to make her job easier.

You’ve got that foundational nerdiness or something. I’m going to ask you another question. Zig Ziglar always said, “Have you written your book yet?” Every time I saw him talk to anybody, “Have you written your book yet?” You posted one morning that in the night, something came to you and that’s one of your next steps. It’s to pull your book together. Do you want to share a little bit about the mysteriousness of how that came to be in the middle of the night and where you might take it?

It’s interesting that Zig Ziglar would do that and say it that way. I don’t think it’s something you can force. What I wrote about on Facebook is that, when you’re seven years old, you have an innate sense of who you are already. About 80% of the programming we run in our brains now was formed before we were seven, and 90% by the time we were eighteen. Only 10% was formed in those eleven years and only 10% ever since. If you think of a computer, it has an operating system. Your phone has an iOS operating system. We have operating systems. That operating system was formed before we were seven. Much of the programming we run like clean your plate and everything else is running on that operating system. My operating system is running slow on some data right now, so close your eyes and just listen.



The knowledge that I was going to write a book was when I was seven. Throughout my whole life, I’ve been like, “What’s this book I’m going to write?” I’ve asked myself this question, “Is that what I’m supposed to write?” One of the things was the many times I’ve been through trauma, people say, “You should write a book about that.” I’m like, “Why would anybody want to read my trauma? How could that possibly help them? How would I make this into something that would benefit other people?”

I tried to force it once in a while, “I’m going to write a book. I’m going to sit down and I’m going to write fiction.” I’m not even a fiction writer. “I should take classes,” and then I’ve never taken a class, but I thought about it a lot. I’m like, “I’m supposed to write a book.” I think it’s a combination of being ready, being past this most recent trauma enough, being in courses like this one with Tony Robbins, and having a connection with people.

One of my clients wrote a book called The Eggshell Effect, which I have it handy. That informed me because it lays out how I’m going to write this book. How he wrote it is his story, but I see how he wrote it being his story can help a lot of other people. Now, I was given my focus. I was given my stories. I was told which stories I was going to share, and yet I found out it’s going to encompass all the stories. Ultimately, it’s going to be about helping other people. I did notice another show host has joined us. She’s a big part of why this happened too, believe it or not. Her story and her journey have been percolating in my brain. It all came together one night at 1:30 in the morning. That’s how things happen.

TCAS 26 | Easier Living
The Eggshell Effect

I don’t know if anybody knows who Eric Worre is, but he’s a professional network marketer. I was at his event. In the event, I realized, “I could be transcribing what he’s sharing. I got Otter, which is a great app. I started using it and it’s transcribing everything. I had to pay $16 to get it for the month. I’m like, “Fine, this is worth it. That way, I can go back and review it.” At 2:00 in the morning, it’s on my phone already. All I had to do was turn it on and start talking. I wrote the introduction and the first two chapters of my book and it’s already transcribed on Otter. Ready for me to start editing because I know the editing will be a big deal.

Amazing. When God says yes, it’s like, “Got this. Yes.” So true. This was this morning. Do you have a timeframe?

Yes and no. I dumped everything I could into the transcription this morning. I was up until 4:30 this morning. I will continue. Like I said, I’m in a process right now. This beautiful woman in our audience, Shante, even counseled me. She’s like, “Take it step by step. Take it meal by meal. Don’t put the pressure on yourself.” One other brilliant thing that Shante shared, and all credit to her, is that the journey will be what we make it. If we decide the journey will be hard and challenging, it’s the words we assign to it that will make it so. That was just another illumination to me. I’m like, “I can make this peaceful. I can make this fun.” Tony Robbins said the same thing. He said, “This does not have to be a challenge for you. This can be a fun process if you decide it will be.”

TCAS 26 | Easier Living
Easier Living: Our journey is what we make it. If we decide it to be hard, it will be challenging. Be mindful of the words you assign to it.


Hit the easy button. Let’s have a life of fun and ease. I say often, “Everything is always working out for me. I didn’t get the red light like I wanted. Okay, thank you.” Everything is about gratitude to me. I’m sure there’s a reason. Your timing is perfect. Mine, not so much. Those kind of things. I’m like, “Thank you.”

It’s 47 years of God saying not yet on writing a book. Honestly, 47 is a divine number. I think it’s prime. I’m pretty sure it’s a prime number. I’m almost positive it is a prime number. I’m not a numerology person at all, but I’m a math person. Prime numbers are special. That’s cool.

I made you co-host for a reason. I can’t read what Shante wrote on the chat. I would love to have Shante join us for a live conversation if she’s able and willing. She is usually at a job. There she is.

I’m so excited about your book and I’ve just read your post about when you were in grade school. Was it second grade?

I moved schools in second grade. As I was being shown around the school, I remember I went into the library and I was already a reader. I already loved to read. The little girls next door are twins. They’re going into third grade. I told them the story of my third-grade teacher had a reading shack in the corner of the room. If you earned the points, you could sit in the reading shack and read all the books you wanted. I was there all the time because I wanted to be in the reading shack reading books. That’s what I did. Even already by third grade.

In second grade, they brought me to the library and I grabbed the librarian and I was like, “That’s where I want you to put my book when I write it.” I remember it was about 10 feet inside the door to the left. I went back to that library, probably two decades ago now. They had reconfigured it. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t have any sense of what section I was pointing to. I just wanted it to be where I could reach it probably. I wanted to be able to find my book once she had it in that library.

I think that’s phenomenal. I love how God gives us glimpses of the future that he has for us at a time when you don’t even expect it. Who would’ve expected it in the second or third grade? You then manifest in it right now all these years later. I love it.

For such a time as this.

All the time I’ve wondered, “Am I supposed to write about this? Am I supposed to write about that?” It was never a clear yes. It’s literally this morning. Joy Miner Marketing was born on June 6th at 4:00 PM. That’s how clear I was about starting Joy Miner Marketing, which I’ll be launching this fall. I think I haven’t written the end of the book yet. I haven’t reached the end part of this journey that I will share. I’m sure that if I publish it at all whenever I decide the book is complete, I won’t be at the end of my journey at all. I will get to a point where I feel complete in what I’ve done, and then I might move on to something else. I’m looking forward to that. I’m also patient. It’s like teaching you how to use Now Site.

It does take patience, for sure.

I’m excited. I know you said in your Facebook post you’re going to be journaling this journey for the next 55 days or something to that effect. You’re about to have a birthday.

I’m all about doing more to listen to God’s words in my life. I have not necessarily been great at that, although I know he’s walked with me every step of the way. I’ll give you a couple of examples. It was about closer to two years ago, I was talking to the owner of the house that I’m sitting in now. He said he wanted to sell his house someday. I had this word that said, “You’re going to live there,” and here I am. I say that to let you know that I am here living with my husband of 28 years, so no funny business there. That’s not how I got to live in this house.

He wanted to leave. He wanted to get out. He’s also a very private person. He hated the idea of going on the typical real estate market. As soon as my husband and I saw it, we thought, “This is exactly what we’ve been looking to do. This is exactly what we wanted.” We put big offers on three other houses. When the market was super hot a year and a half ago, we never even got a maybe.

The last one, 80,000 over asking, shut down. Not even a maybe. Finally, this guy was ready to say, “Yes, you can come look at it.” As soon as we saw it, my husband said, “I guess we’re putting in an offer.” I said, “I guess we are.” I never had told him that I’d already had this knowing and I already had this thing. I made legitimate great offers on these other places because I knew that we needed to do that. That was part of our process as well. When I have these intuitions now, I’m a little bit better at listening to them.

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We’ve talked about it in multiple places in this conversation that God is working in warp speed. I believe that we’re manifesting quickly right now as we’re learning to listen. That’s what it is. We’re learning to be discerning. The synchronicity and the miracles are all over the place. When we allow ourselves to receive, so often we’re so busy and we’re not listening. The be still and know is a huge piece of that. You’re manifesting it right now.

The thing that got me on that story was #55 by 55 Joy. If you go to #55 by 55 Joy, you’ll see that one day randomly, I wonder what day my birthday will be next year. It was a Wednesday. I’m like, “How many weeks from now is that?” It was 55, so I had 55 weeks before my 55th birthday. Again, I’m a number person. I’d been seeing posts that people have been putting out, “40 Lessons I’ve learned, sharing it on my 40th birthday. 50 lessons I’ve learned, sharing it on my 50th birthday.”

That seems so stressful to me to have to sit down and come up with 50 or 40 things on the day. Here I am, 55 weeks before my 55th birthday, I can do one a week. It’s scheduled on my calendar every Wednesday morning for me to put out one post a week, and then this was post number seven. My post number seven was called Be Curious.

Miraculous stuff going on here. I find this interesting. On Saturday or Sunday, I was getting gas. I just pulled up and a memory popped up. It was a ten-years-ago memory that popped up. I’m going to be sensational for 60. That was a decade ago, and here I am pushing 70. I looked at how many days. September 22nd is 70 days to 70. I find all this funny that here we are, but I don’t know what I did for 60. I don’t think I ever made a big deal out of it as it turned out, but 70 days is 70. What do I want to do? Maybe you all have some ideas. I don’t know.

I do believe these number things are personal, but there are numbers throughout the Bible. God works in numbers. Seven days is the number of completions, and that’s all.

TCAS 26 | Easier Living
Easier Living: God works in numbers, and those numbers throughout the Bible are full of meaning.


Eight is new beginnings. For decades now, 5:55, I see it all the time at my clock that my screensaver up here, I’m always catching it when it’s turning 5:05 or 5:55. I love it when it’s all five digits. Fives are huge. You’ve capitalized on that. I agree. I think that somehow religion wanted to make numbers bad or evil. God, completion, new beginnings, and all of those things are in every chapter of the Bible. I think that we may have been sold out a little bit on that so I’m grateful.

I embraced them for a little bit. I was told they were called angel numbers. I started thinking, “I’m going to look that up. Angel numbers. This means this and that means that.” I then realized, “I think those are somewhat human constructs. Let me take this back. Let me go back to the Bible and see what the Bible says about numbers.” Now, what I realize is that when I see 1:11 or 11:11, which I see now again, I often see elevens. When I do, I give it back to God. I’m like, “I know that you just touched me and I’m giving this grace and time back to you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for everything in my life.”

If you look at the “Angel numbers,” almost all of them come back to, “Be present and give gratitude.” Maybe it’s be present and give gratitude about this area or this thing. If you look at least the one that I was choosing to follow for a little while, most of them came back to just be present and give gratitude. When I do see numbers, my first instinct is to say, “Thank you, God. I hear you.”



Right now, it’s 1:55. In a few seconds, I’m going to tell you when it’s 1:55:45. I love that my screensaver up there gives me that because we’re going to wind down the show in just a second. It’s 1:55:55 right now. I love that. I see it so often because I do have that up there. How do people find you, LeAnn? Any last words because we only have a couple of minutes?

If you do #JoyMinder, you’ll certainly come across my posts. My posts are everywhere. I’m on LinkedIn, I’m on Facebook. I’m heaviest on LinkedIn and Facebook probably. I will expand into some other social media. Now Site is making it easy. I love that. You can find me at Joy-Minder.com. That is the best way to find me at the moment. I’m working on some stuff around there, so I appreciate that. It’s @LeAnnLyon for a lot of things. You can find me on Twitter. I’m not super active there. You can find me on Instagram. I’m not super active on there. I’m now going to say yet. Also, catch me on my show.

She’s got a show on Mondays called?

Lead with LeAnn. I toyed with changing the name recently and I thought, “No, that’s just the right name.” Lead with LeAnn is at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. We and Win-Win Women go with Pacific Times for whatever reason. I’m in Central Times, so it’s 4:00 PM Central, but 2:00 PM Pacific. It’s the same network, WinWinWomen.tv. You can go to my show anytime you’d like. I do have a website about the show. I’m looking for great leaders to interview and have great conversations. Charla, I want to say thank you for having me here for this wonderful conversation. Shante, thank you for joining as well.

She’s my favorite. This has been so much fun. Shante, I appreciate you showing up. We’re in Texas, you’re in Minnesota. We’re only 110 degrees. We’re pretty ready for a little bit of a cool down, but I’d rather be hot than cold. That is everybody’s preference.

We’ll be in the high 90s for the next four days of the state fair. That’s how it goes.

Everyone, The Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU. I want to encourage you to remember to always choose joy. See you next episode.


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