Feeding People And Saving Lives With Donna Taylor

The Charla Anderson Show | Donna Taylor | Feeding People


A multi-faceted advocate for all things good in our community, Donna Taylor works diligently on feeding people, giving them clothing, and helping them discover healing in their lives as director of The Fort Worth Hope Center.

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Feeding People And Saving Lives With Donna Taylor

Good, beautiful day, beautiful souls. I am the host of the show, a collector and connector of fascinating people. Everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I am so grateful that you would join us. This month has gone by quickly. I’m grateful that you would take the time to read this. I’m so grateful that you would take your time to do that. It will be on global podcasts with Podetize. We’re on the WinWinWomen Platform.

As we begin every show, I’m going to take our little 22-second mini vacation. We are breathing in for 7 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, and breathing out for 11 seconds. We’re going to breathe in calm and breathe out gratitude. Let’s do our little exercise. Thank you so much for joining me. Here we go. Seven seconds in calm, hold, and release gratitude. I am so incredibly grateful that you would take that moment to get centered with us and join us in the talk with my friend. She is an amazing advocate for the Fort Worth HOPE Center which is my charity of choice, and it has been for many years. This is Donna Taylor joining us for this episode.

Donna Taylor is the Director of the Fort Worth HOPE Center. I call it the loaves and fishes ministry. It is that beautiful place that has been there feeding the East side of Fort Worth and serving so many areas of Fort Worth, Texas. It’s fabulous to have that loaves and fishes ministry. I’ve watched when they had nothing and things would show up and they would distribute out. What does that mean to you, Donna Taylor? Tell me a little bit about who you are. Let’s start with that. You are the Director of the Fort Worth HOPE Center.

This is a little back history on how I became the Director of the Fort Worth HOPE Center. Back in 2009, I came here to do community service on a felony drug charge. The lady who normally took in the registration for that was absent that day. Pastor JoAnn, who is the Founder of the Fort Worth HOPE Center, did my intake.

After we talked for a while, she volunteered herself to take me up under her wing. She said that she would go to the court cases with me. She and Pastor Orlando had been phenomenal. They have been like the parents I’ve never had. I was assigned under Sarah Atchison who is a pillar here at our Without Walls Church in the Fort Worth HOPE Center. For three years, I almost lived with her as I was in spiritual training with her. I cannot give enough credit to what they’ve done for me here.


The Charla Anderson Show | Donna Taylor | Feeding People


The reason that the Fort Worth HOPE Center has become such a passion of mine is not only the difference that it’s made in my personal life and my family’s life but also the lives of others here in the Fort Worth area and surrounding areas. We work with, on a daily basis, people who have criminal charges, whether they be felonies or misdemeanor charges.

I have also become the Supervisor for the criminal justice system for the Fort Worth HOPE Center. We are able to minister to people because we truly believe that a person who has spent 40-plus years locked up has got to be spiritually fulfilled and find out what the root cause was to keep from being a repeat offender. We minister to them as they complete the hours that they must do for their courts, their parole, and probation. That is one aspect of what we do here.

A person locked up for many years is most likely spiritually fulfilled. They must be guided in finding out the root cause that would keep them from being a repeat offender. Click To Tweet

We also offer senior citizens a program here to come and work. They get twelve hours that are paid through another organization. It’s called Serve. We also host third-party workers from other companies that come here to do light duty. I also will help supervise labor details and check-in people who have to do their hours as well.

We have a lot of different things that are moving parts here at the Fort Worth HOPE Center, but our primary focus is feeding people here. We are feeding hope to people not only physically but spiritually. We are open to community volunteers who come here. We’ve had community workers here who have been here longer than I have. I’ve been here for years and some of our community volunteers have been here seventeen years. That speaks a lot for the organization for someone to come here and volunteer that much.

One of the things that we do is every Tuesday and Friday, we hand out groceries to the public here on site. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we have also become a warehouse distribution center since I’ve taken over. What we do is we send out loads anywhere from a truck bed trailer or semi-trailer loads that are going out into the metroplex.

We are connected to all counties touching Tarrant County. We are feeding multitudes of people from here. That has expanded our partnership with small churches, small communities, and other organizations that are not able to get food because they have to purchase it from other organizations that provide it. We are very blessed that we do not charge anything for the goods that are donated to us.

Let me ask you a question. You mentioned three days a week, you’re sending out truckloads. That is of food, provisions, or clothing?


Where does it come from?

We have private donors that donate to us and companies such as Tyson, Midwest, Food, and Quality Sausage. There are multiple people like that that donate food to us by the hundreds of thousands of pounds. Quality Sausage at the end of 2023 donated 174,000 pounds of sausage. I have been sending our box truck to pick up in intervals of 10,000 pounds at a time because we only have a limited amount of storage here.

What a blessing. Think about that. The ministry is helping so many people in churches in a huge way that somebody has got to take care of all the business. Pastor JoAnn and Pastor Orlando have had a heart for this service ministry for decades. Pastor JoAnn was one of my first guests when I first started the show in 2023 back in the beginning, probably the spring. They’re in their late 70s or 80s. She had a stroke and she’s still going strong. She’s still serving. Somebody that’s been there had to take that on. That’s a huge thing for you to have taken on. I’m so proud for you and of you. When you said Sarah Atchison, what an angel on Earth. She walked in, hugged you, and everything.

I’ll give a little bit of reason. I’m so connected to the HOPE Center. It was years ago, I met a gentleman named Jeffrey Larson. He was really great friends back with them a long time ago with the Reyes family. He was telling me about all that they do. One day, and it was months later, I woke up going, “I need to go there.” It was a Tuesday morning. I had no idea what they were doing, but I went and got shown around. They were teaching classes. They were doing forklift classes. They were doing computer classes at the time. They were doing cake decorating or food services training for people all over the place. I fell in love.

I went to the Without Walls Church, which is attached there. Sometimes, it looks like there are a lot of homeless people there or very low-income people, but they are received with so much love. They don’t care if you’ve got the worst felony on the face of the Earth or if you don’t have anything. It’s a place where people show and are loved unconditionally as God loves, which is a lot of my message.

I’m sure I learned a lot of that in the Without Walls Church and the HOPE Center operation. I can’t fathom. They do so much with so little. They continually plug away and build that up. We can continue on that. You’ve got your nonprofit certification. You do a lot of things outside of that as well, serving the community. What’s your plan for it? Where are we headed with this? What do you need? We’ll talk about that, and then I want to come back and talk a little bit about how you got there.

During this course of fifteen years that I’ve been with the organization and with the church, I have taken on multiple roles. When I first came here, they wanted to put me in the accounting department because I came from an accounting background. I had been doing federal and state taxes for many years. I had been doing property appeals. I’ve always worked in the legal field and things like that. I didn’t want that because, at that time in my life, I needed some downtime. I needed to regroup and be spiritually fed at that time. That’s when I said, “I want to work in the kitchen.” That’s when I got to work alongside Grandma Sarah. That’s Sarah Atchison. That’s how that relationship began.

As time went along and issues arrived, I was being pulled more toward the offices to resolve issues that needed to be fixed. It wound up the lady that used to be Pastor JoAnn’s personal assistant that ran the HR department, and there were a couple of them, who had to retire to take care of their families. I was there. It was something I already knew how to do so I took over HR.

Little by little, Pastor JoAnn was pulled more from here by having to take care of things at home and help run our ministry. I started micromanaging all the departments. When Pastor JoAnn had a stroke a few years ago, I was handed the reigns. It was like, “You’re the only one that can take this over. You either take it over or we’re going to have to close,” and so I did. I took over. As much things and knowledge that I had in running a profit business, I brought that into and found out that it is not how you do a nonprofit.

Dr. Jeff Larson is a dear friend of mine. I called him and said, “I need help. I cannot do this without you walking alongside me, taking me by hand, and showing me the ropes.” That’s exactly what he did. He spent many hours here with me and on the phone with me every time I got in a jam. Towards the last quarter of 2023, I decided, “I’ve gained as much knowledge as I gained from Dr. Larson. Now, I need some more knowledge to keep this up and going.” I went back to school and got certified in nonprofit management. My goal is to take this to even greater levels and to expand, maybe have more HOPE centers in other counties. I want to also be able to continue to do what we do here but send out more goods.

In 2023, I managed to bring in a little about $5.5 million worth of in-kind goods. That all was distributed in 2023 to families. We serve over 500,000 individuals and families. We consider our families 4.5 even though Tarrant County is running at 2, 5, and 3. It’s because the families we serve all have multiple people in the household. You could take that number and multiply that family count by 500,000 families. By that, you are looking at a lot of individuals. We operated that on less than $400,000.

That’s incredible. When I look at donating to anything, it’s going to be somebody that is local. It is going to be somebody that’s hands-on and not these mega nonprofits that the trickle down to the people is very small in many cases. That’s why I attached myself over and over to you guys and feel proud to be that. I want to say that as the Charla Anderson Show or my brand CharlaA.com, LLC, you’re my nonprofit of choice. It will come out on podcasts all over the globe. You can go to FWHope.org to donate and find a way.

There were times I would walk in on Sunday morning or even Wednesday night, there were classes. There was so much heart and spirit walking into that old warehouse building that they’ve made it as beautiful as possible for so many people. Sometimes, I would walk in and get tears. I felt the spirit so deeply in this place. God had his hand on the HOPE Center and Without Walls Church. Those are the little pieces that are my part. I walk in, feel it, and know that I’m in a holy place because of the heart and the integrity of the operation and the people there.

Sometimes, I say that we’re like Planet Fitness with a no-judgment zone.


It hasn’t been too long ago. We have a street ministry team that goes out and witnesses to the homeless. Oftentimes, the homeless will come here. They’ve gotten a ride, walked here, or something. It really touched my heart. This was about a few months ago when one of the homeless ladies showed up dressed as she was. We sat her in the front row. I’m in a meeting.

That was very touching because everyone is welcome no matter how you come or how you’re dressed. We don’t care about people’s backgrounds. The only thing we want to do is to love people right where they are and help them to grow spiritually. We provide forklift training courses to help them get a job. That’s what we do.


The Charla Anderson Show | Donna Taylor | Feeding People


We provide groceries to people. We’ve also started handing out groceries on the second Saturday of every month because a lot of the people who do work during the week are struggling. They are not able to get any assistance from the government because they do have a job, but they’re struggling and need that little extra assistance. We’ve opened it up on Saturdays so that those who do work can come and get groceries for their family as well.

The Charla Anderson Show | Donna Taylor | Feeding People
Feeding People: Many people work the entire week and yet still struggle with their lives. However, they cannot get assistance from the government because they have a job.


This is one of the things that Pastor JoAnn Reyes has always said and done. It’s beyond belief that this is the case. When you go to offer groceries to a family, you offer more than they could use so that they can share with their neighbors and friends. They’re receiving, but they can also be giving from what they’ve received. It’s beautiful to think, especially at Thanksgiving.

I remember a year that the week before the Turkey distribution, there were no turkeys. Everybody pulled a ticket and were going, “We’re having faith that we’ll have turkeys.” Apparently, they had exactly enough turkeys or maybe a Cornish hen for someone enough to serve. They give enough to serve your neighbors.

That component is you get what you think about. You get more of what you believe. If you are generous, you are going to receive more. That’s part of my thought on that too. I love that story that no turkeys were there and all of a sudden, they had enough for the last person to come through the line and get something.


The Charla Anderson Show | Donna Taylor | Feeding People


In 2023, we weren’t able to get the turkeys, but we had some leftovers and served those out until they ran out. It’s a misconception. A lot of people assume that the turkeys or hams that we would hand out for Christmas are donated to us. That is not the case. We have to purchase those at full market value to be able to hand them out. In doing so, we have to raise the funds to purchase them.

In 2022, it cost us right at $35,000 to buy enough turkeys to be able to hand out hams. This 2023, because of the increase in the economy, we were looking at anywhere from $44,000 to $48,000 to be able to purchase it. We did not have the funds to do so, but we handed out food. We had lots of food for people to be able to take and add to what they had. Our clients and the people that we serve were so blessed that we were able to do what we did.

We’re going to continue this. We’re going to be here as long as God wants us to be here in this building. We look forward every day to people who walk in that are needing help. What can we do to help them? We had a gentleman come. He said his wife and children were trying to get here. He was looking for food to be able to have for them when they did arrive here.

The Charla Anderson Show | Donna Taylor | Feeding People
Feeding People: We are so blessed to be able to do what we do. We will be here as long as God wants us to be. We look forward every day to people who walk in here needing help.


We serve a lot of domestic abused women. They come here. We provide the essentials to the women that they need. We help if we have furniture. We provide that to anyone, whether it’s domestic abuse, families that have been burned out, or people who had to move. We provide clothing that’s been donated to us here to people. There is clothing for men to be able to have something decent to put on to go and do job interviews.

We have opened up an area where people can come in and use computer equipment. Believe it or not, there are a lot of families that don’t even own a computer or have internet. We will help them fill out job applications and so forth like that. We also have a group on Wednesday nights called CR which stands for Christian Recovery because we want to emphasize helping people to get off of drugs and to stay off of any type of addiction.

We also offer a Zoom Bible training on Wednesday that Pastor Orlando personally is teaching. We have our Sunday morning church services that start at 10:30 AM every Sunday. Rain or shine, we are here. The main thing is that we are here and the community knows that we’re here. We have people who come by to be able to use a phone because they don’t have a phone to use and they need to call a loved one.

This was started by a tornado that had come through and destroyed a lot of the area. It started with opening up this building for people to have shelter or a place to come get a hot meal. It has grown from Mrs. Baird’s donating a few loaves of bread, and this is many years ago, to serving. They would take this bread in their cars and would get other companies to donate some lunch meals and things like that as well as chips and sodas. They would go house to house, in and out, with sandwiches to make sure that the people had something to eat. All the electricity and everything was turned off in this area because of the damage. It has grown from that to serving over 500,000 families a year. It has grown all on faith.

We do not receive federal funds here because we will not denounce our Christianity. There are other larger food banks and organizations that do receive funding like that but we don’t. Ours is solely received from private donors such as yourselves who have a heart to serve people knowing that this food is going into people’s hands who truly need it.

Christian foundations do not receive federal funds. Therefore, they receive funding and donations from private donors with a heart to serve the people. Click To Tweet

There are grandmothers who are on social security but are not able to get food stamps yet are raising their grandchildren. For whatever reason, the parents are absent in their lives. We have families. It’s 2 and 3 families having to live in 1 household because they cannot afford rent. This area has completely out-priced the individuals that are living here. This is one of the lowest economic ZIP codes in Fort Worth, the 76119 and the 76112.

There were some new apartments that were built that are supposed to be low affordable income apartments for seniors. The starting price is $1,100 a month. Most seniors in our area are not even getting $1,100 a month on social security. Therefore, they have to room with other homeowners to be able to make it. That is the clientele that we’re serving.

My heart is that people would come here and get involved with the Fort Worth HOPE Center. Come and volunteer and see what we’re doing and see the people that we’re impacting daily here. Get involved with donations of in-kind goods. Companies out there, if you have leftover goods, call us. We will send someone to come and get it.

To those of you who are looking for a place to sow money to make a difference in someone’s life, please donate to the Fort Worth HOPE Center. You can do so by going online. It’s FWHope.org. There’s a Donate button on there. Come by and donate directly or you could send a check. Our address is there. We would like for you to come by and see your funds in operation. We would like you to see every dollar that you donate here and the difference it is making in someone’s life. Thank you for that.

The Charla Anderson Show | Donna Taylor | Feeding People
Feeding People: Every dollar donated to the Fort Worth HOPE Center makes a huge difference to someone’s life.


I have this deep appreciation because of the tireless effort day after day. Pastor JoAnn had a vision that was so incredible. She would never give up. She has found the right person in you to come and be that and relieve the pressure. I felt like she was doing it all almost. There was a whole team, but she was doing so much. She was trying to teach the Sunday school truck class and manage all of that. I’ve been in awe of the operation of how it goes.

What about this? You talked about having more HOPE Centers elsewhere. There really needs to be a prototype of, “Here’s what we do and how we do it,” for other people that have the heart to make a difference in our worlds. You can’t live a higher life than making a difference. Even if from a smile, a donation, or a life of service, the best you can do is to make a difference in someone else’s life and make the world a better place as my mama said. She said, “Leave the world a better place. Take care of the person right in front of you.” It’s huge to me. That’s what you guys are doing.

What is there? Is there what you would call an outline or a business plan, so to speak, of how you’re doing it and how it’s worked? What I know along the way is there were many amazing human beings that came through. I would call it disappointed. They got back into something else. JoAnn was so disappointed and so was I about some of the people I’d made friends with while I was more active over there. Nobody’s perfect. All they need is the grace to come and have a place and learn how to be the one that makes a difference for the next person. Do you have something like that, a prototype or a business plan-type model?

Yes. I’m working with Dr. Larson on that. I can say that we have had several people who have been here as volunteers and had to move. They have gone outside of here and re-cloned the Fort Worth HOPE Center and even added HOPE into their name. We had one done in North Dakota by a couple that was here. That’s with Toby Phillips.

They even have branched into pet donations for food. That’s another thing that we do here. We provide pet food for all of our clients as well. That is donated to us through, Don’t Forget to Feed Me. That is another good organization to donate to. We have in Nigeria already a HOPE Center there that is run by one of our missionaries, which is George Mensah. We have sent funding over there to help with building water wells for the villages over there.

Steve Zamora, who is one of the original founders who walked alongside Pastor JoAnn and Pastor Rolando in founding the Fort Worth HOPE Center, and I have started Mexico HOPE, which is a branch of Fort Worth HOPE Center. Once to twice a year, we send multiple trailer loads of goods into Mexico for two orphanages that we have taken on. We provide toys, clothing, and food. Whatever we’re able to get across the border, we’re taking that to the orphanages.

We are going to continue to branch out not only here in Metroplex, but we want to be able to get it into other states as well as into other countries to be able to help as many people as we possibly can. All throughout the entire world, people are hurting. There are bookoos of food out there. You got to be able to track it and get it donated.

That’s one of the things that I do. I have a fabulous team. We’re a very small team. There are only four people on staff here. The rest are all volunteers. We four are taking on multiple hats, but God is good. He has given us the strength to do so and the wisdom and knowledge of how to do it. We are grateful. We often say the most important person in the building is our volunteers.

We cannot thank the community that comes out every time and volunteers with us. Without them, this would be impossible. Fort Worth HOPE Center would not possibly be able to be run without our volunteers. We couldn’t do it without the men and the women who come from community service to do their hours. We depend upon them for their skillset and their strength to be able to package this food, sort, bag, hand it out, and distribute it. Therefore, we’re so grateful to be such a small part of this community and bringing this community together as one



Sometimes, having an outline, somebody can go, “I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They learned the wheel the hard way and can make it easier for the next person.” I’m grateful for the federal restrictions that you’ve chosen to minimize. That is a great point as well. You have taken on something. I don’t think there’s a person who could ever look at this and say, “She didn’t care.” You’ve got such a heart. You’re the perfect person. I know you’ve been a workhorse or a worker bee. You’re in there. You’re hands-on. You’re young. You still have a lot of years of experience and energy to share.

Let me go back to you. You are an overcomer. I want to have people that have overcome. You were in an abusive place. You needed a lot of these services yourself. You said in the beginning that you’ve received so many of them. How divine was that when the director of the entire operation came along and said, “I’m going to court with you.” Who would’ve thought that? That’s the kind of people we’re dealing with that love God’s people. I’m grateful that you chose that. You are an overcomer. Your life is better because of where you are. You also do horsemanship. You take care of children with horses. I don’t even know what you do with that, but that’s another dimension of who you are.

I do own horses. I live here in the city. I’ve made a little small form. I’ve got chickens, horses, goats, calves, and things of this nature. Since horses had such a huge impact on my own life growing up and in my younger years, I wanted to give that to children who normally don’t have that opportunity to be with animals. Animals are so therapeutic.

This club was founded by a young man here who was a high school student. He had seen his friend get shot and killed in a gang activity. I walked alongside his mother, aunts, grandmothers, and things like that. We all got together and started this club. It’s called Better Chance Riding Stables. It’s because we want to give our youth a better chance here in this community. We get them interested in horses or in horsemanship. We let them come out and spend time riding the horses and so forth to channel their energy in another way. That’s one thing that I do outside of Without Walls Church at Fort Worth HOPE Center.

It’s alongside because it’s still a ministry. It’s still alongside your hobbies. Your outside is still a life of service. What a gift you are.

For me to have gotten to this point in my life from that charge I had, I have made a vow that I’m going to dedicate the rest of my life to serving people. I’ve climbed all the corporate ladders. I’ve had all the fancy but I got away from all of that to serve people and be a blessing. The same things that were done for me here, which was to attend court with people, walk alongside people, be there to answer the phone call, pray with them, and wipe their tears when they’re scared and don’t know what to do, I do the same.

We have people here on our staff and volunteers who have been through domestic abuse. They spend time counseling women who are experiencing this. We are here and open. The staff members that we have have a wealth of experience that’s positive and negative in life. We take this and give it back to others in whatever way we can to help another person, whether it’s listening.

Sometimes, all a person wants is someone to talk to and listen to their side of the story. We take the time to do that. We try not to get so wrapped up and busy with the business side of this that we forget the most important side, which is our ministry side. We try to be there and allow people a place to come to for comfort, for release, and to know that someone cares. That’s what sets us apart from any other place where a person can go in the community to get groceries. We take the time to care for that person.



That’s so beautiful. Always, the time goes really fast. What is your call to action? What is your biggest thing or the last words you’d like to leave with our audience now and in the future?

Please look us up online, the Fort Worth HOPE Center. Get involved. Come out and volunteer. Bring your family out during the holidays. Get your kids involved in volunteering. If you have goods at home that are in good condition, like clothing or furniture that you can bring to us, bring it. We will make sure it gets into the good hands that need it.

Most importantly, those that are able to, please donate to us financially so that your donations will be able to change and make an impact on someone else’s life as it has my own life and so many thousands of people that have come through our doors. We can continue to be able to feed those that are in need. We can continue to be able to counsel. We can continue to be able to provide training so that people can get better jobs. We send them out to job staffing agencies that are background-friendly. We can continue to help provide for the resources, the basics here, like keeping the lights on and the building. We appreciate it. Come see your donations here at the Fort Worth Center and the difference you are making in others’ lives.

That’s incredible and beautifully said. There is no doubt it comes directly from your heart. It’s been a really good time with you. This has been a beautiful time. When I talk about the HOPE Center, I am warm inside. It is a huge place. I know I’m not there as much as I would like or had been in the past, but it’s where I am. It’s my heart. It is the kind of organization that I respect and would give my time and money to all day long as opposed to the big organizations that I’m not very respectful of. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you so much for allowing me to come onto your show and use this as a platform to make people aware. A lot of people are not even aware that there is a Fort Worth HOPE Center here on the east side of Fort Worth and what we do. I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to get this out to more people.

Thank you. You can go back and check out the JoAnn Reyes episode back in August 2023 and find her heart as well. She and Orlando were the foundational people. I am thankful and grateful. The show is live every week. We are moving into the second season already. It’s so hard to believe. I’m going to have to come back up there soon and get a physical hug. You know who I am. I’m the Hug and Scratch Minister at the Without Walls Church. Blessings to you and thank you so much for everything.

I usually leave with a little thing like who you are is exactly perfect. You’re created. You cannot be loved more or less by God than you are loved right this second. You’ll feel that if you end up at the HOPE Center. You are perfect exactly who and where you are. You do not have to do anything to be loved more or less by God and us.

This is a little piece that I started to say earlier and forgot. You can’t force somebody into something. You can’t preach someone into loving themselves more. You have to show them and love them through. This is a saying I have. The harder people are, they need it because they’ve not learned to love themselves the way they need to be loved so that they can love others. I know that kind of training comes through as well at the HOPE Center. I love you so much. Go to FWHope.org. Thank you so much for joining me. Always choose joy.

Thank you.


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Donna works with disadvantaged children and youth teaching riding and horsemanship lessons. Donna counsels and encourages others while on their spiritual journey. One could also describe her as a beacon of light to the Eastside of Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

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TV SHOW ~ SEASON 2 - Join me Every Wed at 1pm CT on BE EMPOWERED Channel 


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