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Meet Charla

Joy is my lifestyle, wellness is my passion, encouragement is my gift…to you! My purpose is to share the message of unconditional Love that inspires direction, motivates action, and moves you toward joy, peace, and abundance. Leave your Legacy of Intentional Significance - As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, serial entrepreneur, author, coach, wellness advocate, world traveler, City of Fort Worth ambassador, veteran flight-attendant of 34 years, and mother of three grown children, I have an abundance of life experiences to share & inspire your journey. My mission is to Love people through these unsteady times, to live in complete Peace, nurturing presence in every moment and make a difference in your life. I am here to encourage you. I am here to remind you of WHO YOU ARE, which is perfect, exactly as you are!

Yes, change it to “From the Beginning

I spent 34 incredible years as a flight-attendant for Delta AirLines, raised a family of 3 kids plus 3 step-children, and owned my own businesses. We were the neighborhood hangout (we had a pool in Texas), the kids & I went on numerous mission trips, and traveled the country (including two family trips to Space Camp); there was never a dull moment, and I was always busy. In addition, I became a charter member of Zurvita in 2008 where I began networking, meeting people, truly living by this motto of: "When intriguing opportunities present themselves, & you say YES, things show up!" By saying “yes,” I created my own radio shows, TV shows, traveled, hosted events, & everything in between. Getting my Ziglar Legacy Certification was a huge blessing, & I began Speaking & Coaching. I self-published my first book, “Candy Bar Hugs” with two more books in the works, and started a pay-it-forward movement. My mission is to "Leave the world a better place" by Loving each person I encounter, unconditionally, & letting my light shine. I am Outrageously Optimistic & Outrageously Courageous. I Choose JOY! I Choose Love! And I choose to bless You, and see you Smile.

Meet Charla

Courageous Coach

Your Courageous Coach

With my ‘your COURAGEOUS Coach’ program, I encourage those harboring deep or subtle discontent, discouragement, or fear to find their Courage, and learn to step into their Authority, resulting in living a life of complete Peace, which means Prosperity, in every aspect of the word.  Because I can see exactly Who You ARE, I will help you develop the confidence to step into the life you desire and deserve, ultimately leaving a beautiful Legacy of Intentional Significance in your community and your family.

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Inspired Speaker

As a published author, speaker, coach, Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer, retired 34 year flight attendant, and serial entrepreneur, as well as a radio & TV host, Charla has a plethora of life experiences, training, humor, and wisdom which will enrich, entertain, and encourage your audience, team or group. Charla’s underlying message of Unconditional Love, combined with her Bold Faith Courage, helps people learn to have the self-love needed to find the best in other people, the best in their situations, and the best in their workplaces, resulting in a win/win/win attitude.

Your Inspired Speaker
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