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TCAS 22 | Online Scammers

How To Protect Yourself From Online Scammers With Debby Johnson

How does a former USAF Intelligence Officer fall prey to an online relationship scam? What can you do? Podcaster, Debby Montgomery Johnson at The Woman ...
TCAS 21| The Reinvented Life

Meet Author & Podcast Host Of ‘The Reinvented Life’ Pamela M. David

  Pamela Chanel Monasch David is a living testament to the power of reinvention. Her acclaimed book and inspirational podcast, "The Reinvented Life," serve as ...
TCAS 20 | Overcoming Contention At Home

The Challenges Of Living With Family And Overcoming Contention At Home With Family Coach Emmalou Penrod

  Living with family members can be challenging sometimes, especially when conflicts arise. However, there are ways to resolve issues and overcome contention. Reach out ...
TCAS 19 | Near Death Experiences

Overcoming Near Death Experiences With Patti Grace

  Hear the incredible journey of Patti Grace, an overcomer who defied near-death experiences and embraced the power of positivity. Patti reveals how words have ...
TCAS 18 | Like A Phoenix

Walk In Triumph: Rise Like A Phoenix With Lisa Mosbey

Learning to harness our emotions will allow us to grow. Lisa Mosbey, host of Living with FAVOR, shares her secret on how to overcome challenges ...
TCAS 17 | Deep Heartbreaks

Healing From Deep Heartbreaks With Veta Newton

  Veta Newton guides women in embracing both their imperfections and remarkable gifts. She shares the power of hope and healing through deep heartbreaks, empowering ...
TCAS 16 | Authentic Self

Claim Your Authentic Self With Misty Gilbert

  Traumatic events push us to become inauthentic with ourselves and the rest of the world. Misty Gilbert unravels the power when you claim your ...
TCAS 15 | Horrific Childhood Survivor

Beyond Nightmares: From Horrific Childhood Survivor To Successful Tedx Talk With Misty W. Gilbert

  Misty W. Gilbert will leave you numb with the horrors she endured, escaped, survived, and thrived! Resilience is in motion! Authentic. Delightful. Dedicated. Determined. ...
TCAS 14 | Purpose And Passion

Find Your Purpose And Passion With Callie Hearne

  Callie Hearne offers insights as she delves into her purpose, passion, and WHY. She reminds everyone how we are born with passion! Find your ...
TCAS 13 | Forgiveness

The Power Of Forgiveness: Why Emily Hooks Chose To Forgive Her Kidnappers

  Emily Hooks is the author of ‘The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness’. How does one forgive their kidnapper? It’s a ...
TCAS 12 | Laughter

The Gift Of Love, Light, And Laughter With Kelly Lord

  What You’re About to Hear is Real! Kelly Lord, an Author and Musician, offers her light to thrive, overcome, and be okay during trying ...
TCAS 11 | Redemption Story

A Healer’s Redemption Story With Joseph Canfield

  We explore the inspiring redemption story and lessons from Joseph Canfield’s book. He wasn’t lost. He was found. By Love himself. Meet this overcomer, ...
TCAS 10 | Brave Heart

Cultivating A Brave Heart With Jill Reynolds

  A former cocaine addict and alcoholic with eating disorders, family trauma, codependency and more, Jill Reynolds’ God encounter gave birth to a brave heart ...
TCAS 9 | Faith Story

A Faith Story Full Of Hope With JoAnn Reyes

  As TIRELESS overcomers, founders of FWHope.org, feeding many thousands, with a hand-up to a very poor area, JoAnn & Orlando Reyes’ bold faith story ...
TCAS 8 | Out Of Control

Escaping Out Of Control Mode With Shawnte Kinney

  Meet Shawnte Kinney. She woke up in Dec 2015, looked in the mirror, and realized that her life was out of control. She DECIDED ...
TCAS 7 | Miracle

Walking Miracles: A Story Of Bold Faith, No Fear With Gale & ‘Miracle’ Michael Parker

  A Miracle of MIRACLES, an enormous community of BOLD FAITH BELIEVERS witnessed the impossible. Gale & Michael will share this incredible story with us ...
TCAS 6 | Split-Second Transformation

Split-Second Transformation: A Show That Explores The Power Of Words To Change Your Life!

  My show will now be loosely framed around the 31 Daily Practices from my forthcoming book, as well as discussing Values, and life learnings. ...
TCAS 5 | Living In The Present

Living In The Present: Where You ARE Is ALL You Have, Might As Well Love It!

  We’ve all heard that we should live in the NOW. But have you been taught How? What does it really mean? Why should we? ...
TCAS 4 | Transition

The Forever Journey: When Will We EVER Finish Transitioning?

  Really! Will we ever get to wherever we are going, or are we forever in transition? What can we count on as constants as ...
TCAS 3 | Asking Questions

Unlocking A Better You Simply By Asking Questions

What IF asking the right questions is the Secret to 'The Secret'? Is there more to the question, and therefore more to the answer of ...
TCAS 2 | Candy Bar Hugs

Candy Bar Hugs: A Live Reading Of The 2023 Revised Edition

  This tiny book with a BIG message is read and discussed on the show this week to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Listen to inspiring ...
TCAS 1 | The Charla Anderson Show

The Charla Anderson Show DEBUT: From Princess To Queen Energy

  Let's get reacquainted. A few years, a few more silver hairs, and a few hundred more life lessons to share and learn from since ...

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Show Description

Facing head-on the emotions beneath the surface, as we bridge from an old world of confusion & lack, to a beautiful new world of Freedom, Abundance & Love with straightforward Truth and inspired Hope, is what you'll find on The Charla Anderson Show, Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!) on live TV, streaming and podcasts. Tune in as published author, speaker, coach and TV Show Host, Charla Anderson guides you through this multifaceted journey, sharing stories of BOLD FAITH, Miracles, Inspiration, & Outrageous Optimism, as well as in-your-face clarity of Who You ARE, and your Purpose, gleaned from a plethora of life experiences and earned wisdom.

“Joy is my lifestyle. Infinite Love is my message. Mindset is my method. Unabashed HOPE is the result. Mom. Nana. 34-year award-winning flight attendant, retired. Olympic Torch Bearer. Inspired Speaker. Published Author. Your Courageous Coach. I am a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. Engaging Podcast Guest. Outrageously Optimistic. Outrageously Courageous. And a Personal Development Junkie. I want to share my passion of living life full-out, saying YES to intriguing opportunities, and encouraging YOU to do the same. Let's jump on a discovery call and get to know each other. I've earned every single one of these silver hairs and have a plethora of life experiences to share. (‘Charla’ is a derivative of ‘chat’ in Spanish, and ‘Joy’ in Greek. My parents were prophets and didn't know it, lol) OH, and did I mention I am shamelessly proud to live in Fort Worth, Texas!” 🤠

Find all things Charla at CharlaAnderson.com/links

We will be discussing things like, what is your purpose? What if you never have to search for your purpose… that it is found in the way you treat others? It is WHO YOU ARE in each and every interaction you have, situation you handle, prayer you pray. You are who YOU SAY you are! Really. The Charla Anderson Show will guide each of us with Joy, and thoughtful conversation, laughter, maybe some tears, with maybe more questions than answers… Discovery of what is deeply important for our humanity to return to kindness and compassion.

Also, topics like, Who ARE you, exactly? Imagine that whatever you say after the words "I AM" is literally WHO YOU ARE in that very moment. EVERY Single WORD you speak matters. WOW! Do you say what you want or what you don’t want? Do you speak Life or death over yourself? Despite what other people may think or say, OR what you may think about yourself, you are perfect exactly who & where you are right now! Nothing else is required of you. Period. Breathe that in!

And even things like living a more purposeful life. A life of Intentional Significance? Do you ever consider the Legacy you will leave? You will leave one, you know? This podcast can help you figure out who you are, how to interact with others, & how to survive in today's fast-paced, unpredictable world.

And Miracles! Meet some amazing guests with some amazing & miraculous stories!

Imagine the FREEDOM & Peace that knowing you are OKAY, as a beautiful Divine human being could bring to your life. What if it were possible to live a life free from the debilitating fear & drama so prevalent in our world, and full of HOPE?

Join in the conversation.

Stepping towards her 7th decade, Charla is not slowing down. Those silver hairs contain a lifetime of learning, a plethora of experience, a heart for encouragement, and a deep desire to make an impact on not just the world, but on your world. Yes, YOUR world. The speed of life that we are living, sometimes barely able to catch our breath, never stops. Charla is intent on sharing meaningful life lessons, and encouraging BIG Dreams.

“When intriguing opportunities present themselves, and You say YES, things show up!” which she did & continues to do, including her weekly global TV Show on the Be Empowered channel on WinWinWomen.com, Roku, Amazon Fire & Apple TV, as well as on podcasts and blogs.

The Charla Anderson Show ~ Collector & Connector of Fascinating People (and EVERYONE is Fascinating!)

Find all things Charla at CharlaAnderson.com/links/

Besides the 5th anniversary re-launch of her tiny book with a BIG message, “Candy Bar Hugs~It Doesn't Take Much To Make a Difference!”, Charla has two forthcoming books, "Split-Second Transformation~Change Your Words, Change Your Life: 31 Daily Practices" and "Outrageously Courageous~BOLD FAITH, NO fear: Step Towards the Gun!" https://amzn.to/2JSGeUl

Charla encourages You to stand strong and courageous, with Bold Faith, NO Fear, immense HOPE, Kindness & Love. Especially towards yourself! Visit CharlaAnderson.com for replays, blogs and more on her ever-expanding website. And, so that we can continue learning together and growing this community of beautiful Souls, we invite you to share The Charla Anderson Show with your circle of friends.

Until we meet again each week, remember, always CHOOSE JOY! We are gonna have some FUN!

Find all things Charla at CharlaAnderson.com/links

Collector & Connector of Fascinating People... & everyone is Fascinating!  Sharing Encouragement, Courage, Inspiration, Smiles & Hugs to Leave OUR World a Better Place.

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