Elevating Your Results With Patricia Barnett

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results

Creator of ELEVATE! The 7 Step Success System for Elevating Your Results in Business & in Life, Patricia Barnett excels in helping others break free from their past and create a life they love living.

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Elevating Your Results With Patricia Barnett

Good beautiful day you beautiful beautiful souls. This is Charlotte Anderson host of The Charlie Anderson Show Collection of Fascinating People and everyone is fascinating. Especially YOU. I’m so excited that you would join me today that you would join us, that we’re on podcast and all the streaming services and just honored beyond measure that you would take time and listen because I want to offer you hope and inspiration and amazing guest that really are going to do that with us today.

Today, I have someone beautiful Patricia Barnett and I’m going to introduce her a little bit more in a moment right after we do our initial little breathing exercise. It’s about 22 seconds of a mini vacation. Join me as we breathe in 7 Seconds of calm, we’ll hold for four seconds and then breathe out 11 seconds of gratitude. Thank you for joining me here and let’s just breathe in our call and get settled. Here we go. Hold. Relax. Release. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I like to get a little centering right in the beginning here because we’re busy, right? 

We’re all in this crazy world of electronics and technology that works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s when we need that breathing exercise when it doesn’t work. Anyway, this is a special day to me too because I met Patricia Barnett at Ashley Tori’s beautiful Gathering and International Women’s Day gathering in Texas a few weeks ago. I just love her and we kind of hit it off and realized we have very similar messages mindset about why not be happy, right? 

Patricia Barnett is an amazing entrepreneur, leader, and incredible transformational coach. Patricia, thank you for being here and I want to thank you for just honoring me with your presence today and sharing your story and your wisdom. Tell us about who is Patricia Barnett and then we’ll talk a bit about what you do.

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Charla. I’m really thrilled to be here. Always happy to speak about what we’re going to be speaking about today. How to go from where we are to where we would really love to be in our personal lives or professional lives wherever that may be. Who am I? I am a lifelong student of personal development of human potential. I am as you mentioned a leader and leading those to live a life in which they would absolutely love living. To reach that point, it is about being able to know how to go beyond where we are In this moment. I’m a teacher. I’m a speaker.

I’m an author and creator of programs in helping people really elevate their lives. I’m also a wife. I’m a mother. Now, I’m a grandmother of two grandsons, Kaden and Coal. I have so many loves in my life and for sure new light new loves that breathe light into my life. My passionate, my mission is to really be that light for others to share the light and to share those wisdoms based upon my personal life experiences. 

When you’re speaking about overcoming and how we can rise up and go beyond, I have a history of rising above and going beyond in various areas of my life and almost every area of my life. That’s why I’m really thrilled to be here today with you. Not just a message of hope, but a message of inspiration as you mentioned, and elevation. 

This is about the opportunity of empowerment because when we are empowered that is where we have our point of power to be able to elevate rise above and go beyond. Thank you for the opportunity to be here together with you and thank you for the introduction. It is such a joy and when we met like love it for sight, Charla. I really appreciate the opportunity to be here together with you today. 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results
Elevating Your Result: When we look at any and every challenge as an opportunity, it is our moment of freedom.

I am so grateful. I mean you just exude joy and hope and inspiration and that’s who you are. Was it always that way? Were you born that way? Were you a child that way?

I love that question. What I believe is yes, I was born that way. I think we are all born that way. We’re born with this innocence. We’re born with this joy within us. We’re born with this bliss. We’re born with the eyes of a childlike wonder in this beautiful life, right? We come in all shiny and polished and then what happens is life and our circumstances and how we grow up. Have I always been optimistic? I would say that certainly, I remember when I was little having the childlike wonder, having that interest and enthusiasm for life. I think that it’s been there. 

I do also know that times in my life when I was not very optimistic. In times of my life where it looked like all I could see was not even the glass half empty, it looked like my glass was totally empty. There have been times in my life and overcoming situations in my life that then this idea of how to be optimistic. Tools and how to create this joy. It’s a muscle. I’ve found it to be a muscle. I think we all have it. It’s very funny when we think about muscles. I remember being in a gym one day with a coach, right, working out and this coach said, “Really? Feel your abs your abdomen. Feel your abs, Patricia, just feel them getting stronger.” 

I paused and I said, “No, I don’t have ABS. You don’t understand. That’s why I’m here. I don’t have them,” like he said to me, “Patricia, you were born with them. We’re here to develop them. Of course, you have them. You just can’t see them.” What I have found is that this optimism we’re all born with it. It’s inside of us. This happiness quotient it’s inside of us. It’s a matter of developing just like a muscle developing it. 

We are all born with optimism. It is inside of us. It is just a matter of developing it like a muscle. Click To Tweet

That is what I have dedicated myself too to now be known as this very optimistic, very joy-filled, very bliss-filled, and always saying in any circumstance the high side, the high road, the light within it, the opportunity within it because this is what I’ve learned. This is what I’ve discovered. This is what I’ve uncovered. This is what I have found makes a major absolutely categorically difference in living life itself. Thank you for the question and the quick answer is no, it is not always been like this. I can remember times in which it was doomsday for sure like the sky was falling and I was in the midst of it. No. I didn’t see happy shiny rainbows and unicorns during that time and now, I do 

I think I was very optimistic as well growing up. I mean just happy generally, I don’t need drugs. I’m naturally high that kind of thing in high school just kind of like that and I would say it’s permanent, but it’s not constant. Is that make sense? I had a split-second moment of transformation from bitterness to Joy. In the beginning, I recognized I didn’t know that it was permanent when you transform it is permanent, but there’s still the muscle, the learning curve, right? 

When from the bitterness of joy and one foot second. A lot of years later, I know that it’s permanent. We just have to massage it through and just get better at it because it is a muscle. I call myself outrageously optimistic. Outrageously optimistic. Do you have people that think you pollyannaish or pie in the sky or who do you think you are? Why are you always so happy? What’s your take on that? Because I know I do.

Great question because you know what I’ll call a leader of the light and I work with leaders of the light, whatever that means. It means that we are here to be that beacon of hope and even beyond a beacon of hope, be that beacon of light to bring a presence of knowingness that all is well. That even in the midst of everything that’s happening in our world today or whatever’s happening in someone’s life today what I know to be sure, what I know to be true is that there is good in it to the degree in which we would be willing to see it. 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results
Elevating Your Results: We are here to be a beacon of hope and to bring a presence of knowing that all is well.

I really live at a very high, what I’ll call frequency, high happiness quotient live in a world where yes everything I see in a certain way of these eyes now that I see things in a way that not everyone does. That quite frankly not everyone is ready for. If I’m coming in all happy even if it looks like the clouds are in the sky and I’m coming in as this big ray of sunshine. Sometimes it’s not a match when someone’s really down in the depths. I’m aware of that. Even if it can help bring them up, just a notch, just one notch, then they’re elevating. Where some people, it can be a bit much. 

I was in a meeting last week where I was speaking about and reporting about how great life is. Even in the midst of where we are, how beautiful it is because it’s sometimes in the breakdowns and I believe almost every time in the breakdowns, where we have then the opportunity to break through. I was speaking about this and I could see someone that was really resisting this good news of the day. It’s sometimes not a match if somebody’s really feeling way low. I can understand that and I temper it but it’s not to dim myself is to understand it and help to bring them up. It’s not about pollyannaish. 

I love that you asked this question. This idea of a positive attitude. It was about 25 years or 30 years ago that I went to a seminar and it was all about having a positive attitude and I thought okay, I’ll just slap on a smile and I’ll pretend that I’m happy. I’ll pretend that I’m positive. All the while inside of me, I was not. Back then, the idea was to slap on a smile because eventually, you will be happy, but this pollyannaish pretending to be a happy positive attitude, It’s more than that. It’s not just a positive attitude. It’s not just about pretending. It’s not just about motivating ourselves to have this. Yes.

It’s a great day. It’s about total transformation. Step by step by step to really know this is a great day. Even in the midst of some of the most daunting times, and that’s how I found this is through some of the most daunting times in my life. That’s how I discovered this. Yes people sometimes well, it’s just you must be in denial if you’re just positive because could it really be that good? Well, when you worked 25 years or more and get to this mastery level then yes, indeed it is. 

I’m aware of all the darkness. I’m aware of all the circumstances. I’m aware of all the uncertainty. That’s why I’m here to help people build those muscles, but sometimes people resist that much and that’s okay. Even if they just get a glimmer of hope. Any idea is just open because where we are when we’re down in the depths, or in the trenches, or in the quicksand. This is the way out is just simply shifting ourselves to be open to the light. 

The way I say it where we are is all we have. I mean, even if you’re in the gutter, this is all you have right now. Now is a big word for you, I think. Right now is all we have to speak a different word to take a different step. If you don’t like where you are, you don’t have any place else to start from but right here, right now, right? Where else is there? I mean, we don’t have yesterday last week, last minute, last generation. 

Everything since, Let There Be Light, has orchestrated itself to have you and me in this split second and time in this moment in time to have this conversation. I mean, your grandparents not meeting would have not had a whole different outcome here. We can’t change any of that and it’s all choice by the way. I think people don’t understand that they get to choose. Whether they’re happy or not happy, they get to choose how they perceive those things going on, right? 

You bring up a great point because people don’t generally know this. We’re not conditioned to believe, know or understand how our choices create our destiny. We tend to wait for circumstances to be a certain way before then we’re okay. We tend to as human beings or at least I did, I’ll just speak for myself. I won’t speak for all human beings. I tended to need for things to be in a certain way before then I was okay. It’s actually the opposite. This is where we have the point of power as you mentioned at this moment, but the power to choose would we look at this as a gift or will we look at this as a failure? Will we look at this as feedback? We’ll how will we look at it? 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results
Elevating Your Result: When we are empowered, we reach a point where we elevate, rise above, and go beyond

There’s a quote by Wayne Dyer that I absolutely love, change the way we look at things, and the things we look at change. It’s transformational. I mean it is like magic when we change the way we look at things. When we can just simply be open to wondering could there be a gift in this for me? I remember, Charla, when I was eight years old. My father told me a story about and I don’t know and I don’t believe this was a real story, but he said at the time there were two scientists doing research on identical twins. 

These identical twins, the scientists, put them in two separate rooms, but the conditions were the same. These little boys, they were eight years old. I was eight years old. They were put into two rooms each of them in a room filled with horse manure all the way to their chins. The scientists were in a one-way window or a mirror where the children didn’t know the scientists were looking. The scientists went to look at the first little boy. The little boy was so upset just like punching the manure and just like looking at the heavens like, “Why did you do this to me?” and angry and furious and just red-faced so upset. 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results
Elevating Your Results: Change the way look at things, and the things we look at change.

They thought since these boys were identical twins that when they went to the second room, they would see the same thing. What they saw to their surprise was in the second room, this little boy was happy looking up at the heavens like, “Yes. This is my lucky day.” Moving through the manure. Making tunnels through the manure just as happy as can be. When they pulled the boys out, they questioned each boy. They said to the first boy, “What was your experience?” He said, “What do you mean? You put me in a room filled with manure it is the worst day of my life. 

I can’t even believe you did it. I am so upset and I am so angry.” When they went to the second boy, they asked that second boy, “What was your experience?” He said, “Are you kidding? It’s my lucky day with all of this horse manure. There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere.” Like this was his lucky day. Why I love that story? I had forgotten that story when my father told me at eight years old that story. I think he was probably sharing it because I may have been acting like that first boy that day about something but I had forgotten the story until I was in my mid-20s. 

In my mid-20s, I was feeling like that first boy in some circumstances that I was facing. All though my father had passed away when I was 18, I was in this manure. What I have found in times of my life when I have felt like I’ve been in manure is to remember that it doesn’t have to be. There can be a pony in here somewhere. When I was in my mid-20s and that story came back to me, that was a turning point and it’s a tool that I use what could be the gift here because when we look for the gifts, we will find them. 

Then as my life progressed and when I was facing a life-challenging situation, I had a coach I was working with and I was angry to have a diagnosis that was one I hadn’t planned on, and one that turned out to be life-threatening. My coach said, “Look for the good. Embrace this, don’t fight it. Look for the good. That message has continued to stay with me. What I know for sure is that there is good in every challenge and everything that comes our way to the degree to which we would be open to see. When we’re open to see what the gifts could be, that’s our point of transformation. 

That’s our promotion. That is our time in which we rise above and go beyond and that is our time. It’s almost when the gates open and we’re free. That’s been a helpful tool along the pathway of my journey in recognizing that there could be a gift. If there were, wow, what would that be because there is a gift in every day in every way. This has been significant for me. To your point, it’s how we look at things and the choices we make. Would we be willing to believe that could be possible? If so, what would that look like and in that every choice we make, creates our destiny? Everything we think. choice we make, action we take, take us to the future we’re creating even now.

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In my little Split-Second Transformation book every word matters and we think they don’t. When we curse or damn or even tired, anything that you say I am is who you are. When you say I am, it’s who you are. You say it enough, it’s who you become. Every word matters. When something came to me about empathy, you said you have to temper it sometimes and that’s a blessing, right? It doesn’t mean we don’t ever get sad. It doesn’t mean we don’t ever have pain or sadness or bad circumstances. We get to do that, right? We do recognize. When we do have some sad sadness, I mean not my sister passed, there’s sadness. We’re not happy that those things happen, but we love ourselves enough to know that we will come through that, right? 

Indeed, you know the idea of losing your sister and blessings to you and we know the legions of angels are with your sister. She is amongst them. This idea of yes, we will feel change and sadness and we will feel emotions. This idea is to not press down the emotions to try to stay happy. It’s about how to be with those emotions to allow them to emerge then open the flow to then return to joy. I speak about happiness and this idea around happiness. There is really when we think about frequency, I look at happiness as a frequency. It’s an emotion. 

When we look at the scale of frequency, as you mentioned, every word matters, every emotion has a frequency. Happiness has a higher frequency than blame, shame, judgment, or criticism. Happiness has a higher frequency and there are even greater frequencies, higher frequencies above happiness. When we really get to that fulfillment and joy and bliss and just love, there is more than happiness in and of itself. When I look at this, it’s about frequency. What I know to be true and everyone I have ever worked with, everyone I have ever worked with when I’ve asked them what is it that they would love in their life? 

Not one, not one person has said I would love more hard times I would love more struggle. I would love more blame. I would love more shame. I would love more fights. I would love more doubt and worry and fear. I would love more of that. Know everyone, every single person I have ever worked with has said I would love more happiness. I would love more fun. I would love more expansion. I would love more gratitude. I would love more of those higher frequencies. 

Here’s the real or a gift, a real powerful concept to think about is that those dreams that we have and those dreams that are dreaming us, they live in a frequency. We want to check ourselves and ask what frequency are we in. If we’re in a frequency of sadness or grief or anything that is what I call below the line, we want to reach out, get support, and help to understand how to move through that. 

Not just pretend to be happy so that we can get the prize in the cracker jack box, but how can we move through this to elevate ourselves because that life Is lived on this frequency that if we’re living here, and we would love all the results living here, well the pathway to it is to bring ourselves up to match that to meet that. It’s not just when we get here then we will be. No, we be it and then we will live it. The sadness, we will all have sad times and in the sadness, that is not to negate it. Speaking to the coach that I was working with when I had the diagnosis. 

His recommendation he said, “Go in and feel it. Go in and be mad. Go in and be sad. Go in and cry,” and basically he said and he meant it. He said, “Go have a pity party.” He wasn’t being sarcastic. He was saying to go in and feel it. Take your time out and go into your bedroom. Draw the shades. Yell, scream, be mad. Charla, I did it. I went in and I felt it. I was angry. I was upset, and I was in the why me and how did this happen to me? It wasn’t supposed to happen to me and where is this? Because I had really made it to the top in business and then it felt like my life was crashing down with a diagnosis. 

I went in and it wasn’t long, Charla, it wasn’t too long. It didn’t take too long to really get that out, but then to also recognize. If I lived much longer like that, my husband wouldn’t want to be around me. It wouldn’t be helpful long term. Just like with any party, there’s a beginning and I made sure there was an end. When I ended that party, I knew that I had gotten everything out and then I was ready to rise above and go beyond. 

I want to mention something you said that when I said my sister because when I learned or thought about this, people who are in the throws of someone losing people there, we all do and it’s hard. It’s sad. When I recognized that she was literally dancing with angels and her laughter could be heard all over the country. When she laughed, she was very well known. Not only would she be dancing with angels. All knowledge, can you imagine having every answer, no more questions? I just kind of went back over to that because I just think people don’t recognize that little piece of it. 

When you can know that you’re in paradise with all knowledge, it’s kind of a cool thing. Anyway, so I want to go back to your story of this horrible diagnosis. Somebody gave me the term. I’m a clearing for miracles and I feel like when you shift, upset draws upset, anger draws more anger, hate draws more things to hate. That’s why when we speak our words, it’s really important. I think you’re talking about that in this diagnosis that you’re on the top of the world, you’re going along and all of a sudden, life happens and it puts put the brakes on. 

There was a gentleman that Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer and this gentleman was on the Monday morning devotional called this last week. He had age 15 and over 90% of his body burned. He’s scared and he says, “Hi.” I’m not even in my own skin. You can’t be comfortable in my own skin because it’s not mine. Anyway, funny funny guy and has great jokes about it 33 years later. He says the best thing that ever happened to him because we are not our skin suit, right? We are spirit. 

Anyway, I just admired him so much because he has humor and he doesn’t have all these fingers he says, “But I got these. I’m grateful for these.” When we Look at that, that sounds to me like how you handled it. You got in and I love that you went in and let yourself, feel the anger feel it. Live it for that starting in and I love that analogy of the party. It starts him in the speedy party. End your pity party, please you guys out there done with it. 

That was a great example of your life and you thinking about if I’m going to get be so upset and so negative that nobody’s going to want to be around me. I mean, there’s no doubt about the science around people surviving because of their attitude and their choice to do that. Thank you for that and the lesson. 

Well, I’d like to say that it’s something that I just knew innately and maybe I did. However, I had worked with a coach in business. When we think about overcoming, I work with a coach not having a formal education in college. I didn’t have a college degree. I didn’t have experience in business. I didn’t have experience in this particular industry and decided that I was going to enter into it and I was going to make it to the top. This came after a period of my life in which I was very dissatisfied. 

This happened when it looked like the bottom had dropped out and there was no way to go other than up. I was at the bottom and I decided that to your point. This is what I have right now. I didn’t look like I could really go any lower although I am sure I could have but at this moment, it was like a decision. It’s possible and if it’s possible, I’m doing it. I did it. Worked with a coach for and very short period of time, went to the top in a particular company, and went to the top in an entire industry and that’s when I was living La Vida Loca. 

This coach had been a champion football player and Super Bowl champion and football player and coached under Don Shula, Miami Dolphins. He knew a lot about mindset. He knew a lot about performance. He knew a lot about what you’re speaking to, right? What we think about, we bring about. He knows a lot about discipline. He knew a lot about how to get in there and create results. I was very blessed to have worked with him to create results to make it to the top of the heat. When the diagnosis came and it did look like it came out of the blue because I had no idea it was coming, and that’s when it looked like the rug got pulled out from under me and it looked like everything was tumbling down upon me. I was scratching my head really like how does this happen?

I get to the top, but then the bottom falls out. What I found and in working with my coach and coming to him and saying, “Okay, these are the set of results.” What my husband noticed is that wait a minute, we can apply the same formula. There’s a formula. We can apply the same formula that we made it to the top in this Arena and we take it to this next Arena. My husband was intrical in helping me identify once a doctor said to me, “You better go home and pray for a miracle.” My husband sensing how this landed on me, which was like a whole bucket of ice-cold water. 

My husband’s saying, “Wait a minute. Are you going to buy into that? Or are you going to decide what it looks like on the other side of this that’s part of the formula in business in everything really.” It was at that moment, that I would decide my God is in the miracle business so I’m in good shape. Even if I had a 0% chance, I still have a chance. That is where I was able to make this shift. By making the shift using the formula, moving through this breakdown, and breaking through and making it to the other side. Not only making it to the other side, people would say I hope that you survived. 

My reaction, my reply, my response was always I don’t want to survive. I don’t want to survive this. I don’t want to be a survivor. Survivor means you come in, the bottom drops out and you make it to the other side at the same point in which you went in. I did not want to be a survivor. I decided that I was going to be a thriver. When I came in, the bottom dropped out. Because of this, I would then leapfrog and rise above and go beyond and become better. It’s not what happens to us, it’s who we become by the means of these situations that we have the opportunity and get the opportunity to live through. 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results
Elevating Your Results: I don’t want to be a survivor. It means you come in the bottom and get to the other side at the same point in which you went in. I decided to be a thriver.

It was at that moment. You’re exactly right. Where I was able to take these formulas, take the mindset, take these tools, and apply them and it was through this time in my life that I realized this formula can be used in any and every part of our life financially, in our health, in relationships with ourself. For sure in living a life we love and achieving all it is that we would love to achieve but it’s more than just achieving. It’s literally living all that we are meant to live. All that we are here to be. 

It really is such a beautiful opportunity. I am blessed. You mentioned about the gentleman that was burned and he said, “It’s the best thing that ever happened.” This particular and I can look back and when we do look back kind of glance when we do glean the gold out of each one of these circumstances, then we see gift after gift after gift. One of the best things that ever happened in my life. 

If God can create it, he can heal it. That’s my mantra. I mean, I surely obviously have this incredible creation that we have. It can be healed and it’s a choice of mindset. Once again, I believe so much and the choice of choosing health, to speak what you want not what you don’t want so very much. In the meantime, Patricia, how do people find you? You’ve got programs called Elevate and Seven to Success System for elevating your results in business and in life and to live, to create a life that you absolutely love living. I mean who doesn’t want that? How can people find you? What is your favorite thing to share? 

I love that. Thank you so much because it is about let’s continue the conversation. Let’s stay connected. Let’s keep the conversation going because especially in a time like this, I am here to provide. I’m here to be a service to help people through these times and not even through the most challenging times or daunting times, but many times people have hit a ceiling. They’ve risen above and gone beyond and they would like to go further. How do we get past that ceiling? I also help people really break through and break free of where they are. 

Even if they’re living a life they absolutely love, but they would love more. How people can find me? Well, I have something here that I would love to be able to gift and give. In the giving, you will receive my contact information to continue the conversation. In the giving, it is a guide that I have written. It’s the guide to happiness and it’s called Its Seven Keys to Increase Your Happiness Starting Today. What we know is that when we increase our happiness, even if it’s just a little, we will increase our health. You mentioned health. 

This is a big deal, especially now because there’s so much on us and upon us. How do we live through it and maintain our frequency, maintain our health, maintain our productivity? It’s a guide, it’s the happiness guide, and by texting the word happiness, just the word happiness, to this phone number and it’s 520-521-1-002. By texting the word happiness to 520-521-1-002. there will be an opt-in and when you opt-in not only will you receive the whole guide to happiness that I have written, but you will also will be connected, you’ll receive an email, and then you can email me. I read and I will reply. 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results
Elevating Your Results: There is so much upon us. How do we live through it and maintain our frequency, health, and productivity?

If there’s anything that you would love to share, if there’s anything that you would love to touch base, if you’d like to connect, that’s the best way to reach me and at the same time, you will be given the guide to happiness where you can begin increasing elevating your happiness starting today. You will also be set up to know of other things that are coming on the Pike. There’s a book that I’m writing and will be released this year and other programs and opportunities to elevate with me personally, that I get to be your guide in elevating this year coming soon. That’s where you will know what’s happening. What’s new? This is how you can stay connected with me, too. 

That’s awesome. Your website Patriciabarnett.com if anyone needs to find you that way. 

That’s right. Find me there and on social media Patricia Barnett and, Charla, will you offer links with the replay?

I will, absolutely. When I get this up on Vimeo and then when I get it, edit it and add it to the description in the Vimeo. That’ll be fun. We’re always looking for show hosts if you know of anybody, but the dream is to actually have an ending. It’s the world’s only interactive platform where we can actually have questions answered in Q&A and enjoy our time together like that. When we do have visitors it’s kind of fun and we can do the Q&A and all that. I don’t think she could figure out how to unmute her phone. I’m kind of that way when I’m using my phone on it. 

We shall know. She received what she came to today.

She did. When you realize the gifts that you are offering when we both tend to just show up and let our light shine. Just be the light because darkness can’t survive if there’s one flick of light even if when people don’t think they want it, they need it and they will receive it. One of your quotes. I’m going to read it. What the caterpillar sees as the end, the butterfly welcomes as the beginning. I mean, I’ve never considered that. That’s your quote, right? None of us are there yet. 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results

Nobody gets there wherever there is. We are on a path and a journey. We can just love each other through these hard times and unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries, and the harder people are to love them where they need it. When we can just have grace, peace, and joy and we walk in it, people are very attracted to that. I’ve made so many friends like at all these. We just start talking and just because it’s just that vibration that warmth that energy that we attract and I’m sure that’s the same in your world. 

I love that so much that the harder it is to love a person, the more they need it, and the dolly llama I think and it’s not an exact quote but the idea that those who are easy to love. Well, they’re easy to love those who are harder to love. They actually teach us greater Love. They teach us how to be love itself but a greater amperage because there are teachers and how to love even when it looks like we wouldn’t want to or when it looks like they’re unlovable. To your point, that’s when they need it most. They are great opportunities for us to elevate in the return to love coming from love. 

When we think about this quote about the caterpillar, it is a quote that I worked with from a very ancient quote. Again, it’s through my eyes that I saw this ancient quote that I gave it my thumbprint. In this when we can recognize that any ending is a new beginning and that within us there is a butterfly version of us even when we’re in a caterpillar state. When we’re ready to step into that butterfly cell is generally when things are breaking down and when it’s getting very very messy in our life. That’s when it really looks bleak but even in a caterpillar, right? 

A caterpillar must turn into mush in the chrysalis phase before it can ever become a butterfly and through again, some of my most challenging times. I had a friend. Who shared with me that this challenge is your opportunity to fly. When we look at any and every challenge as an opportunity to rise above and go beyond, that is our moment of freedom and that’s where the doors open to freedom. That is that caterpillar that then understands there is an emergency here to step in and to be free and fly. 

It’s beautiful. My little 2-year-old granddaughter, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar quite a bit and it’s such a fun little book and just realizing that this where we are is not where we have to stay. Often we get mired in our circumstances and think that this world is so bad and I’m like, I’m outrageously optimistic that it’s getting better in spite of the evidence, right? Evidence tonight is not always accurate on where we’re headed. It’s just a place to start from. If any final words, what do you want to leave? I’d love that. I’d love the number phone number again because people remember Patriciabarnett.com easier than they will a phone number. 

Yes. Happiness. The word happiness to 520-521-1002 and, Charla, it’s about how this moment. This moment is it doesn’t determine our future. This moment was created by our past. This moment was created by where we came from. When we see the results of this moment, we can simply recognize that came from where we were today is a new dawn. It is a new day. It is a day of new beginnings and I’m creating now where I am going. 

Who I am becoming and who I am becoming comes to be by who I am in the moment. That’s why it’s so important in this moment to elevate ourselves because it’s not going to happen once we get there. We get there by meeting the opportunity rising above and going beyond in this day in every way. I think that the message here today, Charla, is recognizing that the past does not determine our future. We determine our future. Our choices determine our destiny and we hold the keys. We hold the keys right here right now. If a person doesn’t know what is next, get that happiness guide, the guide to happiness that will give you some keys to start with. From there an invitation to elevate your life wherever it is professionally, and personally that it begins today and you hold the keys. 

The Charla Anderson Show | Patricia Barnett | Elevating Your Results

Turn them. It’s your choice. Put it in the ignition. Lots all just rise up, rise up to your best self, and turn off the media just for a few hours every so often because it’s not helping. It’s not going to help your attitude if you’re watching the news. 

Charla, just the willingness just be open. All we have to do is simply be willing. When I was in the depths, and my coach whom I loved and who helped me tremendously said, Embrace this.” I wasn’t happy. I wanted to cast him out on the phone. What do you mean to embrace this? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is foreign for some. It’s going to ring some bells of truth for others. It’s just simply I’m asking you to lean in. I’m not here to give hope.

I don’t want you to survive where you are at this moment. I want you to thrive and I’m asking you to step into my knowingness that today does not have to be your future that you determine it. Get help. Surround yourself and for sure just turn yourself to the sunlight. Turn yourself to the possibility that this could be different for you and move in that direction. Decide what you would love it to be on the other side because on the other side of this is where your future resides. 

I’d love that and amazing. If you can take a breath, if you can take one breath, whether you’re in the gutter or the castle, it doesn’t matter, if you can take a breath, you’re okay in this moment. In this moment your old okay to to consider a different choice in the next. Thank you so much for being here, Patricia. I’m just so thrilled with this conversation. It’s left me with many just high-level nuggets of truth. I mean just truth. Just be your best. I love you so much and we will certainly be connected but thank you for joining me today so much. 

Thank you. Thank you, Charla. 

The Charla Anderson show Collector and Connector is a fascinating people in a special Patricia and especially YOU. I just want to remind you to always remember to choose joy. Blessings to you. Blessings. Bye.

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