Becoming A Wellness Warrior With Danielle Rambur

TCAS 32 | Wellness Warrior


Danielle Rambur is a symbol of hope and resilience after a horrific diagnosis and ravaging treatments. As a wellness warrior, she now positively impacts lives globally with healthier alternatives. BE THE LIGHT!

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Becoming A Wellness Warrior With Danielle Rambur

Everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I am so grateful you would join us for the fun, the wisdom, the words, and the messages that are out there to make a difference in your world and our world. I have an incredible guest, Danielle Rambur. We’ll introduce her right after my little breathing exercise. She has a little quote that says, “The story that drives you can change lives.” I want us to recognize that she’s got a message that you will not believe, and we’re going to dive into that.

First, we’re going to take a mini vacation. We got 22 seconds to get centered, get settled, have a breath, and have a mini meditation. We’re going to breathe in calmly for 7 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and breathe out gratitude, the key to life, for 11 seconds. If you will join me in breathing in calmly, here we go. Hold, release, and relax. Thank you for joining me. I hope that centers you and helps you. Please feel free to do that multiple times a day in our crazy world. Often, we’re so scattered. We don’t take even 22 seconds to feel into our hearts, get centered, and see what’s going on. It’s an invitation and a reminder for you to do that.

I met Danielle at one of Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing events or something like that. She has an amazing product that she was demonstrating. I’m a collector and connector of fascinating people, and she is certainly one of them. We hit it off immediately and had a heart talk. I love that she jumped in and decided to join me on my show. Danielle is a survivor. She is a cancer thriver, as she calls it. She went through some horrific stuff that was life-changing, certainly, but life-threatening. What I’d like to do is say tell me who you are in this world and then we’ll talk a little bit about what you do and what you offer. Who are you, Danielle?

Thank you, Charla. First of all, I’d like to say thank you for doing this show and inspiring women and everyone worldwide. It’s really important. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a background and different experiences that they can share, which can help give people hope. That’s what we’re here for. Helping other people every day is what I call hope.

I’m a child of God. That’s what I would say first and foremost. I’m a daughter of the King. I live in Florida. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Montana. I attended college in North Dakota. I lived in Colorado for eleven years, but I didn’t like the cold so I kept making my way to South. I love it here. I live in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. I am very grateful to be here.


TCAS 32 | Wellness Warrior


My heart is to serve others with love and be the light in some of those dark situations because I, myself, was in one to a point where I didn’t even want to live. When you’re pulled out of the darkness into the light, I really feel you have to go back and help others. That’s what we’re here for. I am being vulnerable with my story, sharing my experiences, and praying that I can help others. That’s who I am.

You’re after my own heart. I would much rather be hot than cold. I’m pushing 70. People in my age group typically don’t want that. I do not want to shovel snow. I don’t want to go to my car so I don’t blame you. We get a little bit more of that in Texas probably than you do, but regardless, I am on there with you.

You have three grandkids and a son. You had a life of doing fine. I have another friend who called. She says, “I’m a cowgirl from Montana.” That’s what sounds like you are. She was raised on a ranch in Montana. It’s beautiful in the summer. I don’t like to even use the C word. This is October 2023. This is a month I may say something very controversial a little bit later. If we quit focusing on what we don’t want, we would have less of it in our world. Why do we walk for things? Why do we walk for these diseases instead of walking for health?


You went through the traditional pharmaceutical world of three rounds of chemo. You said something like that.

I had eight.

Let’s hear not about the drama around that, but how you handled it and what shifted for you.

I was 37 with triple-negative breast cancer. I had the BRCA1 gene. Growing up on a ranch, I know how it works. I’m like, “Cowgirl up. I got this.” I had a great attitude. If there was a problem, I was like, “I’m going to breeze through it.” It didn’t happen. I had 7 surgeries in 15 months. I had eight rounds of Dstinex chemo. I lived at altitude in Denver, so I didn’t realize it at that time. My doctors didn’t say anything. I’m living at 8,000 feet and after everything I went through, I was put into surgical menopause because I couldn’t breathe. I was hospitalized off and on. I was on oxygen for five months and in a really rough place.

My son was a teenager and didn’t know how to cope, so I was dealing with that. My relationship failed as many do while I was going through that. I kept fighting to survive, but I didn’t know why because everything around me was crumbling if that makes sense. It was like, “Why am I here?” At one point, I said, “If I die and it changes them or saves them, then it’s worth it.” What I realized through all of it is, “I’m worth it. You are worth it. Everyone is worth it. We’re not martyrs.”

I was in a really rough place. I was very isolated. The enemy set in. I was 100 pounds soaking wet for 2 years. What changed me was Easter Sunday 2015. I was invited to a church that I’ve been invited to and I had fallen away. I believed in God, but I wasn’t going to any church actively. The message that Easter Sunday was, “God’s silence is not an indicator of His absence. He’s got a plan for you. You can’t see it yet.” Every time I say it, I have goosebumps because it turned my life around. They kept saying that.

I walked out crying. I was like, “If I can take all of this crap, everything I’ve been through, and share it with people, if I can help people, then it’s not in vain. It’s worth it.” It gave me the hope to keep going. A relationship ended. My son was dealing with addiction. A lot of things kept happening, but I had that hope. I knew that God was going to use this for good. I knew it, but I didn’t know what that looked like.

I also had a situation when we talked about Western medicine where I almost overdosed. My doctors had me on Ambien and Xanax at the same time for a year. I didn’t know what was happening. After you come through what I went through, you do have survivor guilt. You don’t know who you are anymore. Your body has taken a toll. There was the menopause on top of it. I was mentally struggling. That happened. I knew I needed more mental help. I was like, “Where do I go now?”

I love the ocean. That’s why I live here. I kept looking for something like, “I need a retreat. I need something to get right and figure out what this is.” Sedona Soul Adventures kept popping up. I’m like, “Lord, You’re leading me. I’ll call.” I called. They have a whole network of people and I met with a psychologist who introduced me to energy medicine or PEMF. They say a lot of people with cancer have a death wish. For me, it was being an unwanted baby. It’s carried in the womb. You don’t know. We worked through a lot of that and she introduced me to this device.

At that time, my breasts were not where they should be. They have had some issues with reconstruction. I was going to remove them because I was in so much discomfort. I bought the device, and within four days, my discomfort was gone. Within five months, I was off all pharmaceuticals. I realized, “This is why I’m here.”

I started taking it to the masses and sharing it with people. It gave me purpose and the ability to also share my faith as a bridge. If it weren’t for that day, I don’t know. I wasn’t suicidal or anything, but I’d given up. I didn’t have hope. It has changed everything. I am very grateful for what I went through. Also, we need a wake-up call sometimes on how we allow others to treat us, boundaries, or live life. It was a crazy journey. On November 3rd, 2023, I will be nine years cancer-free. Praise God.



That’s awesome. That’s around the corner. What a blessing. I say this a lot on my show because it’s who I am. I don’t believe in getting sick, so I don’t get sick. Mindset is a huge piece to all of these things. If you’re in fear, it’s not of God. Somehow or another, we’ve got to help people wake up to the fact that if God can create it, He can heal it.

Obviously, He created. When we suck into so many of the systems out there, their systems are not necessarily looking in our best interest. Discovering alternative energy medicine saved your life, but it also gave you purpose and a mission. It’s always resilience. You found this machine or device. You found this community that gave you a different perspective other than the medical way. Can you talk about that a little bit? What did you find? There might be people who go, “What did she do to feel better in four days? I need that.” Where are we now? Have you found new techniques?

God did design our bodies to heal themselves, but He designed us to walk 40 miles a day barefoot and hunt saber tooth tigers, not to eat processed foods and sit. We’re not getting the exercise. Stress is a killer. A bigger thing is this 5G. You’re seeing more cancer and all the radiation that we’re being exposed to. It gave me that purpose. I went on a mission, sharing it one-on-one. I didn’t do anything special. It’s my heart. I know this works. I know this helped me. It’s been a blessing. I started that in 2017 and traveled the world.

You stayed at a community. I grew up in a ranch town in Eastern Montana. This stuff is woo-woo, but I started sharing it with people. My great-aunt who’s 91 started golfing again. People called me and said, “What did you do to her?” Doctors started seeing blood work. It happens organically. The United States is worst in the world for disease and pharmaceutical dependency. We are designed to heal ourselves. We really need different options to do that. 10,000 steps or 1,000 steps can do more than 1 pill. Get out there and exercise.

A thousand steps can do more than just one pill. Get out there and exercise. Share on X

They lose customers if they heal you. That’s been a thing for a long time. This month being the focus on pink and all that, there are so many people that are so committed to wanting to do something to help their fellow friends and women in this walk-through disease that we’ve sucked in. I don’t know how to say this gently, but the pharmaceutical companies are sponsoring all the money that’s being raised for these walks and these things. I would like your take on that.

I noticed this several years ago. I’m like, “Something is not quite right.” They were thrilled that people were surviving but it takes a lot to survive what you went through. When there are alternatives that will help, they’re not happy with us speaking about it. The well-intentioned people that are out there doing these walks, wearing the pink, and doing all this stuff for this month, my heart is 100% with you. I’m not certain that the means is where it should be. Here, I spoke it out loud in public. What is your take on that?

I’ve lost people to cancer. I did do the walks and I was part of that. We are based out of Europe. There’s one thing about universal healthcare in the sense that if people get sick, the government has to pay for it. They don’t want people to get sick. They use these products over there in hospitals and clinics. I do agree with that. A patient cured is a customer lost. It does come down to that, and there is a lot of darkness behind all of that.

You can go back thousands of years to the training of the medical institutions that train our doctors and the pharmaceuticals and where they’re linked. I don’t want to get into that, but as far as emergency medicine, we’re number one. There is no doubt in the world, but we really need to get away from pharmaceuticals for everything because your kidneys and liver are going to fail. It creates more symptoms and problems. It’s getting to the bottom of why you’re getting sick. Diet and exercise have so much to do with it. It’s that simple. 



It’s so hard to get good diets, for sure, because of the same companies. The chemical companies and the pharmaceutical companies are exactly the same people. They’re not wanting us healed because they lose customers. I don’t have a single pharmaceutical in my medicine cabinet. I haven’t taken anything for decades. My daughter one time several years ago was like, “Do you have any Tylenol?” I was like, “No, I don’t think so. I don’t know.” It’s not that I’m not upset if somebody else does it. My kids have kinds of stuff. It’s not that. It’s that for me, I’ve learned that I have a lot of control over my mind over how I deal with my body. I’m doing pretty darn good entering my seventh decade. I’m excited and feel good. I’m not stopping, for sure. 

You do. You look amazing. You’re vibrant. You’ve got to a light in your eyes. Think back that you haven’t been doing that. Look at you at this age. You look wonderful. There is so much out there. There are different things you can try and do, but diet and exercise have so much to do with it. You look at the longevity of people. People in other countries, a lot of them are living at sea level, but they don’t have processed foods. You talk to so many people who have gluten allergies here and they go to Europe and they can eat bread all day long. Think about it.

Exactly. What’s the difference?

We’ve created a sick society. We need to turn away from sick care and really get into the preventative part of it. That’s what I feel some of my products do. By the time cancer popped up, it was underneath the surface, like the iceberg principle. Something is coming up. Let’s get to the bottom of it before you have symptoms or before you have disease. The United States and Australia are the only two countries that allow direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising.

TCAS 32 | Wellness Warrior
Wellness Warrior: We need to turn away from sick care and get into its preventative part.


When I say this about I don’t believe in getting sick and I don’t get sick, it sounds arrogant. It’s authority. Jesus said we can do what He did and even more. I wasn’t taught that in my fundamental religion. If that’s the case, why don’t we? I started stepping in and walking into that authority that we’ve been given. Some people think I’m being flippant, but I believe it with everything in me without judgment about anyone else. I don’t do that. I don’t go there with judgment, but I do believe that there are alternatives.

If we would, quit claiming it. I say this often. You might be diagnosed with something but you don’t have to say, “I have something.” You don’t have to claim it as yours. You can say, “I’ve been diagnosed. I’m going to deal with it,” but you don’t have to continue because whatever you say after, “I am,” is who you are. Whatever you say after the breath of life that, “I am and you,” is who you are. If you say it often enough, it’s who you become. Watch your words. Every word matters. My little book, Split-Second Transformation – Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices has been in the works for five years. We’ll be launched on November 30th, 2023 on my 70th birthday so I’m excited about that.

That’s great. Congratulations.

Every word matters. That’s the deal. We’re so flippant about what we say and what we bring. For some reason, I gave up watching television between 7th and 8th grade because I got addicted to soap operas. I’m like, “I’m not doing that again.” That’s a lot of years to not pay attention to much TV. It’s been a huge blessing at this point in my life to not be addicted to that and have less of that negative influence.

You haven’t been indoctrinated over the years from what we’re seeing on TV. That’s wonderful.

It’s all fear-based. If it’s a fear, it’s not of God. If you’re fearful, it’s not of God. God is love. He can’t be not love. When you start feeling the fear of anything, take a deep breath. You go, “Is that of God, or am I listening to something I shouldn’t be listening to?” or something like that.

That’s where the community of me learning in naturopathic medicine and being surrounded by doctors. Our company is based in Lichtenstein, so I’ve been over there a few times. I’ve been to Germany and Brussels. Hearing doctors share stories and what they’re doing with this technology among other things, I cry. I got back and I cried again. I cry because I’m sad that we don’t have it and angry, but also, I cry because I’m happy because I have the opportunity to share these gifts. It’s frustrating to see it over there as it is to hear, but I do see a shift in healthcare happening. The younger generations are more into all of that. There are some big things happening.

There’s a split. Some of the youngsters are so much into that. Others are so much, “Give me the quick fix. Give me a pill.” I’m living in an environment watching some of that. Fortunately, I can stand in my beliefs and faith and be an example because I certainly can’t preach it.

You got to be that example and live your truth. Hopefully, they’ll see that and pick it up.

Can you talk about what your products are? First of all, we certainly want to find out how people can find you. How can we get ahold of what you’re talking about? How can we get the heart-centeredness from you out there?

It’s so hard because I want to give them away left and right. I did a tour at the sheriff’s office. I have a heart for our veterans and our service people. I was like, “I want to share it with everyone.” My website is BraveheartHW, which stands for Health and Wellness. We can put out my phone number. It is (303) 594-6832.

The product is a mat you lay on. What it does is it submits a gentle frequency. It’s a patented frequency. It’s called The Kloud. It’s like you’re floating in the clouds. It’s spelled with a K in honor of Prof. Dr. Kafka. He is the grandfather of PEMF. He worked with the product I started with and he’s with this company. It’s really his life’s work. 

You lay on it for fifteen minutes in the morning and evening. All it does is submit this frequency and activate your molecules. That’s all it does. Everything we’re doing is molecular activation. Your molecules lead to your cells, tissues, and organs, which make up all eleven of our systems. Sending this gentle frequency is giving your body the ability to heal itself, whatever that looks like. We have a smaller one that we use for travel and also localized applications. I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe that this is why I will be going on for nine years. It’s truly outstanding.

TCAS 32 | Wellness Warrior
Wellness Warrior: Your molecules lead to your cells, tissues, and organs, which make up all the body systems. By sending this gentle frequency, you are giving the body the ability to heal itself.


We have a few other products that help protect and fight the effects of 5G and eSmog. I have one on. It’s the world’s smallest PEMF device. There are Tesla coils in it. It’s energy vibration. It puts a bubble around you. It also helps with heart rate variability, metabolism, pineal gland support, and all the things. There are little things we can do with that radiation. We talk about 5G. Don’t put your phone to your ear. Don’t wear those AirPods. There are so many different things. Turn your phone on airplane mode at night. We can do that without purchasing something.

This is going to be exciting in the world of natural medicine as well. We filmed a documentary called Biohack Yourself. There are a lot of people in it. We hold the space. I’m blessed to be in the film. Dr. Mercola is in it as well as Dave Asprey, Jim Kwik, and Elise Free. There are a lot of great people in there. We feature the cold plunge. There are so many different modalities that we can use without pharmaceuticals. That will be out on streaming platforms in 2024. They’re already filming for the second one. I hear Dr. Joe Dispenza may possibly be in it, which would be amazing.

That’s an awareness that’s happening. Like how Anthony Bourdain goes around, this is like a family going around learning about different products that they can use in their home for their kids and pets and do it naturally. That got done. Top Doctor Magazine, which is exciting because the white coats don’t typically like us, did a ten-page spread with our products. They took our products for a few months and were amazed. It’s a new era of wellness, they call it. The shift is happening and I’m excited about it.

We have a special this month. For me, October is breast cancer awareness, so I call it a little breast cancer special. We are $500 off our products. That’s what I love to do. I’m a realtor as well here in Fort Myers Beach. I do as much as I can to serve others. Even if people are going through cancer and they need someone to talk to, I’m happy to share my experience and my journey. What I went through with the reconstruction, I would never do that again. That was a bad part of all of it. I’m happy to be an advisor to someone. We are our own advocates. They push you to do things and they push you to do them quickly. We need to take the time and learn. I’m happy to help anyone that I can with that.

They scare you. They’re like, “Take it quickly and do it fast.” It’s the fear around it. The energy around all that is very low energy. It’s not helping us. This documentary is amazing. You said your phone number, but do you have an email?

Yes. It’s HW stands for Health and Wellness. Braveheart is what I chose for my business name simply because I had to be brave to keep going and to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m a very heart-centered individual. I operate from my heart. I love people. I love everyone. I want to be the love and the light of the Lord and share that. Braveheart is my business name.

It’s coincidental or whatever. Another one of my dear friends who’s been on my show has Braveheart Workshop. She was led to call her things Braveheart as well. It’s interesting to see that come back around again. I know something fun is that your license plate is BLGHT. Is it Be the Light?

Everybody wonders what it’s. It makes them think, and then they have to figure it out. Do you know how you’re in parking and you see someone and you’re trying to figure it out? It’s a little subtle.

I love that. Your signature is love and light. Mine used to be forever choose joy, and then I found out my name means joy. That’s another story. Who I am is bold faith and no fear. Who I am is outrageously optimistic and outrageously courageous. When you speak about who you are and who you choose to be, we lift the energy around us. Did you get my little Candy Bar Hugs book? By offering a candy bar and offering a hug, the environment rises.

Everything is energy. We’re all energy. Every bit of our being is energy. We do need to raise energy because there’s so much darkness out there. We can do it by loving others. During COVID, not being able to hug was so hard for me.

Every bit of our being is energy. We need to raise energy because there is so much darkness out there. Share on X

I offer a candy bar and then an elbow bump. I’m like, “I’m a hugger.” You have a quote, “Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” That’s beautiful. What does that mean to you?

Rumi said that. I don’t know why, but it has always stuck with me. When I started sharing this gift with others, I didn’t care about money. I wanted to change lives. I went forward like a bull with my heart, talking to people and helping people. Before I knew it, I was number one in the company and worldwide. I was like, “There are doctors in this company and athletes. How did this happen?”

It showed me a community of like-minded people, which is a family that was really lifting me up. It also showed me how I’ve been kept small. I’m traveling Europe, doing these things on my dime, and donating these products. I never knew I could live that life. Without that pain and without finding these products and having the courage to go share them because Montana wasn’t an easy place to do it, I was able to touch the sky. The sky is the limit.

A lot of times, God’s plans for us are bigger than we could ever dream possible. You got to take your hand off the doorknob. We’re so often holding back. One could be fear of success. It’s always fear. It could be fear of success, fear of failure, or trying to control the situation. His plans for us are better than, in my mind, any that we could dream possible.

Let that energy flow and go with the flow. That’s how I operate my business. Every day, I’m like, “Lord, bring me the people that are open and willing and that I can serve.” That’s it. It happens, whether it be it’s in a grocery store or walking out the street. I was washing the driveway and this lady was brought to me going through a divorce. It had nothing to do with the business, but she needed someone. I love that.



I believe this is true for you. Your intention is, “Let my light shine. Let Your light shine through me. Everywhere I go, no matter where I am and what I do, let Your light shine.” I had a very similar situation. I was at a hotel and a lady with an oxygen thing on was making her waffle at breakfast. I walked in in my Janes T-shirt and she said, “You’re radiating. You’re glowing.” I was like, “Thank you. That is my intention.” I talked to her for over two hours and she said, “You’ve changed my life.”

When you have the intention to step out and make a difference in the world, it doesn’t have to be big things. It can be very small things like buying a candy bar. It’s loving the person in front of you. If God is love, He can’t be not love. If we can emulate loving people. I have the heart to love more than they need it.

You recognize that people are hurt. People are hurting so deeply that they don’t even know how to be kind sometimes. When we can recognize that and love them anyway, it’s unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, not unconditional boundaries. I always like to make sure we’re clear on that. Matt Kahn said, “May you be blessed.” Even for people who are not receptive, you can say, “May you be blessed,” and love them anyway.

I have a girlfriend. She always says, “MGE.” It’s Most Generous Explanation. When you start to get worked up or someone does something, you never know what they’re going through. Maybe they found out their spouse was in a car accident. Maybe someone died or they had a diagnosis. You don’t know. It doesn’t matter what it is. I stop myself. I’m like, “MGE.”

I heard somebody say, “Maybe they need to go to the bathroom more than me.” I was like, “That lightens it up a little bit. We’ve all been there.” That’s what I thought. We always use that example of getting cut off in traffic or getting something like that because it’s the easiest example. We all have been there. It’s an interesting dynamic to continue to attract people like you into my life.

Thank you. It’s beautiful. It’s a C.S. Lewis quote. It’s, “Don’t shine so that others see you. Shine so that they see Him.”

That’s exactly the whole thing we’ve been talking about. I hadn’t heard a quote like that. I let my light shine and it’s not about me. How can I offer love and compassion even without words? That’s what we do. The time goes fast, so we wind down. Soon, we’ll start having guests and communication back and forth and question and answer.

I want to thank you so much that you chose to use your voice here. This is a movement. People are waking up to the fact that those white coats were a marketing plan back in the ‘40s. Those white coats don’t necessarily have all the answers. Perhaps, they need our love and blessings, too. I would guess some of them are struggling a bit and are like, “The system isn’t all I thought it was going to be for me.” I’m sure most of them probably went in with good intention, but in so many other scenarios, you get sucked in. Do you have a final word? What else would you like to share as we shift downward?

I’m very grateful. No matter what you’re going through, turn to the Lord and He will get you through it. Sometimes at our deepest and darkest and when we’re really broken, that is when the beauty sets in. That’s when we can take that and make a difference. We’re here to serve. I am here to serve. The world needs you. Don’t give up.

Turn to God, but reach out to somebody. It could be Danielle. It could be me. It could be somebody who has your best interest and can listen and hear without judgment. That’s the beauty of what we like to do. Thank you so much for joining me. I always like to remind you that you’re perfect exactly who and where you are. There’s nothing you can do to be loved more or less by God, me, or Danielle. Start listening to your heart. I like to always close with this, which was my signature for many years and turned out to be what my name means. I love you and choose joy.


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About Danielle Rambur

TCAS 32 | Wellness WarriorMeet Danielle Rambur, a symbol of hope and resilience. Her life’s journey is a testament to unwavering determination and faith, inspiring women worldwide.
Hailing from Montana’s vast cattle ranches, Danielle embodies the American West’s spirit, learning strength and independence early on as the eldest of four sisters. Her path took her to North Dakota for a decade and then Denver for another ten years, but it’s in sunny Southwest Florida that she found her true home. She has a 26 year old son Matthew and 3 grandchildren Catalina, Matteo & Brixton.
At the young age of 37, she faced a triple-negative BRCA1-positive breast cancer diagnosis. This marked a grueling 15-month journey with eight rounds of chemo and seven surgeries as well as the craziness of surgical menopause. Amid health battles, she navigated relationship challenges and parenting issues.
Danielle found strength in her unwavering faith and relationship with Christ in her darkest hours. This newfound resilience drove her to turn her hardships into help for others. Discovering alternative energy medical practices, she not only saved her life but would go on to help countless others.
Danielle was given her life back physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. She is now on a mission turning her pain into purpose and positively impacting lives globally.
Danielle’s journey embodies resilience, faith, and the human spirit. She proves that even in the face of insurmountable obstacles, one can rise, inspire, and find their purpose. Her story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that hope can transform lives even in the darkest times.

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