Building A Confident Money Mindset With Amber Peterson

TCAS 23 | Money Mindset


Meet Amber Peterson, ‘Mamas & Money’ TV & Podcast Show Host, licensed financial professional certified Money Mindset Coach & creator of ‘Creating Confidence with your Money’, a life-changing program for women: a life to love.

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Building A Confident Money Mindset With Amber Peterson

Beautiful day, beautiful souls, welcome. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, collector and connector of fascinating people, and everyone is fascinating, especially YOU. We’re on this amazing Win Win Women, Roku, and all these amazing streaming services. I cannot wait to share our overcoming stories and continue with them as we move forward. As we always do on my show, I take a little mini vacation or micro-meditation to help us get centered and grounded.

I’m going to suggest that readers will do that along with me. It is 7 seconds of calm, breathing in, 4 seconds of holding, and 11 seconds of breathing out. Gratitude. Let’s do that. Let’s breathe in seven seconds of calm, hold, and release. Thank you for joining me with that. That’s not a bad thing to do multiple times a day when we are in our techie-busy world. We often don’t take time to be centered. I want you to know that is an option to settle.

Here we are with one of my sweet new friends that I got to spend time with in Utah and meet Amber Peterson. She’s a truly passionate, delightful blessing in my life. I am grateful to have her as our guest. She’s also Mamas and Money. She’s a money expert. She talks about things that I wish I had listened to or accessed many years ago in my 20s when my son is 40 this 2023.

All of our lives might’ve been different had I paid more attention to what was a little uncomfortable conversation, “I’ll do that later,” thing. Later often never comes if you don’t take the steps to do it. Amber Peterson, tell us a lot about who you are in this world, and then a little bit about what you do. We’re all in this to make a difference and you are certainly doing that. Thank you for joining me.

I love being here. It was a delight to get to know you. We got to spend together here in Utah and it was wonderful. Thank you so much for having me. First and foremost, I’m a mom. I’m raising four kids from 17 down to 9. They have taught me much. As women and moms, we have many opportunities to learn and grow. They’re one of my learning and growth experiences. I’m married to an amazing man, my husband, Zach. We’ve been married for many years now. We had a very unique experience when it comes to money.


TCAS 23 | Money Mindset


My initial goal was not to go into money and finance. That was never something when I was young that I was like, “That’s what I want to do.” My life journey brought me to this point to share my knowledge, the things I’ve gained, and the tough times I went through to then share it with those that could be going through the same thing.

When my husband started out in finance, he was an advisor for a pretty large firm. About a month before the 2008 crash, we ended up moving firms not knowing what was coming, which also brought us out of state from where we were living. When we were there, the market crashed. Since we were brand new, this is a brand new job for us, we were let go. That started our realization of money. When it gets rocky, you start to realize your own thoughts and beliefs around money. What are you going to do about it?

At that time, we essentially hit our own money rock bottom. We lost our home. We had no jobs. We were looking for work. The financial industry was not hiring. We were doing odd jobs here and there. It brought to the forefront that, “All of these thoughts and feelings I’m having about money that, ‘I hate money. I hate dealing with money. Money is the root of all evil,’ and all of those things are not working. Why isn’t that working? That’s what we’re taught. That’s what we’re told. It’s not working. Now, what?” That’s when I started my journey. I said, “I need to start learning even the basics around money.”

Even though we had two small kids at the time, we were learning as we go. I was like, “I need to learn some more things.” I started learning and then it brought me to a financial professional position where I got my licenses. Throughout this whole journey, I said, “What was the underlying thing that brought me to where I am now?” That was the change in how I viewed money and what I could do with money. That’s what brought me here because I want to share with everybody, but women especially, and moms, that they have the power to create what they want to with their money.

Often people get distraught in many situations that they don’t survive. We’ve heard that over the decades of that story, people not surviving because they chose not to. Honestly, it’s a choice. You have to dig deep. It’s humiliating and horrible to hit that rock bottom place but look at you now and how much you can teach others and how you learn.

I’m talking mostly about these in my show. It’s about overcomers and about how we can offer hope, healing, and a different mindset to love ourselves enough to find a way through these situations rather than despair and distraught. Looking back now, it’s like, “How did we do that?” There are places in my life where I’m like, “I don’t recognize that person. How did we do that?”

It’s an interesting story to me. You’re trying to feed kids, live on bread, water, and scraps, rely on family, or whatever you have to do, but you did whatever you had to do. It took you to this place, where I know you now, of peace, passion, to make a difference, and joy. You’ve done it. You’ve done the hard work to get there. I would love to know more about that. Mindset is such a huge piece of this. Whatever is on your heart that is important for you to share, have at it.

What I found empowering, especially if someone is stuck going through, I call it in the middle of the heart. When you’re stuck there and you’re feeling like there’s no way out, one of the things I appreciate is my training on mindset work because you have the power to create different results in your life. What I noticed for me especially, are my thoughts. If we were at home, we knew we were losing our home. We’re bringing in a little bit of money so we can survive and get the basics for us and our kids. I would think, “I hate money.” We’ll come to learn in my journey that’s what I’m projecting. Whether it’s our brain or the universe, it tries to make us right. If we’re saying, “I hate money. I don’t want to deal with money,” then you’re not going to be very successful with money.



You get more of what you’re focusing on, “I don’t want to be late. I’m not going to be late.” Guess what? You get the train. You get the school zone. You hit the curb because you’re mad. Upset draws upset. Mindset is probably as big as anything that we can ever learn, but we can learn to control that upset and our words because every word matters. Everything I talk about is every word matters. You had done mindset work because of that.

I was looking at what I was saying and thinking, and I was like, “That’s not working. It’s not bringing me what I want.” We kept going through more of the heart and it wasn’t changing. I said, “What if I started to see things differently?” Sometimes we can’t go from, “I hate money,” to, “I love money.” That’s a massive jump. Our brain’s going to be like, “That’s not right.”

We might go, “I can use the money to buy things I need.” Maybe that’s an easier thought from, “I hate money. Money is a tool.” You could start working your way up to start saying, “I’m abundant with money. Money comes to me easily. Money is a tool I can use to benefit my life and the life of other people.” The more we start to view it that way, it directly relates to our results. Not just in the universe or our brain’s wanting to make us right.

What I teach is that your thought then brings an emotion. If you’re thinking, “I hate money,” then you’re probably feeling frustrated. From frustration, what actions do you take? You’re going to act differently under frustration than you would in peace and calm. From those actions, you are generating your results. That’s why it’s important to look at what you’re thinking, feeling, and believing about money because that is the underlying foundation of what you’re creating. That was a great realization for me.



There are studies all over the place, like Dr. Joe Dispenza and all those guys, that our minds create our realities. What we speak becomes who we are. If you say I am, the next word out of your mouth is who you are at that moment. If you say, “I am sick. I am mad.” Nobody can make us angry without our permission or upset without our permission. That is such a message that I’m constantly saying on my show because every word matters. What you think matters. We are not trained that way that I’ve noticed, and at least certainly, I wasn’t. Garbage in. Garbage out. We’re not taking in the peace and calm that we can or should have access to.

Sometimes we’re more reactionary instead of proactive in how we want to look at something. I’ll give you an example of what happened. My sweet daughter is learning to drive. She’s cautious and careful. The other day, she was backing out of the driveway and smashed the side mirror by accident. The money situation was right at the forefront. Because I’ve done much thought work, I still went through the emotions but then I thought, “What could this do to serve me and her?” instead of like, “Money’s hard. It’s terrible. Something’s broken again. We have to spend more money.”

We are sometimes more reactionary instead of proactive when looking at things in life. Click To Tweet

It’s more like, “How could this serve us both?” It helped her realize, “This is what an accident is like without having to go through the physical pain or making it worse by someone else getting injured or another car being smashed.” It was a great experience for her to go through that process and to understand it, feel it, and then know the steps to come out of it again.

As her mother, I was like, “It’s a great experience for me because who do I want to show up to be in that moment?” Do I want to be like, “You’re terrible. You can get a horrible mistake?” No, as the mom, I want to be like, “Now you’re experiencing this. It’s not the outcome we wanted. What are we going to do now to move forward?” Sometimes when money situations come up in our lives, we want that immediate reaction of negativity, which I completely understand. It’s easy to do, but then we tend to maybe stay in that and stay stuck instead of, “What do I want to do going forward that could support me most in my money journey?”

When money situations come up in our lives, we want an immediate reaction of negativity. We tend to stay stuck in that situation. Click To Tweet

Considering this thing that happened just happened. It’s just what it’s so. When we live in just what’s so, “I can’t undo that moment or that event. I can’t do one thing I’ve said in the last generation. Nothing prior to this moment in time can I do anything about other than learn from it. If I’m not in the place I want to be, I can take a different step next time or the next step. If I don’t like where I am, I’ve got options going this way. If I continue reliving this and telling it,” reliving becomes a pattern or a rot in your brain, and ten years later, you’re still complaining about that same thing. I’m telling you, you’re not growing. Nobody wants to hear it. That’s what people don’t understand.

You make a very powerful point. If we don’t learn the lesson from it and apply it going forward, we’re going to keep learning the lesson because it’s something that we need to learn to grow and continue. I think about my daughter now, every time she pulls out of the garage. She’s very cautious and careful. She’s taking that lesson and applying it.

The car is wider.

She’s applying that lesson and we can do the exact same thing with our money. Another thing I thought would be helpful to address is that a lot of our money beliefs and thoughts come from well-meaning people in our lives. Whoever raised us, whether it was a parent or parents, grandparents, or even those that surround us frequently. Neighbors, friends, teachers, leaders, extended family members, whatever it may be. We start to take, especially these kids, that information that they give us. What it is that they are sharing their beliefs, thoughts about money, and their experiences with us.

Honestly, fear of lack is a huge piece here. There is no lack in our world. We have a distribution issue maybe. There’s plenty for all of us. That is an eye-opening thought that there is no lack. We want more of our share so we’re not living in fear and that we can provide for our families, but not going into that fear mode that money doesn’t grow on trees. I remember the first time I heard from a stage, this lady went to my church and she’s like, “Money is very good.” You could hear the audience going, “Yeah, but it’s the root of all evil.” “No, the love or idol of money is the root of all evil.” To hear that, I was in the ‘90s, an adult in my 40s. I’m hearing that going up. That makes so much sense.

Something I wanted to point out. Even though we’ve maybe given those beliefs, we want to ask ourselves, “Is that belief or thing I was offered, the advice of someone else, serving me?” You get to formulate your own idea around money, but often we don’t take the time to do that. We just assume. You brought up a couple of things. You said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” How many of us have heard that growing up? “You have to work hard for your money.” We start to internalize that and think, “That’s the way it is.” You heard someone from the stage saying, “Money is good,” and all of a sudden, it gives you this insight, “Is that true?”

“How do we live if we don’t have money?” It’s necessary, but it provides for everything we have. It is good. There are forces for evil that tend to use it in a not-so-good way, including distribution. Regardless, money is just an object. It’s a thing and a tool. It’s not even good or bad. It’s our perception of it.

That’s why I encourage the readers to consider, “What do I think about money? Do I think it’s a good thing or a bad thing? How is that serving me going forward?” That helps us be empowered to say, “Maybe if money’s a good thing, then what could it do for me in my life? How could it then serve me by looking at it a little bit differently?”

TCAS 23 | Money Mindset
Money Mindset: Evaluate if money is a good thing and how it is serving you moving forward.


I wish we could slap people. Sometimes the people that the least amount of money are often the most wasteful to me. I’m like, “How does that happen?” I don’t think this is the direction I wanted to go, but I’ll use an example of paper towels. When I grew up with my stepdad and we reuse the same paper towel twenty times. Until it was ragged, it was usable. I took it one way. It’s like, “I don’t want to be wasteful.”

One of my sisters took it a different way. It’s like, “I am never going to worry about paper towels.” It’s an interesting thought on that. I then live with a group of younger people, my kids, friends, and all that. They’ll tear off 5 or 6 at a time. To me, it’s wasteful. When I used to say, “You’re being cheap,” I’m like, “I’m going to call myself a good steward.” I changed it from cheap to a good steward about things. Isn’t that silly about washing and thinking about the use of paper towels or not?

What it comes down to is if that is what’s serving you. For example, if you’re saying, “I want to be a good steward,” and I feel like being a good steward is reusing paper towels and not throwing it away, awesome. If that’s serving you beautifully like you mentioned for your sister. If she’s saying, “I don’t want to worry about paper towels. I want to feel abundant that I can use as many as I need and I will be financially able to keep buying paper towels,” awesome.

That’s why money is not a one size fits all. We need to know what’s going to serve us and help us create the life we want to have. I do think there’s an importance to take note of our stewardship, how we’re contributing to those around us, and to the world at large because we’re all interconnected that way. At the same time, we need to decide, “How is this helping me going forward?”

In addition, what’s tricky about money is not only do we have our views of ourselves with money, but then we also have views of others with or without money. That can also affect how we are abundant with money or even the connections that we can make. If we think of someone that has maybe not as much, we might view them one way. How is that helping? We might see someone with an abundance of wealth. We may view them a certain way. How is that also helping you in what you are wanting to create?

TCAS 23 | Money Mindset
Money Mindset: The tricky thing about money is not only using it to view ourselves. We also use it to formulate views of others with or without money.


The filthy rich is a term we’ve all heard, and it’s not the truth. In the vast majority of cases, their generosity is incredible among people who have made it well through life. All of those little sayings are just that. They are little sayings and they come from a certain situation that is not universal, but we internalize many of them.

It’s perpetuated. Those that love us and want the best for us sometimes will be giving us the same information that they were taught. For example, I think of The Great Depression that happened in the United States. They might have said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” because money was scarce and it changed a generation at that time.

Because of that change in thought, they’re going to tell their kids, “Money doesn’t grow on trees. You got to work hard for your money. You need to save all of these different things.” It gets perpetuated down throughout the generations. It doesn’t mean that that advice is not valid or that we could use it in our lives, but we want to consider, “We’re in a different spot. What do I want to believe about money and what I can do with the money?” That’s ultimately what’s going to help you move.



I don’t know if I’ve made it into a meme, but it’s a saying that I’ve said, “Money comes easily. I am refreshed and I have all the time that I need.” It covers a lot of big bases there, all three big ones. I repeated that a lot. Even when money was not easily available, I still held the saying, and my mind began believing that. I feel like it’s valid to continue to feed your mind things that are positive. What is your biggest message and your favorite quote?


TCAS 23 | Money Mindset


I’ll share the quote that’s on my wall. It says, “When women support each other, incredible things happen. Empowered women empower women.” That is incredible that we all have the power to support and love one another to make the world a better place. By us learning and growing and sharing that with other women, they’re learning and growing and it has this beautiful ripple effect that all of us can grow and thrive together. I love that.

In addition to that, my biggest message is that every woman can create confidence with her money because when she’s confident, it empowers her to create the life that she wants. Money doesn’t have to be this scary and overwhelming thing, but it’s something that each woman can take control of and create what she wants with it. That is an amazing message because it’s a message that we don’t often hear when it comes to money. We get a lot of different other voices and opinions.


TCAS 23 | Money Mindset


You have such a confidence and calm demeanor that people would feel, mostly women, but I’m sure you serve couples and men as well. To me, the way it feels right now is that you have the wherewithal, the means, and the tools to help us ask some different questions, which is probably what the big thing is. I asked you for a quote in your interview and I was like, “Money will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” You sent that to me and I thought that was a good quote as well.

It’s true because money can take us anywhere we want. It’s a tool. It’s like a car. It’ll take this where we want to go, but it takes us to determine where it goes.

Somebody’s got to push the pedal.

Someone is got to turn on the ignition, turn the steering wheel, and press the gas. That’s us. We are in control of how that looks and where we go with it.

We’re getting to the end here. We’ve got to know, how do we find you? Do you have a book out yet?

One is coming. I’m co-writing one with another one of our amazing show hosts here, Emmalou Penrod. It’s going to be the Constructive Money Conversation. I’m excited about that. That is in the works. You can find me at You can always reach me at, or you can check out one of my episodes on Win Win Women and at ‎Mamas And Money. We’re talking about money all the time. You can take a lot of great information from there. I would love to be able to support anyone that is looking to build more confidence with their money.

I’m honored that you came and shared your little story, overcoming and hitting rock bottom with a family and all that, surviving, thriving, and then sharing your light and message in this world. It’s been a beautiful conversation. What I do at the end of mine is I want you and everyone here to remember that you’re perfect exactly who and where you are. You’re perfect no matter what. You can’t be loved more or less by God. Love yourself enough to receive that. I choose to offer a blessing. May you be blessed and I will also offer always choose joy.

I love it. Thank you so much.


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