Dr. Joanna Carmichael On The Dark Side Of Medicine

TCAS 31 | Dark Side Of Medicine


Dr. Joanna Carmichael explores the dark side of medicine, shedding light on how big pharma creates blind followers, how it can be solved by tapping into your spiritual self, and what it takes to achieve your ultimate Dharma.

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Dr. Joanna Carmichael On The Dark Side Of Medicine

We’re getting started. I’m grateful. I’m always honored if you choose to take a moment and read the hope and encouragement that I choose to bring to the network out here. As my standard practice at the beginning of my show, I always like to take a 22-second mini-vacation, a little mini-meditation to get us grounded and centered. I would love for you to join me. Soon after that, we’ll have our conversation with Dr. Joanna Carmichael, and then we’re going to have a great time.

First, we’re going to take seven seconds of breathing in calm. We’re going to breathe, hold it for 4, and then breathe out gratitude for 11 seconds. We’ve got a small moment to get ourselves centered. Ready? Will you join me, please? Hold. Release. Thank you. I do believe that in our busy days, it’s not a bad thing to do multiple times a day to get grounded and centered, especially if you’re hugging a tree or something or walking on the grass.

I am thrilled because Joanna and I met in 2015 or 2016, somewhere in that area that we met up in Pennsylvania. It was an amazing moment. She’s got an official brick-and-mortar. She’s a Doctor. She’s a Researcher. She’s a Nurse. She’s much more than that because she stepped out of a lot of that and into a higher calling.

Anyway, I’m grateful to reconnect with her and find out where she’s coming to. Her passion is having people walk in their purpose. Perhaps stepping out of the pharmaceutical world as we know it as much as possible. Dr. Joanna Carmichael from Pennsylvania, tell me who you are in this world, and then we’ll talk a little about what you do.

Thanks for such a lovely intro, Charla. It is so wonderful to reconnect with you. It’s hard to believe it was back in 2015, 2016 but thank you so much for having me on the show. I am Joanna Carmichael. I’m a Registered Nurse and a Doctor of Metaphysics and Divinity. I’m also an Ayurveda Meditation and Yoga Teacher. I have a number of other certifications and different things that I’ve done.


TCAS 31 | Dark Side Of Medicine


I’m also an interfaith minister. I’ve had a twenty-plus-year career in pharmaceutical research and continue to do home care nursing right now. As well as being a transformational nurse coach for people and healing on deeper levels than the physical. Not that the physical isn’t important, it is, but it’s all interconnected. My passion is truly about my platform, which is Going from Pharma to Dharma and getting people off of pharmaceuticals, back into natural medicine, being in harmony with nature, and all that is.

I am so all over that. Dharma literally means finding your purpose, doesn’t it? Something along that line.

That’s the essence. It’s got a lot around it, but that’s the essence of it.

I had never heard that word until I met you. Pharma to Dharma. You’re so on my path because I’ll say this up here in the beginning, we have an immune system that’s incredible and our belief system matters. I’ve said this for years, and I haven’t been to a medical doctor in a couple of decades, at least. This is it. I don’t believe in getting sick, so I don’t get sick. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever have anything, but it means that, and it’s not arrogance. It’s the authority that we’ve been given.

I say this a lot in my shows. Jesus said, “You can do what I did and even more,” but I wasn’t taught that. If we can heal and we can walk on water, we can move mountains, all those things. If you believe him, that’s what he said in John 14:12. It’s not religion at all. It’s listening and it’s the authority that we’ve been given. I don’t think I told you that. I have no pharmaceuticals in my cabinet upstairs where I live here. The kids do, but I don’t. I don’t take anything. In fact, a few years ago, they said, “Mom, do you have any Tylenol?” I was like, “Nope.” They found something and they go, “This expired five years ago.” I was like, “I don’t believe in it. I don’t want to take unnatural things. We’ve got enough unnatural coming at us with the food sources and all that.

If anything, we’ve been shown in the last several years with the plandemic and that’s not a misspeak, I say plandemic because that’s what it is and was. There are so many ways we’re being assaulted and hijacked. Pharmaceuticals is one of them. It’s big business. They want customers for life, so sickness is big business. We’re in the sick care business, not in the wellness industry. Natural medicine practitioners are in the wellness industry because our focus is on prevention. I haven’t taken a drug or maybe an antibiotic about 40 years ago for something.

There are many ways to be assaulted and hijacked. Pharmaceuticals is one of them. It is a big business, and they want customers for life. Click To Tweet

Certainly, I didn’t get the clot shot or anything. I want no part of it. I’m a former pharmaceutical researcher. How anybody in the right mind could take something that’s untested, wasn’t ever proven safe or effective, and was on the market in six months is mind-bending to me. Even as a former pharmaceutical researcher, colleagues and people I know in the industry who know how to do clinical trials still took the shots.

It’s a mind control thing. It’s about controlling us and keeping us divided, scared in fear, and sick. You and I don’t watch mainstream news. We get a lot of news and information, but it’s not from where the mainstream shares real information. It’s mind control.

They’re bought and sold by Big Pharma, the farm factory industry, and the lobbyists that are promoting all of these things, GMOs. Nothing in our environment is clean anymore unless we make a deliberate effort to find clean things like filter our water, eat organic local non-GMO food, and keep our devices. We have to use them. They’re wonderful in many ways, but it’s still EMF that affects us. There are so many ways we’re hijacked. I think it’s arrogant for anybody or any scientist to think that going against nature is a great idea.

Isn’t it nuts?

It’s craziness as far as I’m concerned.

I remember learning to wash my hands in elementary school, and they said, “You’ve got good germs and bad germs. You don’t want to kill all the germs.” As a flight attendant all those years, I can’t tell you what stuff we picked up with our hands and the immune system that I feel I’ve developed partly because of that.

When we were kids, what did we get? Two or three vaccines, and now there are 69 to 79 on the vaccine schedule, including the COVID, for over 6 months old now. It’s so disgusting to me, frankly. It’s mind-boggling that critical thinking, reason, and common sense seem to be lost and people are asleep. That was part of the darker agenda that perpetuated this whole thing. To see how much we are under mind control. When you’re watching a program on TV, you’re literally being programmed. You’re in a hypnotic state when you’re focusing on any screen. That’s the darker agenda, sadly.

Mindless entertainment, truly. I watched my grandkids. I’m like, “Why are they teaching you to literally take a match and burn somebody’s hair?” An adult showing on TV to burn a kid’s hair, to burn somebody’s hair with a match or a lighter. I was like, “Why are they showing that to you?” The little seven-year-old said, “I know better.” I was like, “Maybe so, but who doesn’t?” Anyway, the mind control is crazy and it’s permeated so young.

Before we go too much further, it is October 4th, 2023. There has been a whole lot of hype around an EBS or emergency broadcast thing with FEMA, FCC, and all these kinds of things. There’s a lot of fear around that. There’s a lot of curiosity and unknown around all that. I have chosen. I’m like, “I’m going to be on the live show during that moment.” If that happens and everything goes crazy, we’ll see on the backside. I’m not worried about it even a little bit. I believe the good guys are ahead of the bad guys. If something is meant for bad, it typically is shifted for good. I’m pretty sure you’re on the same page.

This is all part of whatever’s supposed to happen in about ten minutes. It’s a spiritual test. When you can stay out of fear and keep your focus on love, compassion, happiness, joy, live your best life and do your inner work. That’s what I think a lot of this is about because the brainwashing and manipulation that people have succumbed to and allowed that’s a choice, too. To be in denial with your head in the sand is a bit of a choice.


TCAS 31 | Dark Side Of Medicine


I try to educate and teach people about what’s going on, especially since I’ve been in healthcare a long time and have had new Western medicine from the pharmaceutical world and being an RN. We’re allopathically trained to treat the symptom, not the cause. Don’t look at the whole person. Just treat systems. There are so many specialists these days. To ask a neurologist to take blood pressure is like you’re asking too much or to expect that you’re going to get a full physical exam anymore. You just don’t.

Medicine is coming down fast, and it needs to. In Vedic wisdom, the destruction has to happen before the new can occur. We’re done and should be done putting band-aids on hemorrhages, which is why we had another government shutdown threat. As we were talking earlier, it’s like, “Bring it already,” because they put another band-aid on another hemorrhage for another 45 days. Whatever that’s going to accomplish is prolonging the agony. All the interconnected systems of corruption, the education system, and medicine. We know what Rockefeller did. Putting the AMA in bed with Big Pharma a long time ago. That totally took out natural medicine and made it almost illegal for doctors.

The universities cannot get funding if they teach anything natural. What’s wrong with that picture? That was from the late 1800s or early 1900s. Within 20 years, not one big university that wanted funding could teach. It happened quickly. Do you know? I think I said this last time with Dave Turner on my show. It’s like the white coats is marketing. It was a marketing thing. They have the white coat syndrome, so to speak. The authority.

Much bigger than blood pressure.

It’s ridiculous to me how much we sucked into that and I did too, certainly in the day.

Doctors are put on pedestals. When you speak to seniors, more elderly folks, and you try to get them to make dietary changes or lifestyle changes, I battle this every day within home care. They’re on 5 to 16 medications. To try to say, “Change your diet. You’re not supposed to take Lipitor with a cheeseburger chaser. You’re not supposed to take an anxiolytic drug and drink coffee all day long.” It’s common sense, but they’ve made it so that the drugs become licensed to keep your bad habits going, and then we have a drug to fix it and it’s a bad plan.

When people get desperate when the Western model doesn’t work or the drug surgery radiation doesn’t work, they might think about natural medicine or look deeper into the situation. By then, it’s too late. If it’s a tumor on a lab report, you haven’t prevented it. Trying to treat it from that standpoint is going to be much harder. Not that it’s not possible. I’m about integration. I did pharma research for twenty years. We need research. We do need drugs for emergent situations, but the way we do it is so backward. There is nothing about prevention.

What’s also mind-boggling to me is all the side effects that are not reported and what we are seeing, even in the mainstream, as far as people and athletes dying. I have ten people on a list who have either gotten sick, gone to the hospital, or died from turbo cancers, myocarditis, and congestive heart failure, who got all the shots and no one’s making the connection when that’s the only thing that’s changed.

When you get a rash on your skin, what’s the first thing somebody says is, “What have you changed? Have you changed your diet? Have you changed your detergent? Have you changed your soap or your shampoo? What’s changed?” With a lot of people, nothing’s changed. They just got the shot, but they’re not making the connection.

I think it’s absolutely criminal that they’re allowed to keep promoting this and now get another one and then say it’s free. The other ones were supposedly free when it’s not free. Our tax dollars, we’re paying for it. It’s not free. The whole thing, if you can tell, I’m very passionate about it. It makes me very angry to see people violated like that as a medical professional when I went into the industry to help people.

All nurses and doctors, I believe, intentionally go in the vast majority to make a difference and to have the heart to serve and help people. Here it is. Do you hear it? National alert.

How about that? I have my phone off.

I left mine on intentionally because everybody was so scared about it. So far, we’re good. It did come on. I feel like this is a good thing overall. What you were saying about, I love it that you literally were in that deep into the pharmaceutical industry and chose something in there. Probably you’re like, “Something’s not quite right. Why are people staying sick longer and getting sick? Why are we not healing?” Anyway, there’s got to be a lot of questions that started you on the path of like, “This isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

I did psych nursing for a couple of years after I graduated, and then I got derailed into the pharmaceutical research arena quite unexpectedly. We were chatting, and I’ve read and heard other podcasts that you’ve done, and it’s like how we get to where we are and the stepping stones that have gotten us here. When you think something is a mistake, it’s not a mistake. It’s just what you had to go through to give you more of the wisdom to get you to the next step.

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I ended up working for two drug companies, and then I got tired of corporate politics, so I started my own company when I was 26. I then ended up working with all of the drug companies. I was putting patients in drug studies and I was working on behalf of the drug companies to do monitoring, which is safety and efficacy monitoring of clinical trials to ensure the integrity of research data, which was very much about safety, adverse events, reporting adverse events, and reporting serious adverse events within 24 hours.

There’s an ethics review board. I’ve written hundreds of informed consents that have certain elements that need to be included. This whole thing with COVID, people were put in a drug study without their informed consent. It’s what that was. For an unapproved product, I wonder where the ethics committees were in this whole debacle.

I think everybody seems to be a part of it. We look at the judges even. All of it is so intertwined, and then, heaven forbid, we talk about trafficking. That’s not anything. That’s a whole different ball gang. They’ll go there right now. I believe it’s so intertwined and there’s been an agenda for so many years. You and I were talking about it in 2015, where there were several of us who were gathering and having conversations around the systems that have been sold out, 1871, the Constitution, all of that. It’s so pervasive. In my heart, I can’t believe that the vast majority of people who are meshed in it did so intentionally. I believe there were some compromises somehow or another. I believe intentions matter, and then sometimes, you get caught in the system.

I totally agree with you. As a metaphysician, I can tell you the power of intention is very important. Even in clinical trials, your intention and observer affects the results of the trial. You can’t say exactly how in the matrix of how that actually happens, but it’s been proven that it does happen. What happened to me is that simultaneously with starting my research company, I started studying metaphysics. I worked with all drug companies. I did phases 1 through 4 in clinical trials after animal testing. It goes into normal health female volunteers right up to post-marketing. I’ve done it all in all therapeutic areas.

I started studying metaphysics, and it was a very odd paradox because people were like, “How can you be a metaphysician and do drug research for a living?” I’m like, “I don’t know. I was passionate about both.” It resulted in a doctorate in metaphysics, and then another one in divinity, ministry school, and then Ayurveda. The more I got into metaphysics, the more I learned about natural medicine, like Chinese medicine and homeopathy. Ayurveda is the one that I ultimately fell in love with.

Doing pharmaceutical research was very rewarding at the beginning because it enabled me to see patients for more time as a nurse coordinator. I got to see the mind-body connection up close and personal because it’s mostly placebo-controlled in clinical trials because that’s what the FDA requires for approval. When you know that a patient is in what’s called a placebo run-in before they enter the double-blind phase of the study where the doctor and the nurse know they’re on a placebo, but the patient doesn’t know. You see them telling you how great the pills are and trying to establish that the patient has the disease state that the drug is designed to treat, and they screen fail out because they did too well.

The placebo effect is very important because even the FDA recognizes it. It’s like 40%. Seeing that mind-body connection was very profound for me as well as that patients got better in drug studies. Patients did well because you spent time with them. There were so many things in place to make sure nothing did happen to them. You had a protocol you followed. They got tests that were not part of the standard of care, so you were watching them carefully and nothing happened to them. If something did happen to them, it was highly reportable so that the company and the FDA could decide, “Do we continue this or not continue this?” Death is usually a reason not to continue a drug study.



Back in the day. Five people and they would pull it. That’s not a lot of people, but it’s a lot. If it were me, it’d be a big deal. The placebo effect, the book by Dr. Joe Dispenza that I have. I love this quantum idea, this quantum physics, and your mind over matter. I’ve witnessed it so many times, personally. I know you have, too. The research is indisputable on what they’ve been doing. There’s no doubt that mind over matter is a real thing.

When you submit an IND, which is an Investigational News Drug, that’s when the drug is going to go into clinical testing in humans. By the time it goes through phases 1, 2, and 3 provided it passes safety and efficacy standards. The FDA wants two placebo-controlled randomized trials in order for a company to apply for an NDA, which is a New Drug Application. First of all, the company is doing the study and paying for it, so no conflict of interest there. They could do 10 studies and 8 of them are garbage. Not proving the hypothesis and two are good. They’ll send those two and that’s okay.

The FDA and the pharmaceutical company are the same. CDC is the same. They’re all the same.

They’re all in bed together. There’s a huge revolving door that I forget who it is at Pfizer, but he’s on the board of Pfizer, and he’s some FDA advisor, too. It’s so corrupt and incestuous.

Speaking of that particular, I wasn’t going to mention the name of that company, but I saw the company’s CEO or, I’m assuming, a higher-up in that company in front speaking to a WEF banner behind him. Literally out of his mouth, I saw a video about a month ago that said, “Our goal is to decrease the population by 50% by 2023, which is right now. I don’t know when that video was taken, but if that’s their goal. The whole audience clapped. Decrease the population by 50%. There’s a lot of misdirection out there. Did you know that 8 billion people on our planet can fit into the state of Texas? There’s no lack of resources. We keep getting overpopulation and cows doing their thing and all that stuff.

That’s a whole other interconnected. Not that there isn’t climate change. Not that we shouldn’t be responsible stewards of our Earth. I’m not saying that.

Me too. Watch the water. I’m the most conservative person with resources that I know personally, but I also know there is no lack. The abundance is beyond imaginable. When we are living in fear, which is what this is all about, fear and divisiveness to keep us small and not united.


TCAS 31 | Dark Side Of Medicine


How my platform came about was actually a long time ago, I came up with Pharma to Dharma. Let me back up a little bit. I eventually wanted to leave the industry because I started to see the corruption firsthand. I was already a metaphysician. I was already an Ayurvedic practitioner, meditation and yoga teacher, everything I was doing and dwelling in both of these worlds. I’m starting to trust much more in natural medicine and using pharmaceuticals only as a last. That should be the last resort. I knew I was on my way out and saw corruption firsthand.

I was interviewed on a radio program. He said, “Good luck with your new venture and starting a center and everything like that. I said, “Yeah, I went from Pharma to Dharma.” It just came out of my mouth. It was like, we both went. That was a long time ago. It’s pharma, and then moving into my true life purpose. We’re always in life purpose. Life purpose isn’t just about your career or your job. Life’s purpose is being kind to somebody or being everything that you talk about. Kindness. A split second that you give a smile to somebody who might be having a bad day. That’s your dharma. Being a good friend and being a good spouse. Not only what your career is.

To me, people say, “Do you have a church? You’re a minister.” I’m like, “No, I don’t have any church. I’m interfaith. I believe in metaphysical laws. Not the manmade laws as much. My ministry is in every moment of every day, 24/7. Whoever I come in contact with, plants and animals included. That’s how I think we need to live, deal, and work with each other. That’s how it evolved to Pharma to Dharma. Now, my dharma is shedding light on all of this darkness and trying to get people to wake up, frankly. To wake up to their own sovereignty, because they’ve been brainwashed and manipulated. I’ve known this is coming for a long time now and now, it’s pretty much here.



When the whole COVID thing started, I had no fear about it. I resisted the masks. I was in medicine and had to do it. I was bullied about the vaccine. I’m like, “It’s not happening. You’ll have to take me out dead before I take that.” Just because it wasn’t the popular way, but I stood my ground. I was never fearful. I continued to see my patients. They were all fine. I boosted my immunity. I stayed healthy. Here we are. When I see people, it’s heartbreaking to me alone in their car with their masks on. Now, we’re starting to see here a lot of people wearing masks at the grocery store and stuff like that or walking outside alone.

We know there’s research and data that these masks do nothing for viruses and bacteria, not to mention there are viruses and bacteria everywhere from everything. In the cold, the flu, the pneumonia, and your breathing, in your own secretions and creating bacteria that’s going right back into your system, not who does that make sense to? That is what I’m passionate about. One of the reasons I’m writing the book is I think people need to know how clinical research is actually done and the drug approval process.

TCAS 31 | Dark Side Of Medicine
Dark Side Of Medicine: Everyone needs to know how clinical research and the drug approval process are actually done.


The other thing with the vaccines is that they’re indemnified from any liability, which should, in and of itself, should be a huge clue. When they’re in a clinical trial, compensation is available if something happens to them. That’s one of the elements of informed consent. Also, pregnant women are never ever in a drug study. There are birth-controlled criteria to make sure they don’t get pregnant during a drug study. If they happen, it’s a serious adverse event, they’re followed, and then the child is followed in a normal ethical situation.

I feel like that has all pretty much gone out the window. I did read and I hope I saved it. I’m sure I saved it somewhere. Now, without saying anything out loud, all the V words for children, all of them, including the flu, all the stuff, they’re adding the MRNA or the DNA altering stuff in every single one. Have you heard anybody say anything about that out loud? Not really.

It is so big. We can’t even conceive of how big all this is. How exciting for me to know that you come from both sides. You have the capacity to speak to it. Just like perhaps Dr. Miscovich. Some of these other people that have been in those situations and have spoken out. You’ve got a platform. We’ve got to get this word out there. I’m excited about what you’re doing. When are you going to get that book out? Zig Ziglar, every time you saw him, he said, “Have you written your book yet?”

I’m targeting the end of 2023 because it’s been in process for way too long. I also believe in divine timing. When the timing is right, disciplining myself for a daily or weekly time to write, I don’t work like that. I work well under pressure. What’ll happen when I wrote my PhD thesis, it was like, once I got started, I didn’t stop. I wrote all day, all night, for days. That’s the way I turn things out. I think when I get into that rhythm and start to pull the pieces together, I think once I start, I will end up finishing it very quickly.

I have no doubt about that. I agree with that same way. It’s like, I’m going to write for fifteen minutes. It takes me 5e minutes or 15 minutes to get what pen I want to write with. It’s silly.

Also, we have to look at everything with a great deal of compassion and a great deal like an eagle on a perch with a great deal of detachment because I know that I am very passionate and I get very angry, admittedly and I am working on that because when I’m using my energy to be angry, I’m not using it to help anybody, especially myself. I think the people who are making those choices. I have to keep reminding myself and my friends who are with me spiritually remind me. We remind each other that the soul chooses a path before it gets here. We all have a dharma and a purpose. Those soul’s purpose might be to get sick, to leave, and to show us.

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I truly believe that’s metaphysically true. It’s very heartbreaking because when it’s your family and your friends, and you’re watching them go down a path that you know. A patient asked me to take her for a COVID vaccine, and I’m like, “I’m in an ethical dilemma now because if I take her and something happens, I’ll never forgive myself. On the other hand, it’s her choice. I am for medical freedom. I truly am for medical freedom.”

It’s like, if you want it, then take it. Do your homework and whatever, but don’t ram it down my throat and make me take it. My body, my choice applies to this too. That’s another thing that’s very distorted with the whole abortion issue. My body, my choice. Yet, when it came to the vaccine, they were allowed to mandate it. It makes no sense. People didn’t make the connection.

Speaking out of both sides of the mouth and having zero common sense. I made a little course a couple of years ago. It’s like, “Let’s teach our children critical thinking skills, common sense, manners, and respect. It was like, “How can we do that?” I was like, “I love you too much to not call you out when you’re disrespectful. I love you too much not to limit your screen time.” The little grandson wanting to learn how to cut an apple with a sharp knife. I was like, critical thinking skill is like, what could happen? Would it be life-threatening? Do you need stitches? Think through. Do you want to crack an egg? Who’s going to clean up the mess of it?

Little things, but they can learn to think through rather than just be, I feel like we’re raising zombies. If you walk around into some of our big box stores, you might think that we’ve become zombies. I believe they’re so pharmaceutical and medicated, and entertainment has become the highest value. I live in a situation where I feel like that’s the case. What do we eat? What do we do? What do we play? What do we watch?

Our values have shifted and I think that it’s time for those of us, there are millions of us who are feeling this way and know this stuff. Now that we’re speaking up a little bit about it, it seems like it’s the tipping point we’ve got. If everybody said “I love you” at the same time, the whole world would be a whole new place, I believe. It’s a mindset. How can people find you? This time goes fast.

I actually don’t have my center any longer. In a way, I closed it in time before the whole COVID thing happened. I do everything online and have private clients. I do transformational nurse coaching on Zoom. You can find me on VedicAlchemy.org or PharmaToDharma.com. It’ll lead you to the same place. I’ve got a 90-day transformational coaching program where people can book a call to see if it’s a fit. I’m being very careful who I take because I want people who want deep transformation. I don’t have the time, the money, and the energy to convince somebody to be well if they don’t to be well. Absolutely mindset. What you think, it all starts in thought metaphysically. Everything starts in thought.

People, sadly, I’m almost sorry to say this, want to keep their illnesses. Some people want to keep their illnesses and be victims and then expect the quick fix to take care of it so they can continue their bad habits, relationships, bad jobs, whatever situation is making them unhappy and continue to be victims. I want to empower people. If they need to leave a relationship, leave a job, leave a bad situation, stop eating junk food, stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs, and they want to change that, they have the power to change that.



I also work on other levels like super conscious transformational healing, which is definitely quantum and has to do with the unconscious beliefs that could be the operating system behind the conscious thoughts. I’m a big meditator. I teach people to meditate first thing, and then work on these levels with super conscious transformational healing or past life regression or hypnosis. I do all that depending on the client. It’s very individualized, unlike allopathic medicine. If you have arthritis, you treat this for this. If you have heart disease, you treat this with this.

In Ayurveda, there are different types of arthritis. Depending on the person’s energetics and the way the disease manifests, the treatment will be different. One person’s poison is another person’s nectar as it is in everything. In Ayurveda, we not only digest our food, but we digest our experiences. We have to do something with that energy. Every illness, there’s an emotional and spiritual component, even if people think there isn’t. They might come to me for a physical issue, but there’s always an emotional component. That’s driving unprocessed grief and unprocessed trauma.

When you don’t process those things and deal with them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the energy of those things has to go somewhere. It creates heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and things like that. Sometimes, these illnesses, if the person is conscious, they can look at it as an invitation and a message to say, “Look at this.” Tremendous transformational healing can actually occur on all levels.

In 2023, I’ve committed and I would say I probably missed 5 to 10 days, but I meditate every single morning. From 5 minutes to 3 hours. There were a couple of times I go, “It’s a long time.” It is beautiful. Some people in the religious world, the bondage of religion world thinks that is woo-woo, but prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. I think a lot of people have misconstrued that, and it’s made a huge impact in my world, too.

How do they think the prophets and the saints and the disciples? They were channelers. How did they think the information got downloaded?

If we can do that, then they can’t control us so much. If we can do all things that Jesus did and even more, then how can they control us? That divisiveness has been going on for centuries now. For those of us waking up to that and coming, I came out of the traditional fundamental religion. Why is my preacher and my religion the only one that’s right? Religion literally means a return to bondage. I say it often because I don’t think people have a clue that that’s the case. God doesn’t have a box. He is love. He can’t be not love. That’s what our message is. PharmaToDharma.com and VedicAlchemy.org.

I am grateful more than you can imagine to have this conversation. I’m so happy to know a human being that I personally know that is gone from that side to this side. I think it’s a challenge. I have friends who are doctors. They think that they’re doing the right thing. They’ve been taught strictly that method. I don’t think their intention is bad, but they’ve chosen to ignore, perhaps. I don’t mean that ugly, but we only have so much time. What we learn, what we read, and what we think comes from usually outside sources.

It’s a lot of indoctrination. As a nurse and how we’re trained in nursing school and medical school, it’s an indoctrination. When you ask many doctors, I believe most are well-intended, and that they went into the profession for the right reasons, but then there’s something very seductive about more money for prescribing drugs. Chemo drugs are sold to pa sold to patients. Do you think there’s no incentive to prescribe them? I’ve lost more friends to the treatment than I have the cancer.

When we met, I said, “If we would take the C word out of our vocabulary, there would be less of it.” This is something huge. Quit claiming it. You might be diagnosed. Say, “I’m diagnosed.” I am is critical. What you say after that is who you are. When you claim it, you’re internalizing it. When you say, “I’ve been diagnosed with this and I need to deal with it,” don’t say it’s who you are and what you have. Isn’t that amazing?

I totally hear you. I am a diabetic. I am a cancer survivor or whatever with the word in it. The words are extremely powerful. “I am” are the two most powerful words that you can say. I try to ask people to rephrase it and say, “I have diabetes. I have high blood pressure.”

“I’ve been diagnosed with it” is even better. Having it is still almost claiming it. Even AA, so “I am an alcoholic.” I know so many people who have been helped with that. However, what if they said, “I am powerful beyond measure. I am healed.” To me, that keeps you enslaved. You become addicted to meetings or something like that. I don’t know. We get way off the path here, but words matter.

Words matter. Thoughts matter. Does it take work? Yes, it’s about inner vigilance. The more you meditate, the more you become conscious of those unconscious programs running in the background. People need to get more emotionally intelligent, more spiritually intelligent, and get back to self-inquiry because all that’s happening on the outside is not the reality. It’s just what we’ve collectively agreed to go through right now. What we can do for ourselves individually is reclaim our sovereignty, where we stand our ground and have no fear. We’re not manipulated by all these different propagandized agendas going on. It makes me sad.

The more you meditate, the more you become conscious of the unconscious programs running in the background. You become more emotionally and spiritually intelligent. Click To Tweet

In Western medicine, I still have to be in that model. Frankly, I’m on my way out because I’m doing drug boxes for people and encouraging this. Even when I try to ask a doctor, “Could we use something else? They’re cholesterol’s fine. Do they have to be on a statin?” “Yes, the literature and etc.” It’s not true, but you can’t convince them. Ashwagandha, there are no peer-reviewed studies. There actually are, and it’s 6,000 years old, but I’ll go with the 6,000-year-old philosophy.

In old wives tales. You said all those other things earlier. I was like, “Yes, in old wives tales, most of them are true.” They have some benefits from baking soda, vinegar, and the things we can have around the house that are much better.

They are cheap and expensive, just like chloroquine and ivermectin. They’re cheap and they’re effective. They shmice those right out of the gate and hurt those doctors who were speaking out, who knew how to treat patients. How do you tell a patient, “Don’t do anything. You’re sick. Don’t do anything. Come to the hospital when you can’t breathe.” They then put them on a $32,000 ventilator that Medicare is going to pay for.

We’re on the same page. We’re going to have to kind of cut it off because we could go on all day for weeks. This is my conversation and it’s your conversation. Our passion to have people speak what they want, not what they don’t want. To be clear and to know that there’s another way if they choose. I don’t walk in judgment around any of that. I understand that you have a headache and you want to take something or whatever, you’ve got this or that, but what if you went out and laid in the sun and got some vitamin D and breathed deeply and all of those things?

Look what we were deprived of when they locked us down. It ruined the economy. It hurts people’s health more. We were deprived. I wasn’t because I did what I wanted. I wasn’t going to be told when I could go here, when I could go there, and where to stand in a grocery store. It was the most ridiculous thing I ever saw in my life. I’m deprived of Vitamin D, the sunshine. People couldn’t go to the beach. Fresh air and mask up as you’re outside. People got crazy and telling on each other. What it did to people in their relationships is gut-wrenching.

How fast it happened, it was like warp speed. Joanna, I am going to bless you and thank you so very much for joining me. I think we’ve got a pause here that’s changing things. You’re certainly on the front lines of that. We’ll have to do this again. You’re beautiful. You’re fun. We’re making a difference.

We’ll talk about something fun next time.

The fun part of this is that maybe 1 or 5 people will go, “I haven’t tried meditation.” Maybe somebody will hear something that gives, “That’s the point.” I have a saying, “We can’t change the world, but we can change our world, which changes the world.”

We never know how one short interaction. I’ve been very surprised by people and very surprised that when I’m trying the hardest to convince somebody or get them to make a change, that’s not when it happens. When something I say in passing made all the difference and I wasn’t even thinking about it. I think we need to keep having the conversation, help to wake people up in a loving and compassionate way, and my services are an invitation to meditate. I teach meditation, Ayurveda, yoga, spiritual principles, and metaphysics. I’m very passionate about people getting off of medications because keeping the drug companies in business is not what we should be doing. We should be voting with our conscience and our dollars.

TCAS 31 | Dark Side Of Medicine
Dark Side Of Medicine: People must start to get off of medications. We should be voting with our conscience instead of keeping drug companies in business.


Thank you. Keep smiling, keep pushing, and keep hugging people. Candy bar hug them. I didn’t like elbow bumps. The crazy stuff we’ve survived, we are thriving, and we are blessing humanity with our message. Thank you for coming along and joining me on The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) especially YOU! Thank you so much. I always like to choose. You’re perfect exactly who and where you are. There’s nothing you can do to be loved more or less by God or by me. You are perfect. I always end with my special message of choose joy.

Thank you, Charla.


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Joanna practices, writes, and speaks about the disparity within medicine due to the pharmaceutical lobby and the lack of adherence to the laws of nature which subsequently affect health and healing, or the lack thereof. Her intention is to bridge the gap between the remarkable advances in modern medicine and the holistic medical community where the focus is on consciousness, longevity, and aging gracefully through Nutrigenomics and the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation, along with the mindful and minimal use of pharmaceuticals and surgery when necessary.

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