Getting Rid Of Your Perfectionist Self

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In this unexpected solo episode, Charla Anderson wings it with random words of wisdom and stories as her scheduled guest could not make it. She discusses how to avoid becoming a perfectionist and instead strive for excellence.

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Getting Rid Of Your Perfectionist Self

Everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I’m excited. I’ve been looking forward to a show with my scheduled guest and found out she was in a car accident. She’s okay, but not going to make the show. I’m reframing the show to be, “The show must go on.” Here we are, solo again. As I begin every one of my shows, we’re going to take a moment and take a 22-second mini-vacation, a little breathing exercise to get myself, and hopefully, you grounded. I hope you do this more than once a day, to take a deep breath. We’re going to breathe in calm for seven seconds. We’re going to hold for four seconds. We are going to breathe out gratitude. Thank you for eleven seconds. Would you join me, please? Here we go. Breathe in calm, hold, release. Thank you.

Life Transition

Thank you for taking a moment to connect, reconnect, be still and know. Listen to your spirit. Here we are. I feel like I’ve been in a transition for several years. It’s one transition into another transition. At this age, you know, 70, you might think, “You’re going to be sitting in a rocking chair and doing your crocheting.” Not me at all. I am grateful for the people in my life. I attract successful people willing to invest in me. I’m grateful that I attract that energy. Part of it is because I am who I say I am. Who I am is bold faith, no fear.

Who I am is attracting successful people, willing to invest in me. Who I am is outrageously courageous and outrageously optimistic. I get to say, “I name who I am.” I’d love it if you would consider doing that as well. Who are you? Speak what you want, not what you don’t want. You read me all the time talking about, “Don’t speak what you don’t want. If you don’t want to claim a dis-ease, but if you claim health and you visualize and know that you are already healed because we are. Our bodies can heal everything. Life keeps living until it doesn’t.”

In the meantime, let’s lift each other up, and serve humanity the best we can. Love each other, love one another, and the harder people are to love the more they need it. I’ve heard people talking about living in the dimension. We’re in a 3D world, but I think many of us are transitioning into a 5D world, which is a lot less stressful. This transition time is hard for a lot of people.

Our bodies can heal just about everything until they cease living. In the meantime, let us lift each other, serve humanity the best we can, and love one another. Share on X

Home Renovation

I had no idea what I was going to talk about in this episode. One thing when I started talking about people that invest in me, and I’m incredibly grateful. I have a dear friend, and she can do anything. She’s been working solo pretty much on renovating a part of my house so that I will be able to have a little efficient apartment and rent it out. It’s stunning because she’s attention to detail and we’ve added a kitchenette and a washer and dryer, all kinds of things.

It’s taken a whole lot longer than anyone would’ve thought because as we know, life keeps living. You can see the bruises that I have in the paint on my arm. I hadn’t gotten off yet. I’m in there helping as well. It’s a process and a project that has evolved into a bigger and better project. I’m going to end up with a higher clientele of professional travelers, traveling nurses and things to be able to stay with me or not stay with me, but have their own entry and their own space. It’s in a pool and all that. It’s going to be amazing. It still is a lot of work, especially if you choose to be someone of excellence in the process and incredible things.

Things go wrong. You are trying to hang some doors. The door is off by an 8 of an inch, one of the sides of one of the doors. The barn door track is wobbly. It’s not working. It took hours. There are several different things that tests take more time than you expect. It’s interesting to watch the process. I believe that where I am is all I have and it’s the truth. You can’t be anywhere else other than where you are. If you don’t like it, then you get to choose somewhere else. Next step, not last step. I’m in this construction thing. Almost everything else in my life has been put on hold and now it’s going into months.


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Perfectionist


Because it’s one person and our other friend who’s got the brains, a lot of the design behind it and can think through things as well, it’s magical to watch. It’s a lot of physical construction, saws and all this stuff that’s going on, building walls, electrical, plumbing, and all of that is being done to my space. I can’t tell you how exciting that is in the next few weeks now that I will have that, as we go.

Grief Without Chaos

My guest was scheduled to be Ann Cueva, and I will show her book Grief Without Chaos. We’re going to get her on. She was my guest in November 2024. Somehow or another, we had a great time and a great show, and it didn’t get recorded. We’re rescheduling. The question is, “Why are we not able to have the show that we have tried now twice to have?”The interesting thing, and I think our conversation when we do get to get together, she got back from Italy yesterday and had a car wreck. Her name is Ann Cueva.

My three sisters and I started. We all got the book and we’re going to go through it, it’s a workbook about how to plan while you can’t. I got these for Christmas, and then in January, one of my sisters died, and she loved the book. That was my older sister, and then my younger sister had an aneurysm and was in the hospital. If we can get our hands on some of these types of materials, and this is like a workbook, let’s fill it out so those left behind are going to be okay. We know we’re going to be okay if I know that I’ll probably be in a better-off place if I’m not here. My vision of my sister is dancing with angels with all knowledge.

She has no more questions. Those are the blessings that I believe we get when we do leave this physical body. Those left behind are the ones that have some issues perhaps with, “Where are the papers where? How do you turn the water off in the house? Where are the passwords to get into the things that are critical?” We are going to have the show, but it’s curious to both of us. I’m wondering why now twice we’re not able to get this message out. Don’t you find that fascinating a little bit? Anyway, I’m glad she’s okay. I’m glad we’ll find another date for her to join us.


I’m winging it as my name means to chat in Spanish so that’s what I do. I can talk. No problem. I thought at the last minute that I would talk about projects and how they take a life of their own, and how when you choose to do excellence, then it’s worth the time. My friend would never do a job for an hourly rate because she’s meticulous. If you’re meticulous, then you measure 2, 3 or 4 times and you think it through, what’s going to happen down the road and the next steps. There was a wire she disconnected to and she left a note on the wire that this is the unconnected. The next person trying to deal with some things has an easier time of it. Wouldn’t it be nice as we’re pulling wires, or she is doing all these things, had the walls been straight and the things, and everything is level?

That’s why the door being off by an 8 of an inch caused her measurements to be off, but the measurements weren’t off. The defective door was off. We find that a lot and in our products these days that there’s no striving for excellence. I’m not talking about perfection, although it’s easy to get into perfection mode when you have an excellent mindset. You want it exactly right. That’s not the plan. It will slow you down a lot if you are trying to get everything perfect. Striving for excellence and know that it’s worth it because I will have a beautiful, stellar, excellent, cozy and delightful place to stay for someone, in their home, away from home. As a flight attendant, all those years I was always in places away from home when they were cozy, comfortable and practical because I’m very practical. I’m excited about this place. The room is purple. I found some of the bathroom, kitchenette and laundry have blue hints to it.

It probably doesn’t sound that great, but, “Oh my gosh.” I found some purple dishes and some things. I don’t know if you have Ollies, but I found some incredible things there to furnish at a reasonable price. Talking about the renovation, all that and the rest, everything else kind of gets put on hold. The rest of the house gets put on hold. I’m solo living here. I’ve had people living in my home, my daughter and my son, and some friends. It’s nice.

I’m like, “I get to make my home again.” I had my sister Shirley who passed. I’ve got a room now. My living room is furnished with some of her beautiful things. It’s like a fresh lease on life in a lot of ways for me to have all these things coming together, but very time-consuming. Most of my journey or the things that I do on a daily basis, and the people I meet with are not being taken care of very much right now. It’s on hold, and I don’t like to say the word, but everything is always working out for me. I say it all the time. Where I am is all I have and everything is always working out for me because I don’t have any other place to be.

Why not? I love where I am because it is all I have. I was never taught to think that way. If you’re going to complain about where you are, if you receive where you are, even though she’s had a wreck, this is an example, “She’s had a wreck. It’s where she is. She can’t be anywhere else right this minute other than taking care of what she needs to take care of.” If you’re in the gutter, you’ve been taken care of, you’ve been provided for or you wouldn’t be there.

Sense Of Gratitude

If you can take a breath you’ve been provided for. You are okay in that split second if you can take a breath. That 22 seconds of breathing a while ago, if you can do that, we’re on this side of the dirt, breathing free oxygen, my mentor Vincent Agbator goes, “Keep breathing free oxygen.” I’m like, “Yeah, and I’m in Texas too. That’s awesome.” Those are things that we take advantage of. I am grateful. I live in gratitude. My mantra besides everything is always working out for me, the bigger one is, “Thank you.” I wake up in the night saying, “Thank you,” before I know what I’m thankful for.



“Thank you for oxygen, bed, and hot water. Thank you that I don’t have to go fetch water somewhere. Thank you that I have most all of my needs met.” There is a quote, and I don’t know whose it is, right off the top of my head. I’m going to learn to remember this one because I love it, “If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, it is enough.” As I was raised very fundamentally religiously, I was not taught some of these concepts that I believe now. To me, religion is God in a box. The definition I’ve heard a few times is, “Religion is bondage, return to bondage.” I believe God is love. He can’t be not love. The relationship is what was missing or is missing in a lot of religious communities. Not that there are bad people, or not that there’s anything necessarily wrong, but we rely on something outside of ourselves to guide us in thinking that God is in us.

If the only prayer you ever say is “thank you,” it is enough. Share on X

I was starting to talk about prayer. “Thank you,” is the only prayer you ever have to say. We were taught, “God, please help me.” The more you beg, it’s like you speak what you want, not what you don’t want. When you’re speaking what you don’t want, when you’re begging for what you want, the implication is you don’t have enough. There is no lack in our world. We’ve been taught that there is, that we’ve got to have a scarce mentality, but there is no lack. There is enough for every one of us. We are provided for if we can take a deep breath or a breath gutter castle, wherever you happen to be.

Words Matter

If you can take a breath, you’re okay in that second, and then you take another one and you’re okay in that second. As you’re taking those breaths and going, “I can’t change where I am right this second until the next step. I can make a different decision. I can’t change the last one or the one that got me to this place, but I can change the next one.” Why not? If we don’t like where we are, we can begin making those steps to change the next one. Change our way where we are. Where do you want to be? I believe so much of it starts in our mind. Everything starts in our mind, imagination and vision. How about we all practice a little bit more of speaking what we do not want and not what we don’t want?

I’m watching our words because in Split-Second Transformation Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices, every word matters. When we curse, we might say damn something or other and curse it instead of blessing it. I’d like for you to think about that. Do you want to say those words? I’m not condemning. That’s not judging about it. I don’t think we think about it. I think when we think of every word mattering, do we think that, “Damn door,” or whatever it is. To my friend, I was like, “Why are you cursing my door? Why are you daming my stool?” You get frustrated, but to me, every word matters and you’re speaking what you don’t want when you’re cursing it.

Socials And Sponsors

I think cursing has become prevalent. I don’t watch TV. I don’t listen to the radio, but there’s been some music playing and when the commercials come on, a lot of them are adding the beep. They’re still beeping. I’m like, “Why are we lowering our standards and our values instead of raising them?” Food for thought. I’m not going to continue rambling. This will be a short show today. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and comment. I’d love to know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. My website is

Please feel free to visit my website. I’d love to have some sponsors for my show. I don’t usually say that, but it’s not free to do all this. I love sharing things that I love. McDonald’s could never be a sponsor of my show for $1 billion. I wouldn’t do it. I’ve got to bleed in it. You see these products behind me, Zeal, Zurge, and Zundora. They’re from a company called Zurvita. You can go to, and try them. I’ve been with this company for many years, since ‘08. I love what they stand for. I love their products Zeal for Life is a nutritional energy beverage that’s nothing but Super Foods. It tastes great. Mix it with anything cold, several flavors. It’s the foundational product.

Zurge is the memory-boosting coffee, instant coffee. I love it. I do believe it is helpful for me. Zundora, the little collagen packets are good. I’ve seen some improvement in my skin and I’ve seen many testimonies about others. Have some energy, memory boost and skin betterment. They don’t have tons of products, which I love because I don’t want too much to keep up with. I love this company. I love my products, but I don’t talk about them very much. I’d love for you to try them. If you do, give me a shout what you think.

This is going to be a commercial ending here because I love They do great at websites. He’s got a team, their design, the copy and the tech support behind it. Sometimes on Mondays, he’s got seven hours of live tech support, part email and part live on Zoom. Where can you get tech support like that? George has got done-for-you or done-with-you programs. I’ve never been happier with my design, and web people, and they’re much more reasonable than anything I’ve ever done before as well. Course Platform Academy telling Charla sent you.

Those are to Zurvita and Course Platform Academy. I have an AI program that is unmatched out there. It’s reasonable. It’ll do your social media posts for you literally. You would be amazed at this product and program. AI is here to stay like we didn’t know if the internet was going to be here to stay. It is. Most new technologies that we are resistant to tend to linger and early adopters get the worm. The early bird gets a worm. AI is here to stay. We want to train trains and use it for good. The more people use it for good, the less it becomes bad. That’s why I think that many of us are using it for good, I don’t understand it, but I do get that is we’re early adopters of something.

The Change Book Series

Why not just get out there and take it on? The change with the cover of the book with Les Brown that I have a chapter in. I’m telling you this is an opportunity to do that with Les Brown, Jim Lutz and Jim Britt’s brilliant mind. Top of the class and these compilation books, world class speakers and well-known people. I’ve got some published books, but the credibility factor of being in a book with the foreword by Les Brown and being on the cover with him, that’ll be fun to watch coming out. I am looking for other authors. They are looking for other authors.



I’m in book 21. They’re continually finding real people, not celebrities. They do have some celebrities in it too, but don’t you think that’s interesting? I was in a mastermind. The support in that group is unbelievable as well. contact me if you think you would like to look at having a chapter in The Change book series. It’s an investment in myself, but I do believe it’s going to launch some bigger things. I want to be a speaker. I want to be a coach. I’m going to build a little bit of branding around it. I did my boundaries. Adults need boundaries to a workshop and a legacy-building journey. My tech team and design team are working on that kind of message where we’re leaving a legacy whether we want to or not. We might as well create the one we want.

God loves you. He is love no matter what. There is no one thing you can do to be love more or less by God. Share on X

That goes back to Ann Cueva’s book. You’re leaving a legacy. If you can leave this world without leaving it in chaos and like my mama said, “Make the world a better place,” it’s well worth it. I want you to know that God loves you. If he is love, you can’t be not love. You are loved no matter what. There’s not one thing you can do to be loved more or less by God. When you can learn to receive that, you will begin to love yourself more so that you can love others. Unconditional love is the bottom-line message for me. I am going to sign off as I always do and suggest that you remember to always choose joy. Come back to the show. Blessings.


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