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Nana Says So Academy

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A 2-hour mini-course offering: Life Lessons, Wisdom & Common Sense for Raising Responsible Citizens for the Sake Of Our Future!

Charla Anderson, aka NANA, is helping parents and grandparents have tools, resources and verbiage to give our youth the confidence and courage to make great choices, have good manners, use common sense, and learn critical thinking skills.

Results: A generation of confident leaders, respectful citizens and people imbued with empathy and love for all humanity, ultimately minimizing the confusion and disconnection so prevalent in our society today.

“I met Charla several years ago and was honored to work with her. During these years, I have discovered that Charla's greatest gift is her BIG HEART. If her hands are not long enough to hug you, rest assured her heart is big enough to embrace you as you read her book." - Benson Agbortogo - Author of The Business System That Never Fails. TX



Thanks for responding to my email and even calling and leaving a message on my voicemail. I really do appreciate it. I guess through this communication process what I benefited most from is your optimism and hearing your sweet angelic voice. At this point everything else is mute. I know that everything will be ok. You truly have a gift to encourage and uplift. I pray blessings on your life as you continue to bless others.  ~ Trisha, TX

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Collector & Connector of Fascinating People... & everyone is Fascinating!  Sharing Encouragement, Courage, Inspiration, Smiles & Hugs to Leave OUR World a Better Place.

TV SHOW ~ SEASON 2 - Join me Every Wed at 1pm CT on BE EMPOWERED Channel 


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