Becoming A Dedicated Advocate With Dave T. Turner

TCAS 30 | Advocate


Dedicated to helping his son heal in the broken healthcare system with his retired nurse and wife Karen, Dave T Turner has turned into an author and advocate of saving taxes and blessing humanity with clean water.

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Becoming A Dedicated Advocate With Dave T. Turner

Good, beautiful day, beautiful souls. This is Charla Anderson, host of The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating, especially YOU!) In this episode, I have an amazing guest. I’m excited to introduce you to Dave Turner in a moment. I’m going to always take my little 22-second mini-vacation, a little breathing exercise.

Please join me because we’re going to breathe in 7 seconds of calm, hold for 4 seconds, and then breathe out 11 seconds of gratitude. Join me. We’re going to try breathing in calm for seven seconds. Here we go. Hold. Release. Thank you. We can do that several times a day to get centered and keep our grounding. There’s so much going on. We’re moving so fast with so many devices and all that. Every so often, take a moment and give yourself a break like that.

I have Dave T. Turner whom I have met through Beyond Publishing and Michael Butler. He’s writing a book called Advocate. I cannot wait for you to hear the story of what Advocate means to him, how to be an advocate with him and his wife, and the tragic story that happened with their son. Dave, thank you for joining me so much, especially because my good friend was unable to do the show due to an illness. You jumped right in and kicked in. Here we are. Thank you so much for joining me. Tell me a smidge about who you are in this world and then we will talk about what you’ve been up to.


TCAS 30 | Advocate


I’m a vintage guy. That’s a new word for, “I turned 65.” We’re not old. Our joints may tell us differently. We’re not seniors. We’re no longer useful when we stop getting a paycheck. We’re vintage. That brings you up to speed. We’re vintage because we go up in value like antiques, fine wine, and old cars because of wisdom. That’s my message and I’m holding to it. It’s the salvation of this society. It’s not 25-year-olds with no life under them defining who we are. That’s a good summary. I could go on for an hour on the Dave Turner story. My wife says I have to turn that off when we go off on dates. She says, “Stop the Dave Show.” You are going to get some of the Dave Show but more so about Josh’s journey.


TCAS 30 | Advocate


We have earned all these silver hairs the hard way. You go on with your story.

The net story has been an eighteen-month journey that has changed my heart and direction. My son Joshua is a chef, formerly over 350 pounds and then down to 230 pounds due to nerve damage from the medication that saved his life from multi-organ failure as a result of acute pancreatitis. Diabetes gets all the play but the pancreas’ purpose is enzyme function for all the major organs. They put Joshua in a coma and intubated him as soon as he came into the hospital. He could have died on the gurney.

One nurse who saw him that first night said she had never seen someone come back with such low vital signs. They thought his kidneys wouldn’t come back. They had a lung dialysis machine at another hospital. He has been in four hospitals. He’s getting movement in his shoulders. He can move his head. He gives me a headbutt for, “I love you,” which is sweet. Sometimes if he is not in a good mood, he will try and bite me when I come in for a headbutt. He’s getting movement in both shoulders but his nerves recovered last. The broken system is part of the problem.

My wife is a nurse on both sides of the border. She started in California and then finished her career in postpartum medicine. We know the questions to ask and how to try to navigate the system. The book Advocate has come out of this. The story that God has written in both my life, Joshua’s experience in his journey, and Karen’s experience retired. Other people don’t know how to advocate for a loved one when they go into an emergency situation or an ICU term. They don’t know the questions to ask. They don’t understand the system.

We live in a stressed and increasingly angry population, especially when our loved one is in crisis or need. You’ve got family dynamics. This is far more than a book that’s going to come out of this. It’s being launched on October 1st, 2023. This is about needed support or movement for people in times of crisis and stress with a loved one. It could be going into a senior’s home.

I’ve been involved with a 99-year-old aunt who passed away 3 weeks before 100, having to get her into a home after being left out of a hospital. Josh’s scenario has been crazy. It has been written into our lives for others. That’s way bigger than us. We still struggle with the hospital. We talk to people left, right, and center with stories. Some of them would break your heart with what’s gone on.

On the nurses thing, I came out of a five-week recovery from total knee replacement. My nurse who helped me in my day in the hospital said that there was an unreported in the media attack on a nurse in post-surgery recovery. The guy went at two nurses, finally got ahold of a fire extinguisher, and pummeled a third nurse in whatever their problem was.

I’ve heard stories on the US side of doctors being shot by disgruntled patients coming back after waiting in a waiting room for two hours. I don’t think it was the wait. It was about a procedure that didn’t go the way the person wanted it. This is the type of stuff that we’re hoping to help with. You’re not going to fix the broken underfunded medical system. It’s how to deal with it and advocate for your loved one.

TCAS 30 | Advocate
Advocate: Dave advocates not for people to fix the broken and underfunded medical system but for them to know how to deal with it and become advocate for their loved ones.


Josh is coming along not as fast as we would like but we have been praying since he was in a coma that God would be glorified in his recovery. It’s happening with some of the things that he inspires. You can see videos of people from around the world who have sent prayers and encouragement notes. You hear the hearts of people because you get perspective. I’m not complaining about my left knee and recovering range of motion when I think about how my son would love to feel pain in his leg. He’s stuck in a bed, down 130 pounds. It broke my heart to see his bed sore and his hip because I knew what my boy looked like as a big offensive tackle-sized man. Much of what’s being done is warehousing.

There have been many stories in the United States saying that many doctors are shot by disgruntled patients after making them wait for several hours. Click To Tweet

I’m Canadian. I live near Niagara Falls. Contrary to popular opinion stateside, we do not have everything paid for in medicine. I pay for nutrients that the hospital would not provide for my boy to support his nerve function and mitochondria because the nerve function begins at the mitochondria level of the cell and then spins out. It’s the pharma system. If you want an interesting read to understand things, search Rockefeller medicine and you will get a perspective on how the system is wired, shutting down naturopathic colleges, and funding the new system with oil-based medicines and fee-for-service drugs.

I’m a former YMCA physical director trained in university in my undergrad and a nutrient-supportive guy for the last several years. I had to arm wrestle with the nutritionist. Josh has been on close to ten rounds of antibiotics to get him on probiotics to support his gut health and CoQ10 to support his heart function when his heart rate was a slow jog, whether he was in the chair or the bed.

They denied 8 out of 10 nutrients that are water soluble, researched by my wife and me. They said, “We might not be able to supply them.” Don’t give me the problem. Save my boy. At least in the US system, they will throw anything at it and charge you for it to get curative in the context of their structure. That’s a bit of a rant on the broken system. It’s about helping people in the broken system.



That’s what Advocate is about, helping people in the system because the system is so broken. One thing I’ve noticed is there’s no money. A cured patient is no longer a customer. There’s that thread that I believe you’re talking about. I’ve known about some of this for a long time, longer than most people because I’ve had an instinct. I don’t take any prescriptions.


TCAS 30 | Advocate


Thank God for good genetics.

It’s good genes and attitude. I do believe you get a lot of what you focus on. Your mindset is huge. It’s not arrogance. It’s authority. Jesus gave us authority to do what he did and even more if I’m not mistaken. It’s not a religion here. It’s just authority. I don’t believe in getting sick so I rarely get sick. I’m assuming my mindset and the results of that are related. Your advocacy is truly required in the medical system. People resist having an advocate in a lot of hospitals. I don’t think the nurses and doctors are intentionally trying to kick you out but the system has taught them in a way that is not necessarily in the favor of the client.

You have to play the system as it is but people don’t know how to advocate for loved ones.

Your book addresses that.

Part of this, God-willing, will be a foundation-funded 1-800 number because people need to be heard of where their situation is at and then some basic stuff like, “Don’t take things at face value. You have the right to ask questions. Don’t slander the staff in the hospital because they’re looking to get problems out of the hospital.” I could go on for an hour on that. Don’t ask direct questions to these 25-year-olds who are right out of school and you’re going at their identity, even the doctors.

I’ve asked doctors an open-ended question, got a non-professional response, and called bullshit. The doctor walked away from me. No one does that in any social circumstance. If he did that on the street as a former three-sport athlete at university, I don’t care if it would hurt me or him. It would be worth it. This is some of the stuff. People need to understand how to report things that are wrongly done but more so, it’s how you deal with your loved one.



The average ICU scenario is in 3 to 5 days. They either die, and the doctor’s got a tough job, I get that, or they’re off to a ward where they get dealt with after being diagnosed. How someone gets the extra care is huge. My son is an anomaly. He’s stuck in the ICU because of intubation. The doctors admit he’s not an ICU patient but they treat him like one because they have a non-curative scenario.

Friends and people I’ve talked to have been banned from hospitals because they try and advocate. We were on a phone call with a family care meeting. We were on Zoom. My wife professionally spoke out and disagreed with the information being shared and was spoken to in wokeism, “You’re being disrespectful.” All she did was raise her voice in the incredulousness of the statement that had been made. They play, “That’s disrespect.” It isn’t. It’s talking your mind.

Karen’s best illustration is that it’s like calling 911. Your loved ones are in a burning building. You’re frantic. The equivalent of a nurse person on the 911 call says, “I’m sorry, sir. Could you call back when you’re less agitated?” They don’t have the bandwidth, skillset, and simple deferral on how you deal with someone who’s in a stress crisis for a loved one.

The hospital where Joshua is in is a 3-hospital area with 700 staff to COVID who didn’t get jabbed or were getting to the end of their age level. There are 197 current vacancies in hospital nursing and they’re trying to solve the problem in part with young pre-graduated nurses coming in like veteran candy stripers to come and deal with the problem.

Here’s my perspective. Recant. Get down on a bending knee and beg the wisdom and the experience that stepped away to please come back. My reality is I know the numbers. An experienced nurse in her 50s is at the top pay grade and making $110,000. A 23-year-old who has been in ICU helping my son makes $35,000 a year but has no life experience. You used to be ten years in a nursing context before you could even be considered for ICU. That’s the broken part. God bless them. I appreciate their problem. Don’t make me the fall guy as they have.



When Rockefeller started funding the medical universities, that’s what happened. They got rid of anything holistic, natural, dietary, and all of those things. They would not fund a school if they taught anything like that. It’s criminal. It has been decades or maybe a century of all that coming down through the universities from the top and the professors.

A marketing company created the marketing so that the doctors would have more authority and it caught on. We all feel like the doctors are the ultimate source of dignity and knowledge but it’s a marketing ploy, honestly. Some are very good and some are coming from a system that is not so helpful. You’re going to have to step away shortly. I wanted to let people know how to find you. You’ve got your advocacy for a couple of other things. Let’s get those websites listed here.

Some of the spinoff of my renewed heart by God for my son has led to me coming out of retirement in part to add to his funding but it has also expanded into clean water solutions funded by tax-saving opportunities using gift-in-kind as opposed to gift-in-cash donations. We shipped them in discussions with Kenya and the ghettos where we can clean up the water and chlorinate it in 30 minutes right out of the drainage ditch. It’s so tragically powerful how this is helping people because the root of malnutrition is good water. Otherwise, you have dysentery and it goes through you.

These are all the exciting things that have come from there. We’re taking pro-athletes and alumni to Africa in Kenya to see some of the projects and impact guys in the same way that a friend with Athletes in Action took men to Israel. Hence Africa will impact athletes and others who would love to go. Send your husband if he needs a vacation to be impacted, especially if he is a sports fan.

I don’t have a husband.

If people have questions, the book Advocate will be pre-launched, helping your loved ones in times of crisis and stress. It will be launched on October 1, 2023. You can reach me. Everyone has a story. Hopefully, you’re not in it, God-willing. It’s all but God in the context of making the best of the bad situation. I would love to help as our 1-800 number and advocacy group will expand far beyond Dave and Karen’s book. Books are to clarify your mind to get out a message.

You are out of retirement with a battle to serve your loved ones and your son’s tragedy and to open the door or the advocacy for so many more things, not just medical and health but also for clean water and saving taxes so that we can give more.

I’ve done this for many years. In the US, you can reduce tax by up to 40% depending on your state and federal rates. In Canada, we get far more generous tax credits and can reduce tax by up to 60%.

TCAS 30 | Advocate
Advocate: In the US, you can reduce tax by up to 40% depending on your state and federal rates. In Canada, you can reduce it even more to 60%.


That’s a whole other conversation.

We raise money for charities. If you’re involved in a charity church, please hit me up. I would love to help your organization. It’s pay-as-you-go. The business model is such that it funds charities. The more, the better.

Thank you so much for being here. You had a time constraint. Have a delightful day. Since I’m a hugger, please try to hug your son for me. I’m sending supernatural healing prayers to your family and your son. We’re all in this trying to make the world a better place. My mama said, “Leave the world a better place.” That’s all we’re trying to do. We love each other and lift each other. Thank you so much, Dave.

Thank you, Charla.

We will see you around.

I’m grateful to hear Dave T. Turner’s story. His book will be coming out in October 2023. There’s so much that he has to offer that we couldn’t squeeze into the minutes that he was able to be here. I would love it if you take a look at his website. He’s got another website called Tax Reduction Specialists. He’s got a creative way of helping reduce taxes. It might be worth taking a look. Athletes 4 Africa is about clean water. He’s so talented and committed to making an impact.

We were discussing before our show the silver hairs. We are wise. God has given us 120 years. We’re middle-aged. We’re vintage. We’re not old. We’re not quitting. That’s the truth. I’m so grateful that you would take the time to reach out. I love you exactly like God loves you for who and where you are right this second. You can’t do anything more or less to be loved by God. The harder people are to love, the more they need it. That’s part of my message. Thank you so much again for joining The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating, especially YOU!) I always end with this. Choose joy.


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