Inspiring Impact Of Storytelling With Teresa Velardi

The Charla Anderson Show | Teresa Velardi | Impact Of Storytelling

Whether you’re looking for a coach, writing a book, or want to talk about something that lights you up, Teresa Velardi can help you share your heart’s message in books, podcasts, and even with pottery. So, what’s your story?

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Inspiring Impact Of Storytelling With Teresa Velardi

Good beautiful day, you beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People, and Everyone is Fascinating, Especially YOU! I’m so grateful that you’ll take the time to join us. We’ve got a wonderful guest, Teresa Velardi and we’re going to do our little mini vacation, our little 22-second mini meditation to get us grounded and settled. It helps us a lot when we’re so attached to these devices that maybe we take a 22-seconds.

All About Teresa

What we’re going to do is breathe in calm for seven seconds. We’re going to hold for four seconds and breathe out gratitude for eleven seconds. If you will join me, here we go. Let’s breathe in some calm, hold, and release. Thank you. I’m grateful that you would join us on that and have a wonderful opportunity to chill. I’ve got Ms. Teresa Velardi from Pennsylvania and she is joining us with all about book publishing and all kinds of stuff. One of the things I like to ask Teresa, is would you just tell us a little bit about yourself then we’ll talk a little bit about what you do?

I grew up in Long Island. I am the eldest of four children. I have two sisters and a brother. They are writing material all on their own. I moved to this area of Pennsylvania many years ago. I’m looking for a warmer space to go based on the weather in PA. The winters are cold here and challenging. Not that it wasn’t cold on Long Island, but I’m looking to go to a warmer place.


I have a couple of friends there who say, “Come to Texas.” I’m not sure when that will be yet. I’m sure I’ll get guidance on how that’s going to happen and when. I have one son who is an entrepreneur himself. He owns a restaurant locally. I’m very proud of who he is and who he has become as a man, despite all the challenges we had with my ex-husband. I entered into writing by using a journal every day to write down my feelings, my thoughts, and my gratitude each day.

The Charla Anderson Show | Teresa Velardi | Impact Of Storytelling

It’s been going on for many years. I’m also a potter. I’m a ceramic artist. I’ve looked at my first pottery class in high school. I had done those paint ceramic things before but I had never made anything on the wheel. It was like coming home the first time that I did that. It was crazy. I’ve been blessed with many gifts and talents. I do my best to use them to do what I do in helping people get their stories told in books and to encourage others to do the same.

Daily Gift Book Series

You’ve got a series going, which is amazing. I happened to be involved in a daily gift of hope and the book series, A Daily Gift of Hope. In my chapter, I’m on page 137. Make sure you get that book and read about hope. The first one is a daily gift of gratitude then you’re doing the daily gift of kindness next.

Peace comes after that. The series came about, it was one of those little taps on the shoulder that I got from God that said, “This is what I want you to do.” It lingered for 5 or 6 years before I finally got a kick in the pants and was told, “Do the gratitude first.” That happened in 2022 then Daily Gift of Hope came out in 2023. We’re looking to launch it on the International Day of Kindness, which is in November. Details on the website,

`If anyone wants to contribute to that book series, what a gift that would be. That’s huge. Who doesn’t need all these things? There’s a lot of good people in this world. I believe and I’m outrageously optimistic that there are more good people than bad. God wins and good wins. In spite of what we sometimes see out here, I don’t watch much news but we know that things are not as it was when we grew up.

The Charla Anderson Show | Teresa Velardi | Impact Of Storytelling

Doing Good In The World

Things are shifting in a fast and furious way, but I feel like it’s almost the devil’s last grasp trying to take us down or take us out. Anyway, the point I want to make is I believe there’s more good than bad. Across the board, there’s so much good in this world. It’s beautiful that you’re finding the people that believe that too. I surround myself with people that believe that I don’t pay much attention to the negative stuff.

I agree. In that category, we are sisters. That’s for sure because I do my best to focus on what’s positive, bring out to the world what’s positive, and help to uplift people wherever possible. As you said, there’s a lot of stuff going on in this world. I don’t watch the news either, by the way. What I need to know comes to me somewhere or another. Somebody will tell me or it’ll show up on my screen if I’m working on the computer, but I don’t stay there and I don’t think anyone should.

Part of the reason the series is so prevalent now, that book series, is because the world needs to be grateful. We need to find things that we’re grateful for so we don’t let ourselves slip into the insanity of what’s going on around us. Hope is something that everybody needs regardless of who you are, where you live, and what you have going on in your world. Hope and faith belong together.

The kindness piece, regardless of anything that’s going on, there is no reason why you can’t be kind to people. There’s no reason for anybody to be lashing out. It leads to all things not various if you’re that person, but kindness, paying it forward, doing something good for somebody else always lifts everybody and this both sides of the equation.

Also, the entire vicinity. My tiny book I have behind me, the Candy Bar Hugs: It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference. It’s about paying it forward. Offering a candy bar or a hug before the elbow bump thing happened, but then we’re back to hugging again. You would notice everybody else starts smiling or feeling a little and it’s to checkout people at the cashier instead of the big butt people behind you if you’re buying those expensive coffees.

It’s the people serving you that they check out at Walmart or Kent Kroger’s. Those people, to me, probably are the ones that get the most out of it. It’s always a kind gesture, no matter when you pay it forward. It’s a pay it forward type book. That’s a huge piece to our world, I believe. Each one of us does our part. It’ll get better. It keeps getting better.

One of the things, it’s not a matter of necessarily. Compliments go a long way to spread kindness. When I’m walking out of the store or I see somebody who is maybe a woman who has a great color hair. I love the color of your hair. Something I hope you have a great day. Stand out of the crowd of people who are just walking with their heads down or have their face in their devices and whatnot is a little bit different. It’s a lot more uplifting if you are nice to people.

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It goes a long way. I was going to say what I’ve noticed over the time that sometimes people are hard to love. The deal is love them anyway because the harder they are to love, the more they need it. They don’t love themselves enough sometimes to even receive a gift or even a candy bar or a hug. Sometimes you love the person in front of you as God loves, without judgment and with no agenda. No agenda is a huge piece too. Being kind. It doesn’t take much to make a difference.

Pottery And Coaching

Even a smile is the cheapest and the freest thing you can do and most people are afraid. Why are we afraid to smile at somebody? Nobody’s going to be afraid of a 70-year-old lady trying to hug him in a grocery. I am always asking permission. Be real and reach out. Authentic is the word I was looking for. I’m intrigued about this pottery thing that I don’t think I knew about you. How we met, in Senior Tuber. There’s a Senior Tuber Community for those of us that have shows and are trying to figure out how to work on YouTube.

Fran Acero has this wonderful little group and she’s a riot, speaking of real. She’s so much fun. We’ve got a Senior Tuber Community and a Senior Tuber smaller group, a creator’s group that we’ve got as a private group. We became friends. It feels like we’re a little bit of a family on that small group and a couple of other of our members are going to be on my show in the next couple of months, so that’ll be fun, too, including Fran. That’s how we met. You invited me to be in this book then on a show. We’ve been weaving through.

It’s been great and the pottery thing.

That’s where I was going with that, I wanted to know how we met, but I wanted to ask you. You found your passion for pottery in high school. You have a coaching program, so you relate it to coaching. How does that work?

I was sitting at the wheel one day and I was having a conversation with God because I always invite God into everything that I do. He’s there anyway, so why not invite him? It’s the kind thing to do. I’m sitting at the wheel and I said, “Is this it? Is this what you want me to do with this gift to go make these vases, bowls, plates, and cups? Is this what you want me to do?” I heard in my spirit that there was a book and that I should write a book. I’m like, “How am I going to do this?”

I worked through the steps of making pottery and how they relate to transformation, to people, a business, and basically anything. You can be transformed through the process of making pottery. If you go back to Biblical, to the scripture, God is the potter and we are the clay. I took my nudge and I got on a call with a friend of mine. We figured out how to put the steps of making pottery together into where it’s easy to say transformation.

If you want me to, I’ll go through them now for you. The first thing that you have to do is you have to prepare. You have to prepare the clay for the wheel and that takes some pushing and shoving. It’s like kneading dough when you wedge the clay. You have to center the clay on the wheel. The first step is to prepare, get ready for transformation. The second one is to center. Get yourself focused on what it is that you want to do.

The centering process is exactly what it sounds like. It’s putting the clay into the center of the wheel so that you get an even spin on the clay. You can work it easily and it will be centered throughout the entire process. The third step is to open. After the clay is centered, you have to open the piece so that you have the walls. You can create the walls of a cup or the bowl. When you are doing anything transformational, whether it’s personal or with business. You have to be open to what is coming before you. That’s where the open comes into play then it is mold and shape the clay.

The Charla Anderson Show | Teresa Velardi | Impact Of Storytelling
Impact Of Storytelling: For graphic from client: When you are doing anything transformational, whether it is personal or in your business, you have to be open to what is coming before you.

You bring the walls of the clay up then you decide what shape you want to have. What does this transformation look like in the end? Are you picturing what it looks like? Do you shove an an idea for a business which you don’t know how to get there? Write it down how you picture it and the information will come to you. After you create the shape, you have to set it aside for a little bit and let it dry enough to be able to trim it.

The drying process is the time of waiting. Taking what you’ve learned from shaping your business or your goal for whatever it is that you want to change, you use this time of waiting in order to be able to put that together then you have to trim. You have to trim away what’s not necessary, and you have to put it again on the shelf and reevaluate again. Now after that, you go into the fire. People say, “Oh my God, the fire.” There’s two firing processes in the pottery making sequence.

The first one is the purification process. In the kiln, the first time around, it pulls out all of the elements of the clay that are not necessary. In order to be able to create a strong foundation for the piece that you will have in the end. I’m going to use business as an example, when you’re creating a program or a business plan or whatever the case may be. You have to get rid of what’s not necessary and the fire does that. When you come out of the kiln, now it’s time to decide what do I want this end piece to look like. Now you have to blaze.

It’s like having a blank canvas, what you wanted to look like. You put all of your elements and your pieces together and you have a blank canvas to make it happen. The only thing with glaze is it needs the fire again to get beautified. Glaze is chemical. We call them chemicals, but they’re elements of the earth. There’s oxides which bring color. There’s frits that help the final piece have that flow look to it.

There’s a lot of different elements that go into creating a glaze, but when you put it on, it doesn’t look so great. For example, in order to be able to get a burgundy color in the bucket after you make the glaze. It looks yellow. People say, “How on earth is this going to be burgundy?” The magic of the fire. That’s the element that you need in order to be able to bring the beauty out of it.

After you put the glaze on, now you go back into the fire. When you open the kiln, everything is done. You’re like this finished product. I say, “It’s off to the gallery with you. Go ahead, show off.” The steps are, 1) prepare, 2) open, 3) mold and shape, 4) wait, 5) trim, 6) get into the fire, 7) glazing process, 8) back into the fire again, and 9) you get to show off.

Beautifully illustrated. That’s a beautiful gift that you were given. To me, it’s like critical. You work through with people to help them all through those stages. One of the things that you didn’t include that I was thinking about is timing. You have to have the right timing for the drying and for the kiln. Those elements are specific timing. You can’t overcook and undercook it. It’s got to be just right.

It’s like making a cake or bread. If you put it in the oven and you don’t have it long enough, you’re going to get a very doughy bread. If you keep it too long, it’s going to be dry. The same thing like with the cake. If you don’t do it right time, you’re not going to get the best product.

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Uncovering The Masterpiece

The great analogy and a great, I would say structure for the growth coaching. That’s amazing. You have a fun quote by Michelangelo that you were talking about. I’ve heard it many times but it’s magical to me. He could see the David inside the stone. He knew it in his spirit that’s where it was going and you like that quote. Do you have it exactly?

I don’t know exactly.

I might have it exactly.

I did. It’s in my bio. Michelangelo believed that every single piece of stone created a masterpiece on the inside of it. His job was to take away the excess.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculpture to discover it.” Very cool. Remove what isn’t necessary and it’s there. It’s beautiful. You stop to think about somebody in the 15th Century having that forethought mind and that depth of character to see the artist. A lot of us have an artist in us that we don’t know how to expose. We don’t think we have a talent but we may not have ever tried it.

You’d be shocked if you discover. Using pottery as the example, people have said to me, “I tried this and I’m not good at this.” Part of the thing is if you don’t have a track to run on, if you don’t have a plan on how you’re going to create the product, the end product, and you don’t have somebody who can teach you that. We’re going to fail numerously. The other thing is going back to the Michelangelo quote, one thing that people are, when you’re in a situation and you are looking at, what is this going to look like in the end?

Most of us will go to, “If only I had this or I had that.” We bring on more things in order to be able to create whatever it is we’re looking for. In reality, maybe it’s about taking things away and letting go of stuff that no longer serves you like the excess rock on the sculptures that Michelangelo created. Sometimes it’s taking things away and seeing what’s behind the curtain and going with that because there’s always something that’s going to show up after you let go. It’s usually where you want to be but you didn’t recognize it because you thought you needed more in order to be able to make it happen.

The word simplicity kept coming to mind. We do overcomplicate things typically in our world, and we’ve got YouTube and every other source out there that’s going to tell us all the things that we can go by. Amazon does a drop ship, so why not? To me, that’s like keep it simple and try. You can build on but you don’t have to start perfect. I remember as a kid, very rarely have I done it but I love that it was interesting. You’ve got to have the exact right pressure as another piece to your product or your coaching. The right amount of pressure to keep it even and smooth gets off just a little bit. You might have to start over.

You may have something that’s a little bit different than what everybody else might get. We all have flaws. If we look at us as creations.

Speak for yourself.

That was good. We’re perfectly imperfect. If we have a little flaw, there are things that we can change but sometimes there are things that we are gifted that make us different from other people. There’s a lot of things that you can look at in order to be able to see the beauty in people who are not perfect. If your pottery is a certain way when you’re done, maybe it’s a little bit off center.

I’ve sent people home with a lot of things were they thought were imperfect when they first created them. When they added the glaze and went through the firing processes and everything else. They get home and they’re like, “This is so cool. This looks so great.” We get to be open-minded about things that are not necessarily perfect and realize that other people appreciate us the way that we are just like the pottery.

I love that. I wish I’d have thought to grab but I still have it. I think third grade or something. It was just pressed. We went through the firing thing and it’s this green. It was like a little pitcher but it’s thick.

Pinch pot.

Probably, but just trying to figure out something to do. I still have it. Do you have a kiln in your home? Do you have all the tools in your home?

No, but I have transferred them to a friend’s house that I can go there anytime to make pottery. She was the first person who I taught pottery to when I moved to Pennsylvania and we’ve become dear friends. She has all my equipment. I can go there and make pottery anytime I want within her schedule.

That’s a nice friend. That probably keeps her more engaged with it as well. Do you sell the pieces? Do you have anything right there in front of you that you could pick up and show that you’ve made?


I know you said you’re clearing things off, so I like, “We should have thought about that.”

You can look on my Facebook page. There is a section of pictures that are pottery.

An album, maybe?

It is an album of pottery.

That’s Teresa Velardi on Facebook and You have authentic endeavors publishing. You’re multifaceted and multi-talented but it’s all about molding, creating and expressing our own truth and going back to the blessings that we all have and to sharing them.

Distraction Problem

My belief is that we get everything that’s necessary for us to live an abundant life when we are put on this earth. God gives everybody their special gifts and talents and expects us to use them in order to be able to create a good life for ourselves. When we get to distracted, I call it Shiny Object Syndrome. We get distracted with, “I’ll go over here. I’ll make more money at this there. I’ll go over here because I can make money over here or because something has caught my eye. I think I can do something with it.” What happens most of the time is that as quickly as those things come in, they go out and you go back to what you were gifted for. Why go through the distraction process?

The Charla Anderson Show | Teresa Velardi | Impact Of Storytelling

It’s probably easier said than done for most of us. They’re inherent, our inherent gifts, that if we would just hone in on that and find a way. There’s nothing on the face of the earth. Somebody else hasn’t done that we could at least very few people have not found something that no one else has done. Not in our day and age. I mean that as far as gifts and talents. It doesn’t mean there’s not things that are not created.

That’s just so that you can’t have other things going on. I believe in having multiple streams of income. If there were things that call you or are a fit for you and you can make them happen and stay true to yourselves, by all means. It’s abundance. There’s always something that we can grab onto to increase that factor in our lives. In my opinion, it has to be something that you feel aligned with rather than something that’s going to put some cash in your pocket.

The Charla Anderson Show | Teresa Velardi | Impact Of Storytelling
Impact Of Storytelling: For graphic from client: If you want to increase abundance in your life, grab onto something you feel aligned with rather than focusing on putting cash in your pocket.

Much of my world and I’m studying, learning more to be intuitive and to listen to that still small voice. You have to turn off some of this noise out here to hear your own still small voice and to receive the gifts of your wisdom and the wisdom of speaking to you at all times. Often, we’ve got noise going on all the time and we can’t hear it.

When you do hear it though, pay attention. For example, when I was standing at the altar and I was ready to marry my now ex-husband. I heard God say to me, “Teresa, don’t do this.” I looked around at all the people who had come out for this wedding from all different places on the continent. I was like, “Let’s see, my father doubled up his dental appointment so he would look great for the pictures. My future mother-in-law drove me crazy making sure that everything matched. All these people came, how can I say no?”

I looked at my mother and my mother knew. My mother and I were tight. The priest asked me a second time and again, I heard, “Teresa, don’t do this, I have something so much better for you.” Instead of being true to myself and walking away, I said yes. I felt my insides drop. I lived a life of less than ideal, let’s say, without getting into anything. I abandoned myself. I abandoned myself for the sake of someone else. The opportunity to regroup and we recount yourself or put yourself back together. I let go of all the pottery.

The minute that I was separated from my husband, the first thing I did was go to a pottery studio. Go figure. I went to a pottery studio and I started making pots then I had shows. I went to various craft fairs and whatnot and I gained a list. People came to my home for the pieces that I wasn’t transporting to these shows. It was beautiful. When I moved to Pennsylvania, I set up my studio and I continued to do whatever it was.

I felt like I was able to devote more time because there was nobody blocking the way and trying to distract me. I was able to devote more time to my gifts and talents. The publishing company arose after realizing that I could use what I had been gifted with that I first knew of as a way in order to be able to help people become clear with their stories.

You do sell your pottery. You gifted and sell it, I’m guessing. This is off the cuff here, but how do you learn to price things?

It’s an interesting process because there’s the time, effort, and the materials that go into it. Again, it’s like, “What will people pay?”

You think about writing. The time, energy, and effort to do many things, you never get the hourly value out of that. You find your material costs and you add something on for yourself. It’s what that’s about.

It’s an interesting process. People pay for what they like. Whatever calls to them, they’ll pay for it. If they don’t find value in it, they’ll pass it up. Not everybody is the same. Not every area. People who live in a certain area may have lesser finances than somebody in a different area. An affluent area, people are 0more free with letting go of money for things that are not necessarily a great need or a gift or something to beautify themselves or their home. You never know.

We were talking about provision and that wasn’t exactly the word but you’ve mentioned it a couple of times. There is no lack in our world. There we are born abundant. There is a distribution issue, but if you can take a breath, you’ve been provided for. I’m not skinny. I’ve been provided for I can take a breath. Even if you’re in the gutter, you’ve been provided for somehow or you wouldn’t be here. You’d be gone.

I make that point every so often because I feel like we forget how blessed we are, especially here in our country. It’s crazy this seems. Where else is better? It’d be hard for us to find some place. There’s very few other countries that have, if any, the word dream after them, American dream. Let’s get back to the publishing.

Writing Your Story

The time goes so fast. You’ve got a new book, A Daily Gift of Kindness. You’re looking for authors that would like to contribute. We got the rest of the year. It doesn’t take long to write a 300-word chapter. It’s not a lot of words if you bring it from your heart. It’s not a lot of effort either. It speaks something and you can become a published author with Teresa Velardi. What I would like to ask you, what is different about your publishing company that you are proud of or you feel confident about?

The publishing company has several different imprints. I do this series, we call it spirit book endeavors. I have imprint called Kingdom Book Endeavors. It’s for Christian books. The journal that I wrote that includes the pottery story, Become Who You Were Created to Be is published under that. It’s also available on Amazon. I have also a wellness category and a children’s book category. Book Endeavors is for children’s books. I’m blessed to have a incredible illustrator. Together we create these beautiful children’s books that they just light me up. Every single one of them has a message.

What age children, do you mind I ask?

It doesn’t matter.

Is it timeless?

It’s like I have books that are chapter books for kids. I also have children’s books that are good from when you start reading for kids that are first learning to read. Every story has something for everybody. Goose Farm Adventure which is one of the first ones that I put together. It has a story about a character who’s a goose and it goes to his grandparent’s house where they have a fruits and vegetables farm. A to Z, there are all these fruits and vegetables. Kids learn about fruits and vegetables. The next story in that series is about being responsible, Baseball Glove Adventure. Goose lends his grandfather’s glove to his friend, Squirrely. Squirrely loses it and they go on a search to get it and in the end they stayed friends.

It sounds like you’ve got a passion for these stories because you get animated about it. I have a grandbaby that lives with me for the first two years. We read Wonder. If you remember the book Wonder when she was infant. Not even awake but I read that whole book to her back then. We’re looking at a book and the little boy had question marks all around his head. I said, “These are question marks. This means we’re asking a question.”

I said, “Do you see this little bitty question mark in the words and the sentences down here?” I didn’t ever say anything else about it. The next day she wanted to read that book again and she got to that page. She found one of those little question marks. Readers are leaders. We’re going to want to make sure our babies have good foundation for learning. I was pretty amazed by that. She’s a little bitty question mark in the print.

I have children’s books. There’s one of the first authors that I worked with, Jane, who helped me find my illustrator. She wrote a book called Yes, I Am. It goes A to Z. Yes, I Am, A to Z. I am kind. I am beautiful. Every letter stands for something positive.

An affirmation.

An affirmation to put in these children’s minds. I get a kick out of what is submitted to me and I am blessed to be able to have a barrage. On, if you go to the imprints and you click on Book Endeavors. You’ll see all the children’s books and there are more coming. I have a gentleman who wrote a story about bringing an older dog into a house with an infant child. Now, the next one is going to be bringing a new dog into a house with a toddler.

It gives help for parents and the kids. It helps them to be gentle and learn how to learn things. There’s a message in every single one of the books that I choose to publish. The thing is, I’m what’s called a hybrid publisher. I’m not a big publishing company where they keep most of the money and you get pennies per book.

You give up your rights with the national or the big publishers.

You give up the rights to material. I do not take none of your rights away from you. You just give permission for me to publish your book and all the royalties go to you. We put it in an account that you have created. All the royalties go directly to you. We take nothing. You pay for the service of getting it done, but everything that comes from it on the back end belongs to you. I keep no rights to publishing.

I do believe that might be your differentiator from the people I know, the publishers I’ve been around. It might cost a little bit more upfront but you get to keep every bit of every sale.

I have a team that I work with. I don’t do it all myself. I have the illustrator, the formator, and cover design. We do cover design, editing, and professional formatting. We put it all together for you and put it up on Amazon and Ingram, which are distribution channels. Amazon being the biggest retailer. Ingram is the one that does the distribution to big box stores, mom-and-pop bookshops, and libraries. We make sure that you get the most for your money.

It’s good to know. Hybrid is the way to go. I did self-publishing on my little book and I’ve done more publishing with another publisher, too but it’s a lot of work to figure out how to do all those things. My third one isn’t done yet, but I did my own covers with my three books. I did all the work. I have so much of the work. I had my covers done before I’ve written the third. Courageous isn’t even written yet but I just got a wild hair and got them done. That’s a head start. It is for me, anyway to not have to worry about that after the fact. I knew the titles and I knew the covers, but I hadn’t written the two of the books yet.

Some people don’t know how to write. They say, “I can’t write.” Let me tell you, to give you a tip for people who are reading this who think that they can’t write. I can tell you now, if you have one of these, a phone, you can write because all you have to do is open up an app. Even send yourself an email. You can speak into your phone, send it to yourself, put it in a Word document then send it to someone who can do the editing and so forth.

There’s no excuse.

There are no boundaries to keep you, except for you. You’re the only boundary that keeps you silent. For a long time, I started out writing, as I said, in my journal. I was like, people asked me to share my story. I was afraid. What if? What if this one reads it? What if that one reads it? If I’m telling the truth. I learned how to get the message across and without it being a detriment to anyone else. The bottom line is, my theory is this, too. When you have gone through something that has not been so pleasant to go through and you come out the other side and you can bring gratitude to the process. It’s our obligation, I feel, to get the story out there because if it helps one person, you’ve done your job.

With hope. My show is like how people are overcoming and how we can offer hope in the end. Everybody is perfect exactly who and where they are. Everybody has a story. There’s not a person alive that hasn’t gone through something that is part of their story. Most of us often, I was thinking about this. When you read someone’s resume, I told you, I carried the Olympic torch. I’m wearing my little Olympic torch vest. We all have stories but it’s what I did. It was part of my life so it doesn’t seem that big of a deal until you start it up and going, “People think that’s cool.” It is and it was a very huge honor.

The deal is every one of us has stories and an awful lot of us for good or bad. The point is, everybody has a story. A men named Zig Ziglar, I met him and knew him in person. I’m part of a Zig Ziglar legacy certified training program with the family of Zig Ziglar, Tom, Julie and Cindy. Amazing human beings. He was extraordinary. Every time you saw him or he saw you, he would say, “Have you written your book yet?” It’s a good quote as well. Teresa, this time has gone fast.

Closing Words

I’m always amazed and I appreciate you being my guest and you coming on. I’m so happy that we are becoming acquainted and friends through this senior tubers and other endeavors as well. I’m grateful for you. Do you any last words or anything you want to toss out there or reemphasize your information?

You said the magic word, gratitude. I’m grateful for you as well. Find things to be grateful for in your life and you will have more. You will always have enough. You will always have abundance in your life. Share who you are with other people, whether it be through story or speaking or being a guest on Charla’s show or mine for that matter, Conversations that Make a Difference.

Find things to be grateful for in your life and you will realize that you are always more than enough. Click To Tweet

I kept meaning to bring that up while you were talking. How long have you had your show? Where can we find that?

You can go to I have them there. It’s also on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, It’s always about talking to people and finding out who they are. People fascinate me. That’s one of the reasons why I love what I do. I love the stories and the people. As far as getting in touch with me, and If you have a question, that’s a way for you to submit that to me. You can see me mostly on Facebook, Teresa Velardi. Believe it or not, there’s a couple of Teresa Velardi’s who spell their name the same way as I do.

There’s Charla. I found some Charla Anderson’s. I was talking to a girl and her best friend growing up with Charla and I was like, “There’s a lot of us,” but it’s Charla Andersons. It’s funny. Anyway, it has been a great pleasure having you. I encourage you anybody reading, please go check out Teresa Velardi and we will be back.

This is show number 50. This is a landmark show for me. They just keep coming and all of a sudden, it’s number 50. How did that happen? We’re going to start season two soon. Thank you so much, Teresa, for being part of my world and my life. I look forward to seeing everybody on the show. Thank you so much and always remember that we need to choose joy.

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The Charla Anderson Show | Teresa Velardi | Impact Of StorytellingTeresa Velardi is an author, publisher, host of Conversations That Make a Difference podcast, writing and performance coach, and potter.

Michelangelo, the famous 15th-century artist and sculptor, has been quoted as saying, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” His job was to take away the excess stone to reveal the beauty within.

Similarly, Teresa uses the art of pottery making to illustrate that each ball of clay, with the touch of the potter’s hand, can and will be transformed into a beautiful work of art. Through her coaching, Teresa guides her clients through the process of centering, molding, shaping, and walking through the fire of past and present challenges to effect positive life change as they gracefully and powerfully embrace the work of art they already are. Teresa found her passion and purpose through life’s challenges while trusting God’s plan for her.

Faith in God, gratitude, and giving are her heart. Her abilities as a writer, editor, publisher, and coach are vital ingredients she brings to those who choose to share their message with the world either on her podcast or through her publishing platform. Her daily quiet time and writing practice keep Teresa focused on her God-given purpose as life unfolds in this ever-changing world. We all have a story to tell and a heartfelt message to share.

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