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A quirky visionary with an unbounded passion for connecting abundance and investment-minded entrepreneurs, Justin Breen shares their stories to impact the world while prioritizing his family and growing his global network.

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A Global Network Of Visionaries With Justin Breen

Good, beautiful day, you beautiful souls. I am the collector and connector of fascinating people. Everyone is fascinating, especially YOU! I am grateful that you would join us here on the WinWinWomen Network, WinWinWomen TV, Podetize, and all the things as we roll it out. I am so excited to be here with my new best friend, Justin Breen. We’re going to introduce him. I am thrilled to have him.

Before we do that, we’re going to do a little mini vacation, a tiny 22-second mini-meditation of breathing to get ourselves centered and settled. I do it every show. I probably should do it more often than once a week on a show. It’s a good idea to get centered and grounded. Let’s take a few seconds. We’re going to breathe in 7 seconds of calm, hold for 4 seconds, and then breathe out 11 seconds of gratitude. Here we go. Let’s take our seven seconds of calm. Breathe it in, hold, and release. It works for me. I hope it works for you.

I ran across this incredible man named Justin Breen. I was listening to Ken Rochon with Perfect Publishing. It was on his podcast. I listened to the one prior and it was Justin Breen. I reached out and put in a friend request. The next thing I know, I get a whole response from Justin in my messenger. I’m like, “That’s pretty cool.” I started looking about who he was and what he is out there doing in the world. I said, “How about being on my show?” He said, “Yes,” and here we are.

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network

I’m grateful that you would join us, Justin. Thank you so much. It’s an honor and a pleasure. In the little description, I called him a little quirky. He is a quirky visionary. I’d love to offer this to you. Tell us who you are in this world, and then we’ll talk a little bit about what you do. The secondary is not quite as important.

Thank you. I am grateful to be here. I was meeting with 35 visionaries, all quirky. I am almost 47 and I finally learned what thank you meant. It’s acknowledging each other’s humanity. I’m like, “Oh.” I was glad to know that. Maybe it would have been nice if I had known that as a child. It’s never too late to learn. I’m a dad who happens to be an entrepreneur and husband, too. I like to talk to cool people all day.

You get paid for it. That’s awesome. I know, because it’s like me, that’s not your goal, but it’s a nice tool.

It’s a human term.

We’re going to talk about that too. I noticed that February 10th, 2024 will be seven years since you have begun an entrepreneurial journey. You said 2017. This is February 7th, 2024. February 10th was the day you shut out from your job. Did you realize how close that anniversary was?

Yeah. I’m very aware.

That’s awesome. I started absorbing. You have an incredible book called Epic Life and another book. These are Wall Street Journal best-sellers. Epic Business and Epic Life, your books, have become epic best-sellers all over the globe, which is so cool. I started reading and understanding that your mindset and my mindset are very similar as far as there’s no lack in this world. We both believe that there is no lack and that there is abundance out there for everybody. There’s enough. There’s more than enough.

All I do is spend time with my family or talk to the top visionaries on the planet or those who will make investments to become those people. Those people have only three attributes in their mindset. One, they’re a visionary, not a human, not a business owner, and not a consultant. Two, they live in full abundance with no scarcity and no excuses. Three, they only look at things as investments, not costs. The fake visionaries still live in the cost world or, “What do you charge?” world. You can’t be a true visionary if you limit yourself with your own cost-charge mindset. A true visionary will write the check 100% of the time. They won’t make excuses.

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network

I love that. That’s my goal. Anonymous abundant generosity is my dream. I haven’t got there yet, but I would love to be able to do that. There is no lack.

The distribution issue is because most people have a dream and they never do anything about it. That’s why there’s a distribution issue. Most people might make excuses their whole lives. They have dreams and do nothing about it.

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network
Global Network: The distribution issue is caused by many people who have a dream but do not do anything about it.

It’s wishes instead of dreams.

It’s a pointless discussion.

In your book, Epic Life, you are acknowledging some of the most incredible mentors on Earth, the ones that you’ve aligned yourself with. One of them has a Babs. You found your Babs and Mark. That is someone who fits the opposite. They do the thing that they’re great at and it’s the opposite of yours. We all win. It’s a win-win that way, right?

Most people just make excuses their whole life. They have dreams but do nothing about it. Click To Tweet


Do you mind sharing a little bit about Mark and how you’ve found this other visionary that perfectly mesh with each other?

It’s collaborative.

Competition is dead. Collaboration is the new sexy.

Competition is people with themselves who have dreams that don’t do anything about it. They’re their own problem. They’re beating themselves. They’re losing to themselves. You see the distribution of wealth because most people don’t. They’d rather be in a victim mindset as opposed to getting stuff done and the no excuses mindset. That’s what I mean. There are no excuses. Every “weakness” is an opportunity to find a collaborative strength.

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network
Network: People who have dreams but not taking action are losing to themselves. They rather have a victim mindset instead of getting things done.

I’m only really great at two things, being a dad and husband and then connecting visionaries to serve humanity. Everything else, there’s someone who’s much better at it than I am. I collaborate with them. The overall collaborative understanding is that none of them make excuses no matter what their strengths are. They live in full abundance. They look at things as investments, not costs, and they’re visionaries. That’s it. All these other stuff are excuses. It’s business owner stuff that most people are living in. I choose to not make excuses and create my own world where people don’t make excuses, which is fun.

It’s do it or don’t, but don’t talk about that.

Most people don’t think like that.

There are people in my life whose excuses are rampant.

Not in mine.

I hear you. It’s a growth period. In your book, Epic Life, you honor your dad. I don’t go shopping much. I don’t care about shopping. I don’t read the tabloids. I don’t care about other people’s business. The headline was right there. It was Brad Pitt. Somebody was going to be a new father at age 60. From the child’s perspective, your dad was bigger than life anyway.  he was a war hero. He was beyond human or beyond normal humanity. He was an amazing father.

Thank you.

Share some of that because I have great gratitude for those men who jumped from broken airplanes without parachutes over and over. My ex-husband is one of them, Ed Arnold is one of those guys.

Most sons idolize their fathers. My situation is a little bit different because of the age difference. My dad was born in 1916 .

My daddy was born in 1916 as well.

What day?

August 14th.

That’s interesting. For that generation, he was pretty old when he had you.

I am the 3rd of 4.

I should be as old as your oldest siblings, if not older. Even though my father died when I was thirteen, I’ve been reading this book. It’s really fascinating. It’s about human consciousness. It’s called Stalking the Wild Pendulum on the Mechanics of Consciousness. It’s by Itzhack Bentov. I went to New York City. I started reading this book. We live in Chicago. The book said he died unexpectedly in February 1979. I looked up how he died.

I started reading this at the terminal at O’Hare Airport. I read how he died. I don’t believe in randomness, but he died on a plane taking off from O’Hare shortly after takeoff. It crashed. I’m like, “Oh.” I sent this to the person who sent me the book recommendation. He is a full alien. He has green eyes and has alien blood or a rare blood type like you, I believe. I said, “If I die, tell my wife what happened.” I wasn’t kidding, I was being serious. I’m like, “That’s interesting that I’m reading that.”

In that book, he talks about human consciousness. There was a really important passage. This will relate to my father. It talks about how there are two types of deaths. One is the physical death, the actual body death. My dad died in 1991. There’s the psyche, which is all this information that you build up over your life and then you pass it on. When your physical body dies, that psyche goes into someone else’s body, a book, or whatever that is. That never dies as long as the information is told, retold, osmosed, or transferred in some way.

I’ve always felt that my dad was watching over me, but he’s watching inside me through his knowledge, teachings, and writings. I’ve always considered this, but then reading this book cemented it. I always thought of myself in terms of body life as a lesson bridge between my parents and their parents and then my children and their children. The living body aspect is fine. For the rest of living body life, I want to raise my level of consciousness because that helps everyone else. The greatest value of this life is that our sons who are 11 and 9 get to see this world exist. They can learn those lessons and pass them to their children and their children and their friends and their friends and all that kind of stuff.

We’re all connected. Honestly, I believe from Let There Be Light to this moment in time that everything is conspiring to bring us to this moment in time to connect. Every single solitary thing. One word that your ancestor might’ve said or mine might’ve said would’ve had us in a different direction sometimes.

Every time.

Who knows? Every single thing has conspired. This is the way I’d like to say it. Where you are is all you have. You might as well love it and be the best you can in that specific moment because you don’t have the last second. You only have the next second to do something.

That is why I don’t understand people who make excuses. It’s confusing to me. It’s illogical.

I’m so ready to surround myself with more people that have this, “Let’s get her done.”

That’s my whole life.

W hat I believe that you’re doing with your incredible company that you started several years ago, BrEpic Companies, which I love the play on your name, is PR. You’re doing PR because that’s what you did. You’re helping others. What I’m seeing is you’re offering the tiny top 1% of the 1% of the people that have a similar mindset a place to congregate, a playground, a play box. It becomes fun. Nobody has to work hard. We get to play with the people who believe and feel the way we do about blessing humanity. I do believe that’s your goal. There are some one-percenters that have not blessed humanity in the past. I believe they’ve been controlling us.

They’re not one percenters.

What do you call them then?

Narcissists. Those aren’t one-percenters. There are two types of geniuses. One is the genius brain. That’s the MIT, Caltech, and robotics, but they don’t have a genius heart. They’re narcissists or only about money. You then have the genius heart. This is the small nonprofit, the hippie. They’re dreaming but not doing anything about it. They’re the artist on the corner. They don’t have the genius brains. They have a dream but not doing anything about it, which is fine. When you combine both, that’s when you see the true 1%, the genius brain with the genius heart.

That’s brilliant. Thank you for sharing that.

You’re welcome. That’s what it is. Most people don’t have both or they won’t do what it takes to find both. They won’t. If they did, then they would do it, but they don’t.

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network
Network: Most people do not have a genius heart and a genius mind, or they simply don’t do what it takes to find both.

Growing up, you didn’t fit in. A lot of what you’re talking about, you couldn’t find your place. Nobody could figure them out. As a child, you were like, “What’s wrong with me?” a lot of times. You were able to harness that and create this brilliant place for people, the ones that you’re talking about with this visionary, investment, and abundance mindset, to come together, create, collaborate, make new things out of nothing around that brilliance, and keep building on that. I love that they have a collaborative playground.

There’s no thinking about it. We had our latest meeting. It was a very good playground. We talked about being in a flow state, authentic energy, and Ikigai. More fulfilled days equals a more fulfilled life. We talked about building a tribe of high character, high consciousness, and high alignment visionaries. That’s what we talked about for 90 minutes. Everyone’s a visionary in there who made a big investment to be in there because they want to be around visionaries. That creates more visionaries. That creates a magnet of visionaries and a playground. That’s all it is.

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network
Network: Everyone there is a visionary who made a big investment. They want to be around visionaries to create more visionaries, creating a magnet of visionaries.

That’s a mouthful. There are a lot of words to describe that atmosphere.

It’s a visionary playground.

I love that. You had about three groups that you’ve aligned with your strategic coaching and Abundance360.

I’m in a group called Rebel Dads, but that’s not necessarily the point. We went to Necker Island, which was fun.

I want to talk about that too. Somehow or another, because you are taking action, you showed up and found Dan Sullivan, I believe, with Strategic Coach and a couple of these other exclusive groups that probably found your tribe in there. Is that right?


Do you want to explain some of those and how they work or how you work with them?

That’s a great way of phrasing it. I’ll land the plane and try to simplify it as much as possible. I invest well over $100,000 a year to be in the right rooms. I take the best out of those things and learn from them. I see the things that don’t work and then create my own room, my own high price point invite-only connectivity platform because that’s what visionaries want. It’s not who’s in the room. It’s who’s not in the room. If it’s a wrong fit, then it doesn’t flow as well.

In most of those rooms, Strategic Coaching and Abundance360, there are a lot of visionaries in there. There are also business owners and some consultants, which is fine. All I look at in any room I’m in or any meeting is, one, every meeting is an opportunity for mentorship. That’s one of my great friends, Scott Danner. He says that all the time. With those rooms, they’re a collaborative platform for me of the right visionaries and no competition.

I created a room with only visionaries because non-visionary stuff bores me. I don’t really care about business owner stuff, linear thinking, or scaling companies. That doesn’t interest me at all. When you’re around visionaries only who have the genius brain and genius heart, then you see the collective scale of consciousness rise quickly. You exponentially grow very quickly and then create immediate collaborations, new companies, books, products, or whatever that is. It’s a product because it’s produced by the collective raising of consciousness. The byproduct is the product .

You are a collector of ideas. You said you don’t have ideas. You recognize them when they show up.

The truly great ones. I am more of a collector of visionaries who create ideas. My brain’s like a CRM of that. I can connect them to other visionaries and then help create a room and a SaaS platform that becomes a visionary playground. Visionaries want to play on that ground because it’s not really ground. It’s a space.

What platform did you call it?

The BrEpic Network. That’s what the second company is.

What I notice and what I feel is going on in these really exclusive rooms is people become the cream of the crop, which was your dad’s favorite saying. The cream always rises to the top. You have found a way to seethe out the others themselves.

It’s exclusive because others don’t want to include themselves in it with their own excuses. That’s what I did.

What happens when there is a non-fit that thinks they fit?

In our room? It doesn’t happen. Impossible.

They don’t make it that far.

They would never make it that far.

That’s good to know. You’re very clear.

It weeds out people who make excuses. Weakness is an opportunity to find collaborative strength. My wife is a COO and a pediatrician. She’s a Harmony in StrengthsFinder. She’s the nicest person on the planet. My partner in Chicago does 8 and 9-figure deals all day and is a full empath. You find collaborative empathy and collaborative harmony. With me, they find someone who doesn’t mess around. People who really like that are top visionaries on the planet or ones who will make the investment to become that. It eliminates most of society because most of society eliminates themselves with their scale of consciousness or their excuses. That’s what it is.

You’re writing another book.

I’m not writing it, but I helped somebody draft that idea. I wrote the foreword.

You said napkin. You’re collaborating with a book.

It’s already done. The book’s done.

You’ve been to Necker Island and you were ringing the bell on Nasdaq.

It didn’t magically happen. It happened because every day, no excuses.

You end up collecting the right people and connecting the right people. H ow much fun is that? You got to meet Deepak Chopra.

That is fun. It’s the byproduct of doing what you say you’re going to do and then being a litmus test for the people you serve. I connect visionaries to serve humanity. I’m a visionary serving humanity. It’s very simple.

It’s refreshing.

I hear that every day.

It’s refreshing to have somebody go, “Quit the bs. Get to the point. Let’s cut to the chase.”

It’s always confusing to me why more people aren’t like this, but they’re not.

You are a way shower. Perhaps those of us who felt alien growing up, making that our genius instead of trying to fit in is what you’ve done over the top masterfully.

Thank you.

It’s paying off in a big way to help humanity. To me, it’s all about that. Raising the consciousness of the entire globe is our goal. It should be everyone’s goal.

I don’t believe in goals.

You said that earlier. It should be our way of life.

I don’t say the word good either even though I did.

Should isn’t a good word either, right?

I don’t use that. I don’t use fail. I don’t use retire.

You don’t use try and hope.

What does that mean? That’s nonsense.

I hear you. You’ve figured out a way that you can speak it so clearly because it’s who you are. That’s who you are. You don’t have to figure it out anymore.

You keep evolving, but I’ve always been this. You’re either born as someone like this or you’re not. I’m convinced of that.

Your dad wanted you to be a justice of the Supreme Court. Names are important. He named you Justin because of that. What did that mean?

I  would’ve been the worst lawyer or judge ever. That wouldn’t have worked. In this world, it’s important to be a judge in your own world and your own people that you want to hang out with. Someone either fits that world or they don’t. In my world, it’s my family and network. I am the judge of that world. The name is very appropriate. It’s my dad and mom, but mostly my dad. They did not give me a middle name. My dad also did not have a middle name. Maybe I’ll give myself a middle name or maybe not. I have one name.

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network
Network: it is important to be a judge in your own world of your own people who you want to hang out with to learn if they fit that world or not.

That’s unusual. If he didn’t have one, he was like, “Why not?”

All of his brothers did though. All the rest of my siblings do. That’s interesting.

Honestly, and I don’t like to use that word either because otherwise, you’re not being honest.

It’s always weird. They’re like, “To tell you the truth,” and it’s like, “You’ve been lying to me the whole time?”

Exactly. You would’ve made the best in the world justice in the Supreme Court or an attorney or judge because you cut to the chase.

It wouldn’t have worked in that world.

Not in our world.

It doesn’t work in that world.

You’re above that with this.

It’s not above or below. It’s different.

I believe consciousness is higher. That may be what I meant by above.

Thank you. That I would agree with.

I want to suggest something about the school systems.

Create your own.

Exactly. That system is so broken. What if every child got to do and learn more about what they love?

This is not reality.

You don’t believe in reality either?

No. I believe you do something about it then. There’s no what if.

Let those kids get out that love to build things and let them focus on building. I don’t mean not learning a little bit of the other things as well. You’re well-balanced somehow.

I talk to the people who are building those schools and those types of things, and then I connect. They’re making it, “What now?” Not, “What if?”

What a beautiful world it would be for the children if they didn’t have to sit there at a desk. That’s hard for so many people. Children, especially those who haven’t conformed to the system, I would love to see the children get to be who they choose to be.

A visionary will do whatever it takes to become that person regardless of the school system.

A visionary will do whatever it takes to become the best person regardless of the school system they are in. Click To Tweet

This is a question. Even if they have squatted down?

No. The cream rises to the top. The only exception is if I had been born in North Korea. That would’ve been bad. One of our PR partners, his grandfather was decapitated in front of him in Burma when he was a kid. He and his dad went to Hong Kong with $10 in their pocket. They created 2 8-figure companies, and then he hired a PR firm. He created an at-home robot for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s because his mom has dementia and Alzheimer’s.

I don’t understand excuses. It’s illogical. The cream rises to the top, but maybe not in North Korea. Although I do know and have read many books about North Koreans who have escaped. That fascinates me. Man’s Search for Meaning is the ultimate no excuses. The Escape Artist, which is about the first two Jews who escaped from Auschwitz, is a great book.

There’s one called The Man Left Behind . People like your dad continue to overcome. I do not believe they ever once thought they would not survive stepping on that plane without a parachute. I believe that they had that mentality of, “I will survive.” It’s not a question of, “I will.” It’s, “Who I am is survival. Who I am is living.”

It was not, “If I died here.”

The spirit goes on. I wish your dad was able to still be there and hug you. I lost my sister and I know she would never choose to come back. She’s off on a new journey. I was like, “I would love to share this book with her.” She was off the charts.

You did.

She’s been reading it with me, I’m certain.

Her psyche is there, for sure.

You simplify things so well.

Thank you.

It’s a fun conversation. It’s so refreshing. Everybody is trying to impress other people. I don’t mind wearing the same shirt every day. I’m the same way. I was like, “I’m the lowest maintenance girl I know.” I don’t care about nails, eyelashes, and all that stuff.

My friend who invited me to the NASDAQ bell ring thing, his parents were sharecroppers. He is on the board of NASDAQ. He was like, “Do you want to come and ring the bell with me?” I was like, “Okay. I have one question.” He goes, “What?” I go, “Can I wear this hat that has dog chew marks on it? Can I wear this shirt?” He was like, “Okay.” You’re supposed to wear a suit, but I wasn’t going to do that. I’m probably the first person in the history of the NASDAQ bell ringing to wear a hat that’s been chewed up by dogs. That’s a great honor if that’s true. I haven’t verified that yet.

Is that the one that says Abundance on the top?


34 years as a flight attendant, in many of those years, and I don’t know where I even got it, I had a little shell pen. I wore it often. I wore it on my smock or my apron. It said Attitude. It made a huge difference for me knowing that I get to choose. I choose my attitude every single moment of every single time. When somebody says, “How are you at this store?” I’m going, “I’m fabulous.” It’s a choice. I say that almost all the time. People are going, “I’m fine.” I’m like, “I’m fabulous.” It’s a choice. It doesn’t matter what my circumstances are, right?


I add that attitude and the commitment to being real. Do you remember where we want to be real? Maybe it’s The Little Prince. Be you. Quirky is the new sexy. You’ve got some magnetism. Authenticity is so overused. If you’re not real, what’s the point? Be you. These are things that I believe so strongly. Have I acted all my life that way? No. Life keeps life-ing. You still have to deal with stuff. I haven’t necessarily been a good steward of my authenticity over the years.

You have to bring quirky back. It’s a Justin Timberlake song. He said sexy instead of quirky.

They’re the same. We got that. In high school, I remember people would say, “You’re so weird,” and I would go, “Thank you.”

M y wife’s going to write back something eventually. She’s in a meeting. She read that to a visionary she was talking to. I’m asking what her reaction was. My wife is talking to Tracy. I’m obsessed with talking to people on a very high level of consciousness. Tracy is way up. When I see someone like that, it’s an alien. Her level is way up there. It’s very appropriate that my wife is talking to her. We’re communicating through that conversation here, through this, which is fascinating. You’re like, “This is funny. This is more quirkiness.”

If it weren’t quirky, what would it be? It would be boring. In your book, you talked about the word boring. When my daughter was young and she said, “I’m bored,” I was like, “That word should not be in the English language. You might be somewhere having to look at dirt all the time. In America, get you a pen and paper, write something down, dream, walk outside, and touch the trees.” She said, “It’s still in the dictionary.”

You were like, “I tried.”

I can’t tell you how much of that I have tried over the years because my second book is Split-Second Transformation: Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices. Every word matters. There are a lot of people that can’t receive that at all. How do people find you? You, honestly, don’t want to be found unless they have a commitment and conviction to the mindset of abundance, vision, and investment. They’ve got to be in abundance, unlimited, visionary, beyond scope, and investment. It has to do with value but not cost. Only those people that have that mindset can find you on Facebook. They can find you on your website. Is it BrEpic Communications?


You’re easy to be with. You’re fun. You’re not easy to be with for people that are not

It would go horribly wrong very quickly.

You sent me a bio. I’m like, “People can find that anywhere. I don’t want to talk about that.” I want to talk about how quirky you are, how fun you are, and how changing consciousness changes the world. I have a little saying, “You can’t change the world, but you can change your world which changes the world.”

TCAS Justin Breen | Global Network

That’s really good.

That came from a story in my Candy Bar Hugs book. If you can’t change, you’re yelling at a TV and upset about what’s going on in the news and in the world.

I never watch the news.

I haven’t watched it ever. I don’t care.

When you say, “What if we change the school system?” I don’t think about it.

Do what you can do. This one man, I call him the stove repair guy. I engage with people. He is talking about how he doesn’t have any friends. He’s a recluse. He’s upset with what’s going on on the TV with the world. I said, “You can’t change that world. What if you sent those people love?” He was like, “What does that mean?” I said, “You can’t change them. You can’t change the world, but you can change your world. You can take coffee to a neighbor, pick up a piece of trash, and do something right here that changes the world. It raises your level of consciousness and everything around you as well.” He said, “I will never forget you.” My stove caught on fire a while later. He’s like, “I was talking about you.” I was like, “Wow.”

You can’t change the world but you can change your world. Do it. Do something. Take the next step to do the right thing. Do the best thing to do another new thing. Raise your consciousness. Raise the vibration of the people around you. Love them. I have another saying. It is, “The harder people are to love, the more they need it.” I’m not expecting that’s your strength, but you understand the concept. Your wife is the one that does that, I’m assuming.

I don’t understand the concept. It makes no sense to me.

People might think you’re hard to love because you don’t hear their bs. You don’t care about it. In fact, that’s a beautiful thing.

There are a lot of people who really love me.

I love you.

Thank you. As long as my wife and children love me, I really don’t care.

That’s the deal. You spend 100% of your time either with your family or connecting visionaries.

That is correct.

We’re almost to the end of this time. I’m looking at how everything else goes away. You don’t let it into your realm if it’s not doing something with your family, your two beautiful boys and your wife named Sarah, or connecting high visionaries to each other. It’s like a party all the time. You’re on the playground all the time. You said in your book you don’t ever feel like you’re working.

It’s not work. This is fun.

Getting to connect with visionaries and getting to spend so much more time with your kids than you ever thought was possible, what a blessing.

The person I’m talking to after this, his biological father raped his mom. He has never met his biological father, but he’s trying to find him because he wants to understand how his brain works. He is Native American. He’s building a company that helps Native Americans with their finances. That’s a visionary.

Exactly. There’s not a person on the face of this earth, good, bad, or ugly, that has not had something traumatic in their childhood.

That’s a good point.

My sister who died in January 2024 was on my show in December 2023. She got to be a guest on my show in December 2023 and unexpectedly died in January 2024 in her 80s. She turned 80. She was like, “Build a bridge and get over it.”

It’s really not that hard. Get over it.

If you’re continually talking about what’s wrong, what happened, and what’s going on, you’re looking backward. You can’t look forward.

Your sister went into my brain. Don’t pretend. I’m sure she got in my head somewhere to say that. I said the same thing as your sister did.

Get over it. I call it spilled milk.

That’s the opposite of cream rising to the top.

It’s spilled milk. What can I do about it?


If I can do something about it, do it. If I can’t do anything about it, build a bridge and get over it. There are a lot of people who think, “That’s cruel. You’re dismissing the pain.” I’m like, “You can change your world in one split second. Change your words. Change your life. Deal with it. Life.” I’m not saying that it’s not sad. My sister dying has been terribly sad. I miss her terribly. She would say, “Build a bridge and get over it. I’m having a great time.” She wouldn’t choose to come back.

I didn’t even say this. You live in Chicago. You have 0 excuses about getting out and running 3 to 5 miles every single day regardless of the weather. My sister was not one that took circumstances. I was like, “I can’t deal with that. If I don’t have control over that, I don’t worry about it.” You are not a runner when the weather’s right. You’re a runner. Who you say you are is who you are.

I’m a visionary.

Y our words matter. That little piece that I wanted to get in here is remarkable to me because I don’t want to go outside when it’s cold. I’m in Texas. It’s not quite as often. It has been an incredible joy and pleasure to share this world, chat, and talk a lot to have you share your heart, your spirit, and your dream and incredible vision that is changing our world in a way that’s beyond measure.

T hat means a lot. Thank you very much.

You’re incredible. I can’t wait to see where you head. I wanted to say what’s next, but it’s anything.

I have no idea.

Whatever shows up, right?

I know when my next meeting is, but I don’t know.

You found a way. I’m grateful that you have found a way to use those incredible visionary talents that you have.

Thank you.

I am with the amazing, no middle name Justin Breen. We’ll be in contact again. I love this. This was so much fun for me. I look forward to seeing you again. We’ll be in touch on Facebook and stuff. Thank you very much. Don’t forget. Always choose joy.

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