Split-Second Transformation

Words matter. 

You’ve heard it, but do you really believe it?   

Actually, you Create your life with your words. 

I’ll give you some simple tests to begin proving it to yourself. 

When you say the words, “I’m so tired” or “I’m beat” or “I’m exhausted”, which you probably are at that moment…   

If you change that one word to “I’m refreshed” or “I’m energized” or “I’m pumped!”, something kind of magical happens. 

Your body doesn’t necessarily change in that moment. 

But, somehow, there’s a slight shift in your mood.   

Even if you don’t believe it, it still works.  In one split-second. 

It’s not your thoughts, or your feelings, or your circumstances that create your life, it is your words

Saying something like, “I’m always late” or “this job sucks” or “I hate people who…” will just bring you more “late”, “sucky job”, “people to hate”.  It’s a law.  Upset draws upset.  Love attracts Love.  That really strong word “Hate” attracts more of the same.  You truly become what you speak!   

YES, it may feel like you are lying to yourself.  Actually, you are training yourself to only Speak What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want!  

 YES! Change Your Words, Change Your Life!  In ONE Split-Second! 

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