Conscious Choices For Optimal Health With Gail Blair

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health

As a conduit for ‘Revelation’, Gail Blair receives divine wisdom to discern & uncover the energetic and physical roots of dis-ease, & has helped thousands to heal with conscious choices toward their most optimal health.

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Conscious Choices For Optimal Health With Gail Blair

I am the host of the show, collector and connector of fascinating people. Everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I am so grateful you joined us here. First, we are going to do the little 22-second mini-vacation, a little mini-meditation. We’re going to breathe in calm for 7 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and breathe out gratitude for 11 seconds. It gives us some grounding. Are you ready? Here we go. Let’s breathe in some calm, hold, and release. It’s important that we do a little bit more of that than we probably typically do during our day. I call it to be still and know. Receive and hear the still quiet voice inside of you instead of always being so techie and busy.

Looking Back

My special guest is Gail Blair from Garland, Texas, which is East of Dallas. I’m West of Dallas on the Fort Worth side. We met at HeartProfit with Staci Wright. What a delightful time we had there. I can’t say enough about her. We might talk about her a little bit and what she’s got going. Gail is this food revelationist. Her website is A lot of people might confuse revelation with revolution, but you had a revelation. Let’s learn a little bit about who Gail is in this world, and then we’ll talk about what you’re doing.

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health

Surprisingly, I call myself an organic food medical intuitive because none of it was learned. It all arrived on the heels of hard knock, which is, for a lot of people, that’s how you wake up. I haven’t told many people this, but I’m going to share it here. My hard knock was a suicidal experience. It was early in 2011. I got fired from my first job ever in my fifties for no good reason and I had bought a house. That may not seem like such a hard thing, but everybody’s hard knocks are different.

I had raised three kids on my own. This was the second house I bought. I had been alone for many years. I was single for about 30 years. Now, it’s 40 years. All of a sudden, I hit this rock bottom and was like, “I’m tired. I don’t want to do this.” I couldn’t find a job to save my life. I couldn’t do what I was doing, which was making a lot of money. I couldn’t find a job.

I started a catering company with a friend because I had gotten, in 2009, this message that if you want to really connect with your purpose and what you’re here for, connect with your creative passion. This is a long story. I’m not going to tell it all. My creative passion has always been cooking. I thought, “Okay.” The message, I started working on it. I started working with a friend of mine in a catering company. That wasn’t quite it. It was really hard.

She had twins. I was new to twins. I was doing a lot of the work and was working part-time, and then I got fired. I’m working all these other odd jobs. The catering company is a ruthless, cutthroat business. I was like, “I’m done. I can’t do this.” I sat in my car in the garage with the engine running. Something got a hold of me and said, “This is not it. This is not the way you’re going to go.” I had an awakening.

I told my partner that I couldn’t do the catering company anymore. It was too much. I started working and doing my little odd jobs. I was part-time bartending, working events, and things like that. I almost lost my house twice. As soon as I told her that, the next morning, I woke up with Food Revelation. The name of our company was Catering Fresh. I woke up with the name Food Revelation. I’m like, “What a cool name that is.” I had no idea what it was going to mean. It has been one huge revelation after another. It has been an amazing journey. That was all about plant-based cooking and helping people get healthy by focusing on more plants.

During that time, I had this awakening. It was an experience I can’t explain. I knew who I was all of a sudden. I knew that this body wasn’t it. I knew my connection to everything. I could feel the energy. I could see it all. My gifts showed up. I moved from being the chef, and I met Staci. I was their chef. That’s how I met Staci. I moved from this plant-based cooking to the intuitive chef. This is when I started intuiting food charts. It then moved from the physical to the energetic.

In the beginning, people were ready to deal with their dis-eases on a physical level, but not so many were willing or ready yet to deal with them on an energetic level, which is where the root is. Everything flipped after doing the intuitive charts for about a year or so. I started getting these revelations. I got 7 of them over a 7-year period.

Everything started flipping. I realized that if people were going to heal their bodies, they were going to have to get to the energetic root of their disease, and then the body would come along. The body’s free to heal when you make the corrections at the energetic root. Until then, the body’s going to be stuck. I don’t care what you eat. You can make headway, but you’re not going to get a complete resolution if you don’t get to the root. That was the beginning. It keeps expanding.

To heal your body, you have to get to the energetic root of their disease. The body will then come along. Share on X

It’s pretty remarkable to me. Thank you for sharing the intimate part. There are people that need hope, and this is why I have my show. Everybody has a story. We all need to be heard, to share our stories, and to understand that there is hope. Neither one of us has any doubt about what caused you to turn off your car. We get to that point of, “Is this all there is? I’m done.” A lot of people get there at times in their lives and know. Can you imagine thinking about your children and the devastation that happens? We know people who’ve had that experience.

I have personal experience with it.

I used to think it was a very selfish act, but when you’re in that mode, you can’t see it. You don’t know how you’re going to get out of the situation.

I was like, “What’s the purpose?” That was the whole point.

You were wrapped up in a job instead of who you were.

I was wrapped up in making a living. I was wrapped up in the material world and my body. That’s what I was wrapped up in.

Good for you though. That takes a lot to get to that point, and then to take those steps. When I want to offer hope, a lot of people get to that point. You get the download the next day. The ideas start flowing. You give up. This is the deal. You release attachment to what’s going on or what’s important and release it. It frees Spirit to come over you and to come into you. You get creative. That’s where you are.

You look up and the world would be so much worse off without you taking that stand that you are worthy. I’m grateful for all that, but then to be able to come along and tell your story. We have so much in common that we are the creators. That’s where you were going here. We are the creators. When we take a breath of life, the I am is in us, right?


Yeah. That’s one of the things I wanted to share that’s coming up so huge. I call it a revelation. Most of the revelations I get are not things we don’t know. They’re things we’ve forgotten. As children of a source creator, we can’t do anything but create. The question is, how do we create? That’s something I don’t think a lot of people are thinking about.

I was having a conversation with someone. What came out of my mouth around this was that lower animals weren’t given the gift of creation. They create their homes and their nests. They don’t create their environment. They don’t create anything else. We’ve been given this gift of creation. My question to this person I was talking to was, “What sets us apart from lower animals?” He said, “The power to manifest, which is to create.”

I then asked, “What do we have that the lower animals don’t have that allow us to do that?” He was stuck. I was like, “It would probably be our thinking minds.” We’re thinkers, but what has happened is people do a lot of doing and not so much thinking about what they’re creating. It’s time Spirit wants us to know. It’s time to own your creative power. Your creative power is what you choose to focus on.

Here’s the caveat. If what you’re focused on is running in the background that you’re unaware of, then you’re an unconscious creator because you’re creating with your thoughts and emotions, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. You have to find the work and do the work to bring all that into the foreground. I love rhymes, so things come to me that way. I say it like this. Thoughts have no power in the conscious mind. They can only run you from behind.

If you’re aware of them, you have a choice. You can say, “That’s not true.” Maybe that was true way back then, but it is not true now, or maybe that was never true. You get a chance to toss things out and realign things. Until then, you’re going to be stuck. People get stuck in a way of thinking and a way of doing. They keep creating the same things over and over again and get depressed because it doesn’t seem that anything that they can do is changing anything.

I got depressed after all that because I never could seem to move beyond a money threshold. It seems like I was always struggling. I never had much in the bank. The minute I did have a lot or some in the bank, something would happen to take it away from me. It was all my own thinking that was causing this manifestation of lack in my life. I had to see all that. I had to own it all. I had to own that I was a creator. The bottom line is you can’t own your creator. If you can’t own your creations, then you’re a victim and you’ve squashed your power to create what you want.

Every word matters. This is where your thoughts matter and then speaking it. My books are about that. Every word matters. Speak what you want. Your part is that the subconscious is running our lives. You are working on finding the root cause.

That’s what I help people get to. It’s, “What is the root of this disease?” Somebody said it like this, and I don’t remember who said it. Emotion or physical dis-ease is our emotions made manifest. That’s powerful.

Dis-ease is our emotions made manifest. Share on X

That’s really the truth.

This is another huge revelation, and it’s not something we don’t know. We’re spirits. We’re infinite spirits. I don’t care what religion you are. There’s not one book that doesn’t say that, but we forget that part and we’re focused on this body, which is a very small part of who we are. As a matter of fact, I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza, reminding me of the fact that our body is 99.999999% energy. That little bitty part is physical and that’s what we’re focused on rather than focused on the energetic.

When I say energy, I’m talking about energy we can’t see. Those are emotions and thoughts. There are other roots to this dis-ease too, like grounding issues, generational cords, and stuff that doesn’t even belong to you. The bottom line is that most of it is unconscious thinking and the resulting emotions. If you have a thought, you have an emotion.

Many people have said this. If your thoughts, your words, your emotions, and your actions all line up, you’re going to create exactly or better what you’re putting out there because that’s the law of the universe. Dr. Dispenza says coherence. I say integrity. If any of those are out of integrity, you’ve muddied the waters. The best-case scenario is you yo-yo. The worst-case scenario is you never bring to yourself what you want.

Most religions talk about this too. God created everything at one time. It’s all existing. Quantum physics is proving this. Our science is proving our spiritual and infinite reality. If everything exists all at once, then you’re not disconnected from anything. You’re not disconnected from money either. Jesus, who I hear very well, said to me, “You’ll accept that you’re one with everything before you’ll accept you’re one with money.” That’s the truth. We get these ideas in our heads and they’re running unconscious. Maybe you believe that money’s the root of all evil or you’re not deserving, or you have to work hard. Whatever it is that you believe about money is probably not true. An energy exchange is all it is.

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health
Optimal Health: For episode art: Science proves our spiritual and infinite reality. If everything exists all at once, you are not connected to anything.

There is no lack in this world. I call it a distribution issue, but there is no lack.

We do have power. People ask me, “What about the people born into lack or the children that are born ill and all this stuff?” If you believe that this is all there is, then you have to believe that God created suffering. That doesn’t make any sense. This is not all there is. We’ve been around the block many times, and through it all, we’re uncovering who we are. If you’re born into a situation, then it is uncovering a situation. It is what it is. I can think of many examples of the people who have overcome. I watched somebody on your Facebook. Unbelievable odds. Who’s the guy that doesn’t have the arms and the legs?

I have pictures with him, Nick Vujicic. I’ve met him in person. He’s a part of the Ziglar people.

I love him. He’s the perfect example that you take what you’re given and then you make the most of it.

This is a skin suit. We’re spiritual beings.

It’s a meat suit. That is the absolute truth. That’s what we’re waking up to. We’re waking up to our power. That’s it. It’s time. If it weren’t time, then all this wouldn’t be happening. I wouldn’t be sitting here. You wouldn’t be sitting here. People wouldn’t be knocking on our doors.

God’s Goodness

Since the beginning of time, since let there be light, or whatever, we’re here having this conversation because everything has been orchestrated for this moment in time. We could have blinked wrong somewhere and had something for us to not be here together at this moment. We can’t change any of that. We only have the next moment to change.

That’s something I try to remind people of. I wasn’t raised this way. I didn’t know. My awakening has been that I get to be. I don’t have to strive. I get to love. If God is love, He can’t be not love. I wanted to throw out what you were saying a little bit earlier. He doesn’t create suffering. We don’t have to beg. If our prayers turned in from begging, “Please,” to, “Thank you,” it’s already done. I relax, release, and let it go. It’s already on its way. We use a word that stops it, like, “Except I don’t deserve it.”

We oppose our good. That’s what we do. The good is there. Our God is good. If we learned as children otherwise, then that’s part of what’s running in the background. If we learned that we could suffer or that God could cause that, then what’s running our life is that fear.

There have been some misconstrued interpretations.

Jesus set me right on quite a few things. These are pretty amazing conversations. Our good is there. It’s already there. It’s us that we push it away.

The Bible I was raised on, I love so much of it. A lot of it has been, I believe, twisted. In John 14:12, Jesus said we can do what he did and even more.

What does He mean by that?

That means we can raise the dead, heal the sick, or walk on water. We can do all of those things. There is much to learn, but I do believe that I can rebuke the hail that’s coming over my house. It goes away. I’ve done it multiple times. It’s not arrogance. It’s authority. He gave us the authority to do those things. 

We inherited that. It’s interesting because our family construct is a reflection of the truth. As children of God, we inherited certain things like our children inherited certain things. The love that we feel for our family, that unconditional love, that’s how we’re supposed to love everyone. The family unit is mirroring the wholeness.

I wrote this to one of your questions that you asked on the questionnaire. The body is a reflection of what we eat and think, primarily what we think. It’s all energy. If everything’s energy, then everything is malleable and pliable. There’s not one single thing that’s not possible. It makes sense that you can heal. It makes sense that you can help people heal by manipulating energy, which is one of the things that is one of my gifts.

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health
Optimal Health: For episode graphic: The body is a reflection of what we eat and think. It is all energy, and everything is malleable and pliable. Nothing is impossible.

Intuitive Healing

This intuition that you get is intuitive healing. Let’s get into that because this is the food revelation and the intuitive. You are with a client or someone around that you sense their need or what they are missing. Does that describe a little bit of it?

It’s not exactly like that. I teach a lot of this in the Course in Discernment because there are two levels of receiving. There’s an intuitive level. You’re intuiting from a field of the known. There’s channeling. That’s where you’re receiving from the source of everything. I start with an intuitive approach. I have what I call my protocols. I intuit all of what’s relevant to this person.

I get to a place and I’ll stop and go, “Tell me more about that. Now, I’m channeling.” At the end of it, I’ll ask, “Is there anything else possible?” If I get that there is, then I’ll go, “Tell me about that.” That will come in. My last question, since I love rhymes, is, “In the name of love and light, is this all complete and right?” I know that my protocol is complete and then I share it with them. This is the fifteen-minute exploratory session that I do with people. When you leave that session, you’re going to know where your route is and you’re going to have the roadmap. That’s a free fifteen-minute session.

In fifteen minutes, you can do all that?

Yes. If you decide you want to work the roadmap, then you book another session. We start from there.

You’ve got books. You’ve got workshops. You’ve got private clients. How does all this work together for you and in your world, for those of us who are curious?

I told you off-camera that I take care of my 92-year-old dad. I’m in Garland in my old childhood home. I don’t have as much time for clients as I had, but I still take quite a few clients. You might have to wait a little bit longer, but I know this for a fact too. If it’s time for you to get in, it will happen. It will open up. It happens all the time.

“Everything is always working out for me,” is one of my favorite mantras because it is. Even if you don’t like where you are right this second, it’s where you got. It’s all you got right here.

It’s always working out. My good is always here. I’m taking clients. I am not doing many workshops because I don’t have time, but I do them periodically. I keep them small. They’re on Zoom. I was traveling for workshops before COVID, but now, I’m doing them on Zoom. The one I’m doing the most is the Course in Discernment. What that does is help people uncover their natural intuitive gifts.

One of the things Jesus said is to be like a child. What does He mean by that? He means to have a child’s mind. That doesn’t mean behaving like a child. It means to get in that blank space where you don’t know anything or before you knew anything. It’s that curious mode. That’s what you have to get into to be a good intuitive. If you’re not already there, you’ll automatically move into being this amazing receiver.

I take people into that void in the workshop where they’re disconnected from their minds and show them how they can receive. We start with tools. Sometimes, it’s the body. The body really is the best receiver. Sometimes, you can be so disconnected from your body and your emotions that you might need help with tools.

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health
Optimal Health: For guest photo: I take people into that curious void where they can disconnect from their minds and show them how to receive.

We go over what tool is going to work for you because not one tool is going to work for everybody. That’s all they are. It’s tools until you’re naturally receiving. We all have the ability to do that. Spirit wants us to know that it’s time to do that. That’s why the course came up because you can’t believe anything you see or hear anymore.

That’s what it is, discernment. We are discerning all of the craziness that we see. I haven’t watched TV in decades. I gave it up in seventh grade.

We’re here for a reason because of this time.

For such a time as this.

Spirit wants us to know that we have all the answers within. Quit looking out there and go within. The Course in Discernment is all about that. It’s, “How do I get the answers, and how do I trust them?”

Do people have to believe? For someone who is like, “That’s baloney,” does it still work?

Yes, it still works. The thing is it’s one of those miracles. Jesus also says something like this. A miracle is something to help shorten the time of awakening. I could show you how you can move energy. When you see that with your physical eyes, you cannot put it back in the box. As a matter of fact, I did a workshop in California. I had physicists and doctors. I had people that have really been schooled. Sometimes, these are the hardest people because they’re not willing to let go of what they know. The minute you shut down on what you know, you can’t know anything more. You shut it down. That’s it.

I had one guy come up to me and he said, “I didn’t think I was going to get anything out of this and I’m shocked.” Even if you don’t believe that you have this power, you come to a workshop and you’re going to leave a believer. Once you get it out of the box, you can’t put it back in. You’ll start seeing these things happen. I had somebody text me. She said, “A bonafide miracle happened. I don’t know how to get my husband to see it and accept it.” I did give her a few suggestions. You know when it happens.

It’s like, “I’m not clearing for miracles. I know somebody gave me the word.” You see it. Miracles are everywhere.

You can feel it. Mine are every day. Something will happen. I’m always surprised.

You’re not like, “It’s another miracle.”

It’s never like that. It’s always this amazing thing all the time. It’s happening all the time. I could tell you ten things right off the bat, but we don’t have time for all that.

Food Revelation

Let’s talk about Gail Blair. is your website. All of the things we’ve been talking about, you have integrated into how to help people get to the root cause, feed their bodies, and become conscious creatives.

Think about it this way. When we wake up to who we truly are, we can replace the word healing with awakening. When we wake up, everything heals.

The word health, in our outside world, has become synonymous with pharmaceuticals in a way. I shy away from it so very much. 

You can change the word

Change Your Words, Change Your Life. That’s my book.

That’s right. The body is not the creator. It’s the messenger, the responder, and the conduit. It’s a vehicle. It’s responding to creation. It’s responding to your creations. As soon as you get the message, you can make the corrections, but you have to be willing to open up in getting the message.

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health

Have you had people that wanted to lose weight, for instance? There are many things in the body they want to heal, like what dis-ease there is, and the want to lose weight.

I’m glad you brought that up because I have career clients. They’re people that have been with me, some of them, for years. They’ll come in and I won’t hear from them for maybe a couple of years, and then they’ll come back. They keep repeating the same thing. It’s like, “Let’s talk about the weight.” One that’s coming to mind is always the weight. Your focus is on your body, and your focus is on what you don’t want.


You keep getting that. Are you ready to do the work to get to the root of why you keep doing that? You’re doing it for a good reason. I want everybody to know that. You’re doing all of this for a good reason. It’s so that you can finally uncover the root. If you didn’t know something was coming up or you never had a symptom, you wouldn’t know.

These things keep knocking on your door, and they start knocking hard when it’s time to wake up. That’s what happened to me. It starts knocking hard like, “It’s time to wake up.” I got fired for a reason. If I hadn’t gotten fired, then I would never be doing this. I would’ve stayed in my comfort zone. That firing took me out of my comfort zone. That’s where everything started, so that was good. There’s good in everything that we’re doing.

The bottom line is finally, she said, “I’m ready.” Nobody’s going to do it until they’re ready. You can quit talking to them and trying to convince them of anything. It’s not going to work, not until they are ready. Their journey’s perfect. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s because all the good in their journey hasn’t been revealed yet, or at least that part of it. That’s the way I look at it. If you look at it any other way, then you’re saying that your life is bad on some level.

When you’re upset, you get more upset. When you’re in gratitude, you get more things to be thankful for.

That’s going back to Jesus.

In everything, give thanks.

Be grateful for all things. Give thanks for everything. That doesn’t mean the good. It means the good, the bad, and the ugly because it all has a purpose. The purpose is all good.

Your circumstances aren’t who you are. I tell my grandkids, “Nobody can hurt your feelings without your permission. Nobody can make you angry without your permission. You can deflect it in those kinds of things.”

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health

You’re in charge of your own emotions. You’re in charge of your own thoughts.

Nobody’s taught that.

How you respond is all about you. Your journey is all about you. It’s a very egotistical journey. It’s all about you. It’s all about your feelings.

Who else could it be about?


When we get our feelings hurt, when we get mad, when we get upset, and all of those things, we’re choosing. It’s all a choice. Everything is a choice.

The other thing I realized is that if I’m being tweaked by something that somebody said or if my feelings are getting hurt, then that person’s doing me a favor. The situation that’s happening is for me. If I didn’t have a sore spot, and that’s the other thing I want to talk about, then they couldn’t rub on it. That’s telling me that I have something inside of me that needs to heal. When I heal that, then nobody can say anything to hurt my feelings.

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health
Optimal Health: For episode graphic: Without having a sore spot, nobody could rub on it. By healing it, nobody can say anything to hurt your feelings.

I love that so much.

We have to heal our sore spots.

When you do get triggered like that, then you recognize that. I said, “If I get my feelings hurt or I get upset, it’s on me. It’s not on you.” That’s for whoever is triggering you. You’re like, “It’s on me if I allow it to upset my world.”

That’s true. If it’s not triggering me, then it’s them. They don’t know who they are. People are either showing you who they are or who they aren’t. It doesn’t change who they are. They’re either showing you the truth or the untruth, but it doesn’t change who they are. What is my job at that point? My job is not to sit there and judge you. My job is to recognize the truth in you and hold that steady.

What’s Next

The harder people are to love, the more they need it. Time goes really fast. I want to make sure that you get your most important messages out there and how people can find you. Tell us your books. Tell us what’s next. How can we find you and help you through this journey of your magnificent world? Is it that Staci Wright is running this beautiful corporate program?

That’s right.

She’s going to take care of her people. I’m a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. Their philosophy as well is to take care of your people, find their dreams, and help them learn.

Everybody needs to be working on their passion.

If you help them reach their goals and dreams, they will be loyal forever. I love that about Staci Wright with That’s how we met. I feel like she’s onto something. I was so taken with her.

She’s helping people heal.

In a work environment. It’s in a traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturing plant or something. She has figured it out. I love that. We’re going to figure out or speak what you want to leave our audience with. The name of your book?

I’m working on the next two. The Quinoa Cookbook Journey is the first book in the Evolution of Free Health series. I did it in a cookbook format. There’s a reason why I did the quinoa. My story about how this unfolded is in here. The food charts are in here. I give you some instructions on how you can work the food charts without even being intuitive to better your health. With the intuitive food chart, the body tells us exactly what it wants to eat and doesn’t to bring it into alignment first or into balance because you’re stuck until then. You then move through detox. You have to detox the body to heal, and then you start moving into thriving mode.

All of that can take a short time or it could take a long time.

It normally doesn’t take very long because once you get to the root and you correct at that level, the body’s free to heal. It’s usually not a long process. It’s usually maybe a couple of months. The first missing link is time does not stand still and neither do our bodies. That’s the first revelation. That’s pretty obvious, but we stay stuck. We think if a doctor gives us a diagnosis, that’s it. If he says we are going to be on medicine for the rest of our lives, that’s it. We forget that things change as we make changes. If we make some changes, things are going to change.

Even with the food charts, they’re changing as we go. When you get to a baseline chart, which is pretty wide open because we’re not here to live in a food prison, we’re here to live free. The only thing that’s keeping us from living free is the prison of our minds. My byline for Evolution of Free Health is it is time for us to leave the prison of our minds and chronic disease behind. That is the time that we’re in. That is the first book.

The second one is going to be The 7 Missing Links to Abundant and Sustainable Health. Those are the first seven revelations that I got. For the third book, the name may be changing, but now, it’s called Commanding Your Vessel. It’s your power to have an outcome with your body. It’s your power like everything else. It’s your manifestation power to manifest what you want. I have never been healthier or happier, and I’m getting close to 70. 

I am 70.

I know and look at us.

It’s the new 40 or whatever. I’m happy and healthy. Is everything perfect? No, it is not. It has nothing to do with that. A few years ago, I was like, “I’m eking up in this weight thing.” I set a number. I was like, “I would like to be that number.” I didn’t do anything different, but not long ago, I stepped on my scale and it was there. I didn’t change my life. I saw myself.

You set an intention.

I set the intention and then let it go. I released it. I didn’t go on a diet. Diet, to me, is Die with a cross at the end. They don’t work.

Diet, Self-Love, And Freedom

That’s what I want people to know too. This is not a diet. This is about working your way into freedom. That’s all it’s about. You should be free at the end of this. It’s then all about keeping your balance, which is so much in your head than it is what you’re eating. It’s more about what you’re thinking. I say it this way. When you have acidic, stressful thoughts, the way your body responds, and remember that it’s the responder and messenger, is it’s making acid. That acid is causing inflammation. Inflammation and blocked energy are the root of all physical dis-ease.

There are scriptures that say you shall be free of every disease. Deuteronomy 7:14 is one of them. You shall be free of every disease and your body can heal anything. 

Only the body can heal itself. I can’t wait to share the download on Heaven and Hell with you.

I wish we had time. We don’t have time for that, but we might have to do that one again.

It’s amazing because it’s all about this inflammation and chronic disease.

I’m 70. I don’t have a pharmaceutical here.

I don’t either.

Years ago, my daughter said, “Do you have any Tylenol? This expired ten years ago.” I was like, “No.” I haven’t been to a doctor in over twenty years. This is it. I do not believe in getting sick, so I don’t get sick. People think that’s arrogance. That’s where it goes back to the authority.

I feel the same way. I had something happen to me a little bit ago, but other than that, I hadn’t been to the doctor since all this happened. I got the message from it. I recovered. Before then, I didn’t even have an aspirin or Tylenol. I still don’t have aspirin or Tylenol. I got a clean bill of health. I hadn’t been to the dentist since 2007. I play tennis with a 96-year-old.

I want people to understand that we have limited ourselves in this body. The body is also energetic. We’re not slaves to this body. We do not have to break down and die of chronic disease. That doesn’t have to happen. We can lay the body down when our time is over. There might be a season and a time. That’s up to debate, but do we have to suffer? No, we don’t have to suffer. I want everyone to understand that and understand their power to create something different.

The body is energetic. We are not slaves to it. We do not have to break down and die of chronic disease. Share on X

We are on the same wavelength.

We’re on the same page. I’m a great chef. This is where all this started. Here’s the fun part. People don’t want to suffer on the road to health. When you do a session with me, I send you recipes, and they’re awesome recipes. The Delicious Daily Detox is a great little book. If people would do a little short detox once a quarter, they wouldn’t have buildup. They wouldn’t have to go through illness and this long detox.

I was raised in the religious world. I’ve run across a lot of people in what I would call lightworkers and a little bit more awakened or whatever we want to call it. They have very rigid structures. They have to drink these things and take these colonics or whatever it is. I’m trying to teach my two-year-old and half-year-old granddaughter, “Savor your food. Enjoy it. Chew it fast,” because she’s shoving the whole thing in her mouth. I was like, “Savor.” I’m trying to teach her that word.

This is my thought. If you’re taking something and you love it and enjoy it, and you don’t go, “I shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m going to anyway,” that’s a magical trick. It’s a huge magical mindset. If you’re like, “I love this. I’m going to love it and enjoy it,” your body’s going to go, “Yeah,” even if it’s not something that’s good for you.

That is so important. I’m glad you brought this up because this is huge. With the judgment thing, I say it this way. If you judge your food, it’s going to judge you back. If you love your food, it’s going to love you back. The body was miraculously made to heal itself. It’s made to take what it needs from the food and release what it doesn’t, but we block all of that with our judgment. The minute that we judge that food is bad, we shut that down. The food’s going to affect us adversely.

The Charla Anderson Show | Gail Blair | Optimal Health
Optimal Health: For Food Revelation header: If you judge your food, it will judge you back.

You can have almost anything in moderation.

I’m not saying to go out and eat junk food and all that.

If you do and you enjoy it at that moment, love it because then, it doesn’t have that resistance against you.

You’ve got that cyclical force intact. That’s the giving and the receiving. The food is given to you and you’re receiving it. The body’s going to release what it doesn’t need.

I do believe in that mindset. You’ll end up attracting more things that are better for you because you can love them.

This came to me too. If you need help reminding yourself of that, then think about that homeless person who only has a cupcake that might be total sugar and high fructose corn syrup sugar. It might be all there is. Here’s the thing. Remember there’s good in everything because our source is good. There has to be there. That good has got to be there. When you bless your food with love and gratitude, you expand the good in it.

Think about the homeless person and bless their cupcake. Remember to always bring the good out in the food. I’ve been saying that I don’t know how my body makes the most of this. I only know what it does, and I’m grateful and fulfilled. That’s The One Command. I highly recommend the book because I use them all. I use One Commands all the time. It’s one of the most powerful manifestation tools I’ve ever owned. I don’t know how my body makes the most of this. I only know it does, and I’m grateful and fulfilled.

Love is the key. It’s loving yourself enough to take on.

That’s the thing too with the food. If you’ve got this habit and propensity of being attracted to food that’s not that healthy, the question is, “Why am I doing that to myself?” When you really love yourself, every piece of you, you’re going to stop doing things that hurt you or that would cause you harm like you wouldn’t want any harm coming to any other loved one. You’re going to stop that.

When you love yourself, you will stop doing things that hurt you or cause you harm. Share on X

Episode Wrap-Up

You love yourself enough to do all that. You got about one minute. Let’s wrap it up before the top of the hour. This went so fast. Gail Blair with You can find all these books, workshops, courses, classes, and your work on your website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

It’s all there. On Facebook, I’ve got Evolution of Free Health. I’ve got Food Revelation on Facebook. I’m on Instagram @IntuitiveGailBlair. I’m on LinkedIn as Gail (Intuitive Chef) Blair. All the links are there.

I love the intuitive piece of that. We didn’t touch on 90% of what I thought we would. There’s so much to your gifts, to your offerings, and to who you are in this world. I’m so grateful for you to join me on the show. I’ll be here again on. I’m the collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating. One last word? Love yourself.

Reach out to do the fifteen-minute exploratory if you’re curious. See what comes up.

Is that on your website as well to set that fifteen-minute exploratory?

It’s there on the scheduling. It’s time to heal.

I love that. We’ll end with it’s time to heal. Love yourself enough to do that. Let’s go out and be blessed. Have a wonderful time. Choose joy.

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