Black Community And The Police With Kevin Hempstead

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Kevin Hempstead addresses a tough topic in his book “Black and Blue: Bridging the Gap & Building Peace,” where he aims to build a better society by improving relationships between the Black community and the police.

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Black Community And The Police With Kevin Hempstead

It’s a good, beautiful day, you beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People, and Everyone is Fascinating, Especially YOU! As I start every one of my episodes, I will take a 22-second mini vacation. We’re going to take seven seconds of breathing in calm. We’re going to hold for four seconds and breathe out gratitude. I’d love it if you’d join me because we’re so technology-driven that we sometimes could take a deep breath for a few seconds. Seven seconds coming in with calm, ready, hold release. Thank you.

It centers me and I hope it does you as well. Thank you for joining us. I’m excited to introduce someone that I’ve barely met but I’ve learned a little bit about and been inspired by Kevin P. Hempstead. He is in Colorado. He is a fascinating guy because he was in the Air Force and the postal service, and is writing books. There are two passions that I know and I’ll let you explain that. One of them is a tough and almost taboo topic.

I’m so grateful that you would address the police community, which is, for the most part, awesome, the African-American Black community, and what has caused this rift. I haven’t had a chance to get your book yet, Black and Blue. Kevin, thank you for joining me. Let’s find out who you are in this world and then we’ll talk more about what you do.

For 36 years, I worked in the postal service. Before that, I was in the Air Force. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m from a huge family in Cleveland, Ohio. I had 6 brothers and 4 sisters growing up. From that large family, I have a large proportion of people. It’s a male-dominated family because there were seven boys in my immediate family and many other cousins, nieces, and nephews but mostly men. I have a large number of men who are felons or thugs. I have a large number of men who are law enforcement officers and cops. I have one nephew who’s even a detective. There are two extremes there.

Also, my son is getting into trouble. It caused me to write the book Black and Blue: Pathways to a Positive Interaction Between African Americans and the Police. I don’t believe we should just complain about a problem. We should work towards solutions. For every problem, there’s a solution. That’s my belief. I seriously try to present many solutions in that book, which is an older book. That shows how long this problem has gone on, where there’s a lot of mistrust and interaction that go wrong between the Black community and law enforcement.


The Charla Anderson Show | Kevin Hempstead | Black Community


The media is very culpable in all that. I do believe they’re perpetuated and they prefer us to be divided. Race should not even be an issue. We all bleed red. I don’t even understand it but it is. There are powers like us fighting and being divided because we don’t get smarter and unified, and make the world a better place.

I agree with you. Even though the media has been pushing that narrative forward, just because they’re pushing it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a problem. It has always been a problem. Being a Black man growing up on the Westside of Cleveland, my older brothers give me what’s commonly called the talk in the Black community. When you’re stopped by the police, this is what you do. My brothers gave me a lot of practical advice for keeping me safe during police interactions.

The Charla Anderson Show | Kevin Hempstead | Black Community
For ‘Black and Blue’ book cover: Black and Blue: Pathways to a Positive Interaction Between African-Americans and the Police

It’s not just for the minority community. Everyone’s most common interaction with law enforcement is during traffic stops. If you don’t know the rules or how to make that law enforcement officer feel safe, your life is in danger. That’s whether you’re Black or anyone but especially if you’re Black. There’s already an implicit bias that makes them think we’re guilty because we’re Black. Whether we like it or not, it’s the world we live in.

I understand the traffic stop thing because we all get the What Have I Done thing. I know for a fact that it happens more often, especially in young Black males. What do you do? You wrote a book and got the practical advice. I always bless them. I go, “Thank you for your service. I wanted to let you know that this is probably a divine thing that you stopped me. It may be prevented something.” My mindset is already blessed instead of fearful.

That’s one of the things that I give solutions to towards the end of my book. One of the things that I suggest people do is thank law enforcement for their service, despite them not being in the military and that is who we normally thank. Instead of law enforcement, we normally would thank the military by saying, “Thank you for your service.” Police officers appreciate that. They also are in a dangerous career field. They’re in the line of fire. Many of them suffer from PTSD and have challenges similar to those of military personnel. We should thank them for their service as well.



My belief is law enforcement officers are heroes. I argued with someone about that issue. This woman told me, “No, they are not heroes.” I was surprised to learn that a lot of people don’t think of them that way yet at the same time, who is it that runs into burning buildings and drags people from cars before they explode and stop mass shooters? How can you not consider law enforcement heroes? That’s crazy thinking not to see that.


The Charla Anderson Show | Kevin Hempstead | Black Community


I go inside Chick-fil-A. I don’t ever drive through. There were two officers sitting there and I saw their car in the lot. I was like, “Thank you so much for what you guys do.” We’re on the same page on that. A master is one who blesses. When we can go through our lives, consider blessing instead of fear. There’s love and fear. There are only two root emotions. The fear pendulum swings on the side of love when you consider that other person as a human being, not a race, police officer, criminal, or anything that might cause you to fear.

If you can come into the stance of with, you’re a human being that God created, and may you be blessed. That’s my walkthrough life on a daily basis. We want to get to what your practical tips are. On your website, which is called, you have to offer a chapter that has practical tips. You want that out for everyone to have access. Let’s hear some of that.

I’ve given it away to numerous law enforcement officers here in the city of Aurora, where I live. I’ve given it to every single police chief we have had. We’ve had quite a few over the last several years because it’s been a problem here. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the name Elijah McClain, the young, thin Black kid who was a lethal dose of ketamine that killed him because the cops grabbed him and were arresting him for wearing a ski mask, which is something that he wore because of his skin condition.

He was wearing a ski mask, despite them asking him, “What’s going on? Why are you wearing a ski mask?” He was coming from the drugstore, not bothering anyone. They grabbed him. When he got upset, the paramedics gave him a lethal dose. They didn’t plan on it being lethal but he should never have even been arrested. Wearing a ski mask is not against the law. That’s one of the ways that I’m saying implicit bias automatically means that they’re subconsciously thinking this kid’s done something. “This Black kid wearing a ski mask is guilty of something. Let’s arrest him and find out.”

Implicit bias makes law enforcement subconsciously think that a Black person would always or has a higher tendency to do something wrong. Click To Tweet

That was wrong. We’ve had numerous protests and all kinds of things that have happened over the last couple of years since that event. One of the officers and paramedics were found guilty but that’s not going to bring him back. That’s one of the reasons why I wrote this book to try to find solutions. Chapter Five, which I give away for free, is titled Top Stop. It tells you the ten best practices that will make your interaction with law enforcement safe when you’re pulled over. It’s not if, it’s when. Everyone gets pulled over at least once in their life. For some of us, it’s quite often.

I don’t quite often but I do occasionally because I’m a very courteous driver but I’m fast, even in my old age. I drive with the road conditions. I appreciate that that is their stance. What are a couple of those that might be less obvious?

A couple of the less obvious are besides pulling over immediately, turning off your ignition and turning down the music. I’m going to combine and summarize. If you’re pulled over in a dark area at night, turn on that dome light. If that top feels nervous that someone’s in the back aiming a gun at him, he’s going to put his hand on his gun and everyone is in danger right there. You stop in a dark area, turn on your dome light, be courteous, and don’t have a chip on your shoulder. They’re mainly common sense suggestions. You can go to my website and see Chapter Five there. A couple of law enforcement officers and I came up with these top ten suggestions that will make it more peaceful. There’s no cop that plans on, “I am going to go kill someone. I’m going to find someone and shoot or kill them.”

They know that’s the end of their career in life. It’s not an intent until something comes up that causes them to fear.

These situations sometimes escalate and they can easily escalate. Most law enforcement officers are good at de-escalation but they’re human. You never know what kind of day that guy or female officer is having. If they’re not going to de-escalate, it’s in your best interest to de-escalate because we are the most armed society in the civilized world and you better believe. They know that a lot of people carry weapons in their cars. They’re going to be quick to pull their weapon if they feel danger.

It’s in your best interest to be calm, keel, and announce what you’re doing before you do it. My paperwork, registrations, and proof of insurance are in the glove compartment. God forbid, please don’t put your weapon with your proof of insurance and registration because that’s a recipe for a disaster. If you have a permit to carry concealed, do not put it with the paperwork you’re about to show that cop.



That makes so much sense.

It seems like it does but sometimes these things happen. People get killed when they happen.

Where do you put your hands?

Your hands should be on 10 and 2 and wait until he gives you instructions. When they pull you over, do not say, “Let me look and find something.” When they see you jostling in that car, they’re wondering what you are reaching for and what you’re about to pull out on them. They’re trained to be defensive. What are you hiding or what are you about to pull out? In both cases, it’s not good.

You want to put your hands on the wheel, wait for the cop to ask for them, and say, “They’re in the glove compartment or my pocket. I’m going to reach for them. Is that okay?” It’s surprising how many people, especially Black men I have spoken to, who said, “You’re going to kiss up to them.” I’m like, “They’re armed authority figures. What part of that don’t you understand? They’re armed. This means they are potential dangers and authority figures. You have to do what they say.”

Respect for the position is part of it. It doesn’t make sense to me that we get so defensive about certain things. You mentioned ship on your shoulder. Everybody is walking around ready to be offended instead of how can we get along and make our world a better place?

There’s a saying in the neighborhoods of driving while Black. Even if you believe that was the reason, that is not an excuse to be belligerent or disrespectful. What do you think you’re going to win an argument on the street with an armed authority figure? You’re escalating it. If you feel like you have a case for being stopped, pulled over, and harassed unjustly, let a court of law handle that. It’s not something you want to argue on the street.

It’s not worth your life.

There’s a verse in Ecclesiastes in the Bible. I don’t know if anyone reading is religious but in Ecclesiastes, it says, “Better alive dog than a dead lion.” In other words, don’t be like, “Why me? Do you stop me because I’m Black?” No, better to be obedient. You might have people protest. There’ll be protests but it’s not going to bring you back this precious gift of life. Let’s not blow it because of your bravado, false ego, or whatever it is that’s making you immediately jump to escalation and anger.



I am so grateful for you. These are things I think about. I do believe media and shows have perpetuated this anger and adversity. As we know it, it is there but we don’t have to suck into it.

Toward the end of the book, one of the chapters I put is Resolutions to Solution. It’s a thin book. I tried to make it thin on purpose because I wanted kids to read it. Most kids don’t. They’re like, “Mom, you know I don’t read.” I’m like, “What? You don’t read?” My son is one of those who said, “Dad, you know I don’t like to read.” My son was wanted by the police while I was writing this book.

One of my goals was to try to save his life. The police had wanted him. He acts like he’s an undiagnosed bipolar, which I still feel he might be. He is quick to get angry. I’m like, “Son, you turn yourself in.” I try to get him to remain calm because he’s bigger than me. That can be intimidating to anyone, let alone a law enforcement officer who has a gun on his head.

In this book, one thing I want to say is solutions. Some of the solutions are things that Aurora, Colorado’s former Police Chief, Nick Metz, used to have a basketball game. It would be a basketball game against the best high school basketball players against the best police department guys in shape. They would do that every year. That humanizes both sides.

By the end of that basketball game, the cops and the teenagers were jumping on the backs of the cops and their backs, joking with each other, calling foul, and saying, “You foul me.” It was so funny and fun to look at it. I wish I could have attended those games. Instead, all I saw were videos of them. Since we’ve had many different police chiefs and it’s been a revolving door, they haven’t had an opportunity to do things like that. I believe that’s part of the solution, humanizing both sides.

At this point, because of the media perpetuating and reporting on this story so much, the Blacks don’t trust the police and the police don’t trust the Blacks. There’s a lot of distrust because of all of the shootings of unarmed Blacks. It’s not a good thing. I don’t mean to ramble on but there’s one thing I’ve noticed. I’ve had the honor and privilege of meeting both Barack Obama and President Joe Biden.

The Charla Anderson Show | Kevin Hempstead | Black Community
Black Community: The Black community and the police do not trust each other. There is a lot of distrust because of the many shootings of unarmed Black people.


When I met them, I watched the Secret Service agents and they did what cops did. They always watched my hands. They figured if I’m going to try anything, I’m going to use my hands. Don’t reach for something suddenly with your hands if you expect to live and interact with law enforcement. You have to have your hands in plain sight. Make the people you are with feel comfortable.

You’re talking to a senior White, a silver-haired lady, but these are things that we observe. I’m so grateful for the information. It was polite when you got pulled over to step out of the car when I was growing up. They do not like that now. The rules have changed a bit. If you haven’t been pulled over in a while, you don’t know that.

I want to tell you a quick story about stepping out of the car. If you don’t know the rules, it’s easy to break. When I was young and dumb, I was coming back from a party. I was stupid enough to be drinking a bottle of beer. This was in New Mexico. I’m driving home back to my apartment. Cops pulled me over because I was going a little bit faster than I should have been. I don’t think I was drunk. When they pulled me over, I got so nervous. The beer bottle dropped onto the floor and spilled all over the floor.

The odor was so powerful because it was on one of those hot nights in New Mexico. I thought, “Let me jump out of this car so they don’t smell this beer. I’m going to get a DUI.” I jumped out of the car. I had two cops pull their weapons on me, point them at my chest, and start yelling at me, “Freeze, we will shoot you.” I was so scared. My soul left my body. If I had been drunk, I wasn’t anymore because they scared me straight. In hindsight, it’s funny but at the time, I was scared. I was shaking.

They said, “We smell the alcohol. How much you had a drink?” I said, “I only had a couple.” They said, “Do you know the alphabet?” I was so nervous. Instead of telling them the alphabet, I said, “I could tell you all 50 states in alphabetical order.” I went, “Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine. I can go all the way to the last state, which is Wyoming.”

They were like, “You’re not drunk. You never jump out of your car during a traffic stop unless we instruct you to do so.” I didn’t know that. It almost got me killed. The media would’ve said, “Another unarmed Black man killed by the police.” That’s what the media would’ve said but it wasn’t because I was Black but because I was dumb enough to jump out of the car without being asked to jump out of the car.

I thought, “I’ll get out of the car and walk towards them fast so they won’t get up near my car to smell that beer.” All they see is a muscular Black man walking towards him. At that time, I was a bodybuilder. I was big. I was in great shape, cut-ripped, and about 20 pounds heavier on my chest and arms. They thought I was coming to fight them. It would’ve been very bad had I not stopped when they told me to stop. I wouldn’t be here now.

In hindsight, you were trying to hide that you had a beer.

Open container in New Mexico was a misdemeanor at the time. Trying to avoid that misdemeanor would’ve gotten me killed. I wasn’t drunk. With that, you have to think from a point of wisdom. That’s one of the things that I pride myself on. I’m always attempting to find, seek out, and be the wisest version of myself. That’s where my journaling came in. I’ve always been a journaler. I journal and I’m always trying to find wisdom. The book I’m writing is on journaling. The title of it is The Journaling Map to Ultimate Success. That wisdom is one of the main things that we seek when we talk about ultimate success.

When you think about Solomon, he got everything in the world because he asked for wisdom. He didn’t ask for everything in the world. He got both. Wisdom is our birthright as we move forward.

I believe it to be the most important foundation for a good life. It’s one of the key ideals I have in my book for ultimate success. When I’m talking about ultimate success, I’m talking about the seven ideals I view as ultimate success. I define those in my book. They are the first. Each one builds on the next one. The first one is wisdom. Second is discipline, strength, health, happiness, gratitude, and love. If we go after those seven ideals, we will have ultimate success. To quote Earl Nightingale, “Success is the pursuit of a worthy ideal.” I’m talking about ultimate success. I give you seven worthy ideals. If you pursue those seven ideals, you’re going to have a great life.

It doesn’t mention wealth in there. It mentions who you are. Wealth may or may not come. When I walk out, my message is unconditional love and loving people who and where they are. The harder they are to love, the more they need it. I’m excited about that book because who doesn’t need that? Who doesn’t want to have some success? I’m not one that watches television. I figured out that I gave it up between seventh and eighth grade because I got addicted to soap operas. I said, “Never again.”

I haven’t watched much television. I don’t and I won’t. I know enough that there are a lot of people who are entertained, sitting around, and being programmed. You might be entertained but it’s not going to grow your wisdom. You need to open a book, get into a community of thinkers, have discourse and conversation without offense, agree to disagree, and have a conversation.

That’s a huge way that we can impact our world and make the world a better place. My mom said, “Leave the world a better place. Leave things better than you found them.” It doesn’t take much to do that. My little book, Candy Bar Hugs, doesn’t take much to make a difference. If you have the mindset of how you can make a difference, you can make a difference.

One of the things I discussed in that book is how to think wisely. That’s one of the things that you did. You demonstrated that by asking yourself questions. The quality of the questions we ask ourselves will directly relate to the quality of our thoughts. If we ask ourselves empowering and more enlightening questions, as opposed to, “Why did this happen to me? Why does this always happen to me,” if you ask yourself negative questions, you’re going to get that type of answer. You’re going to be thinking on that low level.

You ask yourself questions like, “What can I do to improve this situation? What’s the best way to handle this?” That leads me back to what I said about my definition of wisdom because I believe you should define things that work for you. My definition of wisdom, which I believe would work for everyone, is the knowledge of how to do the right thing the right way at the right time to increase your chances for the best possible and most desired result.

That’s wisdom. It’s based on your experience, what you learn, and your knowledge. I try to teach this to my son and daughter. I’m mentoring a kid. Every time I meet with him, I ask him, “What’s that definition of wisdom?” I make him tell me. I said, “Yes, it is the knowledge of how to do the right thing the right way at the right time to increase your chances but the best possible and most desired result.”

The Charla Anderson Show | Kevin Hempstead | Black Community
Black Community: Wisdom is the knowledge of doing things the right way at the right time to get the best possible and most desired result.


That is going to be a frameable. You’re onto something there, making memes out of that. I have a saying that if babies were born at fourteen, there wouldn’t be any because you would never have more than one. If you got 2 or 3 more behind them, you’re like, “Whoa.” This is fascinating. I love this topic about wisdom because I earned every last one of these silver hairs the hard way.

If I was growing hair, it would be as silver as yours.

You get to hide it and look good doing it. In spite of our best efforts and choices, have I had kids in trouble? Yes. Have you had kids in trouble? Yes. May I point out that you have a Harvard graduate daughter?

Yes, I do. My kids are the polar opposites of the spectrum. I had my daughter who is an overachiever. She is working in the White House, while my son, who is still brilliant, was working in a jailhouse at the same time. I tell them the same message. That taught me that you cannot parent them the same. You have to parent them according to their personality.

You cannot parent the same. You have to parent your children according to their personality. Click To Tweet

My daughter would hang on my every word and say, “Thank you, Dad. How do I do this?” Even though her salary is about ten times more than I have ever made in my life, she still will call me and ask me for advice. I love that. How do you not love that? She’s a daddy’s girl. Whereas my son, I give him advice. He’s like, “You don’t know everything, Dad. Have you ever been to prison? You don’t know.” My son has never been shot by a bullet. I still know they hurt and I want to avoid them. How’s that?

We’ve gotten this far without having to experience those things and still knowing they happen. I’ve had trouble kids. You can’t tell them and parent them the same. They sense that sometimes.

As much as you wish, you shake and make them understand but they still don’t understand. Sometimes, they have to go through it. You have to let them experience it and then they’ll say, “My dad told me this would happen.” Back to your point about my daughter, I’m so proud of her. She’s such an overachiever. She’s in Switzerland. HP sent her to Switzerland. She travels the world for HP. She’s making an ungodly salary. HP is a Fortune 100 company. She’s on top of it.

Sometimes, I will call her and ask her for advice as she calls me. I’ll call her and say, “What do you think about this?” She’s that brilliant. She’s what you would call an old soul. I remember when she was a kid around 9 or 10 years old. She’s babysitting for 7 and 8-year-olds. You’d come home and ask her, “How did the babysitting go?” She’s like, “Billy wanted to go stay up late. I told him he could stay up late but he’d have to go right to bed after that.” She would give you a list of everything that happened. I’m like, “Who are you?”

There are times when she said, “Dad, when I turned eighteen, that’s the day I’m moving out.” I’m like, “Sure, baby doll.” She was partying when she turned eighteen. The day after she turned eighteen, she said, “Dad, I’m ready to move out.” I’m like, “You are serious.” On top of that, she says, “Yeah, can you help me move my furniture?” I’m like, “You have furniture. Who are you?” She had furniture. She paid six months in advance for an apartment. She’s all around an overachiever. A lot of people in the Black community would call an old soul because it seems like she’s been here before. She knows way more than someone her age should have known.

I love the term old soul. I’m grateful for you and her.

She got her fifth college degree. This last one was special because it was from Harvard Business School. Who decides to get married the same weekend they get their Harvard degree? My daughter got married the next day. She said, “While the family is all together, we’re going to have our wedding.” We had a wedding the very next day.

It is practical. You get the family together so might as well make the best of it.

Her first husband was a Samoan. She’s made the name famous in the Washington DC area because it’s unusual. It’s her brand. She says, “Dad, I made this name famous. I am not giving it up.” She’s kept the name. It’s the same name as their daughter, my granddaughter, Brielle, who is another little genius in her own right. I’m like, “That’s another one ahead of her time.” They’re smarter than me, both of them.

She stays in the Washington, DC area. They are in Maryland. They are doing very well. They have some acres of land and have a nice little mini-mansion on acres of land there. She’s doing exceptional. I don’t want my son to get there. I want him to have a productive and nice life. I have to admit. Over the last several years, he has been doing so much better. I’m like, “Thank you, God and Jesus.”

He’s got not a good job but an honest job. He’s staying out of trouble. He’s showing signs of maturity that he’s never had before. For the same reason, I was used to asking my daughter, “Who are you?” I’m messing with myself. It’s a blessing. I was so worried about him when he was jumping from sofa to sofa, couch crashing, and living in his car. I was nervous every night that I heard about someone getting killed. I said, “Please, Lord, don’t let it be him.” It would put me on edge.

The best thing we do is put that umbrella, Psalms 91, God’s umbrella of protection, all around them until they can find themselves and be their best person. Someone called and wanted mentoring for her son who had been doing what you said. He was 51. He wants to be a motivational speaker. He’s gone through hell and back. Those people have the best stories because they are overcomers. Make your tests into a testimony you hear. That’s an interesting thing and his story isn’t finished.

None of our stories are finished or we wouldn’t even be here. That’s my belief. We’re here to do good. One of the reasons that I’m retired from the post office is to be a motivational speaker because I believe I can help people with all of my dumb decisions. There was a saying that the dumb choices make for the best stories. That’s why I have so many great stories. I made many dumb decisions when I was younger. I can’t say I’m surprised by my son’s dumb decisions.

You don’t want it for them. You want them to see it. When he has such an overachiever sister, you know that has a dynamic too, “I can never be like her. They love her more. She’s better than me. I can never do that. I’ll get my attention differently.”

Thank God that maybe he had some of that before but that went away. He stopped thinking that way. That was good. He’s doing so much good and made a great comeback, as I have. I’ve had my struggles. I used to be addicted to cocaine. That was before my son was even born. That’s how long ago it was. That is so far removed from my life and personality. When I tell people that, which I never used to admit to people, but as I started telling people, they’re like, “What? No way.”

I was a former bodybuilder and boxer. I did MMA. I’ve done a lot of physical things. I still try to stay in shape. They’re like, “You were on crack. You were in Coke.” Yes, I was. It was a horrible addiction. It was going out of control. Thank God, I got control of it. I’ve reached the point where I was kicked out of my apartment and had to move. I moved into a friend’s basement with a friend. That was my wake-up call. I was still doing these drugs with one of my brothers, whom I was close to.

I wouldn’t smoke the crack in a pipe like I used to do. I thought I was doing better because I would only crumble it up and put it into joints, which is called a primo. I would smoke Primos with my brother. I told my brother, “You are the only one I am doing this with.” It doesn’t give a good excuse. When that brother was murdered, I never touched it again. That brother was murdered right around the time my son was born. That’s how I know it’s been many years since I have had that drug addiction.

That is a true comeback story. I believe that most addictions have to come when you face some moment that shifts your life. How do people find you? I can’t believe it always goes so fast but we’re going to find you at They can go ahead and download that free chapter of a practical guide to cop stops.

I’m working on my second book. If any of your readers reach out to me, I will send them a free signed copy of this book. The book is older. |It doesn’t include George Floyd, Sandra Bland, and Elijah McClain but it shows how much this has been a problem for how long. I’ve interviewed cops on it. I have pictures in it. I tried to make it an easy read for young people because those are the ones who traditionally have the biggest problem with authority figures, especially cops.

My books are small too. They’re Twitter size. I’m all over that book. It’s so powerful. Everything is for such a time as this. You’ll have a revised version after this journaling book.

Journaling is so much more than writing. It’s writing but numerous studies and neuroscientists point out that when you are writing things down, it does something. It makes a connection to your mind. The more you write things down, the more it gets ingrained in your mind. I found this out in my life when I looked back on my previous journals because I journaled most of my life. A lot of the things I journaled about became reality. They became real. I journaled about getting a Harley-Davidson. It’s in my garage now. I won it in a contest. That’s the power of journaling. Who wins a Harley-Davidson? This guy because I journal about it.

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It enhances what I believe is the law of attraction. If you’re talking about what you want, every word matters in my world. When you’re journaling and conceiving, and you can see and hit the picture, it does manifest. You gave a great example of that. You don’t know when and how. You talked about questions. In my third or fourth episodes, when I first started, I didn’t have guests. Questions are the answer. There is a girl named Eureka that I heard speak several years ago. Her number one question was, “How can I be even more aware of the unlimited possibilities or opportunities that surround me in my life right now?” That’s a good question.

You add even more empowering questions, not demeaning questions like, “Why me? Why did this happen to me all the time?” It’s, “What can I do? How can I make a difference? What’s my next best step?” We could talk all day long. I’m so grateful for your input and brilliance. I’m a Zig Ziglar Legacy certified trainer. I know a lot of those types of messages. I believe you’re onto something here with your journaling book. It’s so much more than writing and I hope that can be expressed in your marketing.

It’s your life’s map. That’s what I believe. That’s why the title is Your Journaling Map to Ultimate Success. Map is Memories of your past, Actions of your present, and Plans of your future.

Coming from the postal world, my son is a letter carrier in Denver. I was a flight attendant for 34 years. We gain life experience in a way that when we recognize that it’s not us getting through life, we’re productive. We’re doing something for humanity. You’ve pulled all that stuff together and have become what I am. We’re out here. We want to make a difference. We want to spread love and joy. I’m such a practical girl with logical tips. You’re onto something there. I’m looking forward to hearing more about that other book and getting this book. Besides this next book, what’s next? You’re speaking. You speak to police associations or prisons.

I’m contemplating joining a prison ministry. I can try to uplift that community as well.

That would be needed. It has been a huge pleasure. We’re almost at the top of the hour already. I want to thank you so much for joining me, for taking your time out of your busy schedule, for loving people where they are through these hard times and unsteady times, and for giving hope. We are overcomers. You’ve been a drug addict and all of these things. We have our kids and it breaks our hearts that we can’t do the right thing.

I appreciate you for having this show. This seems like such a great platform. I’ve toyed with the idea of one day having something similar to this. This makes you one of my heroes.

My number one saying is, “When intriguing opportunities present themselves, and you say yes, things show up.” You said yes to this when we went briefly beyond our publisher, Michael Butler. I said, “Send me your email if you’re interested here.” You did and took action, which is another piece of it. I am very happy with my Podetize podcasting. You won’t fit on the Win-Win Women platform but you can on Podetize.

Some of my message applies to women.

It’s that it’s an all-women host.

I do understand.

Maybe they’ll open it up someday. Win-Win Women is an interactive global community so we can have visitors and the audience come in and ask questions. I don’t see anybody doing that.

One day, my super successful daughter can be one of your guests. She’s such a great order. She’s on a genius level on so many levels. I will ask her to look at mine and see if she’s interested.

This is just a conversation. Let’s talk. It’s not hard.

She would be a great guest because she has much wisdom and insight. She is an old soul. She’s wise beyond her age.

I’m going to let you go. I appreciate you so much. We will talk to your daughter. We’re going to get these books. You guys go to his website and find

You can email me at or even call my personal cell phone, (720) 876-8560.

Let’s get this word out there about how to be proactive.

Let’s make the world better. That’s my goal. I have my mission statement in one sentence and that is to be more disciplined, inspirational, and motivational to help myself, my loved ones, and the world be better and more inspired.


The Charla Anderson Show | Kevin Hempstead | Black Community


It’s my purpose to radiate light and love and raise the vibration of the world. Blessings to you. I appreciate you once again. We thank you. Whoever is reading this, you are perfect who and where you are. There’s nothing you can do to be loved more or less by God. He loves you as you are. If you’re in the gutter or the palace, he doesn’t see that. He loves your soul and spirit. Remember that. Always choose joy.


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