Getting Past Emotional Trauma With Kemir Baker

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma


Kemir Baker of J-Intelligence Networks offers insights for spiritual-based emotional health and transformation. Regain your joy and purpose to overcome emotional trauma and build self-esteem with bold resilience.

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Getting Past Emotional Trauma With Kemir Baker

Looking Back

First, we’re going to do a breathing exercise. We’re going to take a 22-second mini vacation and we’re going to breathe in some calm. We’re going to hold for 4 seconds and breathe out gratitude for 11 seconds. We’re going to be still in no time right here. Here we go. Let’s breathe in for seven seconds. Calm. Hold. Release. Thank you. I do want to thank anyone reading this that we’re all in this world together. Let’s do all we can to make the world a better place like my mama said. My guest is doing exactly that. Her name is Kemir Baker. We met through Let’s Talk BRI with Terilee Harrison, who is a wonderful mentor for me. I am excited that you chose to join me. Thank you so much. Tell me a smidge about who you are and then we’ll talk about what you do.

I’m Kemir Baker. I live in Texas with you. I enjoy talking about emotional health healing and that definitely has come from my own journey. In that journey, I am able to shed some wisdom and understanding of what it means to heal from emotional trauma and things of that nature. I look forward to our conversation, getting to know each other a little bit better and allowing you guys to know me better. That’s a little bit. I’m in Texas. I love to talk and we’re going to talk well in this episode.

You are the CEO and Founder of J-Intelligence Networks. It’s I’m looking through the website and I think it’s beautifully done. You offer a lot of services. Is it a nonprofit?

It’s a nonprofit. To simplify what we do, we provide faith-based educational programs for emotional health and healing, which is true to my heart. We have two programs. One for seniors and one for women. For the seniors, we allow them to be seen and we enjoy spending time with them. I just got back and providing emotional health tips and tools with bible studies in which little simple things that we overlooked. We worked on memory activities. That was pretty fun.

Are you doing that at a senior living center?


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma


It’s a senior living center. For those who can’t necessarily leave their environment, we come into their center and give them an opportunity to build community, be able to think outside the box, and get out of the room. In the midst of getting out of the room, have some healthy activities for their emotional well-being. I love that program. I connect with the individuals there and am able to hear their experiences and all that they’ve overcome. Many times we look at our seniors and think, “There’s work involved in terms of caregiving,” not realizing how rich their lives are. We have the opportunity to be able to express our experiences and that alone means so much.

I’m a senior. I am not slowing down. I’m not stopping. That’s the wisdom that goes to the grave sometimes. I believe the society that we live in our country does not necessarily honor and respect the senior community, the environment. I think in the Asian communities, especially Japan, they honor the age wisdom. They are sages to them. They allow them to impart wisdom. I do not see that so much in our world.

We have a unique way of hiding valuable things. I think with seniors, we’re hiding so much wealth of knowledge, as you already talked about wisdom, but even life in general and being able to see that even though they’re at an older stage of their life, they still have life to live and it’s still worthy to be seen and engaged with.

Seniors have so much wealth of knowledge that many people ignore. Even though they are at an older stage of their lives, they still have a life to live worthy to be seen and engaged with. Share on X

It takes a little patience sometimes. It takes some deeper questions. This is an example to me. I was a flight attendant for 34 years. My last retirement trip in 2008 was to Amsterdam. I was laying over in Amsterdam and I got to go to the most famous person that nobody’s ever heard of, doesn’t know their name. It was Miep Gies. Do you recognize that name?

Not at all.

If you’ve read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Miep Gies was the lady who hid that family. I had met her on a flight years before and we kept in touch. On the last trip of my entire career, I got to be in her home, not the Anne Frank House, but where she lived. It was remarkable.  She was 99 years old at the time. She lived a long life. She had nephews, I think no children of her own. There are people that kept her comfortable, whatever. It occurred to me she didn’t remember who I was. When I first got there, the gentleman who was her partner and started the Anne Frank Foundation and all that was the one that drove us out there. My son went with me on my retirement trip.

From what I saw there, I feel like she was not allowed to have visitors, but she still received mail from school children mostly all over the world. Other people answered them, but she wanted to make sure that they were telling the story correctly. He would bring her the mail and she would be checking through all that. I had a moment with her because she was not quite engaged. I sent my love to her. All of a sudden she got animated. She got up and she started showing me the pictures of people in her life and her husband on the wall.

There’s so much to that story. You made me think of it for the first time. What I remembered about that is what I felt in my heart is that there were probably a whole lot of people that, “Are you okay? Do you need anything? Are you hot? Are you too cold? Are you hungry? Do you need a sweater?” I felt like nobody probably had any real conversation with her like, “What was that like?”

Validating those experiences and acknowledging that those experiences have value, especially that it had an impact as well. I like the phrase that you shared in terms of poured love into, and that’s what we do in our organization. The topic and the subject matter that we deal with in terms of emotional health and working through emotional pains at times and even being comfortable and authentic in our own skin, so many times, we don’t pursue the depth of that growth. It’s because along that journey we need love poured into us to help us overcome the fears, the shame and to address those wounds.


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma


From an organizational standpoint, that’s what excites us. That’s the difference that you have when you come to us, you walk away not only feeling more understood, like, “Now that makes sense. Now I have tools to address this part of my life,” but being able to be in an environment where you feel safe, having peace, feeling cared for and loved. From that perspective, seeing even more of that transformation because those inward needs that we have are being met. So many times, we overlook those basic needs because we are hustling through life.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma
Emotional Trauma: When you come to us, you walk away feeling more understood and equipped with tools to address the challenges of your life. You will feel safe, cared about, and loved.


There are many distractions as well as life pains around us. In those life pains, in those moments, we get into that survivor mode while we’re not necessarily taking care of our emotional well-being. Even taking that time to regroup. I enjoy your breathing activity because even taking that five minutes to reset from a breathing standpoint does wonders tremendously. It gives us the opportunity to go ahead and deal with the next situation that’s coming our way because we are willing to take time out for our well-being.

It’s incredibly true. Something that runs through my brain a lot or at least when I was married or left the marriage, I was like, “I want to be heard for what I’m saying and what I’m not able to say.” That’s where I believe real conversation where there’s real interest and not judgment. I wrote a small book called, split Split-Second Transformation Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices. One of those phrase chapters is called Isn’t That Interesting?

What if instead of going, “I’m right. You’re wrong. Let me hit you in the head with the chair,” the Jerry Springer mentality, what if we had a discourse conversation? Agree to disagree and ask that question or saying, “Isn’t that interesting?” You must have a different source of information than I do or something where we can literally have some depth of conversation. I believe that’s becoming a lost art because we’re so glued to entertainment and media and stuff that does not necessarily encourage it.

Identity And Religion

You made this statement in the sense of you wanted to be heard. As you stated that, I went back to reflecting over my life and the period of my life where I didn’t know what it meant to be heard, that I was in this place where you don’t tell anybody what’s going on with you and your experiences. Coming from an environment of having emotional traumas, the first thing you learn is what goes on in the home, stays in the home. As getting older and learning about myself and realizing that what I experienced was not okay, because so many times, it’s easy to take that blame. That manipulation that’s being presented to you, you receive it, you own it and it’s yours to the point that you don’t have a voice anymore.

You don’t know what it means to be heard then you live in this coon, so to speak, where when you’re able to interact with other people, you’re not necessarily as vocal. They can do whatever they want, you end up being in relationships where you’re being taken advantage of because you’ve never learned how to speak up for yourself. You never learned how to find that voice. I know in my recovery journey, it took a while to get to a place where I felt safe and secure to speak up, to have a voice and to say, “Those things were not appropriate. They’re not my fault.” You have your own identity and what does that identity look like and be able to embrace it and own it.

You have your own identity. Know what it looks like, embrace it, and own it. Share on X

Trauma turns into shame, guilt and, “It’s all my fault.” We take that on as a young person. I believe there are very few people who have not had some trauma of sorts in their life. It would be very rare to find some that had no trauma. That’s the point of my show. We are all overcomers. We all have a story to share. We all have pieces of our past and our life to offer.

When we learn to get that story out, which is Let’s Talk BRI with Terilee, that is what she’s trying to do. She helps us get our stories clear, get them out, share and get over that there’s something wrong because this is the way I say it a lot on my show. I usually end it this way, “You are loved.” If God is loved, He can’t be not loved. He loves you no matter what. I don’t care if you’re in a gutter or if you’re in a castle, you are loved no matter what. I think we’ve been taught, and yours is faith-based. I believe the word religion to me has not served humanity well. Who I am is bold faith, no fear, but religion keeps God stuck in a box and there is no box.

That’s quite unfortunate because we minimize words. We minimize who God is because of our human understanding. We feel that we’re not loved. We went through poor experiences. In those poor experiences, love has been redefined to us, not necessarily by the actuality of who God is, but by those experiences. We attach those experiences to God and we think, “This is how He loves us,” so then we tell other people that this is how God loves people. You have that entrapment of religiosity it’s usually because there’s something innate in the person where they haven’t felt that connection then they teach that disconnect inadvertently, and then we are in this society where we’ve grown and heard this huge disconnect with God and not who He is.



I know I’ve definitely been through that journey as well, where we can say all the time God loves us, but it’s hard to grasp at times mainly because of our experiences and God is invisible. It’s like, “How can I have this connection with someone who’s invisible?” I remember a piece in my journey where I walked around feeling unlovable, and because I was unlovable by others, then it also meant that God didn’t love me.

Even though I would hear all these lessons, it was very challenging to connect that who God is is different from my experiences. I remember distinctly one day because I was wrestling with God, I was like, “I want you to bless me,” because I looked at love as a blessing. I wanted things in my life to be a certain way because that signified that God was with me and that He wanted great things for me and his love.

I remember wrestling with Him through those experiences, and then that gentle whisper came and He was very clear and distinct in saying, “I am not your earthly father. What you experience with your connections with your father or other individuals in life, that’s not who I am. I love you unconditionally. It’s not based on you being blessed or your definition of being blessed, but it’s based on that I’m with you no matter where you are in your life and that I’m protecting you. Even in the midst of chaos, I’m still there with you loving you and protecting you.” It was part of my journey and it took time to get to a place where I was able to receive, own and walk in that truth. Having that sense of confidence of, “He is with me. His presence is near me,” and that joy that comes from having that security in Him.

He’s in you. I have a saying, “Unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries.” Our job is to love others. The harder they are to love, the more they need it. I say this quite often. I think bullies are victims, too. I think they are probably victims, too. They come from a place, but I say they don’t love themselves enough to love others and treat others as we should all be treated and with kindness. If they’re not nice, I say, “May you be blessed,” but boundaries are important, too, so you don’t need to stay in bad situations. I would never suggest that but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve love, too. They’re human beings that God created and He loves and He hurts when we are not our best. He’d love us to continue, but He doesn’t withdraw love ever.


The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma


I think what you shared is important as well because as His believers, we are His ambassadors to that love, that gateway for other people to understand what is true love and how does that work because so many times, we have this worldly influence where we don’t even know what love is because of those experiences. He says, “They will know you by the love that you give to others.” I think that’s very important as well in our journey with Him.

With our organization, J-Intelligence Networks, that’s one of the components that we look to as well as we’re on this journey together to heal and to overcome the emotional challenges that we incorporate guide in the center of that and his love that there’s an understanding that he’s with you during this journey.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma
Emotional Trauma: We are on this journey to heal and overcome our emotional challenges. We incorporate God at the center of our methods.


Addressing Trauma

I love that idea of what you’re doing is using your organization J-Intelligence. J stands for Jesus. I believe that you’ve ended up with such trauma in your past. I don’t know your trauma. You might want to share some of that or not. As we said before, we’re all overcomers. We all have stories. We all have stuff. Some are more horrific than others, but do you address that sometimes?

In terms of my trauma? For sure. It is definitely embodied in the work that we do because there are periods where, on that journey, to be able to have that level of understanding and clarity to, “How do I move forward?” in order to do that, I had to go through things myself. I had a childhood where I experienced abuse from a caregiver. In that abuse, as I spoke to before in terms of you don’t tell anyone else about that. I lived a long time in secret living in shame and fear that I’ll be found out that my home life was very disruptive. As I got older, instead of dealing with those experiences, I stuffed it. I hid it. I didn’t want anyone to know. Eventually, because of the stress that was created in terms of not having dealt with those emotions, I ended up having an emotional breakdown. I lost my mind.

Losing it was like a pivotal point of, “You need to address these issues. You need to heal from these experiences.” At that time, we didn’t necessarily talk about mental and emotional health. The only thing that I did was to dull my experiences by taking medication to manage my emotions but I didn’t deal with the emotions themselves. As I got older, I had unhealthy coping mechanisms because it’s not meant for us to store it. It’s not meant for us to hide it away because we’re never hiding it. At that time, I was like, “I’m destroying myself. The things that I’ve chosen to cope is not helping me. It is destroying me from a physical being.”

I went to get more support and help at that time I was like, “In order for me to move forward, I have to deal with what I experienced as a child and have to understand again that I didn’t deserve those things. It wasn’t my fault.” To look at how did it shake me as a person and what did I become as an onset of those experiences and start unraveling those away, pulling off those layers to get back to a place of, “This is how God designed you to be as His child, but you’ve created a new persona to survive, to still live. Let’s get back to who I created you to be.”

In that journey, God was like, “I’m working with you. Now share about it. Encourage others in their journey because you are not the only one who has experienced some form of abuse.” I said, “Okay. Remember I was the one who grew up in an environment where you didn’t tell anybody anything. Now you want me to put a face to it. Are you sure? There has to be an easier way.” God was like, “I want you to have your voice, and in the process of that, help others to have their voice as well.”



J-Intelligence Networks And Podcast is a resource for multiple modalities. What I noticed you said in your information was that you take in the traditional Christian environment the therapies were not necessarily being utilized. The ways to go through and heal this are not necessarily utilized very much. Sometimes, it’s even ostracized, all the healing modalities that are incredibly beneficial, so many of them. Did you find a way to interweave them maybe?

To marriage that, because not everyone is equipped to address your needs. Many times, from a faith-based perspective, we’ve been taught through prayer or even going to your minister or someone that’s in your church organization to have these conversations with. They may not necessarily be equipped from an emotional mental standpoint to address those needs.

What ends up happening is that they may share things that make you feel even more shame and more guilt for your experiences versus giving you the fullness of not only who God is, but giving you tools that are essential in that healing journey. I needed a safe place to land as being a person of faith like, “How do I wrestle with loving God, knowing who God is?” From an emotional and mental standpoint, I still have these challenges that, unfortunately, my faith hasn’t been able to address.

How can I still grow in my faith, be excited about my faith, but have these additional tools to help me to be the wholesome person that God has created me to be? With our organization, you come in, you get those tools, but you also have the opportunity to grow in your faith, build in your faith, and know that God is with you on this healing journey.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma
Emotional Trauma: With our organization, you get those healing modalities and the opportunity to grow in your faith. Remember that God is with you on this healing journey.


One of the programs outside of the senior programs, which I haven’t talked about yet, is called Living Free to Be Me. What we do over a seven-week period is we work through those emotional wounds that you’ve experienced. While you’re working through, we’re constantly feeding you positivity and helping you to retrain your brain to give it new items to hold onto while working through and grieving the loss that you experience through those traumatic experiences and along the way having God in that journey with you.

You also have a podcast.

A Healing Peace.

Where is that?

That can be found anywhere in terms of where you get your podcasts from. We’re on every platform. With the podcast, it gave me the confidence to share more of my story because I was constantly speaking and inviting people on the show. I do interview people. We interview counselors, social workers, coaches and everyday overcomers. We get opportunities to sit down and talk and say, “What do we need from a place of healing and a place of, ‘I want peace. What does that piece look like? How do I incorporate these different tools so that I can have the piece that I’m seeking?’” Usually, at the end of the day, we all have similar tools and tips. It’s how we utilize them for a specific moment.

Is it a weekly podcast?

It changed over the years. In 2024, we’re going to do it 3 or 4 times for a whole month. We do segments. Each month has a specific theme. We knock through that theme. We invite people to the show and encourage each other. 2024’s theme is overcoming, quite similar to what you are doing. There’s a kindred spirit there.

Loving people through these unsteady times and exact that they’re okay and exactly who and where they are. This is another thing that if where you are is all you have. I don’t know that we think about that often, but I don’t have a last second to change. I only have the next second to change.

Move forward instead of being stuck in the past.

Many of us live back there and there’s not one single solitary thing we can do to change the last word or the last week, the last second, or the last generation. We can only change the next one. If we don’t like where we are, that’s our opportunity to change our words, our lives and a direction. The next step and not the last step because you can’t.

Having support along the way of that change because that’s when it becomes long-lasting.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) | Kemir Baker | Emotional Trauma
Emotional Trauma: Having support along the way while you are changing will help make the process long-lasting.


That’s where you guys come in. That’s awesome. How do they find you? How are you reaching out? What’s the plan around all that?

We have our social media profiles. We are on LinkedIn and Facebook and of course, our website,  We are in our growing stages, the more our program gets out and everyone enjoys it, we’re asking them to share their experiences so that more people are aware of who we are and can take advantage of the services that we offer.

As a nonprofit, you take donations.

We can always use a donation. Thank you for bringing that up. On Facebook, you can do that, as well as our website and PayPal. We have different methods where you can support us in the work that we do. We will always receive it and it’ll be applied immediately to our programs.

To serve the healing of our universe and our planet. Many of us want to make a difference. We’ve survived through the trauma or we are moving through. As my mama said, I want to leave the world a better place. Leave things better than I found them. I was like, “If you do anything at all that you leave a mess or something for someone else to clean up after you, shame on you.” Be kind. Do the right thing and clean up after yourself. What else do we need besides those three rules?

Even in that cleaning up, our services may not be where you are at this moment. You may have gone through that journey and that place that you want to be, but I’m pretty sure that you have friends and family who may need our services and will enjoy the experience with us. If you’re not in this place, that’s totally fine, but if you know people, send them our way. We do all the heavy lifting in the sense of cleaning for you so you’re not feeling exhausted trying to get someone to understand that they can do X, Y, and Z. We definitely have the programs in place for that type of support where they get that understanding for themselves and develop that level of conviction.

I’m guessing you’re online as well as local. You’re in the DFW area.

Our Living-Free Program, which is an added bonus, is an online program. That means if you’re not in Texas, you have the opportunity to still take advantage of that and go through that journey with us. For our senior program that is local, we work with local assisted living places here in the DFW area. We come in and encourage and inspire and strengthen the seniors.

If there’s a senior that is nearby, do they hire you? Do you come in as a volunteer? What is the protocol?

There are two options. One is that we are invited into your organization and we come in. We love your people, give them a fresh look, and a fresh vibe we do all those details for you. The other option too is that you can purchase the program and facilitate it within your own community.

It’s almost like a package.

We’ll provide training on how to utilize it, how to incorporate it with your community and things of that nature. Two flavors.

Would that be they have entertainment? Most senior places have someone that’s in charge of social activities.

The social coordinator can reach out and say, “I heard about your programs. People are excited about it. We want to do it here. What does that mean?” We’ll walk through those details to make sure that you have what you need to be successful within your organization.

Are you guys 24/7 or the online part maybe? How does that physically work? I want to know. You’ve got this team of people that I’m very impressed that when you can pull a group together that has the same mindset and direction and wants to lift the world. When we can do that, aren’t we blessed to have found that? You work as a team to get all that done.

In terms of our Living Free Program, we’re always looking for coaches, social workers or things of that nature who see the value of Living Free Program and are willing to facilitate it. That will give us the opportunity to expand it’s not confined to this set for this demographic. We do have things in place for expansion so that more people can take advantage of our services in that context from our educational programs. We’re always growing our network and looking for those that we can send them to who may need more support outside of our educational programs.

Beyond The Traditional

I’ve reconciled somehow that traditional, we talked about traditional Christianity, not necessarily providing much help and going to the pastors and all that, they’re not necessarily trained. Even traditional therapists, when you’re on the the traditional couch, you’re having the conversation with a therapist, I’ve noticed in my experience that often they’re looking at what’s wrong and what went wrong. You’re focused in the past, whereas I believe the coaches and the things that acknowledge where you are, realize where you are, but, “Let’s look forward. Where do you want to be?” inst I feel like that’s part of your program, too.

It depends on the therapist’s specialty in terms of are they providing cognitive behavior training as you’re walking through your past experiences so cognitively you can be in a better place once you understand where you’ve been in the past. There are other therapists who do EMDR and other modalities to get you from being stuck in the past to help you rewire your brain and give you new experiences so that your brain can move forward and live healthier so that when you have new stimuli, when you are in the present, you can respond from the present versus those past experiences.

Framing that and realizing that it’s good to recognize it, but it’s not good to stay there.

Their place is to give you an opportunity so that you can release those elements and stay in your present. Those elements are not trying to always come back and haunt you and be dogmatic to your present. However, there is a period where you do have to face those things so that you’re able to give your brain a new experience so that it can attach to the new experiences that you’re giving it to in helping you to stay in your moving forward state.

Therapists allow you to release negative elements. This way, you will not always come back to the past and be dogmatic to your present. Share on X

John 14:12 says, “We can do what Jesus did and even more.” I wasn’t taught that in my religious start, in my fundamental upbringing. I have found that that is a beautiful authority we’ve been given.

It’s hard to grasp that even as you say it now because I think about all the things that Jesus did. I’m like, “I’m nowhere near that.”

Most of us will never reach that.

We can still be purposeful.

He said, “All the storms.” All this stuff. I started playing Psalms 91 over and over because all the protection promises in one chapter. I’m rebuking. Jesus said, “Rebuke the hail.” We had a little bit, but not much. I’m rebuking it. I’m saying, “Thank you.” It’s not begging because I believe we were taught to pray, “You please help us.” No. It’s, “Thank you that we’re protected. Thank you for your shield of protection, umbrella of protection.” I have zero fear and not walking in fear about all that. I’ve done it multiple times over the years when I started realizing that He gave us some authority and it’s fun to keep standing firm in that during those moments. That crossed my mind to toss out to use.

There was a period in my journey where I didn’t understand the authority that God gave me as being His daughter. I remember He sent someone very specifically to open my eyes to see, and the first thing that she challenged me with was, “You don’t know whose daughter you are.” That opened up that world of having that security in Him. As I have that security in Him, it gave me the confidence to overcome more challenges because I’m being embodied in his presence and because of that, I have authority over those circumstances.

Awareness For Change

We’ve got so much power and we’ve not even scratched the surface of it. We don’t have time to go into all that. I think it’s fascinating. We are running down. This always goes fast. I would love to know your most pressing message. The most important thing that is Kemir Baker wants to share with the world who you are in this world.

One of the things that I’m always an advocate for is awareness doesn’t bring about the change that you’re seeking and/or now they’re stuffing those experiences. Both of them do not bring about the change that you’re seeking. It does require effort in terms of learning new things. It requires getting fed up with that current state and saying that I’m going to be humble enough to take this journey. God is faithful to us in that journey and He doesn’t give us more than we can handle to address those wounds and those needs. In order to address them, we have our foot one step forward each day and to seek a different outcome for the things that we’ve experienced in our lives.

We are here with everyone on that journey. Not everyone, but we’re here to support you on that journey. Reach out to us at J-Intelligence Network at if any of the things that I’ve shared here resonate with you in terms of not hiding from those experiences, but giving yourself the opportunity to retrain your brain and have a different understanding of those experiences you can live the authentic life that God has called you to have or to be in. I welcome that journey with you. It comes from the place of someone who’s been on it. It is not from a place of, “Just do this and everything will be okay.” No. We know that there are other steps that are involved and we are willing to work with you on that path.



It’s certainly more than theory. You’ve got skin in the game, experience and expertise to make a difference in not just groups, but individuals.

We do that with our coaching.

Episode Wrap-up

I am grateful that you took your busy time and joined me on the show.

Thank you for having me.

I feel the commonality. We’re all in this world together. Why not find ways to get along and work together? Why do we have to fight each other? Why do we need divisiveness about everything and being offended by everything? I’m a little over all that. I love that I get to talk with people who are in a similar mindset. It’s wonderful. I’m sure we’ll meet in person because you’re local and I’m in the Fort Worth side. You’re over there in Irving, Dallas County. Do you have a physical storefront?

Not yet, because we do a lot of things virtually.

These days, it’s a lot of extra money and effort.

If you want to donate so we can get to that place, we are receiving.

Go to their website and tell Charla sent you.

Thank you for having me on the show and giving me the opportunity to share my story and what we do. It means a lot.

I’m grateful that there are many out there that are taking this. It’s a big challenge and there are a lot of people who literally are drowning in shame, guilt and dysfunction and have no clarity on who they are and where they want to be. I feel like people are numbing themselves in our society very much with entertainment. Thank you so much. As I typically do in my show, I like to say that everyone is perfect. God loves you. I love you. You are loved. It’s okay to receive that. A giver can’t give if a receiver won’t receive. We always want to choose joy. That’s the wrap.


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